Detecting Hierarchies

Detecting Hierarchies

I have made a few brief comments about Hierarchies and have received several comments back indicating that the enlightened way to believe is that there should be no hierarchies.

I can understand this way of thinking if when I say “hierarchy” that the Piscean age authoritarian view comes to mind. One of the great causes I personally espouse in my own life is to eliminate the slavery that the old-style hierarchies create.

On the other hand, another word for hierarchy is “order.” Order is only created by a hierarchy of some kind, subtle or otherwise. Therefore, if one is against hierarchies period, one is also against order. Without order no permanent change, good or bad, will happen. The only change of sorts would be disintegration.

There are hierarchies, or orders, of darkness and those of light. The basic difference is this:

In the hierarchy of darkness there is a very structured order that the individual cannot deviate from. If he does, he is eliminated either by death (if possible) or cast out. The leaders in this hierarchy seek to be served and to receive praise whether they deserve it or not. The leaders often see themselves as better than their brothers and sisters, and as the center of their universe, and feel that they have some divine right to force their will upon others because their will is somehow better.

This hierarchy does not allow questioning unless they are in some position that forces this. They often rely on mysteries that no one can explain to keep people in the dark and deceived.

They may teach free will but they will do everything in their power to discourage it. They rely on illusion. They project the illusion that they are better, more powerful, more virtuous than the rest of us, but in reality they are about average people.

They obtain their position, not by the free will of their group, but either in seizing it by force of deception.

The hierarchy of light is quite different. They obtain their position through the power of election. This is the true meaning of the teachings of Christ about the “gathering of the elect.”

This hierarchy does not force its will on the group. If anything, the group forces its will on the leader making the leader the “greatest servant.” All leaders are chosen by the group as a servant to help them in their chosen goals. The leaders see themselves as servants and seek not to be served for the ego’s sake. They see themselves as one with their brothers and are willing to do the most menial work of the group if necessary.

The leaders of the Brotherhood of Light can and will initiate, but there is complete free will whether or not one is to follow. The only punishment for not following is like those who did not help the little red hen. They will not share in the benefits.

Any time a leader is not doing his job he can be voted out and there is no fear of reprisal.

The order in this light hierarchy is not so tight, but allows and encourages individual thinking.

The leaders allow any question and will answer them to the best of their ability, unless the answer would create some harm. Everything is out in the open and done in the light of day with no deception.

The greatest advancement we have had toward a hierarchy of light is the creation of the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, a lot of deception and manipulation has crept in, but still the power of election has created much more freedom than the world had in the “Dark Ages.”

In the future there will be hierarchies based on cooperation rather than competition and the freedom of the individual will be great, but the other benefit is that the abundance of the many will overflow.

Those who are against hierarchies answer me this one question. Where has there ever been an accomplishment in the history of the planet that has benefited the world where there has not been some type of hierarchy involved? If you cannot name one then how can you say that having no hierarchy is good?

The subject of hierarchies within atoms and molecules came up again. Just because they look the same from a distance means nothing. From a distance every one of our McDonalds looks the same, but they are governed by a very strong hierarchical structure. In fact, THE ONLY WAY that each McDonalds has the power to keep its uniformity is through hierarchy. This is also the only way the atomic world keeps its order.

If you look through a powerful electron microscope you will discover that the atoms always gravitate into hierarchical orders of various numbers, such as three and then often twelve. Other times there will be a leading atom at the center of a circle of fellow atoms. Atoms, electrons, protons may seem the same, but they are not. Atoms of the same element all have approximately the same charge, but not exactly. One will always draw or repel the other because of its differentiating charge. Atoms of different elements have very different charges. One will have power to pull or repel and the other will be unable to resist that pull or repulsion.

In any atomic order there is always an initiating atom or molecule. This atom will be the head of its particular order. The others are the same because they are following a leader, just like McDonalds does.

In fact, the order in the atomic world is much greater than that among humans because their hierarchies are much more developed and refined. This relative perfection which has been achieved makes any hierarchical activity minimal and difficult to detect.

A reader accuses me of lacking in love and placing too much emphasis on the mind.

You ask me where love fits in? Reading between the lines here it sounds if as you are crying out for more love in your own life. I speak sincerely, not sarcastically. You seem to have a strong need for me to express it toward you almost as if you have some link with me in a past life. Do you feel anything in that direction?

Perhaps more has been written about love than any other subject. I will be writing about it off and on, but at the present I feel that it would be of most benefit to emphasize the keys. Actually love is at the center of all the keys because they open the door for greater love and union.

The feeling of love is not related to another person by merely speaking and theorizing about it. Nor is love entirely emotional. You have heard of “loving thoughts” have you not? How about loving actions? Some of the people who talk most about love communicate it the least.

You say you have felt no love in my words. Others would disagree. I have received many good reports on my parables. Some have said that they brought them to a point of tears because of the love in them, yet the word love is generally not mentioned. Some have said my writings have changed their lives.

Love was felt in the parables because love was behind the writing of them. Did you not feel that my brother?

True service is love in action and the true servers of humanity are love incarnate.

Because one incorporates mind in his makeup as well as emotion does not mean that he has pushed love aside. If he stays on the path of light then he greatly increases his power to serve, to enhance and free up the love energy. Body, mind and emotion are all vehicles for love to express itself. Mind has even greater power to give love than emotion because Mind was before emotion and has the power of decision over emotion. Emotion can influence mind and mind can influence emotion, but mind has the final say on any decision. That’s why we say “make up your mind,” and not “make up your feelings.”

Mind on the dark path becomes the dictator of emotion. But mind on the path of light becomes the liberator of feelings in denial. Suppressed emotions cannot free themselves. The mind must free them. On the other hand, mind is captive to illusion and cannot free itself. It is at the mercy of Spirit to free it.

Your posting is a strange mixture of words. I know you are a disciple of “The Right Use of Will” books. They contain some great truths, especially the teachings on denial and the fact that we should express our true feelings with no denial no matter what they are.

The ironical thing is you seem to be telling me that my feelings are not true and that I should express something else. That is not what your teacher teaches to do.

I think it would help you to read some other metaphysical books like “A Course in Miracles” or “Seth,” and get a little balance in your life.

You say I resist you and distance myself from you. Could it be the other way around? Could you be the one resisting me and distancing yourself? If feel no resistance or distancing within me. I am here for you my brother as much as I am able.

You tell me that I am playing the same cosmic tapes over and over. Why don’t you tell me of a new cosmic tape then? You think I need to learn about love. Teach me something about it. You want me to learn from you. How can I unless you say something I do not know or demonstrate something I do not have? It would be nice if you were to spend as much time sharing love and knowledge as you do criticizing.

You say there is no heart vibration in my words. I say there is. What my words do lack is solar plexus vibration which turns the heart energies upside down and deceives the whole world. Those who have felt the true energies of spiritual love from the heart will feel spirit in my words when I teach. I’m not sure how much they will feel when I am answering criticism such as now, but when I teach, they feel it. I wish you could feel it my brother, because I know from experience the spirit of love is in the teachings I relate.

“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.” — Robert Frost

Dec 10, 2008

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Hierarchy and Unity

Hierarchy and Unity

A reader had some criticism of my post on Hierarchy thinking that I was in support of some singular physical leader who dictates orders.

