Reality and the New Age

Reality and the New Age

Various schools of thought disagree with each other on energy and the centers. A lot of the differentiations are caused by illusionary vision. Just because someone claims to see with some supernormal vision does not mean that he either sees accurately or interprets accurately.

For one thing to see into the aura or etheric matter of another you must first look through your own. What sometimes happens is that the seer will see colors or symbols within his own aura when thinking he is seeing effects in the aura of another.

If one is centered in the solar plexus he will have to filter his seeing through a rosy red with a touch of green. In addition to this he will have to see through colors within his aura. Beyond this he is could be seeing symbols in the outer film of his aura.

Often times several people together will see a similar illusion because of their similarity in vibration and expectant outcome.

The best source of learning about the centers is from an actual Master in connection with your own soul confirmation. This is why I would recommend learning from the writings of Alice A. Bailey which contains teachings of a Master, or one who has mastered these illusions.

Question: How can we know whether or not the teachings of the centers is true? So I throw this out to the group.

How can we know that this teaching is just not a fabrication?

This is a good opportunity for us to apply the Principles of Discovery that we so thoroughly covered. Especially applicable are the Law of Correspondences. Other discovery principles we have covered I am sure could be helpful.

Indeed there are other ways of knowing besides psychic vision and different people are given different gifts. In the end though each of us must follow that which registers with “the highest we know.” Ideally that would be through soul contact, for if we are true to the highest within ourselves the soul will eventually manifest.

Question: What do I mean by the term “New Age?”

It’s pretty simple. We are moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. We will be securely into this coming new age in about 150 years and most expect this to be an enlightened age of brotherhood and peace as well as human advancement. Right now we are in the transition phase and the division between the old age and new age thinking is coming into greater contrast.

The Question: How then has female energy been strong in manifestation during the past 2000+ years?

The new age we are entering, on the other hand, is seen as being one of more equality between the sexes, giving the female more power which she deserves. How can this be when the ages are shifting from female to male in polarity? How will male energy manifest in the coming age as opposed to the strong female energy in the past age?

We received some great comments on this question. One spoke correctly when she pointed out that Pisces, the most female charged age, which followed Aries the strongest in male polarization. This indeed did cause a carryover of male dominance amid the strong female emotional energy of Pisces.

Another important point is that the path of involution is dominated by female energy whereas the path of evolution is dominated by male. The female is the stimulator of the male in the fact that she leads all life into experience making Eternal Becoming possible. The male is the savior of the female in the fact that when the problems of the world of experience become manifest, he will lead the female out of matter back into the world of Spirit.

The days of Atlantis marked the beginning of the shift of a long cycle from female to male polarization which was consummated with the first coming of Christ.

Christ represented the ideal male who is to lead us to Spirit. Unfortunately the age of Pisces gave us many males who gave us terrible examples of what the ideal male was supposed to present, but the example of Christ lives on and during the coming age of Aquarius, which has a slight male charge, the male will be more in his energy and be able to set a better example of his destiny. This in turn will give the female fewer restrictions and more freedom to master her own destiny.

Pisces was dominated by water which is a symbol of emotion and the Sixth Ray which produces idealism which sometimes leads to fanaticism. A casual reading of the history of the past two thousand years does indeed reveal a very highly emotional era. The Crusades, the emotional rule of the “mother” church, the emotional burning of witches and heretics, the persecution of the saints and scientists… All of these and more are caused by blind emotion obscuring the reasoning of mind.

Pisces is also on the mutable cross which causes a “go with the flow” attitude as far as energy goes. The funny thing is that we often hear this phrase from new age people, not realizing that this is the mantra of the passing age and not the Aquarian Age.

Thus the energy of the mutable cross caused the people of the last two thousand years to go with their feelings with very little thought involved.

The Aquarian Age switches from water to air. Air is the symbol of mind. The beginnings of this age were manifest at the writing of the Constitution of the United States. We are now about half way into the full manifestation of the New Age.

It is interesting to note that on the Great Seal of the United States is written:

Novus Ordo Seclorum which is translated as

“New order of the Ages.”

Government of the people, by the people and for the people is definitely one of the keynotes of the new age.

The power of mind (air) has given us all the great scientific advances we have made, especially in the past 100 years. This is also due to the influence of Uranus which stimulates discovery.

Uranus is also governed by the Seventh Ray which stimulates order through law.

It is interesting to note that many who see themselves as enlightened are often disrespectful of law, but just law will bring the order necessary to the nations to insure that a peaceable brotherhood can be established.

The Seventh Ray also governs business, and as we discussed earlier, the business world will play a large role in manifesting the most wonderful age in recorded history.

Aquarius is also on the Fixed Cross which produces an influence much different than the Mutable of Pisces. The “go with the flow” idea will fade out and be replaced with a more adventurous attitude of going against the flow, or “bucking the system” of unjust authority – the path of high resistance as we discussed earlier.

