Keys Writings 2015, Part 19

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Aug 9, 2015

The Reliability of the Higher Self


If souls can be deluded, then there is no Hope.


First, it is important to note that people mean different things when they speak of soul. Some are referring to the consciousness as it is incarnated on the physical plane and I think we all agree that regular human beings can be deluded.

Others may point to an example of one who claims to be in contact with his soul or Higher Self, and yet has been proven to be deluded.

We must always take the following into consideration. At least 90% of those who claim higher contact have not risen above contact with their own or other’s thoughtforms, or the deceptive astral plane.

So let us take the following.

Fred says he is in contact with his soul or Higher Self.

Freed says the world will end next week.

Result: The world does not end.

Conclusion: Fred was wrong so you can’t trust the Higher Self.

An important part was left out for the one arriving at this conclusion.

Was Fred really in contact with his Higher Self?

Even before we saw the prediction was wrong common sense should have told us the answer would have been no, but when we see the world didn’t end we can be close to 100% sure.

Now here is a question that we have not covered before – and I do not know of anyone who has:

Can the Higher Self be deceived?

The answer is yes, but its angle of vision is so far above us that we could not discover the deception.

To understand just compare your consciousness to that of a dog and the Higher Self to that of the human.

Can your dog be deceived?

Yes, it is quite easy to fool him. Can the human owner be deceived? Yes, it would be more difficult to deceive him but it can be done.

If the human is driving along with his dog and takes a wrong turn, will the dog have any clue about the deception?

No. The human could be going into the Badlands and the dog would be oblivious. The destination sought by the human is beyond the consciousness of the dog.

Will a human who loves his dog ever led the animal on a deceptive and harmful path?

No. All the training he gives his dog is for the highest good that he can conceive and will take the dog much further in progress than the dog can achieve on his own.

Even so, the Higher Self sees from a much higher angle of vision than us mortal reflections. When it gives us guidance it is in a direction that it knows is beneficial, and we can take that guidance to the bank.

But the Higher Self is far from the ultimate in consciousness and has its own limitations, which are beyond the understanding of the lower self.

It deals with the lower self with what it knows, but it also has a Higher Self, called the Monad, or a pure point of spirit intelligence which sees from a yet higher state of vision.

Our Higher Self has its own successes and failures and learns from them. However, it does not need our input or judgment any more than the human does from his dog when trying to decide about the next stage of expansion for his business. It is beyond the consciousness of the dog and the problems of the Higher Self are useless for us to concern ourselves with.

All the guidance that I have received from my Higher Self has been 100% reliable as it works out in my world. It is entirely possible that from Its angle of vision It could have done a little better in dealing with me.


Aug 11, 2015

Animal Love


Have you never heard of the flower lecture given by the Buddha in which he held up a single flower at which point Kasyapa achieved enlightenment,


And what was the enlightenment that the guy received:

“Golly Gee!!! This flower is pretty!”


or the other Zen Koan on whether a dog possesses Buddha nature?


So, did the dog glow in the dark with all that enlightenment?


Also, that your flower analogy is inadequate as flowers are not capable of love.


Being the mystic that you are I’m surprised you never tuned into the life of a flower. Their consciousness is centered on the feeling nature and they bask in the love of God and seek to radiate it to other lives in the form of beauty and fragrance.

Some form of love is sensed by all life and they respond to it, but human consciousness is able to understand love in many more aspects than life in the lower kingdoms.

The heart center has twelve petals, each one representing a different quality that is capable of being understood and expressed by humans. In addition these twelve petals have a higher reflection in the head making 24 differentiations altogether.

The love you feel from your dog is a lower reflection of love which is a solar plexus energy called devotion. Devotion/love from a dog is nice and comforting, but does not compare to the value I give to the spiritual love I receive from my wife or the brotherhood/love I receive from my friends.

An interesting question is why do some think the love of animals is of a higher evolution than had from humans?

The answer is quite simple in the fact that the love from animals is very simplistic and centered on some type of devotion. They only have one aspect of love they can misuse – and sometimes they do and will turn on you and bite you.

Humans not only have the aspects from the solar plexus but can develop 24 additional qualities from the two heart centers. This means that they have many more qualities to distort and misuse before they are perfected.

Because we have much more in our consciousness to misuse it seems to some that we have less love.

The problem for humans is not less love, but that we have more aspects of love to deal with.

And when you find one who has perfected some of these aspects you will want to be in their presence above that of any animal. In this situation a little devotion from an animal is just icing on the cake of life.


Aug 12, 2015

Jesus and Business


So I will ask you, do you really think Jesus was concerned with giving farming and business tips or do you think something else may have been going on? You seemed to have missed the message with the metaphor.


I do not think anyone here is claiming that it was part of Jesus’ mission to teach farming or how to run a business. He did demonstrate that he had a good knowledge of business principles by incorporating them in his parables. And why would he talk so much about business if he had no interest in them?

After all, his father had a carpentry business. And do you think that Joseph spent all his business time going around doing work for the poor for free so he could have treasure in heaven?

I doubt it.

I’m sure he ran a regular business with the goal of making enough money to take care of his family. I would imagine, like many businesspeople today, that he gave some donations of time and money with any abundance he had.

If Joseph had a successful business then most likely many of his friends were successful business people who Jesus encountered on a number of occasions.

It is interesting that he never spoke negatively of honest business people. Though he didn’t have a mission to create a business he seemed to find many of the business principles he did learn to be extremely useful in putting across his teachings. If he was antagonistic to the business world it is doubtful that he would have used so many examples of good business thinking to promote his teachings.