I never talked about a hierarchy with a single physical leader. However, it is true that the hierarchy of light does have a single leader. This is the Holy Spirit. The reason the hierarchy of light is one is because they all receive confirmation from this single source. Without this confirmation oneness is only achieved by force, fear or deception as with the dark hierarchy. Yes, I agree with you the darkness is a necessary part of the program.

There is no physical hierarchy in the human kingdom today that achieves oneness through the Holy Spirit. The difficult thing, however, is that hierarchies are necessary to accomplish anything of note. It doesn’t matter whether the dominate force is male or female. You never gave me an example of an accomplishment done with no hierarchies that benefited the world.

You mention the [American] Indians, but all Indian tribes had Hierarchies. You have heard of Chiefs and medicine men haven’t you? You have thousands of books with proven historical events to examine and cannot find me an example of your belief. I’m sure there will be none. The reason? Hierarchy is a prerequisite to order in our past and foreseeable future.

In the hierarchy of light, one is not “better” than another. The leaders do not force. They are true servants. In the dark hierarchies the problem is that the leaders control the people. In the light hierarchies the problem is reversed. The leaders, not the people are the servants and the people try and control the leaders. The servants are always the ones who are in danger of too much control because those being served always want the service enhanced and continued.

You seem to have a strong resistance to the possibility that anyone can teach you or lead you. Is this correct? If it is why do you feel that way?

Concerning the atomic world what makes you think there is not a dominate atom or molecule in the various atomic orders? You have no proof of that. On the other hand, I do have proof based on the law of correspondences. As above so below, as below so above. This is a basic metaphysical principle, but you won’t learn it in chemistry class. McDonalds will have a correspondence in the atomic world and the principles that govern will be similar, but not exactly the same. All things in macrocosm have a correspondence in the microcosm.

You accuse me of being very black and white yet you are the one who teaches the one way to salvation: “through the heart only.” I’m the one that teaches that mind and heart are two parts of a greater whole and both have necessary doors to take us back home. Who is really black and white here?

Love is bigger than the heart only. Love permeates mind, heart, solar plexus and even the body. You are limiting the power of love to a small part of ourselves. Love embraces the whole person, even the mind if we allow it. The whispers of Love can come through both the heart and mind, and the intuition is only correctly perceived when heart and mind have been balanced. Without balance great deception will be present.

Another reader expressed perplexity that intelligent seekers can be so diverse in what   they see as truth. She wonders why there is not more unity among the spiritual seekers.

There are three reasons for this problem.

First, few people in the public arena have passed the third initiation where illusion is dispelled. All who have not achieved this will still cling to their foundation beliefs which have illusion or untruth within them. Such people are unwilling to let them go unless the truth hits them over the head with great force so it is undeniable.

Therefore, you can have two advanced people teach inspiring material yet in certain core areas the following can happen:

[1] They both can disagree on core issues and each be wrong.

[2] They can disagree on core issues and one be right and the other be wrong.

[3] They cannot both be right and disagree.

Secondly, two people of equal advancement can be polarized in the right or left brain, or the emotions or mind. Those who are polarized in the emotions see solutions that feel right as being right. Those polarized in the mind see solutions that make sense as being right, even if they may not feel right.

The Republicans are basically left-brained and the Democrats right-brained.

These two individuals may fiercely disagree and argue, even if their spiritual evolution is similar.

The true disciple who has transcended illusion will balance the two energies and weight the tug from both feelings and mind. Then he will use the Second Key of Judgement.

Both of the above two individuals will argue with him from time to time and see him as in error.

A major problem the Brotherhood of Light is working on at present is moving the polarization of the world from the emotional base of the Piscean Age to the mental perspective of the Aquarian Age.

A third cause of the problem is focus. Many teachers are narrowly focused on areas of importance to them and they are not rounded off with information about opposing belief systems and thus do not know their reasons for the belief and action of others. These will often criticize that which is not deserving of criticism setting off a no-win disagreement.

“By faithfully working eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.” — Robert Frost

Dec 4, 2008

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The Coming of Christ and Questions

The Coming of Christ and Questions

The coming of Christ is in three stages.

The first stage is the permeation of the teaching of the Christ consciousness and the rising of the Christ consciousness in the hearts and minds of numerous individuals.

This first stage is nearly complete.

The second state is called the “Overshadowing.” Preparations have been made, but this stage is not yet complete. In this stage the Master teacher who was Melchizedek and later as Christ in the body of Jesus of Nazareth will come in and share the body of one of more disciples. In this stage the actual presence of the Christ will be on the earth, yet unrecognized.

In the third stage the Christ, if he deems it necessary will materialize a body for his own use. When, how and if this third stage will happen is a secret kept within the mind of God.

Many believe that the coming of Christ is merely the raising of the Christ consciousness. This is part of the entire plan, but only the first part. Such people forget that there was and is an individual Master who is the Christ and that every individual entity reappears periodically on the earth. The Christ is not an exception. He will indeed come again.

Now we hear that several gurus and teachers who claim to be the Christ. Not even Jesus publicly made that claim. His works and his teachings claimed it for him.

Anyone who   claims to be the Christ should be asked at least one discerning question. Ask him to teach us just one principle or at least a piece of knowledge that is not found in a commonly published book. I would prefer a principle because principles bring forth a flashing forth of light from the soul. If this light is stimulated it is evidence that a true teacher has arrived.

Question: DK teaches there are seven planes.  How far up the ladder can one go through out of body travel?

Exploring the worlds of form is a much different thing than exploring the formless worlds.

Astral travel can involve the astral body leaving the physical yet still being connected by the silver cord. In this case the person can do a certain amount of exploring the physical and sometimes other worlds.

A higher form of traveling is through the mental body. Here the person travels by bringing the world to him rather than going to the far places of the world. This is like sitting in your chair, not leaving your body but watching a 3D screen that takes you where you want to go.

When the seeker travels in the formless worlds he doesn’t see things in the earthly sense but sees in different ways. He sees through the eyes of understanding, through the soul, through impression, through seeing principles and others. The trick for him is to register these impressions sufficiently on the physical brain so he can retrieve them in regular consciousness.

Learning to see auras helps prepare for mental travel for when one can see the outer film on the aura, he prepares himself to see things in the far distance.

Question: “Are you also suggesting that we too should be devoting our ‘free time’ and/or focusing our attention (activities, etc.) to serving others versus ‘personal progress’”?

I wasn’t suggesting anything for anyone else but only dealing my own path.

The disciple on the path goes through cycles of receiving and sending. The first 30 years of my life was spent in receiving and then I reached a point where I sensed the world need, and that I had much to give. My polarity thus switched. I moved from a top priority of inner development to outer sending.

Of course, in the sending mode, I still learn but learning is not my main focus at present. I see ways in which the world can be changed for the better and that is where my focus is.

Each person seeking the path must search their own souls to see where their focus must be. If it feels right to concentrate on inner development and learning then that is most likely where your main focus should be. If you feel a responsibility to serve and send, then put your focus there. But always remember the Middle Way of judgement, and remember that in the midst of receiving there are times to send and give and vice versa.

Never feel guilty or ill at ease for following what seems right to your inner center.

Sometimes a seeker will devote a whole life to inner development and then spend most of the next life in sending forth the light he achieved.

A reader disagreed with my view that two who are in touch with the Holy Spirit can always reach agreement.