Nov 20, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Alignment, Vision and Soul

Alignment, Vision and Soul

Here it is the morning of the Big day…. Cinco de Mayo! Party time.

Wait, wasn’t there supposed to be another big day? Oh yea… The end of the world, perhaps.

A reader asks:

“Btw, anybody see a connection between the computer virus in the news and the May 5th alignment? Or do you think that’s too far-fetched?”

Actually, this type of “disaster” goes along with my comments on the alignment that I made a few days ago where I said: “This energy should stimulate the surfacing of conflicts on some level that will bring old and new age ideas into high visibility. If those working in the light play their part the resistance will be futile and the new ideas will prevail.”

Computers and the Internet are a strong representation of the new age and militant sabotage such as the virus is a strong residual of out-of-date thinking. Thus as we enter the planetary alignment seeing high resistance. We have a strong new age force (the internet) met with a strong destructive force – the virus.

This type of playing out of forces made a lot more sense to me when I looked at the astrological chart a few days ago than the destruction of continents many have feared.

Another playing out of resistant force is coming from the Federal Reserve here in the United States, but their acts will affect the whole world. They are worried that the economy is too good and are at this moment considering another interest rate hike, twice as large as last time to slow things down. This idea that bankers and politicians have that things are too good and that they must slow down progress is definitely anti-new age for there is nothing too good to be true.

Fortunately, there are accurate thinkers who are coming forward with resistance to the idea that “things are too good.” What amazes me is that the public believes whatever they are told on this matter. Then too we must not overlook the fact that bankers make more money from higher interest rates. Thus it is in their best interests to convince us that we need high interest for our own good.

As individuals we also get caught in the “too good to be true” trap and sabotage ourselves because of guilt or ignorance. Some people just cannot tolerate the good and feel a need to punish themselves.

After Image

I was asked of what we see in the previous exercise is just a regular after image. Let me quote from my article.

“Your eyes will have taken a photograph of his etheric light and you will see the “after image” of his head glowing before you.”

If a flash goes off in your face or you catch a glimpse of the sun you will see an after image in the same way. If you move your eyes the after image will move. If you stare ahead the after image will appear to float.

My point is that the after image is of more than the physical body if you do the exercise right.

If you look at something that is a mere negative or non living you will see the same after image each time, but if you look at a human you will see different after images of the etheric body at different times.

I have looked at two different people with the same complexion and saw two very different after images of the etheric. One was all light with no shadows and the other has large dark blotches. Usually when I ask someone with dark blotches if they are feeling OK they will answer that they have a cold or feeling ill or depressed.

I have also looked at my etheric and aura many times through the same mirror in the same conditions and lighting and saw many diverse effects.

On the other hand, I have an image of a negative of a woman and every time I stare at that I see exactly the same results – such is not the case with a living human being.

For those of you who are doubters I would suggested you actually try the exercises. Do the one with the thumbs and you will actually see the image of the etheric. When you see it you will know you are seeing more than just your physical body. If more than your dense physical is there and it is visible – does it not make sense that it would leave an after image?

Here is food for thought. When you look at another person your senses on various levels see and filter through much more than the dense physical body. First you have an atmosphere between you and the person as well as varying types and intensities of light.

In addition to the light reflected by the physical there is blended with this the light projected by the etheric double. Notice I use the word “projected” rather than reflected. This is because the physical body reflects light whereas the etheric double is a source of light.

There is more. In addition to this there is the aura projected by the astral body and finally the mental and causal body. Thus we are all beings of light, but unfortunately we see very little of the whole of the light with our regular vision.

I gave you exercises on seeing the etheric and most of you should have been successful at that. The next step is seeing the aura and I would guess that only about 10% were successful there for the auric light is much more difficult to see. The key to seeing it is to practice daily. I used to do this and got pretty good at it, but lost some of the ability when I quit working on it. Once you gain the ability, however, you never lose it completely.

The first sign that you are seeing the aura is when you notice a light extending six to twelve inches away from the body. At first you will note that it seems to be a colorless light, but as you practice seeing it, the light will grow in intensity and seem to have color in it, but at first it is difficult to perceive which color it is.

Then as you continue to practice one day you will catch a glimpse of the color in its fullness. It will be so bright and beautiful that you will be started out of not seeing into regular seeing and it will disappear. But then you keep trying and after a while you can hold the vision indefinitely. A short distance from the physical body you will see bright neon colors, more brilliant than anything in this regular world of seeing. You will note that everyone has different colors in their aura. Some red, some orange, some yellow, gold, violet and so on. Some seem to radiate only one color and others have several. The colors of all auras change with personal feelings.

I discovered something quite interesting when I learned to see auras. That is a large percentage of people who claim to see auras do not see them at all. They either imagine they are seeing them or are flagrantly scamming people.

This is also true of palm readers. Many who read them know nothing of the actual reading and interpretation of the lines, but pretty much make things up as they go.

