The Ethers

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Dec 30, 2015

The Ethers

Dan asks:

Why would cameras suddenly be able to photograph the 4th ether?


The fourth ether is the densest of the more refined matter that is unseen by most of humanity and is quite easy to see at times and in past ages was closer to the physical plane and was more generally recognized.

The etheric body of most humans is built from the fourth ether. To see this find a light colored background, like white or cream, and holdup your thumbs with the background behind them. Put your thumbs together until they are touching and then produce just a little space between your thumbs; about a quarter of an inch. Now look at the space right in between and slowly pull the thumbs apart until they are about a half inch apart and you will see a light blue film around your thumbs.

This film that you see is your etheric body built of the fourth ether.

I’ve done this exercise before numerous groups and almost all the audience generally sees the etheric matter.

This illustrates what a fine line there is between the physical world and the invisible etheric.

Assuming that the images in the clouds were made of the fourth ether then why could they be actually photographed now and then? The answer lies in the principle of energy following thought. Because the fourth ether is so close to the physical plane it only needs a slight lowering of vibration through the power of thought (or some unknown spiritual science) to attain some visibility here in the physical.

Many thousands of people have reported seeing ghosts. What they saw were left over images of individuals composed of the fourth either. They can be seen because their thoughts at the time of death were very earthbound.

I do not know what produced those buildings photographed in the clouds. Since many remain in bodies of the fourth ether for some time after death it is possible that these strange buildings reflect after death habitations of those who have not yet returned to their souls.

Alex makes some interesting guesses about the possibility of some secret science or aliens just messing with our minds.

Actually DK tells us that life on the seven sacred planets is centered in the fourth ether. Venus, for example, looks barren to us but there is advanced life dwelling in its fourth ether – not yet visible to us. Life on earth will one day move to the fourth ether when it too becomes a sacred planet.

It is possible that these buildings are some type of projection from another planet where life dwells in the fourth ether.

Each one of the seven planes of this Cosmic Physical is composed of seven subplanes. This includes the physical plane which is composed of seven ethers or states of mater which are.

Ether Seven: Solid matter

Ether Six: Liquid matter

Ether Five: Gaseous matter

Ethers Four through One: These are invisible states of physical matter. Four is almost dense enough to be seen with natural eyes whereas the higher ethers are much more rarified. For instance, the city of Shamballa is built of the Second Ether and the bodies of its inhabitants are constructed of still higher ethers or planes.

It is the job of the disciple to purify himself in word and deed so his etheric body is gradually rebuilt with higher ethers. He becomes a master when his etheric body is composed of the first ether as the primary ingredient.

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