Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 37

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Audience: The one great life that is the youngest, in my head I think of this life as the big baby, because he is the biggest but is also the youngest. Didn’t He create molecules? When you say that we are in the seventh plane (universe of seven), are we the universe seventh edition and did that same big baby create them all?

JJ: Laughter. Okay, it would take a whole book to explain that. It might be a good idea to read the book again. There is really only one life and what the One Great Life did was reflected Himself, so if you put one mirror on one side of your self and another mirror on the other side of your self and looked, have you ever done that before? You will see the mirror reflect into endlessness. In the Bible when God said He created man, that He created man in His image. The word in the Hebrew actually means a reflection of himself, so this tells us that what God did in the beginning was reflect Himself and each of us is a reflection of God, we are just not a piece of God but the whole image of God is reflected in all of us so each one of us has the potential of the wholeness of God, not just a piece of Him.

Everything that God has is available within us, but each time a part of God goes to sleep and wakes up on a higher plane then He has to start from scratch. Everything is still in there and everything that we have ever learned is still intact. All we have learned from many lives in other universes and spheres is within us, but it is not all accessible because we are in a creation that we have never experienced before. What man is in the universe is where God is putting His creative energy. By man I mean man and woman. That is the trouble with man and woman, there is really no good substitute word that means both man and woman. Humanity is good but man is short and sweet. If I say man I mean male and female in this context.

Humanity is where God has His physical energies in this creative universe. There are 12 Creative Hierarchies in all the universes from the various spheres but in the physical universe that we are in man is where God has His creative attention and just like us we can only put our attention on so much at one time. God is the same way because we are in His image. Now if want to understand what God is like then we need to understand what we are like because we are made in God’s image.

We can only put our attention on so much at one time and in this universe He can only put His attention on so much at one time so His attention is on mainly focused on where his image is which is man. So we are the creative force in this universe and we are really just getting started with the creation. What happened in the lower universes within the atom is that His attention in the past had been there but when relative perfection was attained what happened was we then left it there like a computer program.

When a computer program is perfect, when we get the perfect Microsoft Word then no programmer has to come and fix it, it just works forever. It just works and no one has to create Microsoft Word again. It has reached relative perfection and there it is. When we as the smaller parts of ourselves were in the smaller universes, we reached relative perfection and then left that relative perfection there like a great computer program. All the atoms stay together and function perfectly because they are all computer programs that were perfected with the attention of God.

DNA and the human genome just did not materialize on it’s own. It got there through a lot of labor and work. Once it was perfected it was left there like a great computer program. As a matter of fact it is so complex, a famous atheist studied it and he was so impressed with the complexity that he was convinced that there was some intelligence involved because it could not have just fallen together. But you do not need to study that. You can just look at anything through a microscope and think how did that get there and how did that get put together and by what intelligence?

The intelligence was not just God sitting up on a chair and snapping His fingers. Bet’s suppose it was. Well, then, who created Him? No one had answer for that. The answer is that we have always been and the intelligence has always been an active intelligence creating things and once one thing is created we plug in the computer program and it runs on it’s own. Every hydrogen atom that makes up water is extremely complex.

We think a human cell is complex, a hydrogen atom is just as complex as a cell and DNA but it is running on a bunch of computer programs that is keeping everything together and running and then that little atom is joined together to make cells and they have little computer programs running and the attention of God no longer has to go on creating them. The wheel has already been invented in that area and does not have to be re-invented. So where is the creative mind of God at work?

It is at work now in the human atom and what is interesting is in the law of correspondences. Remember they said that the solar system corresponds to an atom, but so does a human being. And who was the first man? Adam, who sounds very much like atom, does it not? And this is not just a coincidence because we are very much like an atom. You say well we are not round like an atom, well yes we are but we do not see this. What we see is a nucleus of ourselves. Our physical body here corresponds to the nucleus and the energy field in an atom corresponds to the seven chakras. We have seven electron shells around us just like the atom has seven shells within it, the atom has seven chakras and we have seven chakras.