Two can have spiritual contact on different points and disagree, but the disagreement will be on personality views, not what has been received from within.

As we ascend back toward spirit we are guided toward union, harmony and oneness, yet maintain our individual identity. I know from personal experience that it is possible to reach agreement on any point of truth. The trick is that one of the parties in the disagreement must have a point of truth because the Spirit of Truth will only affirm truth. If two people capable of spiritual contact seek that contact together, then the point of truth will be revealed without fail and unity will result. I have never had a failure in this as long as the other person is willing to take the steps to make the spiritual contact. When a point of truth is revealed through your soul it is impossible to deny to yourself unless you risk taking the dark path.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” — Robert Frost

Dec 3, 2008

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A Master Plan

A Master Plan

A reader complained that I had appointed myself to be a spiritual teacher, as if that were a bad thing. To this I responded as follows.

You and some others seem to feel that I am a self-appointed teacher and indicate that this is wrong for some reason. What makes you think I am self-appointed. You would be completely unaware if I was working with some higher life.

To the world Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were self-appointed teachers. They felt they had something to say and they said it. They had free agency and they used it. Many resented them, but a few learned.

What kind of teacher do you want? Do you want some council to pick a person at random with no knowledge as to whether he can teach or not and say “be our teacher.” Chances are the poor fellow will have nothing to say.

Every true teacher will use some self initiative and test the waters by writing books, giving seminars and teaching those with whom he comes in contact. Self-initiative is the only way to commence the path of a teacher.

What would you have me do? Stay silent and never appear on-line again? I give you the freedom to teach or not teach to your hearts content. Will you not grant me the same privilege?

You believe that somewhere there is a master plan. You are not alone. Most religious people as well as New Agers do. However, the truth is often upside down to the way people think.

There is no great master plan — at least, not in the way people perceive it. In the beginning we all existed within the mind of God as one great life. In order to know itself God multiplied itself. He/She/It (He for simplicity) did this so his numerous parts could have every possible experience and learn to know the other parts. The only master plan is to put the puzzle of scattered parts back together. In the process of putting the puzzle together, however, every possible piece of knowledge is learned and every possible experience is lived.

There are lives in this universe that are put together or less fragmented than we as a human race are. These beings have great plans that will aid in putting the pieces of God together. If they were to share them with us they may seem so deep and beyond us that we would consider that a master plan, but in reality the only true master plan is the union of souls — “putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

The atoms, molecules and cells have put themselves together in alignment with the One God, but we have not, and the galaxies have not.

We have a long way to go and man is the point of tension for the life of God in our current universe.

We’ve had some new Alice A. Bailey students join the group lately and am sure they will be a good addition.  Years ago, I joined their Arcane school, but the teacher assigned to me couldn’t answer any of my questions, so I couldn’t see any value in continuing. So far I have found no one that has been able to shed any light for me on DK’s teachings. There’s a group in Los Angeles, California, USA, that claims to be channeling him but I feel little light in their words. Then there is the Summit Lighthouse that claims to channel him and other masters. I feel no light there either.

Throughout my life I have been unable to find a physical teacher and have been driven to explore the books of the world. Through them I received much stimulation, but my greatest questions have been answered through revelation and inspiration and my inner master has instructed me to take certain steps in reaching out and assisting mankind to prepare for the reappearance of the Christ. How the steps are taken is up to me and this on-line communication is an experiment in disseminating the teachings.

I find that “A Course in Miracles” [ACIM] does seem very elementary from the viewpoint of technical knowledge, but from the viewpoint of the love-wisdom aspect I would say it is unsurpassed. Having the love-wisdom aspect of ourselves stimulated allows us to assimilate technical teachings, such as AAB much more. The main purpose of the book (ACIM) is to stimulate soul contact. Unfortunately most who believe they have reached “the atonement” have only touched some high emotional energy.

One can only go so far until a solid soul contact has been made. Then there is the baptism of fire from and through the Monad. A group must experience this “fire of the Spirit” and partake of its power to prepare the way for the Christ.

Many of the Hierarchy incarnated in Germany with the intent of picking up the Shamballa energy and Hitler beat them to it. These disciples were thus caught with their pants down and found themselves in a horrifying situation. Stauffenberg and Rommel were two disciples in on a plot to remove Hitler and were themselves killed along with 5000 of the greatest lights of Germany when the plot was uncovered. Some were strung up with piano wire and their death put on film to show the other German troops the fate of traitors.

I do not expect readers to believe any of my words just because I say them, but I feel that some could be of great assistance and whatever proof they need is available if answers are sought from the Inner Christ.

I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers. – Khalil Gibran

Dec 2, 2008

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The Need for Hierarchy

The Need for Hierarchy

A reader disapproved of some comments I made  concerning the universal need for hierarchies within the universe of time and space, especially in relation to the atomic world.

There is an ancient occult statement, however, that says “The mind slays the real.” I maintain that to find the real truth about the microcosm we have to use the law of correspondences and stretch beyond scientific discoveries. Notice that I do not say we leave them behind. A scientific truth is as true as any truth, and truth will harmonize with truth. If I am understood correctly I do not believe that readers will see any of my teachings contradicting scientific fact.

We must keep in mind that hierarchy among the atoms is of a much higher evolutionary order than among humans. They are much more evolved in their sphere than we are in ours. A proton or atom can live for billions of years. Who among us is capable of that? They have achieved an equality, a unity and organization much greater than we have even imagined for ourselves.

The word “rank” is not an appropriate word for the hierarchies of the microcosm, nor will it be appropriate for the hierarchies of light which are to come. A servant is usually not considered higher in rank than the one he serves. A beneficial hierarchy is created by energy trying to balance itself whether in humans or in atoms. One unit of energy seeks energy from a more endowed source for a period of time until equality is achieved. If there are two atoms, even of the same element one will have a greater energy than the other. Even among two hydrogen atoms forming the building block of the universe through hydrogen bonds, one will have a greater charge. The one with the sending energy is the teaching atom (for want of a better word).

It is a scientific fact that atoms unite to create molecules, molecules unite to create cells, cells unite to create greater bodies. It is also fact that the atomic world has created structures and creations many times beyond the accomplishments of humanity. You wouldn’t say that a computer is built by a random exchange of energy, yet you indicate that the atoms have built their creations with no guiding hierarchical intelligence. Just certain “patterns” develop by energy transfers.

I will say this about atoms and hierarchies. There is life, consciousness and intelligence in the atomic world. The creative process that took place between the evolution of the atom and the cell is far beyond anything in intelligence and cooperation that the human atoms (Adams) have accomplished. Through science we can study some of the effects and orders created by that intelligence, but I doubt if any scientist in the world knows anything about that intelligence itself. The trouble is that they study the atomic world under the assumption that everything is taking place because of an interplay of mindless energy rather than intelligence. Because they are not looking for intelligence within the microcosm they see none.

Some on the spiritual path will see the great order among the tiny lives and give credit to the great Universal God, but they see it backwards. It is not the big One Life creating the order as a unit. It one life with many parts finding pieces of Itself, putting Itself back together. This process is in its infancy among us humans. As our first step we seek for mates of our opposite polarity or sex. Then we seek to establish groups for certain purposes. The intelligence of the atoms reveals a great secret.

