Right/Left Brain

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Nov 23, 2015

Right/Left Brain


I think your plan to keep women in right-brain jobs and men in left-brain jobs will not happen over the next several hundred years and that is a very limiting plan for humanity.


Are you trying to pick a fight here? I have no such plan and nothing I have written indicates that I have any such plan.

Many of your responses in your post argue with what I do not say, do not think and have not taught.


I agree there are male traits and female traits and we are quite different. But, your attitudes about the right and left brain is too limiting.


What I have taught is that males have an inclination toward left brain thinking and females toward right brain. That is pretty much accepted by mainstream scientific thinking. I have taught many times that this does not prohibit either from using both sides of the brain and I have not taught that either is limited. We are only limited in how much attention we can place on any endeavor.

Nothing I have taught runs contrary to the fact that a female such as yourself can be good at math and enjoy it. Each male and female has different amounts of polarization in their energy. Kim Kardashion is highly polarized in female energy and most likely doesn’t put much attention on left brain thinking or math. Hillary Clinton is less polarized and does more left brain thinking and is more comfortable with it.

Our environment has an influence, but that is far from the total explanation of the differences of interest between male and female as many seem to think.

I deal with all these ideas in my book The Molecular Relationship and the understanding of the different influences is crucial to the understanding of how the molecules will work and achieve balance.


Tom asks if we can use both sides of his brain as he has interests in astronomy as well as being an artist.

Yes, of course. All of us use both sides of the brain and use both male and female energies.

A typical person in a male body would be pulled in the male direction by maybe 60% of the two energies and 40% toward the female. Yet some polarized as male would go close to the middle such as 51% male 49% female. A very macho guy may be 70/30.

I think I am close toward the middle, probably about 52/48. Even so, I am very passionate about some of my male directions as well as my female ones. Like you, I love astronomy and science (male direction) but I love being creative (female direction) such as writing books, stories, songs, poetry and receiving new principles.

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