Now that you’ve made it to the point of seeing auras are you using soul contact?

No. Many who do not see auras have soul contact, BUT developing the ability to see auras and refined light will increase your sensitivity to the impressions of the soul.

Once you have achieved the ability to see the colors in the aura the question then is: What next? Is there more to see?

Remember I told you that there are three worlds below the point of soul interplay – the physical, the emotional and the mental. The colors in the aura are projected by the feeling world within you, but beyond this auric color is more to see.

Once you have achieved proficiency in seeing colors continue to practice seeing further out from the body. Eventually you will discover another interesting part of yourself. You will see clouds of energy composed of mental substance that circulate around you. It is here you discover your correspondence to an atom for you will realize that your physical body is merely a nucleus whereas there is refined substance spinning around you like electrons around an atom.

This mental substance is a key to telepathy, for when it is sent forth by the power of thought and interplays with the substance of another person there will be some degree of higher communication between the two.

Let us suppose you have progressed this far. You have now seen light in the three worlds. Is there more?

We’ll answer this question next.

May 5, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Not Seeing

Oct 30, 2018

Not Seeing

Nimrod quotes me as follows:

”Thus to see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling.


There is much more that could be written on this subject. A few would find it fascinating, but others may lose interest.”

Then he asks:

I would like to formally request that you fascinate me (hopefully us) by saying much more on this topic 🙂 concentrating on the “not seeing, thinking, feeling” aspect.


How can I refuse such a sincere request? I will at least say a few more things.

This principle of “not seeing” dawned on me when I became interested in seeing auras and started attempting to see them. In my quest I found that the etheric double that extends a few millimeters from the body is easy to see but the aura which is made of a more refined matter is much more difficult. Then the mind stuff beyond the aura is much more difficult still.

I practiced for some time without results but kept at it and finally began to see flashes of the aura. They were quite beautiful and attracted my conscious attention, but I found that when I consciously focused on them they instantly disappeared. I found that curious, but kept practicing, trying to figure out the principle that would allow me to see these elusive colors.

Finally, I realized that the more I consciously cared about seeing them the less I saw, but if I put myself in a state of mind that did not care, and did not try, yet still allowed myself to look that I could then see.

I eventually called this process “not seeing”. The reason I called it such was that to see I had to not try to see, but merely allowed myself to see on a higher level.

Then I discovered that this principle not only applied to seeing but to all types of perception that occurs while in the body. For instance, to transcend physical brain thinking you have to temporarily put it aside and not think. This creates a vacuum that is replaced by a higher type of thinking from the higher mind. This explains why many of the great thinkers seemed to be absent minded. I read once that when Einstein went for walks that he became so disconnected from paying attention with his regular mind that when he resumed his regular brain thinking that he would be temporarily lost and not realize where he was.

There is a truth in the term, “absent-minded professor.” Great thinkers will use their lower mind when appropriate, but will enter a zone where they put it aside and “not think”. This does not eliminate thought as many presume, but opens the door to higher thought. The fact that lower thought is suspended does not mean all thought is suspended. When Einstein suspended lower thought he was still thinking, but on a higher level. This was when he received his best ideas.

This principle also applies to feeling. The higher octave of the lower feelings are the higher revealed through the intuition. To access the intuition with its high level of feeling and sensitivity the seeker must still feelings, or place them in a state of peace, so the higher can be accessed.

The principle behind this is as follows:

Tuning into the perceptions of the lower self is like turning on the radio and not being exactly on a station so all you hear is static, or maybe a combination of station and the broadcast. To hear the true broadcast you have to “not hear” the static and allow yourself to hear the real broadcast.

All perceptions of our lower self contain much static that causes blockage in our perception. These must be transcended so the real truth can be perceived. The correspondence is not exact, but close enough so the intuition can create a clear picture.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 36

This entry is part 36 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Mastering the Bull

The next lesson is the lesson of Taurus and the second lesson of Taurus is the capture the Cretan Bull. The gods said, well the last time you messed it up a bit and lets see if you do better this time Hercules. We want you to go capture this bull that is on the island of Crete and take it over to the mainland and give it to the one eyed Cyclops. The bull is to be dedicated to the gods so they need that bull in their possession. This time and labor and all that follow he has to perform alone. The first labor he has a sidekick with him. Remember that TV series he always had that sidekick with him that was like his lower self. In all the rest of the labors he has to perform them pretty much all alone.

And so he did a search and finally he found this bull which had a shining star on its head. He captured the bull and he managed to ride it through the ocean and took it to the mainland and gave it to the one eyed race that was there. Three leaders represented the one eyed race and they all had one eye. Can anyone guess what this symbolism is about?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Capturing the bull and taking it to the mainland, what would that mean? And what does it mean that we have a bull on an island?