Some have said that there are no hierarchies among the atoms. I have presented much greater proof that there is than anyone else has presented otherwise.

The basic evidence against: Science does not teach such a thing.

The basic evidence for: Science has not disproved my teachings and observation supports it.

But my main point of evidence is this: All known and understood structures of a complex order are created through a hierarchical endeavor. I have challenged all out there to show me even one exception and none has come forth. How can a logical person call me wrong on this point when everything we have seen verifies hierarchy without even one exception?

Even elementary metaphysical students believe the maxim “as above, so below.” For instance in the larger world we have planets circling around a sun and in the tiny world we have electrons circling around a nucleus.

In the larger world all known organized creations such as a building, a car or a bridge is created by hierarchies with intelligent direction. Since this is true among what we see with our eyes what reason do we have to believe that it is much different with the tiny intelligences which are also a part of God?

Some have said that in the New Age we will have no hierarchies. Instead, everyone will know what to do because of some direct communication with God. Most people I know of that believe this way have not been able to get along in this type of harmony with even one other human being on this planet let along thousands or millions of them.

Do such persons think that in the new age that each city and state will just run by itself? That there will be no equivalent to a mayor or council? That roads will be built just because several thousand people wake up one morning and all say to themselves in unison: “I don’t think I’ll go fishing today. I think I’ll go build a road.”

Another person wakes up another morning and says: “I’m going to this vacant building on State Street and start a newspaper.” Then the fellow goes there and meets a hundred others that were given the same idea by God. Then they all roll up their sleeves and go to work. Of course, they have no problem on controversial issues. They do not need an editor or publisher to guide anyone because they are all conservative or liberal or whatever sameness that we are supposed to be there.

This is, of course, nonsense to anyone who will think about it for over three seconds. No orderly structure has ever been made by a group effort without a hierarchy and none ever will in our foreseeable future. When the time comes that we will not need hierarchies we will not need form.

Think about it. The more complex the project the greater need for hierarchy. It took thousands of hierarchical units to send a man to the moon, but it may just take several to run a small business.

I will guarantee you this. When we send a spaceship to Mars and later to Jupiter there will be a hierarchy of leaders, teachers and governors that will create the organization necessary to do it.

Does anyone out there really believe we will go to Mars because about 50,000 people will feel good about accomplishing it at the time? Even if such a miracle happened do you really think that everyone would “just know” their place and job without leadership? I think you would find that the nitty-gritty boring work would be avoided by at least 49,000 who would be lining up to do the fun part of the work.

It is amazing to me that anyone would question the need for hierarchy, leaders and teachers. There is not even the slightest evidence that civilization of any degree is possible without them.

I can understand that we free thinkers do not like to be bossed around and many of us have a reluctance to obey any rules of any kind. We also like to think we can just dip within and learn everything we need to know. Then we all like to think that we are just as smart or as good as the next guy. This is all well and good, but if our desire to be an island of independence separates us from reality then our progression will come to a standstill.

I think that those who resist the idea of hierarchy are really not against hierarchy so much, as they do not like overreaching authority over their lives. I join with them in this idea as there are positive and negative hierarchies. A positive one functions to get the job done, but a negative one serves the desire of the ego and those involved seek for personal power and glory.

We are all anxious to reach union, but we must stay in touch with the real world along the way. There is nothing more pathetic than he who is in hell, but thinks he is in heaven. He neither learns through his pain nor seeks a greater joy. He who has found his true point on the path senses a greater happiness on the horizon.

“How many things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” — Robert Frost

Nov 27, 2008

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A Reincarnation of Jesus?

A Reincarnation of Jesus?

Thought I would make a few comments on Dr. Dahesh (whose real name was Salim Moussa El-Achi) who is claimed to be the 20th incarnation of the Christ and has been discussed here for a while.

A seeker’s first thought may be to consider him a charlatan. But then when you read the list of miracles he is purported to have performed one has to immediately take him more seriously than the majority of others out there who are claiming to be Christ. Most such claimants have little, but a big ego to back up their words.

His followers claim he is like Christ because of his miracles, but they neglect to examine the areas where he is not like the Master.

Here are some:

[1] Initiation. Christ initiated a movement and teaching that attracted billions of followers. Dahesh has only 40,000 worldwide.

Of course, it is remotely possible that he could accumulate a large following over a period of time.

[2] It looks like the main thing he has going for him is his attested miracles. As far as I can tell there are no groundbreaking teachings or works like those presented by Jesus which are necessary to create great change or attract a large following.

[3] Jesus taught his disciples how to make a spiritual connection so they could perform the same miracles that he did. There seems to be no record of followers performing miracles like Dahesh did.

[4] Dahesh was apparently quite wealthy and gathered millions of dollar’s worth of art and additional millions of dollar’s worth of books to the 250,000 volumes in his private library.

I think art is an important part of society, but it seems odd that a Christ figure would spend so much money collecting it.

[5] He is called a Doctor even though he has only about a year for formal education. I cannot find an explanation for this.

[6] The followers of Christ were aggressive in taking the Masters message to the world and presenting teachings without cost. Even though Dahesh wrote 150 books I can’t find one for sale at Amazon and I can’t find a way to order any of his books that are published. You’d think they’d publish a couple of his books on the web and make them available for download.

[7] Suppose you do think he was an incarnation of Christ, what then? There is no plan of action outside of suggesting we accept him as a Christ figure. Seems kind of an odd legacy for a master.

[8] He died at the age of 75 of a heart attack. You’d think a Christ figure would live to be at least 100 before he would die of natural causes.


It is possible he was closely linked to a Master for he did seem to be a benevolent person as a whole and did seem to perform some miracles. It is even possible he was an incarnation of a master, but he has not had the impact on the world that one would expect from the coming of Christ.

It is predicted a religion will be formed around him. We’ll see what happens then.

In response to the above I received some comment from a Dahesh follower. We’ll just call him DF

DF: “When we trust only ‘reason,’ our brains can fail us, as yours did you.”

JJ: No one is talking about trusting “only reason,” but since all truth from God is reasonable then to abnegate reason is foolish indeed.

DF: “For example, here is where your arguments fall apart…completely. I’m being more than kind to you.”

JJ: And where is this kindness representative of a follower of Christ? I see no evidence of it here.

  1. “Actually, the number of followers is more like 4,000 than 40,000. At His death, Jesus had maybe 120 followers. By 100 A.D., most historians and scholars estimate that Jesus had somewhere between 5000 and 10,000. Your argument fails, because, to compare Jesus to Dahesh, one must wait for 2,000 years to see how many followers Dahesh has, otherwise, it is not a honest comparison.”

JJ: I left open the possibility that he could accumulate a large following over a period of time.

In a single day, the day of Pentecost, the Church added 3000 to their group and you’re telling me that in another 70 years they may have added only 2000 more? I don’t think so. The apostles went to many lands and converted many thousands shortly thereafter.

In addition to this Dr.Dahesh gathered disciples from the age of 20 to 75, a period of 55 years compared to three years for Jesus. If Jesus had 55 years to teach in Jerusalem he would have had many more than 120 devout followers at his crucifixion. In fact he had thousands of casual followers beforehand, but all but a few were dispirited by his apparent death.

It has been about 90 years since Dahesh began teaching. With the advantages of modern communications, you would think a Christ figure would have made in this day as much progress as did the Christians within the same period with none of our technology.

