Health 103

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Nov 3, 2015

Health 103

The Questions:

What is the difference between spiritual will and regular will, as understood by the masses?

How do you suppose we can activate this spiritual will?

These were rather difficult questions, as the answers are not found in any book that I know of. Even so, several brave souls ventured answers:


Regular will uses the brain and emotional body.

Spiritual Will uses the brain, lower mind and higher mind.


Regular will is determination through the personality or asset of the lower concrete mind in achieving a difficult goal. And probably most believe spiritual will is following a religious requirement such as working in your community or giving your time in helping the church with its events etc.

How do you suppose we can activate this spiritual will?

It is my understanding that following the higher will takes tremendous effort and is too great for the personality on its own to be able to achieve the desired end, the higher gives the personality extra stamina through inner strength and stamina in completing the task and also support when


All good thoughts as there is truth in many different angles of vision. Here is my take:

Even though most of humanity see a difference between what is called the will of God and the will of man they generally do not see a difference between spiritual will and regular human will as exercised by us mortals. What is generally accepted is that will is merely an act of determination to get something accomplished.

We all know what regular will is. Jim wants a new car so he uses his will power to work hard and save money so he can buy it. Sue wants to lose weight so she uses a determined will to stay on a diet plan.

If that type of action is regular personality will then what is spiritual will? Would this mean that the will is merely directed toward spiritual things or maybe becoming a better person as you might imagine God wants you to do?

That is not quite the whole picture. Spiritual will involves something more than desiring to accomplish good things. After all, there are terrorists who think they are fulfilling the will of God by cutting off heads of innocents and killing children of infidels. Many acts of will deemed to please God are not acts of spiritual will at all.

The only path to achieving spiritual will is found in aligning our own wills with that of Spirit or the Higher Self. The seeker then sees a dominating good that must be manifested here on the physical plane and places his decisions and will in alignment with it.

For true spiritual will to manifest the person must pierce the veil of illusion and catch a true glimpse of higher purpose. If he is not treading the path of harmlessness true Higher Will, will bypass his consciousness and be beyond his reach.

Those who are in alignment with spiritual will are those who will activate the Law of Dominating Good. The activation occurs when soul contact is made and the disciple yields as did the Christ and says, “not my will but thine be done.” As far as health goes the dominating good would be that we maintain our body in good health and usefulness as long as life holds a purpose. When we are in true alignment with spirit, and not resist the flow, we will live healthy vital lives.

Here is the Third Law of Healing:


Diseases are an effect of the basic centralisation of a man’s life energy. From the Plane whereon those energies are focussed, proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health, and which, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease.


What is the “centralisation of a man’s life energy” and what causes it? What are the planes where this focus occurs and what is the solution to restore good health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

World Health Organization, 1948

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