Audience: Isolated

JJ: Right, the bull is symbolic of the lower self again and it is symbolic of our lower desires and also our sex urge. Lower psychism, lower desire and the sex urge – these are what the bull represents.

The star on the bull represents the light in the forehead which is a light from the soul that guides us through these energies so that they can be controlled accurately. Now we each see ourselves as an isolated unit and in making decisions about our lower nature we see ourselves as making decisions from a point of isolation. That is why the bull is isolated. We say that what I do only affects me but actually what we do has a ripple effect and affects many people.

So Hercules was told to take the bull to the mainland. In other words, take the lower part of our nature and realize that it is not isolated. The lower part of our nature affects the higher part of our nature and they are all intertwined.

This is continuation of the lesson when he worked with his friend Abduras. They were supposed to work together and they ended up working separately and the labor almost ended up getting bungled. So he is supposed to take the bull to the mainland, which symbolizes unity, the unity of the lower and the higher self. We say the lower self and the lower self does not mean bad self. The lower self is still part of the whole and the lower self needs directed in such a way that it is useful for it is a tool.

All of our bodies are merely vehicles. If you have a car, it is a vehicle to take you from one place to another. We have seven vehicles all together – three vehicles of form, which are most important from our point of view. The first form is the form of the mind, which is thought. The second, desire, and then the third, the physical form that we are in right now.

There are worlds that are composed of emotional matter that are just controlled by feeling and this is called the astral world. Then the next world up is the world of thought. All form is manipulated by what you think. Now thought and emotion or feeling and physical activity are all brought together at this lowest point that we are at. Our lower urges need to be ridden or mastered for riding the bull symbolizes taking control of our lower nature and directing it in a harmless way so that it becomes a sacrifice, so to speak, for the gods. These three one eyed men symbolize enlightened beings of the higher self and the three aspects of the Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or the aspects of power, love and will.

These three one eyed Cyclops symbolizes the higher aspect of the Holy Trinity that the lower nature must be delivered by riding the bull so to speak to the one God. So we can use the lower nature to full fill the purpose of God rather than against them.

Audience: You mentioned something about thought and desire and physical activity.

JJ: The three worlds of form are desire, and then mind and thought, and then the lowest world is the physical world. The physical world is really two because the physical world that we see is composed of what we call the dense physical which is really not built upon what is called a real principle. What really sustains form is we call the etheric body. Has anyone ever showed you how to see the etheric body?

Audience: No

JJ: Okay it is much easier to see than the aura and I will show you how to see it. We need a white or light background. Now put your thumbs together and touch them and then pull them apart so they are about a quarter inch from each other and look at that space in between them against this white background. Stare only at the empty space with the white wall in the background . You will see kind of a blue film around your thumbs stretching about a millimeter from the skin.

How many of you can see it? Okay just about everybody. It is pretty easy to see. When I was a younger kid I taught a class in the church to a bunch of young kids and I showed them how to see this and I said that is your spirit. (Chuckling) They went home and told their parents and boy I got in a lot of trouble.

Okay now I want everyone to stare at my third eye in my forehead. I guess I had better think good thoughts. (60 seconds later) Okay I am going to move away but I want you to keep your eyes fixed on that spot and imagine I am still there. (45 seconds later) Okay what do you see? Does anybody see any colors?

Audience: Blue

Audience: I saw yellow.

Audience: Blue and orange.

JJ: I am just recovering from a cold and there may be some interference there. Anyone see any dark spots?

Audience: Yes

JJ: If you are getting over a cold or something when you look at the whole body you can often see the areas where there is a congestion of energy.

Audience: Now when you were standing up there you just a few more seconds and then you decided to step away, how did you sense when it was the appropriate time for us to see that?

JJ: Any time around a minute it begins to work and there is nothing magical about an exact time. Next, to see your aura you have to concentrate on looking a little bit farther out. The etheric body is really easy to see and almost everybody can see that, but not too many can see the aura naturally. This is something that has to be learned by experimenting and continuing to practice and then when you first see it you will think it was your imagination because it is so fleeting. You will see it and then it will disappear and then look and it will disappear or go away.

The process of seeing the aura is the process I call “not seeing.” You have to be in mode to not see to be able to see. In other words it is a little bit like chasing your girlfriend when you are young. If she knew you were chasing her then she avoided you but if you act like you do not care then she thinks, “since he does not care then I am going to make him care.” So it is a little bit like that in the fact that when you begin to see the aura that you have to have the mindset that you do not care if you see it or not and you have to put yourself in a mindset where are not really trying to look but you are trying.

This is kind of an interesting mindset that you have to put yourself in and when you finally get in that mindset you cannot be enamored by it because as soon as you think, oh boy, its working, then it disappears. You have to keep your emotions at bay and then finally you will get to the point to where you can see it and look at it for a while.