Concerning point two about the miracles he writes: “Groundbreaking teachers? I have NO idea what you mean by this argument. It is completely nonsensical.”

JJ: I said “teachings” not teachers. Buddha gave the groundbreaking teaching of the Middle Way, Jesus gave groundbreaking teachings on love and kindness. Both of these relied on the students seeing the principle behind the teaching. Where is the groundbreaking teaching from Dahesh, which always comes from a Christ figure? He does give us some interesting data about life in the galaxy but where does he expand on a principle that can be grasped by the human heart?

Concerning point three he insists that Dahesh followers have performed lots of miracles.

I can’t find any testimony of this on any of the websites. Jesus told his disciples that they would do even “greater things” than he did and indeed they performed many mighty miracles and works that attracted even more attention than their Master. Where are the followers who have power equal to Dahesh?

If all it takes is to follow the ceremony of Ramz then the followers should be able to create miracles as impressive as Dahesh, such as physically producing tomorrow’s newspaper. Anyone done anything like that?

Are the details of performing the Ramz available to the public or is it passed down in person? I would like more information on it if it is available.

On point four he insists that it is perfectly reasonable to assume that a reincarnated Jesus would collect expensive art.

But he didn’t answer my question. Jesus told people who were rich in possessions, such as art, to sell them and give the money to the poor. I realize we live in different times and a different approach may be needed, but he did say our heart is where our treasure is and fine art is a fairly worldly treasure compared with other things that could be pursued – such as helping the downtrodden, or even paying scholars to translate and publish his books.

Concerning point five where I expressed  skepticism over Danesh calling  himself a doctor he says: “He was granted an honorary doctorate by the Sage Institute of Paris (now defunct) in 1930.”

Thanks for the explanation. I see from the web his doctorate was given in psychism. I suspect that such a doctorate was something like these mail order degrees we see so much of. Jesus was only called Rabbi once in the scriptures and there is no evidence he requested to be called such. He discouraged the use of titles.

Concerning point six where I question why none of his 150 books are available to purchase on Amazon he says: “The fact that Dahesh has no books on Amazon mean He can’t be Jesus reincarnated? What sort of ABSURD argument is this?”

It is not absurd at all. Three years after Jesus began his ministry in Jerusalem he sent his followers into all the world. Now, 90 years after Dahesh began his, he doesn’t even have a book on Amazon. Doesn’t seem to be following the Jesus pattern of promotion.

Point Seven: Suppose you do think he was an incarnation of Christ, what then? There is no plan of action outside of suggesting we accept him as a Christ figure. Seems kind of an odd legacy for a master.

DF: “If we think He is the incarnation of Christ what then? Declare oneself a Daheshist and begin to spread His message, via the Internet at first. That is what. Learn the Ramz ritual, to help others heal.”

JJ: But how can one become a Daheshist if he can’t even read the required book that he is to promise to live by to become a member? Like I said there seems to be no plan of action and the plan of salvation is merely a repetition of that which was already taught by Jesus.

And is the Ramz ritual available to learn?

Point Eight: He died at the age of 75 of a heart attack. You’d think a Christ figure would live to be at least 100 before he would die of natural causes.

DH: “Jesus would have lived to 100 had He re-incarnated? Where did you get that? All physical bodies die.”

JJ: When Jesus approached death he said “Father, receive my spirit” and gave up the ghost. You would think that Dahiesh correspondingly would have just voluntarily left his body rather than to be forcibly taken with a heart attack.

It also does not make sense that he would die after an only average lifespan when much less enlightened souls have lived much longer though their own wisdom. Imagine, if he could create the miracle of living to 150 years or more. Then people would really pay attention.

I have a couple questions for you.

Why do you believe that Dahesh is the coming of Christ? Is it reason alone or something else? If it is reason then what is the reason?

I read in Dahesh literature that he never made the proclamation of the prophesied false messiah of saying “I am Christ.” What then makes followers think he is Christ?

It is said that Dahesh is the 20th incarnation of Jesus. How many of the other 19 besides Dahesh are given? It is said he was Buddha, but Buddha lived before Christ and Jesus was supposed to be reborn 23 additional times after the first century.

The next response I received was as follows:


  “Your ‘brains’ (had you any in the first place fool) fell out LONG time ago!

  “You’re an idiot beyond comprehension, your reasons were that of a retard. Oops, I’ve just insulted the retards!”

Wow. You’d think I had just arrived from the gates of hell foaming at the mouth with insults to deserve a response like this. I’ll tell you this. If I were Christ and had this guy representing me, I’d be embarrassed and wouldn’t want to settle in the Kingdom of God with his kind.

If he treats a sincere seeker in this manner what would be his response to someone making a mean-spirited attack?

He’d probably go into apoplectic shock.

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.” — Robert Frost

Nov 26, 2008

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ACIM and Life After Death

ACIM and Life After Death

A Course in Miracles is mysteriously silent on our state after death, which would be our state of existence between lives. It mentions death in some context over 500 times, but instead of dealing with life after the death of the body it places great emphasis in dealing with our life in the body, and the fear of death in xrelation to it.

A student may legitimately wonder why almost all the discussion on death is related to this side of the veil. After much thought, I have concluded that the emphasis is on this world because this is where the awakening must happen:

“The world is not left by death but by truth, and truth can be known by all those for whom the Kingdom was created, and for whom it waits.” T-3.VII.6

So, the solution to the separation is not found by dying, but in finding and living the truth while in the world.

The Course tells us that the separation “occurred over millions of years” T-2.VIII.2 During this time it is assumed we have lived many lifetimes.  We most likely spent more time out of a body rather than in a body. The question then arises as to where and what is this “undiscovered country” we go to after vacating the body? Why does not the Course say anything about it?

Perhaps it does. I have found that the Course says much more than it seems on a casual reading, and the realm we go to after we leave the body is no exception.

We are given this interesting hint:

“To be without a body is to be in our natural state.” W-pI.72.9

Yes, the Course advises us to overlook the body, but when are we in a state where we are actually “without a body”?

That would be that period we spend in between lives where we have no physical body. If we then accept what the Course actually says we   are led to believe that our state of existence after the death of the body is “our natural state.”

So, what is meant by our natural state? We are told this:

“By demonstrating to yourself there is no order of difficulty in miracles, you will convince yourself that, in your natural state, there is no difficulty at all because it is a state of grace. Grace is the natural state of every Son of God. When he is not in a state of grace, he is out of his natural environment and does not function well.” T-7.XI.1-2

Indeed, we have many limitations while out of our natural state and seeing ourselves in the body.

Also, the natural state is communion beyond perception for “Perception is based on a separated state, so that anyone who perceives at all needs healing.  Communion, not prayer, is the natural state of those who know.” T-3.V.10

The Course says that the body “limits your ability to make communion with your brother’s mind.” T-29.I.5. This verifies that without the body we will be in a natural state where pure communication and the miraculous state of grace are normal.

If we then spend most of our separated existence in the natural state between lives with no body why then would the Course be silent on it?

I submit that it is not, but actually makes many references to this state.

Instead of calling the after-death state something with which we are familiar, like “the spirit world,” it calls it “the real world”.

“Hold on,” says the doubter. “The real world is something we achieve in this world and shortly thereafter God takes us from there into heaven.”