Here are a few of them

(1) He was familiar with the wine industry, illustrated by the teaching of not putting new wine in old bottles. (Matt 9:17) and the description of a winepress (Matt 21:33) and the constant use of vineyards.

(2) He used principles from the construction business. He talked about the importance of building on a solid foundation so the floods and winds could not destroy the building. (Luke 6:46-49).

He commented on a common business problem here:

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him…Luke 14:28-29

Even today, most businesses that fail do so because those starting it underestimated the cost and labor that would be involved to make it successful.

(3) Jesus was obviously did a lot of observing and thinking about the principles of finance and the wise use of money and resources in business. This shows up in a number of his parables. The most famous one is the parable of the talents.

Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his property to them. To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey.

The man who had received the five talents went at once and put his money to work and gained five more. So also, the one with the two talents gained two more. But the man who had received the one talent went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

“After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. The man who had received the five talents brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five talents. See, I have gained five more.’ “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

“The man with the two talents also came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with two talents; see, I have gained two more.’ “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

“Then the man who had received the one talent came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. So I was afraid and went out and hid your talent in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’

“His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest. “

‘Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.

And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matt 25:14-30 New International Version

Obviously Jesus wouldn’t have used business principles here in such a positive way in his teachings if he saw them as something of pure evil. The “talent’ referred was a large unit of money equal to about 20 years of wages for the average person. We are talking about a huge business investment here, especially considering the first guy received ten talents.

The principles taught here apply to both material and spiritual values. We are supposed to take the abilities and values we have and multiply them.

The parable of the wise and foolish virgins also teaches a wise business principle. The wise virgins thought ahead and saved up the oil they needed for the future and the foolish did not. Neither did the wise share with the foolish because, then neither would have enough and neither would accomplish their goals.

Jesus talked a lot about making good investments in his teachings:

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Matt 13:44

So sacrificing for the kingdom of heaven is like the guy who invests all he has in a business endeavor sure to pay off.

Finally, Jesus talked about the business owner who hired people at different times to work in his vineyard and paid them all the same. When those who worked longer hours complained the businessman stated that he paid them all as agreed and if he wants to pay the later workers the same as the first then it is his business.

If you own the business, you can do what you want with it.

I could go on but this is more than enough material to prove that Jesus was far from hostile toward businesspeople, of whom one as his father, Joseph.

Clay writes:

The only advice Jesus gave in regards to money directly was to “go out and sell all your possessions and give them to the poor”.


That was advice to a rich young man who badgered him as to what more he could do. He never said this advice applied to everyone. Joseph of Arimathaea was a rich man who was not asked not did he give all his riches to the poor. It’s a good thing because if he did he wouldn’t have had that expensive tomb he donated for the burial of Jesus.

Again the principle needs to be examined. The rich young man was obviously too attached to the material side of life and it would have been liberating for him to give his money to the poor and follow Jesus.


As far as I can remember all of his direct teachings were not worrying about money “be like the flowers and who neither spin nor toil”. Don’t store up treasure, don’t take any money with you when you go out into the world, give to all those who ask with no thought of repayment. Not very solid business advice if you ask me.


Jesus adjusted his teaching to work with the circumstances. At first he told them to travel with just one set of clothes and take no purse or script. Later he changed his mind and said:

And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing. Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:35-36

Overall, when you read of the tone of Jesus when talking about business principles as he applied them to teachings, it is obvious that he did not frown on honest business people making a living.


Aug 15, 2015

Poisoned Apple


Maybe we should call it the “Poisoned Apple Principle”? Think of the beautiful apple that the Wicked Witch gave to Show White in the fairy tale. It was indeed beautiful and tasty. It just has a little poison in the center, just like Karl Marx. I believe JJ talked about that in the past, how the Dark Brothers take a principle of light, twist it a bit, add a little poison, and create evil from good.


The big problem with Marx is he advocated implementing his ideas through force.

Now if he advocated the testing o them in small voluntary groups first to prove their worth that would have yielded usable data and procedures.

Just like the ideal of free healthcare for all sounds great, but implementing this by force creates great waste, expense and suffering. Someday all will have access to healthcare without forcing the majority to pay for it against their will.

We were just about there when I was a kid and my hospital stay was $8.00 a day ($90) in today’s money. Then the government tried to help and costs went out of sight.


Aug 18, 2015

The Solar Angel Knows…

Larry Woods asks

How is it that our higher selves know so much about principles?


When our human monad descended to the world of souls it was overshadowed by a solar angel. The solar angel is the closest thing we have to a heavenly mother for it gives our monad birth as an individual consciousness in the kingdom of souls.

The solar angel obtained liberation in a previous solar system within this universe of seven. To repay the Universal Life for the progress they have made they have agreed to help the next great wave of human monads obtain liberation, just as they themselves were liberated long ago.

Because the solar angel is very ancient and has solved every problem that faces us (but in another system) she has a great knowledge of principles and grasp of wisdom and understanding.

The solar angel stays with us and nurtures us until we have mastered the lower nature and gained a great measure of wisdom ourselves. When the disciple becomes so soul infused that the solar angel can work through him on earth as it is in heaven then its job is accomplished and she leaves and returns to her home in the heart of the sun, not the physical sun, but a higher sun composed of more refined elements.

The disciple will then be on the road to becoming a Master and may later become a solar angel himself, or take some other path of service that interests him.

