Solar Angels & Vibration

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Oct 26, 2015

Solar Angels & Vibration

Dan quotes me from an audio:

The more concrete the form is . . . the more distant is spirit from the life in the form.


A rock is teeming with life inside it, but its very concretized. It is spirit slowed way down.

It is disturbed to the point that the little lives in it haven’t adjusted very well to spirit. Consequently, they’re dense.

And so the elements that produce dense matter that we can’t go through, are the densest of all. And they’re vibrating at the slowest.


In the transcribed bit above, you say [paraphrased/restated]: The little lives inside the rock vibrate slowly and are dense because they haven’t adjusted (very well) to Spirit (which has been disturbed).

1) So, that seems to indicate that those little lives are trying to and will eventually adjust to the higher vibrational rate of Spirit. What happens when they do?


They will then move into a higher state and advance into a higher state of matter such as the vegetable the animal human and deva until they move back into the vibration of the monad or pure spirit.

Tiny lives are always part of a greater life and the human monad represents trillions of tiny lives that have moved from a lower state in ages past.


2) What are, from where come, these “little lives”? Are they the Originating Points (Monads), of which some are Human?


They come from the same place we all come from – the One Great Life which is God. It’s essence is Divine space and the evolution of that life starts with innumerable points of life manifesting in that space, as symbolized by the stars of heaven. These points combine and create greater lives. A human monad represents the combination of trillions of these points.

The little lives are parts of a mineral monad seeking to move higher.


3) And speaking of that 🙂 If a human Monad is that which lies behind the power of decision, what are other, non-human, Monads?


All lives of which we are aware, are composed of smaller lives and they all make some type of decision according to their abilities, or respond to decision of higher lives. The smaller lives are merely smaller fragments of the whole than are human monads.


4) What/how “disturbs” Spirit?


Visualize pure spirit as being light and the material world as sound. This is an interesting correspondence since we are told creation of the material world was produced by the Word, or sound.

Both light and sound are composed of vibrations, yet the frequency of the two are universes apart. If we were to take light and make a hologram of you and set it beside you we could not weigh it or even touch it. Your hand would just pass through. The only evidence that it has some type of existence is that you can see it.

The holograph exists as wavelengths just as your physical body does. The difference is that the frequencies in your body are much more dense.

You could say that sound is like light except that sound is distorted or disturbed light which creates an entirely different type of substance than does pure light. Sound includes light, but light does not include sound, though it exists as potential.

JJ [2015 audio# 1]:

“The Solar Angels come from the Sun.”


1) Okay, so the SA evolved to perfection in a previous incarnation of this Universe. Why is it, how did it come to dwell, in OUR Sun? Is that where all Solar Angels dwell in this Universal incarnation?


The most advanced lives in a solar system dwell in its sun. Solar angels dwell there in vehicles of mental matter and are in direct contact with their monads. They dwell there in non physical matter because it is a suitable home to their vibration just as earth life is to ours.


2) And why isn’t it instead sleeping blissfully in relative perfection seeking to identify “upward” with the highest extant lifeform?


That time of sleep is yet far away, after this universe is perfected through a long series of incarnations.


3) In the Grand Tour, Joe visited the Sun and visited with some lives there, were those Solar Angels?


They were advanced lives, but not yet solar angels.


4) What IS the Sun?


Books are written on the sun. Any particular answer you had in mind?


Define “finer wavelengths”, do you mean shorter (trough to trough) or what?


Finer would be shorter as light has much shorter ones than sound as mentioned above.

Both sound and light have hidden wavelengths within them that create in other spheres.


This doesn’t seem like “stilling”, it seems you are describing increasing frequency (what most would call VIBRATION) until the waves become so compressed together that they superimpose and disappear into a . . . . . OH! I think I get it.

They “disappear” (become subsumed) into a yet greater (for wont of a better word) wavelength and . . . so on and so forth.

If correct, then that would be the answer to my question above; what are finer wavelengths? – They would be that into which the “compressed”, lower-order (in terms of density) wavelengths become subsumed.

But man o man, increasing frequency in order to STILL seems almost . . . counter-commonsense/experience.


Contemplate a machine that produces a light show with synchronized sound and light which respond to the various notes.

If you turn off the sound the light still remains and still plays or responds to the musical notes. Then if you also turn off the lights you still have the sound, light and music existing subjectively in the machine.

Even so, in creation we have numerous spheres of creation composed of various frequencies of sound and light, which in numerous cycles is turned off, but even when off, they still exist subjectively in the mind of God and can be turned back on again.

The sacrifice of the solar angels brought the fourth kingdom in nature into being. The “returning nirvanis” (as they are called in esoteric literature), with deliberation and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms of life nearer to the goal. These were and are ourselves. The “Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaseless persevering Devotion” (who are ourselves) chose to die in order that lesser lives might live, and this sacrifice has made possible the evolution of the indwelling consciousness of Deity. This consciousness, having worked its way through the subhuman kingdoms in nature, needed the activity of the solar angels to make further progress possible. Herein lies

  1. Our service to God, through sacrifice and death;
  2. Our service to other souls, through deliberate self-sacrificing purpose;
  3. Our service to other forms of life in other kingdoms.

All this involves the death and sacrifice of a Son of God, a solar angel, for, from the angle of Deity, descent into matter, manifestation through form, the taking of a body, extension of consciousness through the process of incarnation, are all occultly considered to be death. But the angels “chose to die, and in dying, lived.” Through their sacrifice, matter is lifted up into Heaven.

Esoteric Psychology II Page 93

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