If you learn to see the aura you will see that you have an energy field around you is that is a little bit egg shaped. So you are actually a circular being. What we see is just the dense part of us. The proton weighs about 1839 times more than an electron, so in the hydrogen atom the particle in the center is 1839 times as dense as the particle circling around it. That is why we cannot see our outer electrons because the body is much more dense. Our body is much more dense that our aura field.

Our aura field is something that we can see and I have trained myself to see it and it actually circulates around us. If you can see it then you can actually see it circulating around you just like an atom with something circulating around it. We are not exactly like the atom; we correspond to what is below but with a difference. When we look below, we lots of organization, the DNA is so complex that it took all the computer experts in the world to put together programs to just map it. Mapping it was a great undertaking let alone understanding how it works. Extremely complex, detailed and perfect almost. We cannot think of anything more perfect. Then when we get to us, are we perfect? No, we have not even achieved relative perfection. Except for James over here, he is pretty darn close! Laughter.

JJ: All of us are working on our own perfection and most of us feel a thousand miles away from it. But, when we look at what we do here compared to larger lives, we see that, the planet earth itself is beautiful but is kind of rough. Then we look at Mars and the various planets and they are all different and they all have much that needs organized that could be done.

When we look farther and farther up we see random organization. We look at the stars and see they are randomly placed out there; there is some organization but not a lot. It is random unless you really study it a lot and then we find that there are, certain groups of stars that do group together in galaxies but it is a bit rough. So now we find out the larger we get the less everything is organized, and the smaller we get we find that everything is ingeniously organized – almost perfect organization, and we are right in the middle. God is putting His attention through us to organize the universe. Humanity is young in the universe at present. On the various planets the various beings have probably evolved to look somewhat different but they will all follow approximately the same program. Just like each hydrogen atom evolves about the same way on each planet and at the end of evolution each being will wind up looking very close to what we will look like when our evolution is wrapped up here. In between there may be some differences but by the end of our evolution on the earth we will look like those on other planets who have reached the end of their evolution.

Let’s say that were some people living on the Sirius in that system at the end of their evolution. They would look a lot like our final race because trial and error produces a very similar end result. But we have to figure out to get there and what we are going to create. As we evolve, we are going to evolve in ways that we could never imagine right now because we are really at the start of our evolution and we are just getting started to understanding how to use spiritual energies.

When we understand this then we are going to be the creative force that actually organizes the universe. We are going to do things like go to Saturn where the Cassini spacecraft just took pictures and we are going to be able to take the moon Titan and move it out of it’s orbit and closer to the earth and sun so we will be able to populate it and establish a habitable world. We will eventually be able to reorganize our entire solar system so that we can make use of all these planets out there. It is our human nature to always want new experiences and new challenges.

We cannot live without these and it so built into who we are that even when we sleep we cannot do nothing. We still have dreams and in these dreams we do all kinds of crazy things. They are kind of crazy at times but they are still an experience that is very challenging. You will find that some of your dreams are very challenging. So even when we sleep it is in our nature to find something new all the time to experience.

Our inner self conjures up something for us to be entertained because we demand to be entertained and demand to experience new things all the time. The youth want this all the time. When we get old we do not want the new and this is one of the reasons why we die. If we want eternal youth then we must go after new things and new experiences.

So what happens when relative perfection is reached is that life becomes very boring and the lives that reach relative perfection go to sleep. Then what happens is they wake up and merge with other lives and participate in the creation of a greater life and then that greater life does new things. You are composed of trillions of atoms and each one of those atoms is alive, but also asleep, they are asleep and dreaming of being you and you are giving them the experience that they cannot get on their own.

Those little tiny lives live in the cells, atoms, quarks, electrons and things and because they are alive they want something to happen, they want to build new things, to create new things, to have new experiences, and they have done all that they can on their own plane of existence so they have to go to sleep and wake up in you. You are a composite of trillions of other life forms and universes, which are in you. They are all waiting for you to do something interesting. What have you done interesting Wayne to keep the lives within you entertained?

Wayne: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: So interesting it may be illegal huh Wayne! Outside of Wayne the rest of you are really going to have to work on it I think.

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