A question I have never seen addressed is whether a solar angel nurtures more than one monad at a time. I am inclined to believe that it overshadows a soul group of 6-12, or so, during a cycle.


Aug 22, 2015

The Song of Eternal Life

My friends, this is a special occasion. I am pleased to present to you a second Song of the Soul. The first was the Song of the 144,000. This new one is called The Song of Eternal Life.

To sing it through the soul to full effect, rather than just saying it, the participant must understand it and put thought into it as he or she speaks.

The first thing the seeker must realize and put into focus is that the whole universe is, not just alive, but very much alive, much more alive than believers realize.

We are recipients of this life which circulates everywhere, even on our darkest days when feeling depressed, in pain or ill.

So, if this vital life energy is always in circulation then why do we suffer disease, aging and death?

Because the Word is God and our words and thoughts distort the Life and reverse its direction. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand and we thus have disease and death in the physical realm because our words and thoughts are divided and pitted against each other.

This is one reason the ancient schools of initiation had students take a vow of silence for three years. For three years they could not speak a cacophony of words that were at war with each other and the flow of life.

The system was helpful, but wasn’t perfect, as the student still had his positive and negative thoughts, which are inner words.

This Song, spoken in the consciousness of the soul, will connect the disciple more firmly with the eternal source of life itself and will do much to neutralize the thoughts and words that take the student away from Source.

The benefit received will depend of the following:

(1) The power of thought that goes into the words being said.

(2) The number of thoughts and words affecting the seeker that need reversed or neutralized.

(3) The state of mind of the participant.

The results should be nothing but positive and will range from feeling additional energy, to healing, to life extension and even renewal depending on focus and the power of thought.

Here is the new Song.

The Song of Eternal Life

OM – OM – OM

I thank you Father-Mother-Spirit

For the energy of life that streams

From Universal Source to me

For the life that circulates through each atom and cell

Permeating my entire body and mind

Bringing health and vitality to all my living parts.


I bask in this life

I feel the life

I am the life

The life which knows not corruption

The life which makes all things new

The life which always IS.


I feel the life from my toes to the top of my head

And give thanks for its abundance.

I praise and love my body and all of its parts

For receiving this Life and Spirit and Source.

I praise body, mind, soul and spirit

For receiving without ceasing.

A-U-M (AHHHHH – UUUUUHHH [as in you] – MMMMMM)


If there is a particular part of your body which is in distress visualize this part when finishing.

If, for instance, you are having problems with your liver, praise it for doing a good job and being a recipient of this divine energy. Just as we, as individuals, respond to praise and love, so do the lesser lives. When praised they open up to the flow of life and become more receptive.

The worst thing you can do is to curse your liver (or other) problems for the distress you have. And to constantly complain or feel sorry for yourself sends a similar message to these lives so they feel unappreciated, overworked and may shut down.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of these you do to me,” said the Christ. And whatsoever thoughts and words you send to the least, or most distressed part of your body is going to your perfect Christ Self. If they are negative they cast a veil of darkness, hiding the power of the ever-manifesting God.

Neutralize and reverse the negative and you will release the power of the One Great Life.

The Song of Eternal Life will steer the life energy of the seeker in the right direction.


Aug 25, 2015

Letter to Local Paper

It challenges the imagination to even consider that Alyson Martin’s article on climate change (Aug 25) has any credibility when the headline starts it off with an utterly false statement, aimed at mean spirited political attack having nothing to do with science.

It calls people such as myself “climate change deniers.” The article adds to the deception by throwing in the, not so offensive but still inaccurate, “climate skeptic.”

“Denier” is used as a political attack only in the hope of associating those who do not agree with their views with the Holocaust deniers in order to shame them in the media. Anyone using this unscientific approach should instantly loose credibility.

Real science must always start by using accurate terminology.

So let us get this straight once and for all. Me, and others liked me, DO NOT deny that there is climate change and neither are we skeptical of this fact. I do not know of one thinking person on this planet who does not accept that there has been significant climate change going on this planet since it first had an atmosphere.

We do not deny or ignore any proven facts, though I cannot say the say for orthodox global warmers.

Neither do we deny that the release of CO2 has a warming effect on the planet.

Does Alyson even know where the real disagreement lies? Is she in denial or just ignoring it?

Here is the real question pointing to the disagreement:

Is the amount of warming caused by humans significant enough to cause panic and are the solutions presented political rather than scientifically viable?

Many who have examined the data are far from panic and find that the proposed solutions would create negligible results at tremendous cost.

If one is really concerned with climate change then he ought to make the containment of nuclear weapons (think Iran) his top priority as a few nuclear weapons unleashed could create a nuclear winter that would wipe out civilization.


Aug 29, 2015

Our True Home

Ginger asked a question a while back that I never addressed, however Ruth did supply some helpful quotes.

She asked:

I have a question. I understand the principle that energy follows thought and also that we get what we truly desire (regardless of whether it’s based on truth or illusion). I realize that whatever we focus on and send our energy to, can be created. If we desire to have a belief or thoughtform confirmed, we can create a “confirmation” of that belief. I am wondering how to discern between a confirmation of a truth from the soul versus a “confirmation” of a belief that we might create at an astral level because we want it to be true.


I have commented on this subject a number of times, but because it is an important one it may be helpful to say a few more additional words.

The problem with teaching soul contact is that most have not felt it in fullness and are therefore not sure what they are looking for.