Now out farther than the aura is the film that covers the aura. You are actually fairly egg shaped. If you notice that when you break an egg there is a film on the outer part of the egg. Well there is a film on the outer part of the aura and on this outer film part of the aura is projected your thoughts and they are projected in all kinds of geometric forms. A Master can look at these geometric forms you are projecting and tell what you are thinking.

When Christ approached the woman at well and read her mind he was merely looking at the projection of thought and He was very sensitive to that. These outer images are much harder to see than the aura, just like the aura is much harder to see than the etheric body. They are very elusive. I find sometimes they are easiest to see just when you are waking up in the morning when you are in between being awake and asleep and sometimes for a short period of time I will see them really easy.

I used to practice quite a bit in seeing the aura but I have not done it much in recent years. I find that by just using the intuitive nature that you can pick up what you need on other individuals but seeing the aura does have its use and sometimes an aura may just stand out, and out of the blue for some reason my soul wants me to see the aura and it will just be real easy to see. So if you tune into the soul when you are supposed to know something about somebody then you will get some kind of impression one way or another and you may pick up something about their aura also.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Keys Posts 2012, Part 5

This entry is part 18 of 40 in the series 2012A

March 5, 2012

The Aura

Sarah wrote the following:

Yesterday, my sweetheart, Nick and I went the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Chicago. We had our auras photographed! I have wanted to have this done for the past couple years. What do you think?

I have been very task oriented lately, as I have really begun laying the ground work for my book, “Restoring the Years the Locusts Ate: An Artist’s Tale of the Road to Madness and Back”. will be mentioned in the later healing chapters. I don’t know when it will be finished, but I will by 28 in May and as I am entering in the Return of Saturn I am feeling a lot of Mars energy. I have about 14,000 words written so far.

The coolest thing about all of this is that when Nick’s photo came out, the husband said, “Wow! You have a lot of unconditional love…you must have a very big heart!” His wife stopped talking to the person she was talking to and looked at Nick’s photo and said, “Oh my gosh….We have never ever seen one like that…and we’ve seen thousands of these.” They were thoroughly impressed, as they just stopped and gazed at his photo for a minute in awe. I was not surprised. Please note the area in front of Nick’s chin/throat/chest”it is white. They said his aura was so unusual because he was so grounded yet so spiritual at the same time. I knew right when I saw it that it was unique…the magenta is very, very vivid. We all know Nicky has a very large heart!

Nick took me in and nursed me back to health 2 1/2 years ago, as I was on drugs, medications, and had just come out of an abusive marriage. He took care of me while I detoxed for months…paying my bills, and giving me emotional support to get through it.

Aura Photos:

JJ Thanks for sharing this with us Sarah.

When I was younger I placed quite a bit of attention on developing the power to see auras. I got quite good at it and then moved my attention to other things. I found I could use my intuition to gain the discernment that I needed. I still see auras now and then but I’m not as sensitive as I used to be when I practiced regularly.

I’m glad you posted this because it is an improvement over what was claimed to be auric photography a few years ago. A lot of it then were variations of kirlian photography which captures energy radiating from the etheric body and is not part of the aura. In addition a lot of what has been claimed to be photographing the aura has been faked. I knew a lady back in the eighties who was frustrated that she couldn’t capture the aura so she planned on creating a fake device.

The main evidence I look for in the validity of aura photography is whether the images match what I have actually seen. It looks to me that the photos you had done does indeed capture the aura in part.

There are several layers to the aura and when the seer places attention on one part the other parts may not come into focus.

The first light one will see will be the etheric which only extends a few millimeters from the skin. The next thing to see are the auric colors which usually extend from 6-12 inches from the skin. When seen clearly these are sometime quite spectacular and very bright like neon colors. Next out you have the circulating energy which is egg shaped and extends about an arm’s length from the body.

The final and by far the most difficult thing to see, which I have never heard anyone claim to capture on camera, is the film at the edge of the auric egg. On this one’s thoughts are projected in the language of geometric forms.

It looks like Sarah’s photographer captured a composite of some of the auric light mixed with the film of the revolving energy. It appears that the outer film acted like a filter dimming and blurring the inner colors of the aura.

Even so, Nick had a nice bright violet color exposed to the camera. This is a good color to have as it denotes sincerity and devotion to high ideals. Violet seems to be the only color of the aura that was captured in purity. I’m sure there are other neon like colors if vision could look through and filter out the auric egg.


March 7, 2012

More on Auras

Sarah writes: One question,…is it possible I have a dense shield around my aura for protection?

JJ I haven’t seen anything in auras that would indicate an existing shield. The disciple is best shielded from negativity by being positive himself and the well-protected positive person will have a vibrant etheric body and strong extending colors in his aura.

After checking out auric photography on the web it appears that the outer part of most people’s aura creates kind of a mist that prevents the inner colors from being accurately filmed. Your boyfriend seemed to be the exception in that his violet color was so extended that the camera caught it.

In addition we do have built in protection in our etheric webbing around our centers. This prevents too much energy being released at once as the centers are opening up.