Yes, this is true for “the world is not left by death” T-3.VII.6 But after we leave the body, we actually enter the  natural state or the “real world, in which everything reflects the eternal.” T-12.III.8

In other words, the goal here, while in the body, is to achieve that natural state we have after the death of the body.

A reasonable response of the reader at this point may be something like this: “You make an interesting proposal, but can you give us any evidence that the after-death experience takes place in the real world?”

That is a reasonable question. To answer it let us look at the ACIM’s descriptions of the real world and compare them to the after-death description of existence there.

“What are you talking about?” says the skeptic. “We have no descriptions of the life after the death of the body.”

But we do my friend.  There are many thousands who have had a near death experience and have given us descriptions of life without the limitations of the body. There are common elements in these experiences that correspond to the Course’s description of the real world.

In addition, there have been thousands of regressions by trained therapists who have retrieved memories of life between lives.  That which the subjects retrieved are very consistent with each other as well as those who had the near-death experience.

So let us then look at what the Course says about the real world and compare it to what these people who recall visiting the world of Spirit say and see how they compare.

NDEs and the Real World

Let us look at the similarities between descriptions of the afterworld by those who have been regressed ,or had a near death experience (NDE), and what the Course says about the real world.

First let us remind readers that the real world is not heaven but it “reflects the eternal.” T-12.III.8

What is interesting is that the Course speaks of the real world many times as a step removed from heaven yet you rarely if ever see any post made by a student who has seen or visited such a world. Is the real world really that unreachable by us?

Maybe not, if it is the world of spirits, or discarnate entities to which we have many thousands of witnesses.

That said let us look at the descriptions of the two worlds and see how they match up.

The Real World: Permeated by love. “God does love the real world, and those who perceive its reality cannot see the world of death.” T-12.III.8 This other world is bright with love.” T-13.VI.11

The Spirit World: The first thing many thousands of NDE’s have noted is the tremendous love they feel as soon as they enter the light of this world. They use phrases such as love a thousand or million times anything they experienced in the body. They feel this love comes from their Creator as well as other beings there.

The Real World: It is not lit with artificial light, and night comes not upon it.  There is no day that brightens and grows dim.” T-13.VII.1

The Spirit World: Everyone who comments on the light there affirms this statement from the Course. They say there is no need for the sun to light anything as everything there radiates its own light and you can see with 360 degree vision. This also agrees with thew Bible’s description of the real world of the New Jerusalem: “And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it.” Rev 21:23

The Real World: There is no loss.” T-13.VII.1

The Spirit World: Visitors affirm this is true

The Real World:For death is not of the real world, in which everything reflects the eternal.” T-12.III.8  “there is no death.” T-27.VII.14

The Spirit World: This is the most common message that many bring back from the NDE. They are often told that there is no death and to tell others this truth after they return to their bodies.  

The Real World: “The real world signifies the end of time, for its perception makes time purposeless.” W-pII.8.4 it is apart from time.” T-26.III.3

The Spirit World: NDEs report the same, saying that time either does not exist there or serves no purpose.

The Real World:In the real world there is no sickness, for there is no separation and no division.” T-11.VIII.10 “beholding it is total perception.” T-12.VIII.8

The Spirit World: It is reported we have bodies of light there and there is no such thing as sickness. There is also no separation as distance is meaningless. You can instantly be in communication with anyone just by thinking about them.

The Real World: There is love instead of judgment. And what was once a dream of judgment now has changed into a dream where all is joy… And the forms that enter in the dream are now perceived as brothers, not in judgment, but in love.” T-29.IX.7

The Spirit World: This is the most common surprise expressed by NDE’s – that there is no judgment as taught by their religion.  They are given a life review so they can assess the quality of their life and the value of love expressed in it, but no one judges them.

The Real World: All is forgiven “Nothing is hidden here, for everything has been forgiven and there are no fantasies to hide the truth.” T-17.II.2

The Spirit World: NDE’s and those regressed report that there is much greater awareness in the Spirit world and we become totally aware of the thinking of all who offended us while on earth and we gain an understanding that there is nothing to forgive.

The Real World: In the real world they see a world where terror is impossible, and witnesses to fear can not be found.” W-pII.8.1

The Spirit World: When the light is entered in the near death experience fear, terror and nightmares no longer exist. Thousands who have been regressed to the between life state tell us the same thing.

We could continue here but this should be enough for readers to see the similarities.

The interesting thing about the real world is that it is not heaven but a reflection of heaven. As such, anyone visiting it from this world will see it as a much better place than earth, and to many NDE’s it seems like heaven. Instead, it is a stop we make before returning home which will be a state beyond words according to the Course.

The goal is to see perceive the real world while on earth. When we can see the real world here as we do when out of the body then we approach awakening from both worlds.  The beginning of real world vision while on earth is stated here.

“You will begin to understand it when you have seen little edges of light around the same familiar objects which you see now. That is the beginning of real vision. You can be certain that real vision will come quickly when this has occurred.” W-pI.15.2

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Tribes, Atoms and Decision

Tribes, Atoms and Decision

A reader made some comments indicating that the Native Americans lived in a virtual utopia with no leadership being necessary. This was my response.

Where do you get the idea that they did not have leaders? There were a handful of wandering nomads that were fairly leaderless, but that was because there was virtually no one to lead. Theses nomads also accomplished little of value except wandering the countryside and eking out survival.

Some tribes had a fairly loose hierarchy and some had a very structured one. Some leaders were very dictatorial and others were democratic. In fact, it is said that the founders of our nation were inspired by some of the Indian hierarchical structures. Many Indian tribes had a very hierarchical priesthood also, others were less hierarchical like the Shamans, but they were still looked upon as teachers and leaders in spiritual affairs.

The Natives are a great example of hierarchy producing order. The nomads had minimal hierarchy and the only thing they accomplished was survival. The Incas and Mayas had strong hierarchy and built a significant civilization.

You mention “the chiefs counseled with the people and followed their will.” That is very close to the principle governing the hierarchy of light. Even including the American Indians, we do not have an example in recorded history of the government of the hierarchy of light which is to come. There have been a number of brave souls who have sought to manifest it, but all have failed. In another way of looking at it there is no real failure because the seeds of the brotherhood of light have been planted in many individuals who roam this earth and the day will come when they will be gathered again.

The utopia you speak of describes mankind in a state corresponding to sleep. When your body is asleep there are no decisions that need to be made for it. This utopia or state of sleep that you describe can only occur when humanity has satisfied its desires. As long as we as a people have group desires that need fulfilled then there will be hierarchy and leaders to stimulate progression. Your utopian sleep is millions of years in the future and is not practical for the next step for humanity. There are not two people in a million capable of such unity. Perhaps when you get married you will understand the difficulty.

I don’t expect you to believe anything I say just because I say it. Your soul has the ability to verify all truth. That which I cannot prove to you with black and white facts can be verified by your soul, but you have to bypass all the programming of your body, mind and emotions to reach the Presence.

You say that I am too much in the male energy. That is all right because I am a male and am supposed to be more male than female. You, on the other hand, also have a lot of male energy and this may make you seem out of balance for a female. Balance is necessary for soul contact. The male energy is sending and the female is receiving. I would suggest that you try an experiment and receive from me just to see how it feels.

Permanent Atoms

The dominate atom is the initiating atom of an atomic structure. It is the first one that started a particular atomic organization.

