Time and Consciousness

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Dec 29, 2015

Time and Consciousness

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From our perspective the time involved is vast, yet from a higher perspective the life of a universe is the blink of an eye.“


How does that work in this context? It takes time to develop things and that is a heavy and time consuming work, higher perspective or not. … The time is vast from our perspective. If our perspective of time was different then how much different is it after we die? The same perspective? So I can feel like a day has passed from my death but in reality a 1000 years would have passed down here? Or is it a little more complex than that?


From our perspective the time that has passed since the creation of the universe, or even earth, is vast indeed. No argument there. Time is registered differently by each type of life and even within humanity there is some difference. Time passes slower for a child than an adult and much slower still for a fly, or a cell. It passes differently out of incarnation than when in a physical body. Some say there is no time in the afterlife, but we are not governed by clocks there and there is no feeling of rushing to get anything done. Yet there is still time.

Time is the registration of passing sates of consciousness or as DK says, “Time is literally the length of a thought.” (A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 557)

Wherever there is thought or conscious calculation of some kind there is time. We have thought in this world and the next so there is a registration of the passing of time, but because consciousness is different time is different.

On the physical plane it takes about the passing of one heartbeat to register the passing of time. The tinier lives have faster heartbeats and the larger ones are slower. The heart of the earth only beats about once every 25,000 years so this gives an idea of how different the time scale is for the planetary life as a whole. The life of the sun would be even slower.

Now the time registration for the masters and the Kumaras are different than the planetary life. They are in touch with the timeless spheres as well as those of time and can direct their consciousness in and out of time.

Humans when in incarnation work on their own little destinies whereas when out of the body they may be assisting with the creation or improvement of various life forms. There is no sense of being rushed for those who work in the spirit.


City on and Under the Sea

Here’s another idea that can be used for Seasteading.



Clear vision as to these outer relations in the world of professional activity, of friendships and of family relations is a necessary requirement in treading the Path, and until a disciple sees these relations in their true and right proportions, his mind is frequently disturbed and his service handicapped. I give you here a hint. Every link that one makes on earth does not necessarily entail the recognition of a soul link. We make new and fresh links and start new lines of karma and of dharma. One of the first things that a disciple has to learn is right judgment as to the relative soul age of his associates. He soon discovers that these vary. He learns then to recognise those whose wisdom and knowledge surpass his own, to cooperate with those who stand with him upon the Path and to work for those whom he can help, but whose evolutionary status is not on an equality with his own. The ordered pattern of his life can then take on definite forms and he can begin to work with intelligence.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Page 307

As birds fly together to summer realms, so souls unite in flight. Passing through the gate they thus alight before the throne of God.

DK quoting an unknown Saint of the Church

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