Molecular Politics Examined

Molecular Politics Examined

A reader posted encouraging members to run for office on molecular principles. If they run on the Molecular Politics platform of representing the people, no matter what their personal opinions are, they will have a great advantage right there. BUT that by itself is not likely to get people of good will elected. Unless our guy is a very savvy and dynamic personality, large sums of money will be needed to get anyone elected.

The first step will be popularizing the Molecular Politics ideas. The second step will be to gather seed money from people interested in the idea. The third step will be to create a national organization dedicated to this purpose.

The fourth step is to then approach potential candidates who have enough gravitas to get elected. The appeal for them is that Molecular Politics will appeal to the people and will provide a means to get in office. The downside for them is that they must accept is that they will not have the personal power and glamour of the other politicians because they follow the will of the people and not their own will. Even so, many fair minded politicians would be interested in this plan. For one thing the first ones will be part of a movement that could change the political world all over the planet.

Fifth, after a candidate gets elected, we set up co-legislators and a secure Internet site where they can make known the will of the people in the appropriate district or state to the representative.

The only way to make Molecular Politics work is to first commit the politician BEFORE he gets elected to honor the will of his co-legislators. Any politician that is already elected cannot be expected to give a rats behind about the idea, but these will generally belittle it and fight against it. Current politicians listen to their peers and interest groups much more than their voters.

Question: How about just going with the system we have and the representatives voting their conscience? Wouldn’t that be best if we had  good candidates?

Under the current system you are correct. The most desirable candidate is one who truly wants to serve his country and votes for what he thinks is best no matter what the consequences.

This would also be the ideal candidate in a truly enlightened system and works this way in the spiritual Molecular Relationship, except he can be immediately voted out of power if his people feel short changed.

But we are in a transition period where, instead of enlightened representatives, we have mostly corrupted ones because of the outside pressures having little relation to the will of the people.

Under the current system when the representative goes against the will of the people it is usually an unenlightened rather than an enlightened decision. When one averages out what the people as a whole think (when properly informed) vs. how the politicians vote, then we see the will of the people is the more enlightened of the two.

To make Molecular Politics work the candidate must agree to follow the will of his co-legislators with his voting, even if it goes strongly against his beliefs. Keep in mind that the will of the people will be different in various districts. If he has a strong belief that he will follow even if it goes against the will of his co-legislators then he could not be a molecular candidate. He has to absolutely commit to the will of the people and if he violates this once then the Molecular organization will not support him for reelection.

The Molecular organization will have great power over the politicians because when the people see how it works, they will vote for the organization rather than the person running.

Under this plan the Representative will be both a manager and educator. If he thinks he sees more correctly than his constituents he will seek to educate them so they will change their minds toward a more reasonable direction. If the representative is a good teacher he will have a powerful sway over his constituents, but if he cannot convince them he must vote with the majority of those he serves.

One may ask, what if the majority demands something crazy, like sending a nuclear bomb to destroy France?

First, something this crazy will not even come up for vote and secondly if it did the representative could just vote for what he thought was right and become a one term representative.

Molecular Politics, when established, will have teeth because every representative wants to get re-elected and keep his good reputation. When the people see that their will is being followed through the Molecular Politics organization they will continue to vote within that system. If a politician defies the will of the people he will be thrown out of that system and disgraced so he will not be re-elected. The voting of the people will be turned away from voting for the personality to actually voting for issues.

Question: How it is that the politician will accurately know the will of the people? Or how the people will know and be able to punish the politician who doesn’t follow it.”

His constituents would be invited to be co-legislators with him. This would be open to anyone in his voting district. Let us say there are a million potential voters there. Not all of them would sign up. At first, the number would be below 10% but would grow as Molecular Politics became more popular. Let us assume that the politician has 100,000 co-legislators and two items are coming up to vote. The first is a funding project for electric cars and the second concerns abortion. 30,000 show up to vote on the electric cars, but a whopping 80,000 vote on the hot topic of abortion.

On the first 18,000 voted for the funding for electric cars and 42,000 voted against the abortion bill. The legislator then looks at the tabulation and is committed to vote with the majority in both cases. He will vote for the funding bill and against the abortion bill since that is what the majority of those who voted told him to do.

The molecular organization placed the politician in power through endorsing him and raising money for his election. He has made a strict commitment to always vote with the majority of his co-legislators. If he does not then all funding through molecular sources will get cut off and it will be published that the politician has disgraced himself by breaking his word. When this program becomes popular with the people the politician has to cooperate to avoid disgrace and losing his position.

Another point that helps ensure that the politician cooperates is that he will understand the plan when he signs up. Many who clearly understand that they must vote according to the will of the people will be the type of people not looking for power and more likely than average to keep their word without coercion.

Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. – Ronald Reagan

NOTE: For more details about how Molecular Politics work see my book “Fixing America.”)

We now have our first molecular candidate running for the U.S. Congress. I’m sure he would appreciate your support. Check him out here:

Dec 12, 2008

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