The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 5

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What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?

Audience: You will love that person no matter what their actions or reactions were.

JJ: It goes a little beyond that. What was the keynote of Christ when He was here and how did He manifest the love different than other people? He identified how His love was different. He did with a ceremony when He washed the apostles feet. He started to wash the apostles feet and He came to Peter and Peter said no you are not going to wash the apostles feet I will wash your feet instead and I am to be your servant and Jesus said if I can’t wash your feet than you will have nothing to do with me. And Peter said well wash my arms, chest, face, wash my whole body then.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Peter did not want to let go of his Master. The answer is service. In other words, the higher love seeks to serve others and the lower love seeks to serve self. When the person centered in lower love says I love you he is really saying I want you in my life because I think you can do stuff for me and you can be useful to me. You can be my trophy wife or whatever and I can show you off and everyone will think I am very successful.

The higher love says I want to serve and that is the interesting difference and that is what Jesus tried to teach the apostles. When he sought to wash their feet, Peter did not understand. He thought that Jesus was higher than him so he should be serving Him. but Jesus said no, not in the kingdom of my Father. He who is greatest is he who is the greatest servant. Jesus said in this world he who is greatest is like Caesar who gets the most people to serve him but that it is not like it is in the kingdom of heaven. In the kingdom of heaven the one who is greatest is the one with the greatest power to serve and what did He do all day long in the gospels? He was healing people all day long and always serving without asking for anything in return.

Curtis said he had a little story for us that he wanted to share before we move on here.

Curtis: How many are feeling a little bit of your heart petal opening listening to JJ’s words?

Audience: Most of them answered yes.

Curtis: You know like Joe was saying you go along in a flat line in your life and then some crisis will take you in an unexpected moment and turn your life upside down inside out and move you in a direction that you never even thought you would go and I would like to share with you an opening of my heart center that happened several years ago because of Mr. Joe Dewey.

I was very happy in the Mormon Church but I felt like I was banging my head against this glass ceiling not knowing where to go and not knowing where find an opening so that I could reach higher. We have all been there, where is the next step and what is going to bring me happiness and joy. I remember after a long period of preparing me for this new revelation Joe would come over and teach out of the scriptures and something about what he was saying and the way he was saying it just lit me on fire and I thought wow, where are you getting this information?

One day he came over and he said there is something that you need to know. Really, I said. I thought I knew it all. He says you think that there is just one chance at this and then you go into the next world and you are in some kingdom of glory because the Mormons do not believe in reincarnation, and Joe says no I want to teach you about the principle of reincarnation and this shocked me! The fact that he would even believe it and that he would try to indoctrinate me to this idea that we could have more than one lifetime because to believe in reincarnation means that you go against the Mormon theology and you risk eternal damnation and your soul is going to burn in hell. If you move outside of these lines or if you crack this glass ceiling that I had been banging my head against you go against council.

So at this particular moment in my life I had to know, was reincarnation a true principle of God? I knew that if it was that it would be the catalyst to catapult me in a direction that I could not turn back from because once these petals start to open you do not want to close them you just want to open the next one and the next one and the next one. I remember all the opposition that was in my life at that time and I had many friends in the Church and one of them said, “Curtis if you listen to that Joe Dewey one more time you are going straight to hell.” JJ’s wife would come over and bang on the door and say you had better not listen to him or you are going to go straight to hell and burn for all eternity. Man I was going to go straight to hell no matter what I did! Chuckling!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: So at that moment I decided that I had to have peace, some inner peace so I went into my room and knelt down and prayed and for the first time in a long time I really prayed to know the truth about the “R” word, reincarnation. There I was right in the middle of this prayer and this energy filled me with such power and force man I tell you I was born again.

Audience: Chuckling!

Curtis: In that moment I had a spiritual witness that began to enter my body and not from the lower chakra either, it came right into my heart and mind and told me without a shadow of a doubt that yes there is reincarnation. I said okay this could be an illusion here or just me. And the Presence said no I will stay with you for a couple of days and when I am through with you then you will know for sure that there is such a thing as reincarnation and multiple lifetimes.

Later I found out that many early members of the Mormon Church believed in reincarnation and they called it eternal lives and multiple probations. What is a multiple probation if it is not more than one lifetime? So I got a witness that lasted for three days it sent me on a path from whence I could not return. So if you have a question and you are just bouncing against a glass ceiling then you go ahead and take it further and further as far as you can go. Now armed with that knowledge I began to teach to my twelve year old students in Sunday school class and I told them well go home and tell your Mom and Dad about that idea!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: And they did and I was called in and I said to those authorities, you know you what; you cannot hurt me because I know the truth. I lost my marriage, my job because I sold real estate for a Mormon broker, all my friends in the Mormon Church wrote me letters and said that they could not associate with me anymore because I was an apostate. You know what? It did not matter; what mattered was that this center had opened and I was at a place of inner peace and I could not be disturbed by anyone or anything outside of that center again. Thank you Joe!

JJ: Thank you Curtis! Now I am the only friend he has!

Audience: Laughing! And his sister!