Humans are correspondences of atoms. It is not a coincidence that the first man was called Adam (Atom). Buddha was the initiating Adam of Buddhism. Jesus of Christianity and so on. However atoms of the atomic world are much more advanced in their sphere than we are in ours and hold the key for the next great evolutionary step for mankind.

There is a “permanent Atom” in your physical body that survives death. You will take it with you into your next life and in it is the coding of every physical body you have ever had. Your soul reprograms it to create your next body which will hopefully be superior to the last one. You keep this permanent atom with you until you overcome death. Your whole body is a hierarchy of atoms and molecules with the permanent atom at its head recreating the great power of organization necessary to create your physical structure. This feat is greater than we can imagine.

On balance: The whole universe is created by being out of balance. All energy is out of balance and seeking balance. When perfect balance is obtained the form disappears and goes back to its source. The fact that we are even here is evidence that we are out of balance to some degree. We reach new degrees of balance until we go back to our pure essence.

The Masters are able to walk through walls because they have learned the principle of balance.


The Power of the Gods

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good from evil.” (Genesis 3:5)

Decision is the power of the Gods, but if this is hidden from us and we don’t think we have permission to decide then the power that is in us is hidden by illusion. If our power is hidden then the antichrist powers [of outer unjust authority] make all important decisions for us.

Readers may find it of interest that the Judges in the Old Testament were called Gods by Moses. Moses was also called a God. In most cases this is mistranslated in today’s Bibles, but it is in black-and-white in the Hebrew. Those who made decisions and assumed power to do so had the power of the Gods, so they were called Gods.

Decision is the key to the door that opens to all worlds, even immortality.

Contemplate the part of you that actually decides and you can feel that link between you and God. It uses your bodies but it is not your bodies.

If our consciousness is polarized in the lower worlds many decisions will bring some pain, but in the end that is not bad. We came here for the experience and we can only go through the experience through the power of decision. Those who can’t decide remain still. The best decision is that which pushes us forward somewhere where we are forced to look at a different horizon.

The phrase “I AM THAT I AM” originally comes from the Bible. After wandering in the desert herding sheep for forty years Moses did a lot of contemplating about God and what he would ask him if he should ever get a chance to talk to Him. When he finally got his big chance — what did he ask?

He asked God for His name.


Because in those days the name revealed something about the destiny or the character of a man or woman. It still does today but on a more subconscious level.

To this great question that Moses spent decades contemplating, the answer was “I AM that I AM.”

Or was it?

Think about it. This statement makes no sense at all and all the scholars in the world have not shed any light on it — Neither has any channeling or New Age Book even though many use the phrase on a regular basis.

The reason it does not make sense as quoted is because it was a mistranslation.

What God really said to Moses was:

  “I AM BECOMING that which I DECIDE TO BECOME. Go tell Israel that HE WHO IS BECOMING has sent you.”

For us to cross the threshold to the kingdom of God we must become whatever it is that we decide to become. Fortunately, in the end of time we all make the right decision.

A teacher once wrote: “Without decision there is no life.” What does this mean and what is the greatest hurtle we have to cross to fully use the power of decision?

I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do. That is character! —Theodore Roosevelt

Nov 23, 2008

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Truth and Conspiracy

Truth and Conspiracy

Some readers have accused me of teaching from the ego

The problem here is that one who teaches through the reasoning of the mind is often perceived as an illusionary threat by one who has his decisions based in the emotions only. The mind will often destroy emotional conclusions and such a thought form created by the emotions will fight to maintain its life. When the thought form approaches the light that will destroy it, it either seeks to destroy the light or it flees from it.

On the other hand, the mind is also unnerved when confronted with Spirit. Mind is not the ultimate source of truth and eventually must reach numerous dead ends that can only be crossed by revelation from Spirit or the Higher Self. These revelations will make sense to mind and feel right to emotion, but mind would not have concluded them by itself and emotion would not have felt it. Mind will also fight the higher light until it is forced by circumstances to confront it. At that time many illusionary thought forms are painfully shattered.

In various New Age forums I have noticed this attitude: “Nobody better try and influence me to change so you had better change and conform so I do not feel this influence from you.”

Isn’t it obvious that this attitude is a reflection of an inner flaw?

It may be true that the Piscean Age religions did put unjust influences on people to conform and there seems to be some left-over fears from this. But consider this. We now live in an age and area of the planet where no one has unjust power over our thoughts and beliefs. No one has power to take our lives if we do not cry “Caesar!” or “Holy Mary!” Any fear or even irritation we have of any one trying to change us is not based on reality but is usually based on an inner insecurity with our own beliefs and foundations.

There should be complete tolerance especially in an unthreatening environment such as these on line services. We are completely free to ignore any statement that we disagree with or even dislike.

Even so I am completely supportive for expressing whatever feelings we have no matter how negative. The only way to deal with them at times is to get them out on the table. But when they are on the table one must not run but face up to whatever results they lead towards.

I’ve had a number of people indicate to me that truth is relative and quote “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) to substantiate that. In my view this shows a great misunderstanding of the Course. I know that the relative truth thing is a standard buzz word for New Age thought, but ACIM just doesn’t seem to support this idea.

Even in the introduction on the very first page we read:

  “This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary.”

It is not a relative thing that we take the course. It is required.

Why is it required?

The answer is that it contains several absolute truths that we must learn before we can obtain liberation.

ACIM states point blank that there are several laws that create chaos, illusion and separation. The first is:

“The truth is different for everyone.” T-23.II.2

It amazes me that many people who claim to believe ACIM also believe in relative truth. The whole purpose of the Course is to lead us to several important absolute truths.

The second law of chaos is that “Each one must sin and therefore deserves attack and death. This principle is closely related to the first,” T-23.II.4 (the truth is different).

The Course also states that:

“The truth is true, and nothing else is true.” W-pI.152.3

Those who want to continue in the illusion have great resistance to this core teaching, but eventually illusion must give way to reality and all souls will be one in the truth.

More Conspiracy Theory

Let’s look at an overview of that which conspiracy theorists believe about 911.

First, they believe that Bush was either behind the planning or a major player.

On the other hand, most of these same individuals believe he is the dumbest president in our history.

You can’t have it both ways. If Bush had anything to do with pulling this off then he was an evil genius beyond anything that Hitler pulled off. Yet even his most adamant supporters do not see him as a genius and his enemies would never admit this, even if he were the grandmaster of 911.

If Bush was a player then so was Cheney and other high ups in the administration, yet no one is talking and there’s no smoking gun leading back to them.

So here’s the situation they present. Bush, the dumbest president in history, was a major player in a conspiracy that involved the cooperation of thousands of participants and pulled off the most infamous disaster in history and never got caught. Thousands of people are pointing fingers at him trying to nail him but he is outsmarting them all, great genius that he is.

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Bush and Cheney in cooperation with invisible power brokers and the military arranged the hijacking of four planes. They were flights 93, 77, 175 and 11. Somehow after they took off, they were mysteriously snatched out of the skies and taken to an undisclosed location. At this location the passengers were killed and disposed. The planes were also destroyed, obviously completely pulverized that very day to prevent any recognizable piece from being later used as evidence to the crime.