The problem then is similar to the guy trying to explain what a lemon tastes like to one who has never tasted one. How would he go about doing this? The dialog may go something like this:

Teacher: A lemon tastes sour.

Student: You mean like a grapefruit?

Teacher: A little, but much more intense.

Student: like a sweet and sour sauce?

Teacher: It’s still a lot different. Take away the sweet and increase the sour.

Student: Like a lime then?

Teacher: Closer, but still different

The bottom line is that the guy will never know exactly what a lemon tastes like until he actually consumes one.

However, those looking for soul contact have a great advantage over the person who has never tasted a lemon.

All of us have tasted the powers of soul and spirit before.

“When was this?” asks the seeker.

That which you were before you were born was with the soul and your soul was projected by pure spirit, called the monad. Your true essence is soul and spirit and you have spent much more time basking in those energies than you have in your physical body here on earth.

The dense material body acts as a veil between our consciousness and that which is higher, but when the true higher is contacted the feeling is much different than tasting a new food.

It is like coming home.

Why? Because spirit and soul is where our true home is. There is a potent part of ourselves that has not forgotten what soul contact is and when this contact is rediscovered the seeker will know that he has discovered a link to his true Source. It will seem more familiar than anything he has known on the earth and he will know it comes from a true reality.

In saying this I am speaking of receiving a significant endowment of such energy that leaves no doubt. First contact is often the Still Small Voice which is so still and small that the seeker will often wonder if it is his imagination. If the seeker follows this voice though, more will come, and eventually a quantum of soul and/or spiritual energy will come to the point that the pilgrim will finally feel he has made it on the path that takes him home.

If I could give usable advice in one sentence it would be this:

Always go with the inner guidance that seems to take you in the direction of your true home.

Until the true path is discovered there are many detours to be found in the emotional and astral world and its energies. Because our desires are centered for many lives in the desire nature then what we receive as true is largely governed by our desires, or what we want to be true.

To find his true home the seeker must be pure in heart and lose his desire self to find his true self. When he finds his true self he will then replace his lower desire nature with a higher desire related to the fulfillment of Higher Will.

DK expresses it well with this mantra:

“I am a point of light within a greater Light.

I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine.

I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focussed within the fiery Will of God.

And thus I stand.

I am a way by which men may achieve.

I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand.

I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.

And thus I stand.

And standing thus revolve

And tread this way the ways of men,

And know the ways of God.

And thus I stand.”


Aug 30, 2015


(a) the ancient Jews were here before the Ancient of Days, because they failed to pass over to a higher planet in their previous Universe, so did these Jews have to reincarnate into these much lower animal bodies, as punishment, rather than reincarnate on the new Earth in their previous physical bodies?


I had the idea that the founders of the Jewish race were here even before the Ancient of Days came from something I read in the Bailey works, but cannot find the precise reference on this. DK did say that the three who founded the Jewish race grasped “the garnered treasures of a thousand cycles. Naught did they wish to leave behind.”

Some readers think this incident (See Esoteric Psychology Vol 1 Pages 395-401) occurred in a previous solar system and others in the days of Lemuria. However, the mentioning of “a thousand cycles” give it a very ancient beginning.

The true beginning of the Jewish race on earth is a mystery to which we have a few details. The text in Esoteric Psychology Vol 1 Pages 395-401 gives some hints.


(b) did the AOD come here specifically to help these struggling laggard Jews?

(c) or did the AOD come to stimulate the struggling lower animal/human forms on Earth, so that the Jews could nurture this human race as part of their initiations and lessons on this Earth?


He came here to jump start the self conscious human race for all who would be incarnating here. The only laggard Jews that seemed to have been here are the three founding disciples. The rest were not in incarnation.


(d) If the Jews were here before the AOD came, and these Jews were already self conscious etc, then they would have been wiped out as well as the lower evolving animal man when the AOD arrived on Earth and caused a tremendous electrical fire storm that burned up all the entities and animals on Earth.


It is quite likely that only the three disciples were here and they probably had power to regenerate their bodies.


(e) Who is, and what was his previous name, the first Adam in the Bible after the floods?


The only name we have for the first man of the Bible is Adam, who is also called Adam Kadmon in the Kabbalah.


Discovering the Will of God?

Blayne brings up interesting questions. After pondering how worldwide events fits in with the Will of God he says:

“Also sometimes people need a crisis or to suffer to wake them up to the fact they need to change. How does one discern what is Gods will or not in these or similar circumstances? Especially if one is trying to walk in faith relying on the inner voice when one can discern it and when one is not sure making their best judgment and moving forward?”


There are two extremes of thinking on this matter. The first says that everything that happens is the will of God and is just supposed to be.

If the guy’s spouse leaves him he just shrugs and says:

“Oh, well, I guess it was just supposed to be.”

Then he says the same thing if he falls off a ladder or gets fired from his job.

The problem with this view is it removes the thinker from taking any responsibility for his actions. If your spouse is supposed to leave you then why bother working at the relationship? If it your destiny to fall off a ladder then why try and be careful about your step?

Obviously, something does not conform to reality here.

The other extreme is from the materialists that believe there is no such thing as higher will and there is nothing preplanned. Everything is merely the result of our mental decisions here.

The truth, as usual, is neither extreme, but somewhere in the middle.

