Leadership and Criticism

Leadership and Criticism

A reader had a number of criticisms of me beginning with my views on leadership. He commented that a flock of geese illustrates that leadership is not necessary for the one leading the flock is sometimes switched with no negative effect.

The flock of geese switching positions of leader follower is a good one. A correspondence would be a carload of people switching the position of driver periodically. It is a very advantageous thing to do. The geese analogy, however, does not apply to all human endeavors.

If a group is working on a project and the knowledge and skill necessary to lead the project to fulfillment are found in all members of the group then switching the leader-follower position can be advantageous if it does not interrupt the flow of momentum.

On the other hand, if the leadership position requires great skill, knowledge and power to motivate others, then it may not be a job that all members of the group can or may even want to handle.

Let us take the position of England at the beginning of World War 2. Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister, was completely deceived by Hitler as well as most of the Britons who had parades for him for bringing “peace in our time,” several weeks before the start of the war. When the war began the cheers turned to jeers and the people demanded a new leader. They looked to Winston Churchill, the only prominent man who saw the Nazi threat years in advance and attempted many times to warn the world.

After assuming power Churchill gave one of the most inspiring speeches in the history of the world. He took a people who were defeated in spirit and made them believe in themselves again.

It was unthinkable that someone would suggest something like this: “Chamberlain still wants to lead so let’s let Chamberlain lead half the time and Churchill lead half the time.” Nazi’s would be ruling the world today if that would have happened.

Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet wanted him to share leadership with them. Thank God he refused or we may still have slavery and a divided nation.

There are times for a rotating leadership and there are times for individual leadership.

Do you really think I want to be a leader or teacher for the egos sake? You have judged it so. Why don’t you ask me what I think before making a judgment. I will answer you honestly. When and if you get to know me better that is one virtue you will find in me. I answer truly to the best of my ability.

I enjoy teaching and I enjoy leading. I also enjoy learning and following. If I see that another knows a certain subject well, I have no desire to teach him what he already knows. If I see that another can lead a group successfully in a certain direction, then I have no desire to be the leader. I do have a desire to teach others who do not know what I know, and a desire to lead in avenues where no one else is leading. There are certain areas of teaching and leadership where I see vacancies and there are no volunteers to fill them. I ask myself this: “If not me, who will do it?” The answer comes back: “Maybe no one.” Therefore, I volunteer to do what I can.

This seems to disturb some people. It saddens me that it does, but I continue the path that I know I must follow refusing to deny the feelings within me.

I do not expect you or anyone else to accept my words just because I lay them out to you. If what I teach is confirmed by your soul then we shall feel an inner union and our joy will be full. If what I teach is not confirmed by your soul then you have a duty to not embrace it. If you see a greater light then you have a duty to share it.

I know that it is important to share love and light with others. If we do then more is given, but if we do not and merely hoard it for ourselves then the greater vistas are dimmed.

Question: Are you a politician?

No, I am not a politician. I am a small businessman attempting to get bigger. I believe our government is way too big and the less government the better. Once again a conclusion drawn about me is wrong and once again I ask, “Where do you get such an idea?”

You mention my “oft repeated use of the word governed.” I did some checking and in the past 100 pages of postings my computer does not find the word “governed” used even once. The word “governing” was used once, “governors” once, and “govern” twice. In a volume of writings equaling a small book that is by no means excessive. In the few cases the variations of “govern” were used they were not used in the current political sense. Twice it was used describing the organization of the atoms, once the organization of the white brotherhood and once to NASA.

If you call exposing the truth sarcasm then I guess I am guilty. But I challenge you to compare my choice of words with those who have strongly disagreed with me. Many have used name-calling type words, which I have not used back. I have merely answered questions and posted my thoughts. I have not resorted to name-calling and I am prepared to defend any statement I have made. So why, my brother, do you accuse me of being sarcastic while leaving those who are much more sarcastic alone? Why do you not go after them also? Also, I might note that your posting is much more sarcastic than anything I have written. Is this the pot calling the kettle black here or what?

I have spent so much of my free time answering questions and clarifying misunderstandings in the forums that I have been limited in my time to post other teachings.

I do not post my writings to prove anything. I am seeking those who are spiritually sensitive enough to make soul contact and travel higher together into the realms of spiritual knowledge, love and service.

I would like to make a general request to those who disagree with me. It would be helpful to avoid the following:

* Avoid name calling.

* Avoid nebulous accusations with no explanation like: “Your words have no love…” “Your words are sterile.” “You are on an ego trip.” If you feel this way fine, but instead of throwing out a general accusation that means nothing to anyone, tell me why you feel that way or what I have done or said that seems to indicate that I am that demon you see.

* Avoid sarcasm. I will not seem sarcastic to you if you are not obviously sarcastic to me first.

* Avoid limiting judgments on each other.

* Avoid trying to change me to the image you want me to become. All of us including myself are the controllers of our own destinies. I will always allow you to be what you decide to be. Please allow me the same privilege.

It would also be helpful if we do the following:

* Approach each other with real sincerity and a spirit of love and helpfulness.

* Remember the importance of kindness and harmlessness.

* Attempt to make this forum a center of teaching and learning by all who wish to participate.

* Operate on the assumption that we are all friends and are sincere even if we disagree. It is often easier to use the word “love” than it is to extend the hand of friendship.

The only gift is a portion of thyself. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jan 6, 2009

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