First Key Of Knowledge -- Part 10

2008-11-7 05:28:00

Post Number Thirty-Three

I'm glad that you do not see evil where there is no evil. I'm referring to the sparing. It is a good test to weed out the feeble at heart.

I pick up a good vibration from you and look forward to working with you.

Have you read all my writings in the folder? I actually started in the "Immortality" folder. You might want to check that letter part of that for my beginning postings. It is important that you understand about the three vehicles.

If you drop your body, emotions and mind there is more to describe than just energy. You use your three bodies... That "You" part of you is more than consciousness and more than energy. It has certain abilities and qualities. Think about what they are. If you can't come up with anything then I will give you more hints.

I will say this. When you realize the answer you will know that it is correct.


Post Number Thirty-Four

The hints you give me are quotes from "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM). I have already studied the course in-depth so you need not assume I am unfamiliar with it.

Perhaps you want me to quote from the course:

"While thoughtless ideas preoccupy your mind, the truth is blocked. Recognizing that your mind has been merely blank, rather than believing that it is filled with real ideas, is the first step to opening the way to vision." (Lesson 8)

Many people have studied "the Course" for years yet have failed to take this first step. A "thoughtless" idea can be a great one, but just a memorized one to which no thought or reflection has been applied. A "real idea" is one that is realized and the true value seen through inner contact.

That is part of what this course I am teaching will do for you and is in harmony with the author of the ACIM. Rather than just memorize what I teach you will begin to see your mind "filled with real ideas" (not thoughtless ones that are believed to be real) as you progress. Just as "A Course in Miracles" tries to get you to do more than just read, so do I, but with a different twist. The author is here to personally assist you.

By the way... You quote: "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists" as if it is supposed to contradict me. Do you know what that means? Why don't you explain it to us?


Post Number Thirty-Five

Any time you want more hints just ask. The job of the teacher in this program is to make sure the seeker has just enough information so progress is being made -- as long as the seeker is making an effort.

I liked your answers very much. In particular I thought the following two were good:

  1. I am my attention.
  2. I am where my attention takes me.

You do not realize how far you have risen in your thoughts above the guys on the board. This is not the answer that is the "key" but it is a very strong hint. The reason your answer here is so good is that you've risen above the description of the illusion. The power of attention may be in illusion, but it is not created by illusion.

The key is something your attention does.


Post Number Thirty-Six

Thank you for your gracious reply. I didn't mean to sound harsh with you but I did want to relay the truth to you as I see it. If you are truly on a foundation of rock it will have no negative effect on you even if I am totally wrong.

Tell me what lesson did you learn? Also -- How did I test you?

Earlier you mentioned to me that a teaching should have a practical application to entice one to embrace it. In Eckankar I found everyone teaching soul travel and no one even knowing how to astral travel. If you can truly soul travel you are the first of Twitchel's followers I have met who can and bring back any recollection of it.

I was fortunate enough to come out of an authoritarian religious experience in my younger years and I felt the same illusionary vibration in Eckankar -- so perhaps my answer seemed harsher than it was meant to be. Since I was once trapped in a thought form I hate to see it happen to anyone else.

I never commented on your answer. Actually, it was one of the better ones. You mentioned that you can "see, know and be." Those are indeed qualities that in one way or another are used by our essence. To "see and know" requires vehicles of some sort, but "to be" doesn't.

On the other hand, there is an eternal quality that we have that no New Age book I have read has commented on. It may be worth your while to contemplate it.


Post Number Thirty-Seven

It is nice to read someone with some solid logic. Reincarnation is indeed not any form of immortality that will separate us from the herd, and living in the hearts of the people certainly means nothing if your consciousness has gone to oblivion. I would rather have consciousness than the worship of the millions.

You gave me a logical reply to my last comment. I haven't been avoiding you, just short on time, even though I have all the time there is.

You say I am working on the assumption that "the spiritual essence has no form." Not so.

I recognize the form of the spiritual essence as I understand you as defining it.

When you describe the egg shape you seem to be describing the shape of the astral body which circulates around us. Is this correct?

This is the second world of form. Still higher is the mental world. Then there are the four formless above that. Even there we have wombs of circulating energy ready to give birth to words of form.

All the seven worlds have either form or a correspondence to form and thus are filled with vibration. All vibration has a beginning and end.

But what is it that is vibrating? That is the eternal part of ourselves because it truly has no form and is not influenced by time.

To overcome death one does not continue existence in one single form. This would eventually cause retrogression. To overcome death one must learn to still the vibration and go back to our source and then recreate a body (the "Mayavirupa") by creating the necessary vibration.

I agree the vehicles of human awareness have form, but the power behind the awareness does not and is eternal.

On the other hand, the way you now think, feel and believe will not exist in the far future, but that which causes them will.


Post Number Thirty-Eight

I basically agree with your writings on "Formless Intent." We just need to fine-tune our communication. Also your teachers in this life have infused a different vocabulary in you than I have.

One minor point. You say "The forces that bind us together are eternal." A force has to exist at the mercy of some type of vibration and all vibration is eventually stilled. Therefore forces are not eternal.

You mention forces that are "glue" that hold our bodies together. These forces are basically earthly prana directed by soul energy and is not claimed by me to be eternal or responsible for awareness.

Awareness as we know it is caused by our perception through our vehicles. If we lose our physical body our attention is shifted and our awareness changes. Some people lose most of their awareness because of the strong identity with the body, others have an enhanced awareness because they can let go and adapt to the new circumstances. We are not rendered "something else" as you say any more than falling in love makes us something else. An experience of different energies alters us but does not make us something else. It only seems that way.

"Will" is still an illusion, albeit a very high one and is created by Purpose. Purpose creates awareness, therefore awareness does have a strong link with the Eternal. Awareness is created and recreated eternally by the eternal ray of Purpose making you an eternal being.

Our "will power" and "intent" can prolong life, but has nothing to do with immortality. The Great Initiator created the power of the wavelength that multiplied itself creating the Illusion that the Creator divided itself. To find immortality we must unite with the other parts of ourselves and tap into the creative Ray of Purpose.

I agree that time is different in the various worlds of vibration, but maintain that it does not exist when Purpose is found, because there is no vibration to cause time or beginning or end. There is only "Eternal Now."