An example I have given before to illustrate this is the painting of a masterpiece, such as Leonardo DaVinci with the Mona Lisa. Here is an except from a class I gave in 2005:

When Leonardo Da Vinci, painted the “Mona Lisa” he had in his mind what he wanted it to look like and he probably had a lady there that looked like the Mona Lisa and he envisioned what he wanted it look like when the work was completed.

As he was painting along he knew the end cycle was the finished painting of a beautiful Mona Lisa sitting before him. The beginning was just looking at the Mona Lisa visualizing the end. So we have a cycle, and the end of the cycle was known to Leonardo Da Vinci. He knew the beginning and the end but he did not know everything in the middle. As he began to paint he thought, that color is not quite right so he kept working on the color, and he thought the smile was not quite right so he kept working on the smile because he knew how he envisioned it and he had it in his mind and so he kept working on it so that people would look at it and say, is she smiling or is she not smiling and that is what he wanted people to wonder about.

To get that look he had to make a lot of mistakes until he got it right and when that moment came that he got it right then it was the end of the cycle. But between the beginning and the end of the cycle he had no idea how many brush strokes he would make and he had no idea how many mistakes he would make and have to correct himself and start over again. Maybe some dog was chasing some cat and knocked over the painting and he had to start over and maybe he was going to paint her with a great big grin on her face and after the dog knocked it over he changed his mind. So you never know but we assume the standard story is true, that he envisioned how it would look and the cycle had a beginning and an end and he finally got where he wanted.

The point I am trying to make is that between the beginning and the end of cycles no one knows nor do they want to know all the little details and to think that God knows every little thing like how many times am I going to snap my fingers tonight. There are certain things that you don’t need to know and you don’t want to know but the higher the lives are the more their consciousness gets down to the essence of things and the essence of now until the end of time is covered with certain types of cycles and these cycles can be seen and they can be known.

From Knowing the Truth, Class given in 2005

To discover the Will of God it is helpful to correspond his greater works to our lesser ones. There are certain events that are planned, but many details that are not, but when difficulties come up that seem to thwart either human or divine will the thing to do is to pick up the pieces and move forward toward the goal.

World War II was a great threat to the coming cycle manifesting as it should, but freedom lovers did not accept Hitler’s vision and he was defeated and the incident turned out to move us more quickly toward the ultimate goal.

In the end, to fairly judge events that come up individually or on a larger scale is to use the second key of judgment.

One must keep in mind that even though the threat of Hitler wound up teaching us many things that was good, this does not mean that any of the Lights should have just shrugged their shoulders and said:

“Oh, well, I guess it was just supposed to be.”

Jesus spoke truly when he said: “Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!” Matt 18:7

Here is a good quote from DK on the matter:

And my brother, be happy. Learn to feel joy – a joy which is based on the knowledge that humanity has always triumphed and passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and the destruction of past civilisations; a joy, which is founded upon the unshakable belief that all men are souls, and that “points of crisis” are factors which are of proven usefulness in calling in the power of that soul, both in the individual man, in a race, or in humanity as a whole; a joy which is related to the bliss which characterises the soul on its own level whereon the form aspects of manifestation do not dominate. Ponder on these thoughts and remember you are grounded in the centre of your Being and can, therefore, see the world truly and with no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from the beginning and realising that love will triumph.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Page 471


Sept 2, 2015

I have written two versions of a parable of the three blind men and the elephant. The longer version was published in The Lost Key of the Buddha. My original was written back around 1979. I just pulled it up and did some editing. Here is the finished copy

The Three Blind Men and The Elephant

By J J Dewey

A man of vision came across three blind men who were complaining about their limitations. “Follow me,” he said, and learn a great lesson from the elephant. He directed them to approach the elegant animal and give their description.

One man embraced a leg and said, “I perceive that an elephant is like a great tree.” The other man took hold of the tail and disagreed. He said, “No, my brother, I feel and know the elephant is like a rope.” The third man felt an ear and replied, “You are both wrong. The elephant is like a great carpet.”

After giving them time to digest their findings, the man of vision explained: “You are all correct, and you are also all wrong.” Then he took the three blind men and had each feel all of the three distinct parts. They responded in amazement: “Now we see that the elephant is a more complex being than we ever imagined. We condemned each other in ignorance, for one of us was as correct as the other.” Then they become curious and asked: “Tell us, Is there even more to the elephant than this?”

The man with eyes to see responded: “Yes, there is much more. You still have an incomplete view. I will take you around the elephant and you can feel the other parts.” To their amazement and joy, they discover that the elephant had not only one leg, but four and not one ear but two and many other previously unknown parts. He had a trunk, eyes, mouth, teeth and a large body they never realized existed.

After they felt all the parts, the blind men said: “We have now felt the whole elephant and our consciousness has greatly expanded, for we realize that before we knew nothing, even though we thought we knew all. Now we still realize that our understanding is imperfect because we do not see. Tell us, how can we see?”

The man with vision said: “I was once blinded as you are, but it does not have to be so. There is nothing wrong with your eyes. You merely have a film over them that needs to be washed off in pure water.”

He then handed them a pitcher of water and they each washed their eyes with it and the dark film dissolved. To their joy they found they could see. Looking about, they saw the elephant and asked: “What is that strange creature over there?”

The man replied: “Did you not recognize it? That is the elephant!”

Immediately, they realized: “Yes, of course, that has to be the elephant, but I never thought it was so large,” says one. “I never would have believed it was so small,” says another. “I never realized it was so beautiful,” says the third. But they all did agree that what they saw correlated with every previous fact they had discovered about the elephant. The discrepancies entered when they compared the way they felt and what they imagined about the elephant with what they actually saw. All Three of them admitted that they had erroneous thoughts and feelings about the elephant that were completely unfounded.