This was an ingenious accomplishment on the part of Bush and other conspirators when you take into account the whistle blowers at minor atrocities such as Abu Ghraib. 911 was much bigger than making men perform tricks while naked.

Just imagine being in the military and designated as one of those disposing of the passengers. Four planes land and all the hundreds of passengers and unloaded are lined up to be shot. You and dozens of others are to kill them and dispose of the bodies. Isn’t it amazing that not one of them has anonymously spoken to the press?

After the planes were snatched out of the air an amazing thing occurred. They were replaced by missiles or special pods created by the government. These missiles were painted and fixed up to look like planes but were not planes. These missiles had no passengers on board but were specially designed to accomplish the evil deed.

They had to make it appear that the passengers were still on board to the end so they faked phone calls made from passengers to loved ones on the ground. All the dozens loved ones involved were fooled into thinking they were talking to the real person because the government somehow knew in advance who was going to be on each plane and duplicated the correct voices in advance. Then using voice technology conspirators called the loved ones and fooled them into thinking they were talking to their son, husband, wife, etc. Conspiracy people do not even ask how a bungling bureaucracy can even manage to successfully retrieve the phone numbers of the correct loved ones to call let alone make them think a computer voice is a family member.

I don’t know about you, but if a computer called me pretending to be my wife I think I could tell if I were talking to the real thing.

The missiles then went about to accomplish their evil mission. The first was substituted for Flight 93 and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

What was that about? I know if I were a conspirator the last thing I would do is to go through all that trouble just to crash a missile in a field. Strange.

The second, the substitute for Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon. What was that about? The military attacking itself? Oh, yeah. That was just to remove suspicion. That really worked didn’t it? Even though dozens of people saw a plane, some even close enough to see the passengers, they were fooled. It was really a missile.

The other two missiles, which replaced Flights 175 and 11, plowed into the two Twin Towers buildings. Even though millions of people saw the video of this, what they saw were not planes, but missiles or specially built pods that landed in just the right places to not interfere with the planned explosive demolition.

Explosive demolition?

Yes, and this is the amazing part. The conspiracy people believe that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were brought down by a controlled demolition by the use of planted explosives. Even though the largest demolition by explosives in history has been just over 20 stories the conspirators decided to go for the Guinness Book of World Records. They increased that record not twice, or four times, but over five times and did it simultaneously with not one building but two along with a smaller recording-breaking building on the side.

When you compare the possibility of this scenario with the possibility of some anomalies occurring there is no comparison.

The situation is like that of the engineer who mathematically proved that the bumble bee cannot fly. But who are you going to believe when you see the bumble bee actually flies? Obviously, something was wrong in the engineer’s calculations.

When you look at what had to have been done to pull of the 9/11 conspiracy as presented the comparison is like actually watching a bumble bee fly verses the engineer who says he cannot fly.

In the end reality wins out and when all the facts are revealed everything makes sense.

Sometimes a big event is basically more what it appears to be rather than what conspiracy theory say it is.

That is not to say that there are no true conspiracies. For instance, I believe there was one around the murder of JFK because the evidence does support it in my view. Then there may be details around the 9/11 disaster that are hidden, but it is obvious to me that the standard conspiracy idea about it is not logical.

How many New Agers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: Four. One to screw it in and three to experience it.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I have made several statements about ourselves and our origin.

First. We are not our physical, emotional, or mental selves. These are instead called our three vehicles. Our true self uses these vehicles to explore the three lower worlds. Just as you put on a diving suit to explore underwater, so must you acquire the right “equipment” to explore the lower worlds.

In a way we are like the diver who is under the sea with limited oxygen and gets hit on the head and winds up with amnesia. When he sees his reflection, he assumes that the diving suit is himself and that is what he looks like. He must soon rouse himself and remember who he is or he will think the sea is his home and die for lack of oxygen. That would be a pity, for if he knew who and where he was he would know that he needs air and where to get it. But if he remains in deception then death is certain.

Second, I have stated that we as entities are eternal, yet all that has vibration has a beginning and an end. All matter, all form, all energy has vibration which will someday end. Just as when you pluck a guitar string it will not vibrate forever, so does the vibration off all things in the universe eventually run down.

On the other hand, the eternal part of us has no vibration. Everyone thinks that to travel to the various worlds we need to speed up our vibration, but could the opposite be true? Could it be that we need to still vibration instead? The truth is a great secret.

You may ask: “If that eternal part of us has no vibration, no form and no energy then it appears that it would not even exist. How do you explain that?”

The answer is another great mystery, but even mysteries are simple when they are understood.

You as an individual entity consists of a musical chord of four notes at any given point in time and space. Your physical body vibrates on a certain note as well as does your emotions and your mind. Then your soul vibrates on a fourth note. You also play your notes in a certain key. Altogether you incarnate through a very large number of lives and in each life certain notes will change. As your higher self “listens” to the music you play he/she/it will enjoy a piece of music more beautiful than anything we can comprehend here, but the music of your whole self can only be heard from the “Eternal Now,” because in our time frame it takes millions of years to play the piece.

In my journey through time I am playing one symphony for the ears of the One Great Life and in your journey you are playing another and altogether there are endless pieces of music being played for the enjoyment of our Creator. This is the true meaning of the term “Music of the Spheres.”

The playing of a melody is created by vibration, but the actual melody and notes themselves exist independent of vibration and are without beginning and without end.

Let us take a familiar tune by the Beatles — “Yesterday.” We think that it had a beginning when Lennon and McCartney wrote it. But in reality that is not so. Every note that we use to play it on the piano has existed from eternity as well as did the combination of notes that make the melody of “Yesterday” has always been in the mind of God. Vibration of the notes makes us aware of the tune, but the music still exists even when it is not being played. Even at this moment, when no one is playing it, when there is no vibration, the song lives within you and it can be recreated at any living moment.

The melody which is distinctly you has existed in the mind of God from eternity. But when you were given vibration, you received a form manifestation that makes you and others self-aware.

Once the children of God become aware of their melodies the melody is realized to be eternal. Just as no one can destroy the song “Yesterday,” no one can destroy you. Even if this planet were blown up and every piece of music destroyed with it, the song still exists; and somewhere, some time, someplace, a musician will recreate the tune and it will be played again.

You will be played again and again in newer and better versions, worlds without end. You will play until you and your Creator are satisfied. Then you will rest. After that you will play again.

In response to the above a reader asks this:

“Four notes? I thought there were seven notes in all.”

The four notes are predicated on the worlds of form. Three correspond to the physical, astral and mental. The fourth is a synthesis of the three corresponding to the whole personality.


Attention is an attribute that belongs to the real you. Attention uses your vehicles and is not created by them. Attention is enhanced by the vehicles, however.

A reader uses the word “humble.” That is a word very few use in the New Age community yet it is an attribute one must have to unlock the doors of greater knowledge.

Many who believe themselves to be great and wise are stopped in their tracks when they lose humility. This is what is meant by “the first shall be last and the last first.”

Those who are the most intelligent are “the first.” But then when they believe no one can teach them they stop learning and after a period of time sink to great ignorance and become “the last.” Many who are the least in intelligence seek in humility to learn wherever there is knowledge and advance from “the last” to “the first.”

Then there is the rare person in the third category. He or she stays humble in the midst of glory and ends the cycle of first and last and finds the way home.

God help those who do not help themselves. —Wilson Mizner

Nov 20, 2008

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