Who’s Who?

Who’s Who?

Question: I feel a strong connection to Sirius. Can you shed some light on this?

In the order of hierarchies the Blue Lodge on Sirius is of a higher order than this system, though DK tells us that the order of kingdoms there is different than the four kingdoms we have here of mineral, vegetable, animal  and human. He tells us that after reigning on the earth for 1000 years in the office of the Christ it will be taken over by Master KH [Koot Hoomi] and our Christ will go to Sirius to complete his higher initiations and then return in another age as a “cosmic Christ.”

You are right that we do have a strong connection with Sirius and they do send avatars to this system to assist us from the higher planes though I do not know of them directly incarnating as of yet. It is quite possible that some of the Kumaras, or archangels, are originally from Sirius.

Question: I went to several websites teaching about Sanat Kumara and found a lot of conflicting views. Can you add some clarification?

If you go to the various websites claiming to speak the truth of Jesus you will also got a strange variety of claims and misinformation. Outside of personal revelation you have to use sources that have been proven to be authoritative.

First, I wouldn’t trust anyone who claims to be channeling the Ancient of Days, or Sanat Kumara.

The most authoritative source as far as I am concerned are the Alice A. Bailey writings. A second source that is generally reliable are the Theosophical writings. Many of these are good, but not 100% accurate and need to be read with a discerning eye.


Question: Let me see if I get this right? Joshua, who was with Moses, re-incarnated as Jesus. Then the one who is the Christ who overshadowed Jesus was previously Melchizedek, who was overshadowed by the Ancient of Days  

Yes. This is why it is written that he was without father or mother [See Hebrews 7:2-4.]. The Ancient of Days was not born as Melchizedek.

Question: Has the Christ overshadowed anyone since Jesus?”

There are different degrees of overshadowing and the Christ has overshadowed various disciples over the centuries. One with which you are familiar was Winston Churchill, though this could be called more of a link in relation to the overshadowing of Jesus. The link was strong during World wat II to assist the Allies in defeating Hitler.

Question: Has the Christ has not re-incarnated since Melchizedek?”

He has had many incarnations over the history of the planet but none we know of in recent times as he has been working through others by spiritual means. DK says he was also Krishna of Hindu fame and as a Mormon you might find it interesting that legend says he had 16,000 wives. The main authoritative source we have from him is the Bhagavad Gita.

Question: Has Jesus reincarnated in the past two thousand years?

Yes, Jesus has been busy in and out of incarnation, but we do not have all the details. I believe he overshadowed Joseph Smith — at least for a time — and in more recent times Pope Paul I in an attempt to reform the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, the plan was frustrated and Pope Paul I was killed after 33 days in office.

Is it correct that the Ancient of Days was incarnated into the first Adam 20 some million years ago? Now, Michael the Archangel was incarnated into the last Adam some 6000 years ago?”

Sanat Kumara incarnated as the first man around 18 million years ago.

I haven’t any definite proof that Michael was either Melchizedek or Sanat Kumara. Most likely he is one of the Kumaras in Sanat’s inner molecule.

H. P. Blavatsky gives the names of these entities as follows: The Exoteric four are; Sanat-Kumara, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanatana; and the esoteric three are; Sana, Kapila, and Sanat-sujata.

She associates Sanaka with Michael, the archangel, representative of the Logos of Saturn — quite possibly the spokesman for Jehovah who spoke to Moses.

Question: Did the Archangel Gabriel incarnate as Noah who built the ark?

That is the Mormon tradition, but not verified anywhere else I know of.

Question: Are there any other important incarnations or reincarnations that I should know and understand?”

More important than getting these types of details is the understanding of principles. You will lose data from life to life, but the intelligence acquired through the understanding of principles will go with you to the next life and prove very useful.

Question: So this means that Christ and the Ancient of Days shared the same body in a person called Melchizedek? And then Jesus and Christ shared the same body in a person called Jesus?


Question: Who was the Father that Jesus referred to who forsook him on the cross?

The Christ had left the body so Jesus was alone on the cross and he felt abandoned. Jesus wanted to avoid the crucifixion and stay on and build The Kingdom of God. The Christ was overwhelmed by the karma of the world, which seemed to rest upon his shoulders. In the midst of this point of darkness Jesus received a sure knowledge that the cross was essential, and the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane established a thread of intelligence, linking Shamballa (where dwells Sanat Kumara) with the humanity on earth and a vision that this link would eventually dispel all darkness.

In this way he saved the planet from sin or error. However, this salvation occurs for the planet over a fairly long period of time.

To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. – William Blake

Dec 28,  2008

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