Kelly writes: The geometric form makes me truly wonder about whether or not I am seeing part of this. I had done visualization exercises a very long time ago and since then I see these triangle prism-like forms pop a little far off around the head of people while conversing with them. The triangle prism have a strong light to them that make them stand out. I can’t look straight into the prism cause otherwise it disappears. I don’t even know if it is in my own auric field or the other person’s I am noticing this. It could be something else but I always wondered.

Could this be part of the geometric language of thought?

JJ Yes, it very well could be. Not very many people have seen these geometric forms as they are difficult to see and yes if you single them out they will disappear. To keep seeing them you have to practice the art which I call “not seeing.” To do this you have to look without giving the object any conscious attention, as if you are not looking or couldn’t care less if you see something or not.

What you saw could be in the outer part of your aura or in the other persons. If the person moved and the image moved with him t then it probably belonged to him.

I found it interesting that auras can be seen in a mirror and when learning to see them I spent quite a bit of time in front of the mirror looking at my own. You might try looking at your auric space in a mirror and see if any geometric forms materialize. I haven’t seen these forms reflected in a mirror but once you see your own aura in a mirror your sensitivity may be increased enough to see the forms in front of you.

I also sometimes see them as I am waking up from sleep when I am in that zone where I am between sleep and being awake. When you are in this state try and look at the edge of your aura and see what is there. It is best to keep your eyes closed when in this semi sleeping situation.


March 10, 2012

Re: More on Auras

I wrote” “In addition we do have built in protection in our etheric webbing around our centers. This prevents too much energy being released at once as the centers are opening up.”

Jerry responded: Question. Why do we need “protection” from to much energy being released at once? Is this a danger to ourselves or others in some way? And is the energy being released from our centers as they open up lost or is a perpetual energy?

JJ When the petals of the lotuses of the centers unfold new energies are released and they take some getting used to because they heighten the vibration of the physical, astral and sometimes mental bodies.

The seeker has a difficult enough time with a natural release of new energies. Sometimes he may open one new energy in a lifetime and other times several. Those not so far along the path may go several lifetimes without releasing new energies.

In a normal release the seeker may experience the following.

(1) A tingling feeling around the center which is opening up. (2) Strange unexplainable feelings like he is fading away or feeling like he may pass out.

(3) Inner lights when his eyes are closed.

(4) Visions

(5) A sense that God or some high being wants to communicate with him.

(6) Health problems centered in the organs or area connected to the stimulated center.

(7) A sense of euphoria.

These and other symptoms will occur until the seeker adjusts to the new energies. After the adjustment, which may take a couple years, he will the feel somewhat normal again but have an increase in abilities in certain areas.

If the seeker lives a normal life the above will be the worst that will happen, but if he places too much concentration on the opening center and forces the flow then he will face the following dangers.

(1) Delusions of grandeur.

(2) The energy will be so powerful he will come close to madness.

(3) A few will actually go insane.

(4) In the worst case scenario he could die.

For our protection we all have protective webbing between our various centers that helps to limit the circulation of new energies. When the energy is mastered then the webbing dissolves. If powerful mediation destroys the webbing early then the seeker will face various dangers.

To help understand the new energies visualize the problems a deep-sea diver has as he attempts to rise to the surface. His body has adjusted to the great pressure of the deep and if he rises too fast his body cannot adjust and he is in danger of sickness or death. To solve the problem he rises slowly to the surface and gives his body time to adjust to the lighter pressure.

Even so, we are in the dense physical and when we seek to rise to the higher spiritual levels we have to make adjustments also. If we rise up slowly then we will have time to safely adjust but if we rise too fast into the higher spiritual energies we will encounter a number of dangers.

Jerry wants to know if the new energies are “lost or is a perpetual energy”

Our centers are linked to the world of Spirit and the spiritual energies are always there. The seeker just doesn’t have access until his energy petals open up. After they open the energy that is always in circulation then becomes available from that point on unless the seeker rebels against the light.


March 12, 2012

Adjusting to New Energies

Jerry writes: Lets say someone has “places too much concentration on the opening center and forces the flow then he will face the following dangers.” Is there a way to stop/contain it and place a protection/shield around it again or is the person simple doomed to one of the four results you listed?

JJ Unless a person has done some type of meditation or breathing exercise with too much emphasis on certain centers or focused with great emphasis on the need for power he is likely to safely pass through the opening of the centers that occur in his lifetime.

But keep in mind that even if he is doing everything right the opening of one or more of the petals can be stressful and perplexing.

Once the protective webbing has been removed there is no putting it back. If the seeker has released too much energy the key is to learn to adjust to it. Over a period of time the disciple will adapt and things will seem normal again. Lifting a weight may be difficult at first but when strength is increased it may then become easy. When spiritual strength is increased the seeker can then handle the new energy.

Jerry: What center would have opened if the individual was having symptoms of Mono, extreme fatigue, and a feeling of being overwhelmed and what can be done?

JJ Those symptoms could be caused by some physical imbalance or deficiency.

If we assume that one of the centers is causing the problem then there is no way to positively identify which one on this much information as several centers can produce something like this. It is most likely that it is the heart center though as an over release of energy there can produce what you describe. By paying attention to the energy flow within your body you may get clues as to which center is involved.

If the problem mentioned is caused by an energy release through a center you can assist by doing the following:

(1) Do not fight it or let it cause you to fear. The more you resist the stranger you will feel.

(2) Note that the feelings you have are there and continue with your life as if everything is normal. Put your attention on enjoying life and this will quicken the adjustment.

(3) Do everything you can to maximize your physical health. Get lots of exercise and good nutrition. Pay particular attention to normalizing your blood sugar. Cut out all refined sugars. Eat whole grain bread with no more than 2 grams of sugar per slice.

(4) Cease all meditation, except for short prayers, until the energy flow seems normal.

(5) Each new energy is pushing you toward learning something new. Tune into your soul and attempt to discover your next step. If you are moving toward that step normalization will come much quicker.

Hope this helps.


March 13, 2012

The Fracking Truth!

This was written by an environmental activist so he wants to raise concerns about anything that penetrates mother earth. Here is a good piece of information from a scientific publication:

Fracking does cause minor earthquakes, but these “fraques” are comparable in size to the frequent minor quakes caused by coal mining. What’s more, they originate much deeper in the crust so have all but dissipated by the time they reach the surface.

Fracking Article


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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 37

This entry is part 22 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Audience: The one great life that is the youngest, in my head I think of this life as the big baby, because he is the biggest but is also the youngest. Didn’t He create molecules? When you say that we are in the seventh plane (universe of seven), are we the universe seventh edition and did that same big baby create them all?

JJ: Laughter. Okay, it would take a whole book to explain that. It might be a good idea to read the book again. There is really only one life and what the One Great Life did was reflected Himself, so if you put one mirror on one side of your self and another mirror on the other side of your self and looked, have you ever done that before? You will see the mirror reflect into endlessness. In the Bible when God said He created man, that He created man in His image. The word in the Hebrew actually means a reflection of himself, so this tells us that what God did in the beginning was reflect Himself and each of us is a reflection of God, we are just not a piece of God but the whole image of God is reflected in all of us so each one of us has the potential of the wholeness of God, not just a piece of Him.

Everything that God has is available within us, but each time a part of God goes to sleep and wakes up on a higher plane then He has to start from scratch. Everything is still in there and everything that we have ever learned is still intact. All we have learned from many lives in other universes and spheres is within us, but it is not all accessible because we are in a creation that we have never experienced before. What man is in the universe is where God is putting His creative energy. By man I mean man and woman. That is the trouble with man and woman, there is really no good substitute word that means both man and woman. Humanity is good but man is short and sweet. If I say man I mean male and female in this context.

Humanity is where God has His physical energies in this creative universe. There are 12 Creative Hierarchies in all the universes from the various spheres but in the physical universe that we are in man is where God has His creative attention and just like us we can only put our attention on so much at one time. God is the same way because we are in His image. Now if want to understand what God is like then we need to understand what we are like because we are made in God’s image.

We can only put our attention on so much at one time and in this universe He can only put His attention on so much at one time so His attention is on mainly focused on where his image is which is man. So we are the creative force in this universe and we are really just getting started with the creation. What happened in the lower universes within the atom is that His attention in the past had been there but when relative perfection was attained what happened was we then left it there like a computer program.

When a computer program is perfect, when we get the perfect Microsoft Word then no programmer has to come and fix it, it just works forever. It just works and no one has to create Microsoft Word again. It has reached relative perfection and there it is. When we as the smaller parts of ourselves were in the smaller universes, we reached relative perfection and then left that relative perfection there like a great computer program. All the atoms stay together and function perfectly because they are all computer programs that were perfected with the attention of God.

DNA and the human genome just did not materialize on it’s own. It got there through a lot of labor and work. Once it was perfected it was left there like a great computer program. As a matter of fact it is so complex, a famous atheist studied it and he was so impressed with the complexity that he was convinced that there was some intelligence involved because it could not have just fallen together. But you do not need to study that. You can just look at anything through a microscope and think how did that get there and how did that get put together and by what intelligence?

The intelligence was not just God sitting up on a chair and snapping His fingers. Bet’s suppose it was. Well, then, who created Him? No one had answer for that. The answer is that we have always been and the intelligence has always been an active intelligence creating things and once one thing is created we plug in the computer program and it runs on it’s own. Every hydrogen atom that makes up water is extremely complex.

