The Meeting of the Minds

1999-7-24 10:07:00

The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 9


We have covered principles governing the sharing of two out of three of our basic energies: our desire nature and the heart. The full sharing of even these two energies is very rare, but the sharing of all three - desire, heart, and mind - is almost unknown among men and women at present. A union of minds is an almost idealistic goal, but it is one that will soon be achieved by a few advanced souls who will pave the way to complete fulfillment for the rest of humanity. In several hundred more years, this will be a much talked about subject.

Up to now, a complete union of minds usually occurs between a Master such as the Christ and a dedicated disciple; this is sometimes called the second comforter and was mentioned by the Master:

16And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; 17Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be IN you. [John 14: 16-17]

The Christ mentioned this principle once again: "Behold I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I WILL COME IN TO HIM, and will sup with him, and he with me." [Revelation 3:20]

The principle described here is sometimes referred to as a divine possession, or overshadowing. A member of the Hierarchy such as the Christ, or one of the Masters associated with him, will leave his physical body and send his mental body to dwell in the body of a disciple for a period of time. During this time, the disciple's body will house two minds at once and the interplay of energy the disciple will feel will produce sensations of union in a much higher wavelength and intensity than was the union of the heart energies.

It is the destiny of man and woman to eventually receive this, the highest of unions. Presently, highly developed men and women share a small endowment of mental energy, but that interplay they may feel in the mind during lovemaking and other times is generally only a slight foreshadowing to the greater union to come.

The question then naturally arises as to what a couple must do to achieve this, the highest of unions, so man and woman can achieve fulfillment and make love simultaneously in the three worlds of human endeavor.

To share the heart center, the two must be masters over the world of emotion; to share the world of the mind, both must be masters over the mind. To be a mental master, the mind must be subject to all intuitive flashes given to it through the soul. If the mind does not "obey" the higher self and comprehend principles delivered to it , it becomes very limited in its usefulness and eventually becomes destructive. In esoteric language, it becomes "the slayer of the real"1. In other words, without the connecting link of the intuition the mind determines that illusion is real, and because it is full of facts and does not understand all true principles, it rejects or "slays" the true reality.

For instance, the mind, relying on facts only, often rejects the idea that a higher power than man exists because it cannot be concretely proven. This reality is then slayed until he intuitively grasps the principle of the One Life. He then readjusts his facts to fit the principle and the reality once rejected is brought to life again.

The mind must be led out of deception and illusion by the power of the intuition that connects us with the God Within, the source of all true principles. Then concrete reasoning is directed by the soul. At this point, one still uses his freewill as to whether he accepts the intuitive instruction, and if he does use it correctly, he then uses his power of Will to direct the mind to comprehend and direct reasoning according to soul impulses.

When two people reach this point, they can finally see "eye to eye" as it is called in the

Bible 2. When a male and female reach this plateau, they can begin to experience celestial sharing of the mind energy. The mental matter that composes the highest part of their aura will intermingle and great will be their union.

To achieve the highest possible union with the opposite sex, a person should approach a relationship from the "top down" (or from the mind down to the body), and not from the "bottom up," as is the case with most people.

To approach a perspective partner from the top down, one must start the relationship on a mental level; next he proceeds to the emotional energies, and last to the physical union.

The natural approach is to seek first a physical union, and if this is successful, then proceed to higher areas of union. The problem with this latter approach is that a physical relationship entered into without the interplay of the emotions and the mind merely stimulates the sexual energies and makes it much more difficult to focus on the higher energies later. Women instinctively know this is true, even though few are able to logically express the reason in words. Most females are repelled by the male who wants instant sex. She wants to be known at least on an emotional level (desire plane) first. She wants to share some feelings so the physical relationship can have some meaning.

One can tell which energy controls a person's actions by observing how he initiates relationships. If he attempts physical sex at the earliest possible moment, then he is motivated most strongly by sacral energy. If he attempts to win his partner first by sharing romantic or deep emotional feelings, then he is centered in desire or solar plexus energies. If he attempts to first win his partner through the mental sharing of thoughts and ideas with no emotional involvement, then he is centered in the mind. If he attempts to first win his partner through the sharing of pure love or acceptance, as in a close friendship, then he is centered in the heart energies.