To their added joy they saw that there was much more to see than an elephant, but a complete new world to explore. Now that they could see they found that they were, in reality, just beginning to gain true knowledge. Everything else that they had experienced up until this time was merely a step to prepare them for true seeing.

Thus the three previously blind men stepped forth into the world of seeing. They explored, experimented, and begin to serve their brethren.


Sept 4, 2015

Jesus and Islam

A while back it was noted that DK stated that Jesus worked through Mohammed as he established the religion of Islam. To this lwk mentioned that this was one of the reasons to doubt the Bailey writings.

I do agree with lwk that we should not accept any writing or teaching anywhere near point-blank but should always be open to the possibility of error while still being open to the truth.

I can see why any non Muslim would question the idea that Jesus may have worked with Mohammed when one looks at many of the present offshoots like ISIS and the Taliban, as well as the restrictions of human freedom in some countries dominated by Islam.

Despite this present development I do not have a problem in considering that Islam could have been established by the Brotherhood. I have several reasons for considering that Mohammed may have received help from the Brotherhood of Light rather than the dark side. Here are some:

(1) You can’t judge the past from the values of the present. If we did then we would have to call the Jehovah of the Old Testament (or at least the Israelites) evil because they killed women and children of their enemies and even their animals at times. They had slaves and they put people to death for infringements such as breaking the Sabbath, being a rebellious kid, being gay, conversing with the dead and other small infringements.

The Christian church just after Jesus was much more benevolent but even they did not condemn slavery nor did they speak again the draconian laws of Moses.

The Christian church is around 2000 years old whereas Islam is around 1400 years in existence. If we go back in time to when the Christian Church was 1400 years old we see that they were in a dark age and burned at the stake or tortured heretics that didn’t go along with the program as decreed by the authorities.

Does this behavior make us think that the founder, Jesus, was not connected with he Brotherhood of Light?


Speaking of founders, many today on the left condemn the Founding Fathers of the United States because they either owned slaves or didn’t do enough to stop it. They make the mistake of not looking at the times in which they lived and what they had to deal with. They especially overlook the progress that they did make in a difficult time that tried men’s souls.

Even so, the times of Mohammed were much different than today. He had to deal with desert tribes not that much different than Moses worked with. The best that could be done for them was to teach them precepts a notch or two above where they already were.

This is basically what Moses had to do. What really put things in perspective for me was the first volume of The Story of Civilization by Will Durant. This volume dealt with the known history of ancient civilizations and when I saw how they treated each other I realized that, despite their harshness, the Jews were several notches above their neighbors in civilized conduct. The time of the ancient Israelites was a tough time to be alive no matter where you lived.

(2) Islam thrived even against great odds.

In the Book of Acts Gamaliel is quoted as saying this about the early Christians:

And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God. Acts 5:38-39

Just as happened to the Christian church many attempted to destroy Islam in its beginnings and were unable to.

Do these apparently divine beginnings mean that the forces of light fully approve of Judaism, Christianity and Islam today?

No. Not at all.

Every work of light gets corrupted and eventually has to be reformed or destroyed to make way for the new. But even the new will only generally be beneficial for a period of time and have to be replaced by something higher.

And speaking of the flaws of radical Islam, I was encouraged by an article I read in the paper today about a group of Muslims who are trying to present a more positive side of the religion. Check out this link:

This gives me encouragement that perhaps the religion as a whole will be transformed within a couple generations to a harmless one.


Sept 5, 2015



The primary difference is that there is nothing that I can see in the words of Jesus that would justify inquisitors, or conquistadors. However there is plenty in the supposed words of Mohammed that absolutely justify murdering and enslaving infidels, lying to advance one’s religion, and the idea that non-Muslims should be forced to pay for the right to even live and exist in an Islamic society.


It has been a while since I read the Koran, but as I recall many of the things embraced by the extremists are not justified there. It seemed to me to be of a similar quality as much of the Old Testament..

I remember I found some things in there where modern Islam is in conflict with it. For instance the Koran says it is a shame for a woman to cover her head yet most Moslem women wear a burqa because later authorities have decreed this.

Another teaching I found interesting was that the Koran says that Mohammed was just one of many messengers and all messengers are equal. Since it tells us that that Jesus was also a messenger then this would mean that the words of Jesus have as much weight as Mohammed.

Unfortunately, this teaching has been corrupted and today the interpretation is that the words of the last great teacher Mohammed take precedence over all who proceeded him. This is not taught in the Koran, but was injected after his death and followed thoughtlessly.

Many of the problems of Islam have occurred because of teachings and interpretations that have been a part of the tradition that arose after the death of Mohammed. During the first couple of centuries after Mohammed there was quite a bit of culture, science and cooperation that was later lost and has not surfaced again.


Did you happen to see the story recently in the news where extremely early texts that look to be part of the Koran were dated to possibly proceed Mohammed? Meaning of course that much in the Koran was not a revelation to Mohammed, but something he took and adopted to his own purposes.


I saw a story about the discovery of an early manuscript of parts of the Koran, but it was merely dated to the time of Mohammed.

As I said it has been a while since I read the Koran. I think I’ll read it again soon, take some notes and make some comments.



Mohammed borrowed from Judaism and Christianity, and indeed Jesus is considered a messenger of Allah, but by the principle of abrogation Mohammed is the _final_ word on everything. The words of Jesus are not equal to those of Mohammed (or his companions) in Islam.


