God’s Imagination

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Dec 22, 2015


God’s Imagination


I don’t know how God or the All had an imagination when It had no beginning and no ending. How does one imagine things, that one has never, ever seen or experienced in one’s life…


Why anything at all exists is the greatest mystery, but it is a fact that creation does exist, and you and I exist and that we have imaginations. If we have imagination then certainly God does because we are in His image.

The great thing about imagination is that we can conjure up things we have never seen or experienced that will take us into new experiences. I can imagine many things I have not seen and am sure you can to.


For example, how did the All, or One, even know what a human being looked like etc etc?


At one time he probably didn’t. For most of Steve Job’s life he did not have a clue what the iPhone was going to be like, yet through trial and error with the help of his (and his fellow workers) imagination it came into being.


Yet all of this information and imagination was stored in It’s consciousness, even though It had never had a beginning.

JJ No, it was not stored there and neither was the iPhone stored in Steve Jobs mind. Steve created using imagination and also God created on the same principles.


These types of questions sometimes keep me awake at night, because it is like a miracle that WE all even exist, because we stem from something that had no beginning and no ending.


It is good that you are reflecting but don’t let the mysteries keep you from your sleep. After all, we must go forward into new and unique experiences and we know that experience is real. We know we are here and that within your body of matter is intelligence. Since we are proof that there is intelligence in matter then we know that there are unlimited possibilities for intelligence to exist and create in matter on many different levels.


So I take it that there were no missing years of no hierarchy without any Kumaras before AoD

came here. That there were just other Kumaras with a different job and when AoD came here that was just an addition to what was already here and maybe some of the other Kumaras went away after AoD came here.


The Ancient of Days has a totally different job than did the intelligences that laid the foundations of the earth and life in it. Life and creation itself first had to be imagined in the formless worlds and then created in mental matter. The astral and physical came later and followed the pattern set, though imperfectly at times.

There has always been hierarchy, but there are many different degrees of hierarchies with many different jobs to do in many different spheres of activities.


What strikes me is the huge amount of time this all takes.


From our perspective the time involved is vast, yet from a higher perspective the life of a universe is the blink of an eye.


Me one of them? Like Job? Don’t you have to be a little more advantaged than what I was in a distant past to fill that description, of building life itself on a molecular level?


You are looking at yourself as you function on the physical plane as a reflection of your soul with only a small part of the intelligence of the whole. Neither the humans or any other physical race had a hand in their own creation while dwelling in the physical plane. On the other hand, when we were one with our Higher Self we had access to much more intelligence and awareness without the pull of illusion from the physical world.

Before we came to this earth (as well as between lives) we, in our higher bodies learned and did all kinds of amazing things including assisting Divine Intelligence in the creation of life on this and other planets.

When we descend to the physical we are greatly diminished in spiritual intelligence from what we were in the soul. Visualize the soul swimming in water and you swimming in honey to get the idea.

To overcome this handicap we must make soul contact and work toward being one with the soul. When this is achieved swimming will be more like being in water rather than honey.

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