An example of a person centered in the heart energy and initiating a relationship is as follows:

Jim's consciousness is centered in the heart and is motivated by Love-Wisdom. He meets Sue and is impressed by her, and wants to investigate the possibility of a long-term relationship with her. He finds her physically attractive, but does not like the idea of becoming physically intimate too soon. He may not be able to explain why, but he has always wanted sex to be more than physical gratification.

He also resists the "natural" inclination he feels to capture her emotionally too soon; he feels this would interfere with his judgment as to whether she would truly be a good partner. He sees love as something more than deep emotional involvement. He considers a deep friendship as more important than romantic love.

Even though Jim is very attracted to Sue, he resists the impulse toward physical involvement and first tries to make friends with her, just as he would approach a male that he likes. He feels that if he can look upon her, first, not as a male or female, but as a good friend that he can truly love without romantic attachment, then a permanent relationship can work.

In his friendship with Sue, he often finds himself in situations where he knows he could stimulate in her an emotional-desire love by speaking the right words, or making the right gestures, but these inclinations he resists until the time is right. He wants to first take the friendship to the critical level before moving to a romantic involvement.

He also finds himself in situations where knows he could stimulate Sue's physical desire for him. There are times when he knows a touch, hug, or squeeze at the right moment would stir desire energies within her. These inclinations he also resists, for the stimulation of these energies would hinder his purpose to an even higher degree.

Jim's friends think he is a bit odd for not making the "moves" on Sue, for she is very attractive, but he is not concerned about what they think. Jim is most interested in establishing a beautiful relationship.

One person, however, is very impressed, and that is Sue. Sue finds that she is very attracted to Jim, but has not yet become close enough to him emotionally to experience those deep longing feelings that she has had with other men in the past. Yet, she feels that if something could break the ice, she could be closer to Jim emotionally than anyone she has ever met. She finds that she is pleased that Jim respects her enough as a person to establish a non-romantic friendship. She thinks Jim is refreshingly different and waits with quiet anticipation for him to advance the relationship toward a greater involvement.

Finally, the time comes when Jim feels the moment is right. He speaks loving words to Sue. He tells her how much he admires her and wants to get closer to her. He touches and caresses her at the right moment and looks in her eyes in ways that express his feelings toward her. Waves of desire and intense emotional feelings pass between them and at this moment they enjoy togetherness as they never have before. They have an enjoyment and fullness that is never known between those who begin at the physical or even emotional level and try to move up. By starting at their highest consciousness and moving down, Jim and Sue find they can experience a fullness in three levels of energy.

A second example is of one who is centered in the mental energies:

David is a thinker, a person of ideas. He is a person of logic and reason, and draws much inspiration from the world of the intuition. He often feels like a stranger in a strange land and tires of having to constantly reach down to an emotional level to establish relationships with women. He feels that he usually has only a surface relationship with most of the people he has met. He has never met anyone that he would like to make a permanent bond with, but he is always looking.

One day he met Elizabeth. He had a short conversation with her and found her stimulating, so he decided to check out the possibility of further involvement.

Even though she is very attractive, an immediate physical relationship is the last thing on his mind. He finds that he is not the slightest bit tempted to explore that area yet.

Elizabeth is also a person of strong feelings and David can sense this, but he consciously avoids any action or speech to stimulate those feelings, for he knows that a too-soon emotional involvement will often fog the mind so one cannot view a relationship in correct perspective.

David is not even interested in establishing a deep friendship even though he senses that this could be done quite quickly. A deep friendship may have the disadvantage of pulling his mind in the wrong direction if this girl is not what he is looking for.

And what is David looking for?

David has been a searcher all his life, always looking for new truth and ever seeking to expand his consciousness. He has a strong sense of mission and seeks someone to help him accomplish the directions given to him by his soul. He will be interested in Elizabeth if she is a true seeker of light and truth.

He decides to test Elizabeth's response and seeks another encounter with her. He asks her some questions and explains to her some of his philosophy and life goals. He finds that she is very interested and curious. She asks him many questions on various topics she has wondered about throughout her life and is stimulated by David's answers.

David is now convinced that Elizabeth is a true seeker and may help him fulfill his life's purpose. He begins to establish a deep friendship with her. Then, when the time is right, he proceeds downward from the heart energies, just as Jim did. Finally, when they begin their physical relationship, the two make a bonding covenant and are joined together for time indefinite through the energies of the soul.

David and Elizabeth experience a sharing of energies felt by few people on the earth and seek for a fullness of sharing at all four energy levels. The degree they both share is dependent upon the sensitivity of both to the energies of the soul and spirit. