Your Place on the Path


Oct 2, 2016

Your Place on the Path

Yesterday’s quote read:

“To correctly assess your place on the spiritual path is a great accomplishment. Then you can see the next step to be taken.”

To this a reader asks: “But how do I do that? Do you know your path?”

This is a question of concern for many seekers. What confuses matters more is that most of those who do proclaim their position, or that they are on their last life, are generally way off the mark and give the wrong impression of what an advanced disciple is supposed to be.

The best way to find out is to get confirmation through your own soul, but before that happens you must assess your own self to the best of your ability. Many people think they have received from their soul when they have merely received from their ego filtered through their astral body.

There are four hurdles that each seeker must pass.

The first the maya or illusion caused by the pull of matter. To overcome this the disciple must get control over his physical passions and appetites. Here are some indications of success:

  • If he decides to go on a certain diet or fast he has the power to do it.
  • If he commits to a relationship he will be faithful and will not yield to sexual temptation. He will be faithful to the sexual virtues of his belief system.
  • If he has a goal that demands a harsh physical regimen he can stick to it.
  • Basically, by the force of his will he has a measure of control over the pull of matter which draws him to the path of lest resistance. He can take the path of most resistance and not back down.

This mastery is essential to the first initiation.

The next hurdle is even more difficult and this is to gain mastery over your emotional body.

A few signs of such mastery are:

  • Generally returning good for evil.
  • The person does not respond negatively to insults.
  • He releases his emotions and does not allow them to bottle up.
  • He has neutralized guilt.
  • Slow to anger
  • Does not seek revenge.
  • Has his ego in check so glamour does not control him.

When the emotional body and ego are under control the seeker has basically arrived at the Second Initiation.

The third hurdle is the mastery of illusion which thing has little meaning to the masses because they are controlled by it and often do not see illusion which stares them in the face.

For instance, there is great illusion on both sides of the political spectrum and is one of the reasons that well meaning people on the left and the right have such a huge divide in what they see as truth.

It is ironic that we will often have first and second degree initiates on both sides opposing each other – not because of lack of virtue, but because of illusion. They both sincerely believe the other is misled. In case of a rift one of them is always in error and often both are.

The main question to ask yourself to see if you have mastered illusion is this:

Can I see and understand true principles though soul contact and have I proven to my self that such vision is totally reliable?

Many who have not mastered illusion will answer yes to that question, but if nothing else it will supply a seed thought for reflection on the path to liberation.

So what do you do if you have studied all you can and are still not sure of your place on the path?

The answer is that you certainly do not give up and do nothing. Your life experience and the whisperings from your soul will give you clues. Follow the highest you know doing some type of service that will be helpful to others. If it turns out you have made the wrong decision and should be following another direction the truth will be revealed to you as you move along. But the key is that you must move. Do not become lazy and stand still for any length of time.

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The Last Life, Part 5

This entry is part 22 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Before the person makes the breakthrough to access the Spiritual Internet he goes through the Dark Night of the Soul and in order to plug into the Spiritual Internet he has got to have new petals unfold and new energies added to circulation. When these final energies begin to unfold it creates a tremendous disturbance in the force, so to speak, and he will often undergo an encounter with the dweller in the threshold which we do not have time to go into right now. He will often encounter very disturbing energies. Even though these energies are good because we have not felt them before it takes a lot of adjustment to adapt our selves to these new energies.

The seeker will be very isolated and wonder what is happening to him and he will maybe even undergo depression and he will feel a tremendous sense of isolation like he is the only person in the universe that God has picked on to undergo this tremendous disturbance in the force that surrounds him that is making him feel so weird and so strange. There is nobody he can talk to about what is going on so he will go through this period of the dark night of the soul to where he feels isolated from everything and everyone and he will even wonder if God is his enemy and if God is just picking on him. But if he continues then he adjusts to these energies and creates a conduit to the Spiritual Internet and through the oneness principle he blends his soul with other souls in a group, a group of entities that is associated with every other spiritual group of souls on this planet.

He will have a particular group that he will blend with. There is quite a number in each one of our groups. But there are people on our wavelength that have progressed farther than us and there others who maybe living in different places on the earth that are in a similar state of progression to our selves.

Audience: Can this be done in one lifetime?

JJ: There is one particular lifetime that you will have this happen and then in another lifetime it will often repeat what we have learned in a past lifetime but it will be a little bit quicker and easier each time we achieve it. It is like every time we are conceived we go through all of our evolution and neural patterns illustrated in the growth of the fetus. In the beginning, the fetus even has a tail and it’s development from conception to birth shows how we evolved through the animal kingdom. We also repeat our spiritual evolution but the more times we repeat something the more times it much quicker and easier to master it.

Back to the group mind. The seeker tunes in and he goes through this sense of isolation and extreme loneliness. Has anyone here ever gone through a period where they just felt really alone and it did not make sense as to why? A period of extreme loneliness – all disciples who work through a period of this dark night go through a cycle of extreme loneliness and isolation then they will make a breakthrough. Their mind will merge like when Spock talks about a Vulcan mind meld so to speak. You have a mind meld with a number of entities and it could be hundreds or thousands, I am not sure exactly of the number but it is quite a number of entities and the number that you are connected with are connected with others, so it is really a very large number that you are linked with all together.

When this connection is made the disciple then draws down a tremendous amount of inspiration and knowledge and what is good for the disciple is that he will never feel alone again. He can be completely alone or he can be with a group but he will never feel alone because he will always be in the presence of his friends and this is why people like the Master Jesus for instance, no matter how much or how many people criticized Him, He was patient and always talking like He was in the house of His friends. The great entities that have been upon the earth have been this way. They are always talking like they are in the house of their friends because they are connected to their spiritual group and they never feel isolated.

Then when they are connected to their spiritual group the next step in all things is to do a great service for mankind and their service begins to multiply in each lifetime and their ability to serve becomes greater. When they develop the ability to selflessly serve then they get excited again! Every new wave of evolution we get excited. When we were in our selfish mode we were not excited about serving at all and we just wanted other people to make us feel good and now it is the other way around. Now we serve others and the more we can serve and lighten the burdens of others the better the disciple will feel.

This is completely opposite of what he was when he developed his selfish side. I will not go through all the details but we go through a series of initiations until we have proven that we are master of everything in the physical world, the emotional world, the mind, reason, the intuition, spiritual manipulation and mastery of spiritual powers. Of course the great example of the person who achieved this is Jesus, He set the example of what a person should be like when he has overcome.

Even so, that may not be His last life. Do you think that once a person reaches this stage that if he wants to go back and be born again that he can do it? What is there to stop him if he has something that he needs or wants to do? If he has some reason that he needs to come back and be born again where he can accomplish a great mission that may be his choice. It is interesting that the Christian world thinks that He just would not do that. Well can you read His mind? Do you think that He will never want to be born again and if He did want to do that what would prevent Him? Once a person has mastered an area if he wants to delve into the area he has mastered and play around with it or perform a service there is nothing stopping him.

The Christ himself is a great example for us to look for and most of us has many, many lifetimes to go before we reach this point and if we don’t know where our place is we probably should not assume that we are close to reaching our last life. We should assume that this lifetime is preparation for the next lifetime. That is one thing that I like about re-incarnation.

The criticism of re-incarnation is that well if you know you have another chance then you can just screw around in this life, I do not feel that way at all. If I am going to come back in another life I want it to be a good one so I am going to plant some good seeds and learn my lesson here so that I do not have to repeat them in my next lifetime. I have learned some hard lessons in this life and I do not want to have to repeat them. Hopefully I have learned them so that I do not have to go through them again. When you look at reincarnation in the right light it makes you try all the harder.

Now when a person is on a lower level of his evolution and centered in the emotional vehicle then he may think that, “I have another chance in my next lifetime so I can screw up and do anything I want in this lifetime.” Some of the people in the East do that and I think this is one of the reasons a lot of the prophets have emphasized the one life because a lot of average people have more incentive. But when you see the whole picture, nothing gives you incentive like the truth. Because when you see the whole picture and see that you are preparing for a better life with this life and everything that you do now will have repercussions for many lifetimes to come then we might as well prepare for many lives that will be happy and productive ones.

Okay that pretty much covers the basics, are there any questions?

Audience: Were there any other qualities that we should work on besides the ones that you mentioned such as do not be a hypocrite and speak against hypocrisy, always speak the truth, spiritual oneness and spiritual powers?

JJ: What do you think some others are Wayne he always has an insight or two.

Wayne: As we incarnate we come back in each lifetime not in retrograde to the place we were in evolution. We come back to the place where were when we expired from our previous lifetime, that each lifetime is an improvement no matter how gradual in our mental abilities. As the mental abilities progress we also come back physically more perfected. So I would expect a person who is on final turn of the spiral in his life cycles that he would have a perfected mental and physical body, He may be perfected spiritually but for us that would be hard to see but it is not hard to see physical beauty and mental acuity and clarity of thought and living a life of harmlessness and so on. Having lived with myself for several years now I figure I probably have a lifetime or two left to go.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: It is interesting that so many people think that Jesus was perfect but did you realize that the Bible does not say He was perfect. The word perfect as we use it in the English language comes from the Greek word Akrabella and do you know who was striving to be akrabella in the Bible? The people who crucified Jesus. They were the ones who put the attention on being flawless. But when it speaks of Jesus being made perfect – when it says that or to be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect – it does not use the word akrabella. It uses another Greek word “Teleios” that means to finish the job you are given to do. So, if we translate that right, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect” here is what that means, “Do the job you are given to do even as God completes the job he has to do.”.

Audience: So you could say perfect and you could say that I perfected it and it is not perfect but it is done.

JJ: Right you accomplished your job but that is not the end. So Jesus came here he had a job to do and He finished the job and that was the meaning of the Greek word. He finished His job. But as far as being flawless the Bible says that whoever is nailed to a tree is cursed of God and what did they do to Jesus? They nailed Him to a tree, a cross. According to the Old Testament Jesus was cursed of God right there. Perhaps he had that happen just to illustrate that he was imperfect in the standards of His day even in His death. He was supposed to be cursed of God according to the laws of Moses.

The Jews had all kinds of regulations on how to be perfect. On the Sabbath you could not wear any sandals with nails in them because that created extra weight and made you work more. You could only take so many steps like 140 or something and they had all these silly regulations of what you could and could not do on the Sabbath. Jesus and His disciples went through this wheat field and grabbed a few grains for them selves because it was the custom of the day that if you went through a field you could grab a few for your self so it was not really stealing. Anyway His disciples grabbed some and someone saw them and said ah-ha they are working on the Sabbath, they are harvesting.

Wayne: An example I find kind of amusing that even today if you go to Israel on the Sabbath and you go into an elevator all the buttons for the floors would be pushed because that is work.

JJ: So they are still pretty fussy about that?

Wayne: Yes they are pretty ritualistic on how they eat and work and things like that.

JJ: So, if Christ were to appear again as a regular guy to the religious leaders do you think they would think He was perfect?

Audience: No

JJ: Probably not.

Audience: When your heart petals or any of the chakras open does it hurt?

JJ: Well, the reason some fairly evolved people have a lot of heart problems is because their heart petals are opening and they having a hard time adjusting to it. It is difficult and painful trying to adjust to the new energies and in each lifetime we have one or more of the petals open. Now sometimes we have a Sabbath were do not have to adjust to an energy and I believe we have a Sabbath approximately every seventh life where we just kick back and relax and everything goes really smoothly but the other six lives are work and the fact that new energies are unfolding and when the new energy unfolds it is disruptive and it leads us to something that we have never done before that is difficult.

We like to do the old and familiar but our soul is always leading us to new things. If you were a musician in your last life and this comes to you very easily then you want to be a musician but the new energy will lead you in an entirely new direction like maybe an astronaut or something. When the heart energies open and the spiritual love begins to flow through us and if we resist then this will cause heart problems. There a lot of people that have heart problems in this country, which shows that there are spiritual love energies that are flowing through them that they may be resisting.

Now everything is not black and white either and there are other problems that cause ailments but the blockage of energies or resisting of energies can certainly stimulate various problems. If, for instance, people that are having their third eye open will often have sinus problems. You can tell by looking at the human body because where you have physical problems will be around some center that is opening up. Now the thing to realize is that they do not open up all at once. You do not have the heart center open and then the solar plexus open and throat center open. You may have say you ten petals in the solar plexus and you may have six of them open and then you may have two of your heart centers open and a number of them in throat center and so on. So they open up not one after another but one of them begins to open and then like a fire it starts in a small area and then lights another. Not all the petals will open at once but the one you want to look at is the one in the area that is giving you physical problems.

JJ: I appreciate all your time today and you have been a good audience.


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Mysteries of Initiation

This entry is part 1 of 34 in the series 2011C

Blayne started the ball rolling with this question:
So would one know for sure of they were a second degree initiate or not? Or could they be a second degree initiate and not know it? If they could and not know it when would one know for sure what level they are at?

Until the writings of Alice A. Bailey became available knowledge of the initiations were not available to the masses. Hence there have been many initiates in history who knew nothing about the initiations. All initiates have had a sense of making progress before the eyes of God but few understood the gradations.

Shakespeare, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddie, Lincoln, Churchill, Edison, Tesla and many other initiates had similar initiation experiences but it is likely that none of them were consciously aware that there were specific initiations. Once in a while an initiate will have a conscious revelation that tells him what is going on, but this is the exception.

DK tells us that the actual recognition by the Hierarchy of an initiation happens after the abilities and qualities of the initiation have already been obtained. It’s a little like getting a college diploma after the ceremony. The diploma does nothing to enhance your education or make you smarter or improve your skills. It is merely recognition of accomplishment.

Even so, the initiations are like diplomas giving recognition of something that is already accomplished.

When you read DK about the initiations it sounds like all initiates would know if they have passed an initiation even if they have not heard of Alice A. Bailey. He talks about ceremonies that accompany them with Masters, rods of power etc. Who could put something like that out of his mind?

DK barely mentions the reasons that initiates rarely recall initiation ceremonies. There are two reasons for this.

(1) The initiation ceremonies are usually held after death, between lives.

(2) Other times they take place during sleep. The disciple may have some dreams around the event but the conscious memory is often lost.

It is only on rare occasions that initiates have a conscious memory of initiation ceremonies. I doubt that even Alice A. Bailey or HPB had full memories of their own, even though they were aware of the initiation process.

Since a seeker can be an initiate yet have no conscious memory of any ceremony of recognition then can he know if he has passed the first, the second, the third etc.

The answer is a pretty solid yes for the first and the third, but the second is more difficult to discern.

The first degree initiate has the birth of the Christ in his heart. He becomes a seeker and does all he can to purify himself to make himself acceptable before God. He seeks to control his sexual impulses and body appetites.

Many seekers can identify with going through this process.

The third degree initiate has a profound supernatural experience where he confronts the Dweller on the Threshold and experiences the Angel of the Presence that ends with seeing through illusion. Such a disciple will recognize this initiation when it is described by DK or others.

The second initiation is a little more difficult to recognize because glamour springing from the ego is powerfully involved and must be overcome.

Many first degree initiates struggling with glamour will automatically assume he or she has achieved the second or beyond. Those struggling with ego and glamour usually overestimate their status and a few have the glamour of false humility and project themselves as below average when in their hearts they see themselves as superior to others.

The second initiation is one of the most difficult to achieve because of the power of the lower ego and the surrounding glamours. Then the achievement is a long tough process with no one great moment or flash of light marking the achievemet. Reaching the second initiation is a little like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. When you put in the last piece you finally see the whole picture but this achievement was proceeded by finding many other pieces first.

Here are some qualities found in the second degree initiate.

(1) Strong desire to improve himself and achieve self control

(2) He is at peace with his emotional self even in stressful conditions.

(3) He will rarely take offense at anything anyone says, even if it is highly insulting or outrageous. If someone shoves him he is not likely to shove back unless there is some purpose in it.

(4) He will rarely make statements to illustrate how great or talented he is. He will show his ability by his actions rather than boasting or even subtle hints.

(5) If associates see you as someone who is always trying to prove how good you are or as an obnoxious ego then chances are you have not achieved the second degree. If they see you as a nice person and feel comfortable having you in charge then that is an indication you have achieved, but there are exceptions.

(6) A second degree or higher is usually working on initiating something such as, a group, a philosophy, a business or some idea. He will go beyond just dreaming and scheming and attempt to accomplish and will not quit just because times are tough.

(7) The second degree is opening up his heart energies and those close to him (or her) will enjoy the relationship and sense the warm energies coming from this person.

(8) No one likes to be criticized but the second degree or higher will appreciate constrictive criticism and even be open to learning from harsh destructive attacks.

(9) The second degree can transcend guilt and put it in its proper place where it can do no harm.

(10)He practices the principle of harmlessness.

(11) He holds no grievances.

(12) He has achieved a degree of soul contact and has had spiritual experiences that have convinced him that the spiritual world is real.

(13) He takes responsibility for his lot in life and will rarely blame others for his problems.

(14) He has good mental development, is reasonable and logical.

These are just a few of a list that could be expanded.

The key mark of the second degree initiate is the overcoming of glamour but the difficulty in only going by this is that one who has not achieved the second degree cannot see glamour correctly. He may think he has no glamour when he does. This difficulty will make the list I have presented quite helpful if contemplated.

Keith writes:
If Paul experienced the 3rd initiation on the road to Damascus, then when did he experience his 2nd? How could Paul have experienced the 2nd initiation and still persecute the Christians? The 2nd initiation should have dispelled this error about the Christians.

We do not have many details of Paul’s life before he joined the church. We do know his mind was highly developed and was very focused. These are two qualities of a second degree initiate. My guess is that he had some spiritual experiences when he was young that made him dedicated to the highest he knew and that led to overcoming glamour.

The second degree can be far from perfect because of illusion. Remember that Hitler was a second degree initiate who took the Left Hand Path instead of the Right. Paul was probably close to this in persecuting the Christians but caught himself before it was too late.

Ruth wants to know what kind of initiates will be in the first molecule?

The answer is the higher the better but it could be composed of mostly first degree initiates and succeed as long as the individuals involved are open to the energies of the soul and are not overly critical of others in the group. Molecules in the past have been made of first degree initiates and higher.

The 3rd initiation is usually undertaken in the 1st Saturn cycle by the age of 28, isn’t it?, so if a Molecule only consisted of 3rd degree initiates, then most in that Molecule would be in their 20s.

Initiations that are repeated from past lives are completed by the age of 21, but new ones can be achieved at any age past 21. Moses reached his third when he was in his eighties. Initiates continue to achieve way past their first Saturn cycle.

The question came up as to why HPB smoked if she had control over her appetites. If you read her biography you see that she smoked unapologetically and really enjoyed it and offered cigarettes to all. She seemed unaware that smoking was bad for the health so did not attempt to stop this habit.

You aren’t even capable of choosing a path (right or left) until AFTER compeltion of the 3rd…

The choice is made as one approaches the third. When the third is approached the choice between the two paths becomes clear. If the left hand path is chosen then illusion is magnified. If the right is chosen then revelation comes, illusion is dispelled and the initiation is achieved.

Larry W
JJ said if you passed the first or second in a previous life you may not be aware of that in this life because the ordinance part does not need to repeat. But the third and up gets the full meal deal ordinances with BOL guys using the rod of power etc. Hard to miss – you would absolutely consciously know.

There would only be the ceremony if the initiate passes the third for the first time. There would only be a subtle recognition of accomplishment if he is repeating what he achieved in a past life.

Ruth asks about the initiations of Moses. Moses was overshadowed by an advanced entity who apparently achieved the fifth initiation in that life for the scriptures indicate that his body was not subject to death. It appears the lower Moses figure attained the third. In any later incarnation he would have repeated these initiations before the age of 21 and started working on additional ones. Sometimes it takes many lives to move from one initiation to another and other times progress goes fairly quickly.


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Finding the Real, Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The problem we have after we straighten out our root beliefs is we do not see all of reality. Reality, we could say, is a great picture composed of many pieces like a big giant jig saw puzzle. But to see even one piece correctly we have to overcome attachment to desire first and then we can see the piece that is right in front of us but that is only one out many pieces and then we can see another piece and then another piece. So lets say that Jason here has dispelled glamour and illusion and he is able to see a few pieces.

Does that mean he knows everything? No he can’t see all the pieces yet. Eventually he will see enough pieces to see a picture and that picture gives him an idea of what the purpose and plan of God is for all of us. When he sees it, it will be a very exciting thing for him and he will be so much more thrilled than he would have with an illusionary vision.

If I could leave you with anything today it would be this; to look for our foundation beliefs and not to look for truth in what you want but look for it in what reality really is and reality is just a little different than we think it is. Consider this, have you ever thought about the fact that we never live in the present moment?

We do not because it takes you 1/64 of a second to register with your vision that I am even right here in front of you. So you are always 1/64 of a second behind seeing me! You never see me in the current time and you are always looking into the past 1/64 of a second. Then it takes you one second to register a bit of information about what you see in your consciousness and that is why the smallest unit of measurement that is normally used is a second – because it takes about a second to register information in your consciousness.

It takes a 64th of a second to see it. So you are behind a 64th of second in seeing me and you are behind a second in registering what you see. So we are always in the past and we never see the present. If we could see the true present what would we really see and if we could stop time and see what was really there what would we see? It may be fascinating to contemplate this.

Artie: I was wondering if the root cause of schizophrenia is the ability to see reality as it really is and so your mind splits and becomes insane.

JJ: Very interesting question, you just never know. Perhaps they have conflicting images in their mind and it drives them crazy. Is everybody here determined to go and find what is real?

Audience: We are sure going to make an honest effort.

Audience: Is there a correlation in initiation in whether you are in glamour or illusion and whether you are learning to overcome one or the other?

JJ: The first initiation is called having the birth of Christ in your heart, which is where you feel a sense that you want to aspire to find out who and what God is and what your purpose is in relation to God and you are sincerely on this path. Many religious and new age people who consider themselves spiritual have achieved the first initiation, the second initiation is where you master desire and this is very difficult to attain and not many have done this. The third initiation is overcoming and mastery of illusion. This was typified when Christ went on the mount with the disciples and his body was lighted up like the sun and He was visited by Elijah and Moses and with Paul it was on the road to Damascus and he saw this great light.

Paul is a good example because he was persecuting the Christians not because he was a bad guy. His desires were good and he wanted to serve God but he thought the best thing he could do was to kill the Christians to get rid of this threat to his belief system. Now because he had wrong core beliefs it led him to the sincere calculation that the Christians were evil and the best thing do if you have a cancer is to get rid of it. That was the logic he was going by.

Now his enlightenment did not happen instantly and apparently all this time that he was persecuting the Jews he had this benign reasoning in the background that was revealing his wrong beliefs. So, for a period of time, he had wrong core beliefs competing against truth that was distilled on his mind. Finally, on the road to Damascus the truth of his error prevailed in his mind and he was struck by this light. When the truth dawned on him – that is when he saw the vision and it was so intense that it blinded him for several days. So that was his third initiation and after that his illusion was dispelled and he began to see things the way they really were.

Blaine: Can you elaborate on the characteristics of the second initiation?

JJ: The second initiation is where you control emotion rather emotion controlling you, now some people who have studied this think that the second initiation is like Spock who has or shows no emotion but this is not true. As a person progresses his chakras which release feeling becomes more intense so you will find that the more evolved people are often more emotionally intense passionate people. It is not that they do not have feelings; it is that they control their emotions.

You will find that initiates are passionate and intense people, but when insulted they will rarely lash out or attack on an emotional level. They will try and respond like Christ, and He responded very kindly except on one occasion. It is like Solomon said there is a time and purpose for everything. There is a time to go to war, there is a time not to go to war, there is a time to love and a time to hate and there is a time for everything under heaven and that is true for even Jesus. In one instance he lashed out and that was when he was at the temple and accosted the money lenders.

What is interesting about Jesus in the temple is that it illustrates that He controlled his passion rather than his passion controlling Him. He went in the temple and felt outraged at the moneylenders and thought that something needs be done. Now if He had been controlled by His emotions than He would have reacted instantly without thinking but He did not do that. Can anyone tell me what He did do?

Audience: rope

JJ: Right He thought about it and went outside and got some ingredients for a rope and He made a rope and it does not say how long it took him to make the rope, it may have taken Him a couple days or several hours but He actually went out and made a rope. Now had his passions been in control He would have lashed out on the spot and they probably would have killed Him and we would have had no more Jesus.

Instead, He thought it through of how to accomplish this thing and He went out and made Him Self a rope and He went in with that rope and started turning over the tables and he whipped them. What happened was that the common people thought He was doing a good thing and they came to His defense and protected Him. So thinking the situation through saved His life and taught the people in the temple a lesson.

It would be kind of funny if a guy went into one of the Churches or temples here and did the same thing. He would probably be jailed as a madman but that was the time and place for Jesus to exercise His strong passion. But even at this the scriptures tell us that He did not react impulsively and that He thought it through as to how to release his passion in a way that He could get His message across. This is what the second degree initiate does; he masters his passions and emotions and keeps them under control, he does not deny them and this where there is a lot of illusion about the second initiation. Many people think that a second degree initiate is always calm and shows no emotion and that is not the case but he will always be under control.

If he feels like kicking down a door because he is angry he will look at it and say well how expensive is that door? The guy who is not the second degree initiate will not think about how expensive the door is and just kick it down because he is impulsive. But the initiate will think I feel like kicking down that door but it is too expensive so I will go outside and kick a can or something like that. He unleashes his passion according to his mental calculations as to the least harmless way to go about it.

Reminds of me one time when I about sixteen, I made this ping pong table out of some scrap lumber. Nobody in the neighborhood had a ping pong table and this thing must have weighed about 150-200lbs. It was really heavy. So me and my friends were playing on it and my little sister came up and challenged me to a game and she had never beaten me before. So we started playing and the score was 13 to 20 in my favor and we played the next round and she scored 14 to 20 and the next 15 to 20 and the next round 16 to 20 and I thought wow this goes against all reason and logic. She is not as good as me but she won the next couple rounds which took the score to 18 to 20 and then 19 to 20 and then 20 to 20 and I thought, it is one chance in a billion she would be able to beat me and then she wound up making the next score and beating me. When she beat me I was just enraged and so I looked at that ping pong table and I thought, I made this table so I can do whatever I want to do with this thing and I picked it up and it felt light as a feather. I then threw it against a tree and it smashed all to pieces. It was amazing, it was like I had super strength since I was full of rage.

Now every family reunion we go to my little sister loves to tell that story to everyone. If would have been someone elses ping-pong table I would not have hurt it but because it was mine and I knew it would make me feel really good I went ahead and decided to destroy it. Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I am kind of glad I destroyed it because it made such a great story that goes around my family. My sister insists on telling it every year. And with that story I would thank everyone for his or her time it is appreciated.


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