JJ: So you are moving along and then you have a crisis in one particular lifetime and you have a vibration that you have never felt before – what I call a touch of the soul,. You have probably even went through being an atheist or born again or lots of different things and finally you reach a point where nothing seemed to work and you feel as though you have reached a dead end and then finally something opens up to you and the energy flows into you. It may have been this life or it may have been a past life or may be your next life but sooner later it happens to everybody and this is called “The Birth Of The Christ Within the Heart.” It is our first step to becoming like the Master who walked in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

He had to have that first step many lifetimes ago for himself the same step that we now have to take. Any other being no matter advanced sets a goal that we can emulate. As any other being that is behind us is something we have been and that is the beauty of it. The most important thing is that we are in motion. It is not so important where are and this is the big illusion that hampers many people along the path. Many people touch the spiritual energy and think, I wonder how advanced I am and I am probably on my last life for I am a lot smarter than those guys I see around so I am up pretty close to being like Jesus.

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You laugh but I have met people like this! Their focus is on where they are rather than where they are going. If the seeker thinks he is further along than he really is that means he is going to go through the woods on a dead end trail instead of being where he really is and missing the real path that will lead through the woods. So if you think you are farther ahead or farther behind than you are and if you do not have reasonable idea of who you are and move accordingly than you will be wasting a lot of time and irritating everybody around you because they will think, boy that guy or gal thinks they are so smart and they think they are so righteous or so advanced and beyond the rest of us. I am the one that is advanced and maybe a Master.

Audience: Laughing!


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4 thoughts on “The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 5

  1. Curtis: “Now armed with that knowledge I began to teach to my twelve year old students in Sunday school class and I told them well go home and tell your Mom and Dad about that idea!”

    Wow. That’s hilarious. You just received a personal witness about reincarnation and you thought you’d go tell the 12 year olds in your Sunday School class? Curious Curtis – what if a 12 year old began asking if his/her family is really sealed for time and all eternity? How does reincarnation work? How fast do I reincarnate? How many times do I reincarnate? Do I still need the atonement or can I simply perfect myself by myself? Who was I in my last life? Am I reborn to the same parents every life time? Do I have the same brothers and sisters? Am I reborn according to my past lineage? Will I be reborn into an entirely different race next life? Will I be reborn into a different country? I wonder if I was George Washington before? Maybe I was some great person in history…on and on and on.

    Can you not see the problem with your plan here? You and JJ do not even have the whole reincarnation doctrine packaged enough to be able to teach a doctrine like this today, so how could you even think to introduce it to children? Do you not realize the ramifications of this belief? They are quite extensive. Have you ever thought that there is a reason why the church is vigilent in what doctrine is introduced?

    Speaking of this, surely your future gatherings will have their own very Curtis’s there who will begin to bring up new doctrine of all sorts. JJ, what are you going to do when someone enters your fold and begins to teach new doctrine that you do not agree with? What will you do when you feel they cross a line and it begins to have serious impact on people. Scenario: we are at a future gathering and someone claims that free love and sex has been revealed to them as a higher law and it was revealed to them in much the same way as reincarnation was revealed to Curtis. This person knows that free love is a higher law and they persuade other couples to join in. Well, in a few days there are people really jealous, upset, confused, maybe even pregnant and they start coming to JJ. They cry, “JJ, so and so did this…”

    What will you do? You may think to manage, limit, and control the doctrine that is introduced into your group. I would submit that eventually you will wind up with similar policies to that of the LDS Church – the same Church that you currently believe is filled with mean, unenlightened, hypocritical, bureacratic Sadduccees an Pharisees. Personally, I think the LDS Church, on the whole, is fair, level headed, compassionate, and inspired. Curtis, if you had not taught this publicly, but kept this to yourself, you (and everyone who is familiar with the LDS), know that you would not have been (and rightfully so, imo) excommunicated.

    1. All your objections of reincarnation have already been covered and answers given. You can read my book on the subject here:

      I have had the situation you mention come up and it has been no problem. I always allow people to believe whatever they want and those not in tune with what I teach just wind up going somewhere else. There is no need to excommunicate anyone and condemn them to outer darkness.

  2. Curtis: “The fact that he would even believe it and that he would try to indoctrinate me to this idea that we could have more than one lifetime because to believe in reincarnation means that you go against the Mormon theology and you risk eternal damnation and your soul is going to burn in hell.”

    Anyone who is LDS knows that this is untrue. Honestly. How things become distorted – “…risk eternal damnation and your soul is going to burn in hell.” This is not what the LDS teach or believe – it’s certainly not in LDS canon – and both JJ and Curtis know this. I been going to the LDS church for almost 4 decades and I don’t think I can ever recall the words “burning in hell” from any member inside the chapel on Sunday or outside the church coming from a member…ever. Give me a break and give the LDS their due credit.

    1. Curtis and I were excommunicated for much less. We were put on trial and excommunicated for teaching that there is progression from one kingdom to another and that one can get personal revelation. This is the first time I heard him say he taught anything about reincarnation. I do know that what really caught the Bishop’s attention and got him called in was that he gave out a treatise to members that i had written about progression on from kingdom to kingdom. Most believe that apostates such as us will either be sons of perdition or something close. On the other hand, most members believe that the church is tolerant and does not condemn but they will have their eyes open if they express any belief that does not conform with the church. When I tell church members of my dealings with the authorities most of them think I am lying.

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