Pralaya and Change

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Oct 24, 2015

Pralaya and Change

A reader asks if there any change happening during the great Pralaya?


Good question. To understand the answer let me ask another question.

Is there any change occurring during sleep? If so what is it?

The answer is that there is little observable physical change. Our physical body just lies there doing pretty much nothing.

This does not mean that other types of change are not going on. A change is occurring in your rather quiescent body. While resting it is being recharged so it can function well when the sleep is finished. The same goes for the brain itself. Scientists are still not sure of all that goes on in the brain during sleep but they believe that during rest it goes through some type of reprogramming so it can function well again when awake.

On top of this we dream during sleep. There is generally more change going in during the dream state than during the waking state. During the same night you may dream of being on a south sea island relaxing and being fed wine and cheese by beautiful women and then a few minutes later showing up to work just wearing your underwear.

Then there are additional things going on during sleep that enters the realm of the paranormal. Many self improvement gurus recognize that there is some higher part of ourselves active during sleep and recommend thinking about problems while drifting off to sleep. On awaking, many find that the answer seems to have magically entered the mind.

Actually, during sleep the emotional self stays with us and creates the crazy dreams we have but our mental self goes to higher realms and continues learning or teaching there.

Very few have a memory of the activities of the mental self during sleep because it is not connected to the physical brain during this period.

Pralaya corresponds to sleep, but on a much greater scale. During this period there is no change going on in the worlds of form for these worlds are not in existence, but there is much going on within the subtle worlds. DK tells us that pralaya is not “that which is not,” but “that which is esoteric.”

During pralaya the life of God, which includes all of us, sleeps to the outer world, takes a rest from creation and absorbs and contemplates all that has transpired to get ready for a new creation.

Change indeed occurs, but it is a different kind of change.

When both pralaya and sleep are over the life is rested, recharged and ready for a new adventure.

Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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