1999-1-12 11:28:00

Diane and Lelona ask my sources of information about the President.

Let us say that God, John, Buddha or someone else appeared to me and gave me the information, on one hand, and on the other let us say I just made it up out of the blue.

Let us further suppose that the information is true in both cases.

Is your soul any more likely to verify a truth revealed straight from the mouth of God any more than the same truth that is revealed by accident?

The soul does not discriminate. Truth alone is the religion of the soul and it does not matter where it comes from.

You'll notice that there are many others who claim to be spiritual teachers who can't finish a sentence without saying something like "Agathar has spoken and says this is true," or something of the sort?

Remember the core teaching of everything we have presented so far... If you look to an outside authority more than the soul within you can be tricked by the beast.

Therefore all my teachings directly to any student will carry no other authority other than the "Name of the Father/Mother God within." What I say may or may not be true. As you experience soul contact you will check and become your own authority.

Besides, if I said I received a revelation from some great entity I could be lying, just as are 99% of those out there who make the claim do.

Again I say, the ONLY way for you to know a teacher is guiding you the right direction is through soul contact.

Now some truths stand out more than others do. Some great statements like the Golden Rule (Do unto others...) is so powerful that it registers with the souls of almost everyone. Other truths are more subtle or clouded by bias and we need to unravel the three deceptions to see them clearly.

You may find it of interest to know that one thing I told you in relation to the President and Congress was wrong for I have received a correction I need to present to you.

I told you to visualize Light and Love descending on the President and Congress. Now who would doubt that this would be a good thing to do? Very few. Another good example of checking with the soul rather than believing the obvious.

But there is a danger here. When saying the Song we should only visualize Light and Love descending on people who are open to it and will use the energy for good. If we send Light and Love to anyone on the dark path or of a low vibration or someone who will use power contrary to the good of the whole then the Light and Love we send will be transmuted to the lower centers and all we will do is energize the lower desires of these people.

Many Light Workers at the beginning of World War II made the mistake of sending Light and Love to Hitler and it only had the effect of energizing his lower self rather than making him more sensitive to the needs of others.

The world would have been much better served if they had sent the positive energy to others in Germany who may be more receptive. If the energy was sent to Romel, Stauffenberg and others who were just men seeking to overthrow Hitler the war may have ended sooner.

Therefore, if you send any positive energy to Clinton only do so if you can sense a part of him that is open to the inner voice. If you send Love and Light to Congress do so sensing that there are some (but not all) who are sincere about their job of service and see the positive energy descending on them. Do not visualize any particular names, but just realize that there are some who will positively use the higher energies.