What Are We, Really?

What Are We, Really?

2021 Gathering, Part Six

Just as the interference of our life energy can cause problems, so does the disruption of the emotional energies. The person with healthy emotions will be the person who is honest and will communicate with actual emotional feeling. But one thing I didn’t say about the emotions that’s an important point. It’s not necessarily a sign of a highly evolved person to be unemotional. The highly evolved person actually has emotions that are stronger than the lesser evolved person. It’s just that he has more control over them.

As you evolve, your seven basic centers light up. Your first center is at the base of the spine, and it controls the flow of life through all the other centers. It’s like a candle that lights up.

The next one is the sacral center governing physical creation and the sexual energy.

The next one is around the area of the naval. It’s actually located in the back of the spine. You’ll often hear about yogis focusing on their navel, and that’s the solar plexus and that governs lower emotions.

And then the next one up is the heart. It governs the higher emotions. The energies that govern the heart are the energies of love/wisdom. It’s not only love, but also wisdom. It governs the higher feelings. So, you have the lower feelings in this area (pointing to the navel area) and the higher feelings in the heart, and the higher intelligence in the heart.

Then you have the throat that governs the creative energies. For instance, when people have problems in their throat area, that’s often caused by their creative energies being suppressed. In other words, they’re supposed to be . . . your soul tells you you’re supposed to be more creative, and you’re not fulfilling your creative destiny.

You’ll get physical problems in areas in which you’re supposed to improve. People that have heart problems often are people who need to generate the love energies.

The next one up is the center between the eyebrows, often called the third eye. Technically it’s called the ajna center. And that governs ideas. You get ideas from the higher mind, and it’s centered in this third eye. When this is open, you’re able to see greater light and understanding. The third eye is an eye of higher vision.

The final one is the crown, and the crown has approximately a thousand petals, symbolizing about a thousand lifetimes that it takes to overcome and master all things. And its focus is around the correct use of power.

So all of these centers light up, and they unfold. And when they unfold, an increase of energy is sent to the person. As the person evolves, he may find that his solar plexus, which governs the emotions, may be sixty percent unfolded. But he may have a lot of trouble handling his emotions, because he hasn’t developed the self-control. Now as the person evolves, and the heart begins to open, the emotional center, the solar plexus center opens an additional amount. So as the person evolves, the lower centers open up more and function in greater perfection.

You take the average person, and his emotional center may only be open like sixty percent. But then the more advanced person, it may be close to a hundred percent, which means that when he feels the emotions he feels it with more intensity. But because he has evolved more and learned to master them, you can insult him, and he will not react because he has control of the emotions. So even though his emotions are stronger, he has more control.

So it’s interesting that people out there who are totally out of control emotionally, don’t know what full emotions feel like, because they have not had their emotional centers completely unfolded yet. So as a person evolves, his passions will be very strong.

I think Adam realizes that. He’s a passionate guy. (laughter) What do you think of that, Adam?

Adam: What do I think about passion? (laughter)

JJ: Yeah, you’re a pretty evolved person, I would say. But I would say you’re a passionate person, right?

Adam: Oh yeah.

JJ: Can you guys identify with that? Most people here are above average in spiritual evolution or else you wouldn’t try to be making something of your spiritual life. Is there anybody here that feels they are not a passionate person? How about you Shawn? Do you feel you’re a milquetoast kind of guy, or what? (laughter)  

Shawn: Yeah, I’m passionate.

JJ: How about you Phil?

Phillip: Depends on who you ask. (laughter)

JJ: Now Rebecca, she sounds passionate. She says she gives you a piece of her mind once in a while.

Phillip: She is the most passionate person I know.

JJ: Yeah, so as a person evolves, the feeling nature actually becomes stronger. But it’s like a weightlifter. A weightlifter that really practices can lift a hundred pounds more easily than a non-weightlifter can lift the same amount. It might break the guys back if he’s not in good shape. But a weightlifter that exercises those muscles can lift a hundred pounds like it’s a feather.

And this is the way it is with the emotions. As you progress along the path, you’re given more emotional energy, but you have more control over it. This is one of the things that a lot of spiritual teachers get wrong. A lot of them teach that we’re supposed to negate our feelings and our passions. Whereas there’s really nothing wrong with letting our passions and feelings just be whatever they are. Recognize them but control them. They become easier to control as we continue to work on them.

Once somebody insults you once . . . say they come and insult your mother, you may react strongly the first time, and then the second time somebody does that you think, “I don’t have to respond this way.” Eventually, people can insult you all they want, and you don’t have to respond. You still feel really passionate about your mother, but you realize this is just a wayward person that doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about. So there’s always a way to neutralize the negative attacks that people experience.

This is an interesting thing to realize that we are not our emotions. We’re not our minds. We’re not even our higher minds, though our higher minds are probably the highest part of our self that we use as a vehicle of expression. And we’re not even spirit. But we use spirit, and spirit is a part of us. But what are we?