We think a human cell is complex, a hydrogen atom is just as complex as a cell and DNA but it is running on a bunch of computer programs that is keeping everything together and running and then that little atom is joined together to make cells and they have little computer programs running and the attention of God no longer has to go on creating them. The wheel has already been invented in that area and does not have to be re-invented. So where is the creative mind of God at work?

It is at work now in the human atom and what is interesting is in the law of correspondences. Remember they said that the solar system corresponds to an atom, but so does a human being. And who was the first man? Adam, who sounds very much like atom, does it not? And this is not just a coincidence because we are very much like an atom. You say well we are not round like an atom, well yes we are but we do not see this. What we see is a nucleus of ourselves. Our physical body here corresponds to the nucleus and the energy field in an atom corresponds to the seven chakras. We have seven electron shells around us just like the atom has seven shells within it, the atom has seven chakras and we have seven chakras.

If you learn to see the aura you will see that you have an energy field around you is that is a little bit egg shaped. So you are actually a circular being. What we see is just the dense part of us. The proton weighs about 1839 times more than an electron, so in the hydrogen atom the particle in the center is 1839 times as dense as the particle circling around it. That is why we cannot see our outer electrons because the body is much more dense. Our body is much more dense that our aura field.

Our aura field is something that we can see and I have trained myself to see it and it actually circulates around us. If you can see it then you can actually see it circulating around you just like an atom with something circulating around it. We are not exactly like the atom; we correspond to what is below but with a difference. When we look below, we lots of organization, the DNA is so complex that it took all the computer experts in the world to put together programs to just map it. Mapping it was a great undertaking let alone understanding how it works. Extremely complex, detailed and perfect almost. We cannot think of anything more perfect. Then when we get to us, are we perfect? No, we have not even achieved relative perfection. Except for James over here, he is pretty darn close! Laughter.

JJ: All of us are working on our own perfection and most of us feel a thousand miles away from it. But, when we look at what we do here compared to larger lives, we see that, the planet earth itself is beautiful but is kind of rough. Then we look at Mars and the various planets and they are all different and they all have much that needs organized that could be done.

When we look farther and farther up we see random organization. We look at the stars and see they are randomly placed out there; there is some organization but not a lot. It is random unless you really study it a lot and then we find that there are, certain groups of stars that do group together in galaxies but it is a bit rough. So now we find out the larger we get the less everything is organized, and the smaller we get we find that everything is ingeniously organized – almost perfect organization, and we are right in the middle. God is putting His attention through us to organize the universe. Humanity is young in the universe at present. On the various planets the various beings have probably evolved to look somewhat different but they will all follow approximately the same program. Just like each hydrogen atom evolves about the same way on each planet and at the end of evolution each being will wind up looking very close to what we will look like when our evolution is wrapped up here. In between there may be some differences but by the end of our evolution on the earth we will look like those on other planets who have reached the end of their evolution.

Let’s say that were some people living on the Sirius in that system at the end of their evolution. They would look a lot like our final race because trial and error produces a very similar end result. But we have to figure out to get there and what we are going to create. As we evolve, we are going to evolve in ways that we could never imagine right now because we are really at the start of our evolution and we are just getting started to understanding how to use spiritual energies.

When we understand this then we are going to be the creative force that actually organizes the universe. We are going to do things like go to Saturn where the Cassini spacecraft just took pictures and we are going to be able to take the moon Titan and move it out of it’s orbit and closer to the earth and sun so we will be able to populate it and establish a habitable world. We will eventually be able to reorganize our entire solar system so that we can make use of all these planets out there. It is our human nature to always want new experiences and new challenges.

We cannot live without these and it so built into who we are that even when we sleep we cannot do nothing. We still have dreams and in these dreams we do all kinds of crazy things. They are kind of crazy at times but they are still an experience that is very challenging. You will find that some of your dreams are very challenging. So even when we sleep it is in our nature to find something new all the time to experience.

Our inner self conjures up something for us to be entertained because we demand to be entertained and demand to experience new things all the time. The youth want this all the time. When we get old we do not want the new and this is one of the reasons why we die. If we want eternal youth then we must go after new things and new experiences.

So what happens when relative perfection is reached is that life becomes very boring and the lives that reach relative perfection go to sleep. Then what happens is they wake up and merge with other lives and participate in the creation of a greater life and then that greater life does new things. You are composed of trillions of atoms and each one of those atoms is alive, but also asleep, they are asleep and dreaming of being you and you are giving them the experience that they cannot get on their own.

Those little tiny lives live in the cells, atoms, quarks, electrons and things and because they are alive they want something to happen, they want to build new things, to create new things, to have new experiences, and they have done all that they can on their own plane of existence so they have to go to sleep and wake up in you. You are a composite of trillions of other life forms and universes, which are in you. They are all waiting for you to do something interesting. What have you done interesting Wayne to keep the lives within you entertained?

Wayne: I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: So interesting it may be illegal huh Wayne! Outside of Wayne the rest of you are really going to have to work on it I think.

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