Equal, But Different

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Nov 23, 2015

Equal, But Different

Larry Summers didn’t get into trouble because he believed that men were smarter at math than women but because he was examining the data which indicated differences and was seeking an explanation. After the uproar that fired him he learned that he should have just kept his mouth shut.

There are differences of focus between male and female, between races, countries, groups and individuals. This doesn’t mean that one is superior to the other.

We are all born with equal potential for intelligence, but manifest it in different ways because of where we put our attention. There are a lot of influences that cause us to focus attention on different things. The female is polarized in receiving, feeling, nurturing energy and the male in sending, problem solving active energy. Engineering school attracts men much more than women, not because females cannot do math and analysis, but because it requites them to go out of the comfort zone as far as energy goes, like swimming upstream.

I started out college in engineering school and there was only one female out of hundreds in the whole system – even though there was nothing keeping them away. Now there are a few more. Harvard has 15% females in the engineering doctorate program and 85% male so more are getting involved.

On the other hand, more nurturing professions such as nursing draw mostly females. When I was young I had never heard of a male nurse, but now there are a few, but females still dominate because they are in their energy.

The simple truth is this. A job that requires an abundance of left brain male energy will draw a larger percentage of males and one that requires more female energy will draw more females.

For instance, what percentage of daycares are managed by females? I would guess it is pretty high since females are in their energy when nurturing and caring for children.

What percentage of machine shops are managed by males?

Again, I would guess it is pretty high since the job requires left brain thinking.

Now if a male decides to focus on a work that requires right brain (female) thinking or a female on left brain activity they can each intelligently perform if they keep up their focus. Both will have to put forth a little extra effort though because it will be a bit like swimming against the current.

The same thing goes with races. Because of ray influences, body type, inherited tendencies and culture the various races tend to express intelligence in different ways though they have equal potential.

As individuals we are all different and each of us has many influences acting upon us that we tune in to and decide whether we will go with the energy available or go against it. Most will go with it.

Now this is a different matter than deciding on a difficult life decision. In going with that difficult life decision the seeker will generally find he is going with the flow of his energy rather than against it.

It is interesting that there are significant differences in the ways an individual uses intelligence from one life to the next. In one life he may be female and another male and lean toward totally different professions.

In one life his energies may direct his intelligence and focus towards sports and physical things, in another communication and creative endeavors and then another toward science.

Perhaps in his life as an artist he sees himself as having no mathematical ability, yet he could have been very skilled at it in a past life when he placed his attention on it.

Any healthy human being can become proficient at any skill if he places sustained attention on developing that skill.

“The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.”

Thomas Edison

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