There is no argument that the official doctrine of Islam is that the words of Mohammed have greater authority than Jesus or any previous messenger, but this is not supported in the Koran.

Also, the word of current authorities takes precedent because they are supposed to know what Allah meant when he spoke through Mohammed.

A similar thing happened in Mormonism. The current doctrine in the church is that the latest word of the current prophet is supreme and valid no mater what is written in any scripture or what was said by Joseph Smith. This is in effect even though it is not supported by anything written by Joseph Smith.



if we are talking about Islam then we cannot just talk about what is strictly in the Quran, we must take into account all the sources that Islam considers holy script including the Hadith or Sunnah. Christians do not say that only Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are their scriptures, but includes Acts and even Hebrews and Revelation.


There is no argument that modern day Islam uses other sources than the Koran. The Koran should be a much greater authority though because it was written in the days of Mohammed and even the gospels were not written in the days of Jesus.

The Hadith was compiled a couple hundred years after the Koran was written and who knows what is accurate in there? This would be comparable to the Apocrypha gospels that are full of contradictions and inaccuracies.

I agree that there are many things in the Koran that go against what we consider enlightened for us. I’ll comment on this later.


Sept 7, 2015

Piscean Age Religion

Keith writes:

Christianity was founded at the beginning of the Piscean age. The teaching was a new revelation. (The hierarchy always introduces a new teaching for each newage.) . Then Islam arrives a quarter way through the Piscean age reintroducing Arian (Aries) age concepts. If the hierarchy introduced Islam they disregarded two of their core principles. Never give out the same revelation twice (principle of economy). Teach an age appropriate revelation while revealing something new.


Actually Islam was very quintessentially Piscean. The keynote of the Piscean age is “sacrifice.” The very name “Islam” means “submission” and submission requires an act of sacrifice.

It is interesting to note that the two religions put emphasis on two different aspects of sacrifice. The main emphasis of Christianity was to sacrifice our material things and our material side. The emphasis of Jesus was on giving to the poor and following him.

The churches later corrupted this into demanding both the poor and the rich give to the church and follow their interpretation of Christ and His teachings.

On the other hand, Islam was presented to a people who already had few material things to sacrifice. Instead of placing emphasis on giving up material things, most did not have, the emphasis was on the sacrifice of self. The body, emotions and minds of the people were demanded to be given up to Allah and the prophet.

The idea was to sacrifice all your self for Allah and you will have all the wealth you can imagine in the next world.

During most of the Piscean Age we then had this opportunity presented to souls who wanted to learn the lessons of sacrifice.

They could incarnate into the Christian church and learn the lessons of letting go of the material side.

Or they could incarnate into Islam and learn the lessons of sacrificing the personality.

The third option was from the Eastern religions and the American Indian which had their own emphasis on sacrifice.

An enlightened seeker may look at these options and be repulsed by them and think that being born into any of these situations would offer him no advantage.

The answer is that there is always an advantage to be had and valuable experience to be had in any circumstance. Maybe the seeker has already mastered the basic lessons of sacrifice and freed himself from the controlling beast. If so, he may incarnate outside of mainstream religion into a challenge suitable to his needs. Then too, an advanced soul may incarnate into a corrupt religion in order to guide it along more productive lines or to assist other souls within it.

Yes, the advanced soul is repulsed by being subject to dogma of all kinds, but rank and file humanity demands it for themselves, so during the Piscean Age it was made available in such a way that the lesson of the age could be burned into their soul experience.

Through this Piscean Age many souls have incarnated within the two religions learning the lessons of sacrifice. Many of those who have mastered this quality have later incarnated outside of religious dogma and have become entrepreneurs in introducing new ideas and business. To successfully do this requites the quality of sacrifice.

Take the guy starting a business. To be successful he has to forget about his personal material needs and place all his assets on the line and risk all he has on his venture. He also discovers he must sacrifice self much more than expected and put full attention on the business to make it succeed. He does his symbolic three prayers a day to Mecca in the hope of success.

Thus, the successful entrepreneur incorporates the Piscean lessons learned from Christianity and Islam to succeed in the present.

It is interesting to note that for the first few centuries of Christianity that a more complete sacrifice was demanded than after Islam came along. There were many martyrs that had to give up everything. There have always been martyrs, but, later on, the church became focused on demanding material things from the members. If one brought a few indulgences he could live the rest of his life how he pleased.

Islam conveniently filled the gap by demanding total personality sacrifice.

Both Islam and Christianity became corrupted after their founding, but they still managed to teach many the lessons of sacrifice.

Could DK have been correct in stating that Jesus inspired Islam?

I believe so. First, consider that Christianity was initiated through the effort of both Jesus and the Christ giving it more initial emphasis on the purity of love.

Islam was initiated by Jesus, as the main agent, working through Mohammed. This partly accounts for the different flavor. The other ingredient is the more primitive people that had to be approached.

Does this mean that all the words of the Koran or later words attributed to Mohammed all came from Jesus?


What most likely happened was that the original impetus came from Jesus representing the brotherhood, but that most of the revelations came from the soul of Mohammed filtered through his personality.

This was the way it had to be for the people would have rejected pure words of truth about love, and metaphysics. In filtering the revelations through his personality Mohammed was able to deliver messages that resonated with the people and cause the religion to materialize.