Anybody read the first two books? (laughter) Okay, well who can tell us what we are? Somebody raise your hand. I’ll pick on somebody. Phil?

I remember – decision.

JJ: Okay, but that is not correct. I figured anybody would answer that.

Asaph: That’s the key word.

JJ: Right. That’s the key word. It only directs you to what you are. What are you really?

Joshua: The power of decision.

JJ: Right. The power of decision. You’re the power that makes decision. And decision is the key word, because it’s the closest we can get to what you are. But you are the power that can decide . . . that can make a decision.

Think of that for a moment. You are the power of decision. What is the power of decision?

Susan: Will.

JJ: Will. Yeah. But it’s something that we can’t really put in words. The closest word that comes to describe it is the key word of decision. Contemplate when you make any decision in life. And that power that makes that decision is the closest you can get to your pure essence. It’s closer than saying you are a body, you are emotion, you are mind, you are spirit, you are gods . . . but you are the power that can make a decision.

The Parable of Decision Video is played for the group. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MTKif7w3rM

So we are that power that makes decisions, and decisions can create reality. Just like Dave there . . . he went to hell.

Oh! Curtis! When did you show up?

Curtis: We’ve been here a while.

Ed: We’ve been here all night. (laughter)

JJ: Yeah, we were watching, and you were one of the stars of the show there. Did you see part of it?

Curtis: I’m glad I got out of hell? (laughter)

JJ: Yeah. So the rest of your trip went okay?

Curtis: Yeah, we just had a little breakdown. Had to replace a starting motor.

JJ: Yeah.

Curtis: No big deal. (laughter)

JJ: (laughter) Well, we’re glad you guys are safe.

So anyway, the power of decision is the first key. Decision itself is the key word. But the power that is within us . . . and you could sense this when you were watching this, that Dave recognized that power within him. He went to hell, and everybody there thought that they were in hell, and there was no way out.

And why did they think that? Because apparently, they were sent there by somebody, some force. And everybody just felt that’s the way it is. And it was groupthink. Groupthink is one of the worst plagues that our society is presented with. And it’s getting stronger all the time.

We have group think about what to think about the virus. What to do about global warming. What to do about people we don’t like. About what speech we don’t like. And there’s all kinds of group think out there that doesn’t have to be what we think. We have power over our thoughts. We have power over our decisions.

Now what’s interesting about decision, is that the closer we get to spirit and to the higher mind, the easier decisions become. There are decisions that are so easy, it’s almost a non-decision. If you find yourself driving over a cliff or toward a cliff – so it looks like you’re going to go over it if you don’t change your course . . . is the decision to go over the cliff even a decision?

It’s so obvious that it’s the wrong thing to do that it’s a no-brainer. So in the higher spheres, decision is very easy, because we can see the correct knowledge. We have the correct knowledge and so the correct  decisions are as easy as deciding to not go over a cliff.

But then we have the story of a war in heaven. And the war in heaven has all kinds of explanations behind it. One explanation is that people were dissatisfied with the peace that was in heaven. It was always very peaceful, and there was unity, and there weren’t even any games because we were in a place that was beyond duality, where there was changelessness and complete peace.

So a group wanted to get together and play some games. And the only way to play games is to create a world where there is duality where there are winners and losers. In this world where there’s duality, we can play games. We can have competition. Competition is fun. Look how much time is spent playing games and watching games.

What would humanity do if we did not have games to play? We watch football, basketball, baseball . . . all these games we get involved in. We have fun watching them, but there are always winners and losers. And in the perfect world, there are no winners or losers. Everybody is a winner.

So one story is – and this is taught strongly in A Course in Miracles – is that there were people dissatisfied with the idea that they could not play games. And so they came down here to this world to play games. There’s probably a certain amount of truth to that because people love to play games – not only regular games that we watch on TV, but we play games with each other.

Think of the time when you were single and trying to find a mate. You kind of play games with each other and see who can win. And you see what you can do to impress the other person. There are even movies about love being a game. So we play games with each other.

The other theory about the separation in the beginning was that the war was about the principle of freedom. One side believes that people have the right to make their own decisions. And even though by making your own decisions you’ll make a lot of mistakes, eventually you will grow much faster spiritually. And in the end, you will eventually come to the truth.

The other side didn’t trust people to make their own decisions. And so they came to the conclusion that we need to create a system that controls and forces humanity to do good and to make the right choices, whether they want to or not. This is the basic teaching in the regular scriptures, that there was this dichotomy between control and freedom.

Whether that explanation is right or wrong, it’s certainly playing out in the world today. We see it playing out with one side wanting individual freedom to the max, and the other side wanting to control, and making everything right through control.

So, it all boils down to how much individual power of decision is available. Because we are decision, and because we are the power that makes decision, we don’t want anything to interfere with that. We should always have maximum power to make decisions and to follow our decisions no matter where we are.

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