Finding the Real, Part 5

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The problem we have after we straighten out our root beliefs is we do not see all of reality. Reality, we could say, is a great picture composed of many pieces like a big giant jig saw puzzle. But to see even one piece correctly we have to overcome attachment to desire first and then we can see the piece that is right in front of us but that is only one out many pieces and then we can see another piece and then another piece. So lets say that Jason here has dispelled glamour and illusion and he is able to see a few pieces.

Does that mean he knows everything? No he can’t see all the pieces yet. Eventually he will see enough pieces to see a picture and that picture gives him an idea of what the purpose and plan of God is for all of us. When he sees it, it will be a very exciting thing for him and he will be so much more thrilled than he would have with an illusionary vision.

If I could leave you with anything today it would be this; to look for our foundation beliefs and not to look for truth in what you want but look for it in what reality really is and reality is just a little different than we think it is. Consider this, have you ever thought about the fact that we never live in the present moment?

We do not because it takes you 1/64 of a second to register with your vision that I am even right here in front of you. So you are always 1/64 of a second behind seeing me! You never see me in the current time and you are always looking into the past 1/64 of a second. Then it takes you one second to register a bit of information about what you see in your consciousness and that is why the smallest unit of measurement that is normally used is a second – because it takes about a second to register information in your consciousness.

It takes a 64th of a second to see it. So you are behind a 64th of second in seeing me and you are behind a second in registering what you see. So we are always in the past and we never see the present. If we could see the true present what would we really see and if we could stop time and see what was really there what would we see? It may be fascinating to contemplate this.

Artie: I was wondering if the root cause of schizophrenia is the ability to see reality as it really is and so your mind splits and becomes insane.

JJ: Very interesting question, you just never know. Perhaps they have conflicting images in their mind and it drives them crazy. Is everybody here determined to go and find what is real?

Audience: We are sure going to make an honest effort.

Audience: Is there a correlation in initiation in whether you are in glamour or illusion and whether you are learning to overcome one or the other?

JJ: The first initiation is called having the birth of Christ in your heart, which is where you feel a sense that you want to aspire to find out who and what God is and what your purpose is in relation to God and you are sincerely on this path. Many religious and new age people who consider themselves spiritual have achieved the first initiation, the second initiation is where you master desire and this is very difficult to attain and not many have done this. The third initiation is overcoming and mastery of illusion. This was typified when Christ went on the mount with the disciples and his body was lighted up like the sun and He was visited by Elijah and Moses and with Paul it was on the road to Damascus and he saw this great light.

Paul is a good example because he was persecuting the Christians not because he was a bad guy. His desires were good and he wanted to serve God but he thought the best thing he could do was to kill the Christians to get rid of this threat to his belief system. Now because he had wrong core beliefs it led him to the sincere calculation that the Christians were evil and the best thing do if you have a cancer is to get rid of it. That was the logic he was going by.

Now his enlightenment did not happen instantly and apparently all this time that he was persecuting the Jews he had this benign reasoning in the background that was revealing his wrong beliefs. So, for a period of time, he had wrong core beliefs competing against truth that was distilled on his mind. Finally, on the road to Damascus the truth of his error prevailed in his mind and he was struck by this light. When the truth dawned on him – that is when he saw the vision and it was so intense that it blinded him for several days. So that was his third initiation and after that his illusion was dispelled and he began to see things the way they really were.

Blaine: Can you elaborate on the characteristics of the second initiation?

JJ: The second initiation is where you control emotion rather emotion controlling you, now some people who have studied this think that the second initiation is like Spock who has or shows no emotion but this is not true. As a person progresses his chakras which release feeling becomes more intense so you will find that the more evolved people are often more emotionally intense passionate people. It is not that they do not have feelings; it is that they control their emotions.

You will find that initiates are passionate and intense people, but when insulted they will rarely lash out or attack on an emotional level. They will try and respond like Christ, and He responded very kindly except on one occasion. It is like Solomon said there is a time and purpose for everything. There is a time to go to war, there is a time not to go to war, there is a time to love and a time to hate and there is a time for everything under heaven and that is true for even Jesus. In one instance he lashed out and that was when he was at the temple and accosted the money lenders.

What is interesting about Jesus in the temple is that it illustrates that He controlled his passion rather than his passion controlling Him. He went in the temple and felt outraged at the moneylenders and thought that something needs be done. Now if He had been controlled by His emotions than He would have reacted instantly without thinking but He did not do that. Can anyone tell me what He did do?

Audience: rope

JJ: Right He thought about it and went outside and got some ingredients for a rope and He made a rope and it does not say how long it took him to make the rope, it may have taken Him a couple days or several hours but He actually went out and made a rope. Now had his passions been in control He would have lashed out on the spot and they probably would have killed Him and we would have had no more Jesus.

Instead, He thought it through of how to accomplish this thing and He went out and made Him Self a rope and He went in with that rope and started turning over the tables and he whipped them. What happened was that the common people thought He was doing a good thing and they came to His defense and protected Him. So thinking the situation through saved His life and taught the people in the temple a lesson.

It would be kind of funny if a guy went into one of the Churches or temples here and did the same thing. He would probably be jailed as a madman but that was the time and place for Jesus to exercise His strong passion. But even at this the scriptures tell us that He did not react impulsively and that He thought it through as to how to release his passion in a way that He could get His message across. This is what the second degree initiate does; he masters his passions and emotions and keeps them under control, he does not deny them and this where there is a lot of illusion about the second initiation. Many people think that a second degree initiate is always calm and shows no emotion and that is not the case but he will always be under control.

If he feels like kicking down a door because he is angry he will look at it and say well how expensive is that door? The guy who is not the second degree initiate will not think about how expensive the door is and just kick it down because he is impulsive. But the initiate will think I feel like kicking down that door but it is too expensive so I will go outside and kick a can or something like that. He unleashes his passion according to his mental calculations as to the least harmless way to go about it.

Reminds of me one time when I about sixteen, I made this ping pong table out of some scrap lumber. Nobody in the neighborhood had a ping pong table and this thing must have weighed about 150-200lbs. It was really heavy. So me and my friends were playing on it and my little sister came up and challenged me to a game and she had never beaten me before. So we started playing and the score was 13 to 20 in my favor and we played the next round and she scored 14 to 20 and the next 15 to 20 and the next round 16 to 20 and I thought wow this goes against all reason and logic. She is not as good as me but she won the next couple rounds which took the score to 18 to 20 and then 19 to 20 and then 20 to 20 and I thought, it is one chance in a billion she would be able to beat me and then she wound up making the next score and beating me. When she beat me I was just enraged and so I looked at that ping pong table and I thought, I made this table so I can do whatever I want to do with this thing and I picked it up and it felt light as a feather. I then threw it against a tree and it smashed all to pieces. It was amazing, it was like I had super strength since I was full of rage.

Now every family reunion we go to my little sister loves to tell that story to everyone. If would have been someone elses ping-pong table I would not have hurt it but because it was mine and I knew it would make me feel really good I went ahead and decided to destroy it. Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I am kind of glad I destroyed it because it made such a great story that goes around my family. My sister insists on telling it every year. And with that story I would thank everyone for his or her time it is appreciated.


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  1. So would one know for sure of they were a second degree initiate or not? Or could they be a second degree initiate and not know it? If if they could and not know it when would one know for sure what level they are at?

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