Most initiates of great movements make numerous mistakes along the way and when they do the Brotherhood generally does not correct them, unless he specifically asks. Therefore, when the initiate gets a false revelation or idea in his head the Brotherhood just looks on and lets him move forward with the error.


Because this approach works better in the long run. It is a little like the error of assisting the butterfly from the cocoon. This will often kill it, as it needs the struggle to gain the strength to survive.

Even so, initiates and followers must move ahead on their own as much as possible, even with their incorporated errors. Eventually the errors will be revealed and understood so they will not be repeated.

The dark brotherhood rarely creates anything new. Instead, they let the Brotherhood of Light do all the initial heavy lifting and then seek to take over the organization and bend it to their will. They will then seek to establish themselves as leaders and reap all the benefits for the few at the top.

Such an effort has been ongoing in the United States since the founding and they have made many inroads.

As we enter the Aquarian age we will seek to take the lessons of sacrifice and use them constructively to focus our attention on creating a better world than ever recorded in history. Christianity is already losing its power to demand full material sacrifice from the many to the hierarchy, and over the next couple hundred years Islam, as a whole, will seek to take the more positive aspects of its religion and focus on them, rather than being at war with the world.

The keyword for the Aquarian Age is “service” and the religions of the world will change direction and place attention on this aspect more than sacrifice.

We see a foreshadowing of this when there is a calamity and many Christians respond to assist with labor and goods. Islam will eventually follow this example.

There will be many organizations, governments and businesses that will lead the way with service and brotherhood. If all goes according to plan then we will see a new and improved world within the next century or two.


Sept 8, 2015


I think when considering Islam one must consider that it was developed over stages. The first teachings are very enlightened and a huge step forward for that area of the world. However, as Muhammad had to flee to Mecca and started fighting and was engaged in non-stop warfare his teachings entered the Jihad stage and rapidly deteriorated. One looks at the Qu’ran as a whole but it is really better viewed as almost two separate phases of development, pre and post Jihad. Just something for everyone to consider.


That is a good point and the Koran that we have today is not in chronological order so it is difficult to decipher which time period some came into existence. If the group is forced to fight for its existence one can expect revelations filtered through Mohammed would focus more on war and retribution. Unfortunately statements lifted from these times are creating a lot of trouble for civilization today.

Most of Joseph Smith’s revelations stress peace, love and enlightenment, but after enduring great persecution, attack and the deaths of many members the tone of his speech and that of other leaders was greatly altered. If Mormons focused on some of the aggressive statements of past leaders when under threat they would be a greater threat today than ISIS.


Where Evil Dwells

In the last stanza of the Great Invocation we read:

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

Because this was given out near the end of World War II many associate this “door where evil dwells” with Nazism.

This idea is both right and wrong. Nazism contains the ingredients that opens the door to evil, but what lies behind the door goes by many other names that have nothing to do with Nazism or Hitler.

Here are the prime ingredients to the evil mentioned.

(1) Great restrictions on human freedom.

(2) Citizens have forced upon, them unnecessary laws, regulations, ceremonies, observances etc that diminish their quality of life and keep them under control.

(3) The people are monitored and observed as much as technology will allow to find potential dissidents and deal with them.

(4) Any speech or action out of harmony is severely punished.

(5) Leaders must be believed and praised whether they deserve it or not.

(6) They threaten war, not to preserve security, but to expand their dominion.

(7) The evils they perpetrate will be blamed upon others with an amazing amount of success.

This door to evil has been opening and partially closing since the beginning of civilization.

Where the illusion concerning this keeps occurring is due to the inclination of human nature to want to see things in terms of black and white. They want to call A good and B evil and be done with the effort of thinking about it. What is overlooked is that both A and B take their turns at playing the roles of good and evil so when the focus of evil changes the focus of the people stays the same. This is what gives evil its great power. When the dark forces are defeated in one group, they just switch their focus to another that seems to not be a threat to the world.

During the Civil War the focus was on the perpetuation of slavery. When that did not succeed they shifted their focus to the corruption of he Constitution of the United States while preparing German forces for world conquest.

When they lost World War I they shifted their full attention toward Hitler and the Nazi party.

With their defeat in 1945 the door to evil was partially shut, but this did not discourage them. They then shifted their attention to the Soviet Empire. Again they were frustrated with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR. Once more they had to shift their focus and this time it was to the radical components of Islam.

Until this shift of focus all Islam seemed to be under control and of no significant threat to the Western World, but what is not realized is that the dark forces can take a small group and use then to stir many people up to anger to the point of desiring war.

For some time after the fall of the Berlin Wall radical Islamist were thundering on about the damage they were going to do, but we were asleep to this shift of focus until that fateful day, Sept 11, 2001 when it became clear to thinking people that we had a problem.

Today radical Islam is a threat not because of Mohammed, but because they are the focus of evil forces to use for their own purposes. The Koran could contain only words of love and peace and Islam could still be the focus and have become a great warlike threat. After all, the words of Jesus are the greatest ever written, yet the Christian church has taken its turn, centuries ago, as the dark focus.

It has been a burden that the Hierarchy of Light has had to deal with, that any work they have inspired in the past will be corrupted and used by the forces of darkness at one time or another, causing many to discount the good they tried to accomplish. The reason for this corruption is that there has been no organization with members enlightened enough to participate in something incorruptible.

This is what we hope to change. Organizations built on the Molecular Relationship have the potential to be incorruptible because members will have soul contact and it will have self-correcting mechanisms.

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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