Manti Gathering Video

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Dec 19, 2015

Manti Gathering Video

Bryan Smith made a video recording of the 2004 Manti gathering and gave me the DVDs. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them as they would have been expensive to duplicate and sell at the time and you could only put ten minutes of video on Youtube at that time.

Then I misplaced them and they were lost for close to a decade. We looked everywhere for them but could not find them. After we moved a few years back I figured they were lost forever, but then a few months ago, on a bookcase in plain sight, there they were. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I guess it must be destiny that they be made available. I can now place larger videos on Youtube and will be placing the additional videos on there shortly.

Here is the first part.


Check out the Youtube directory on the right for the other ten videos.

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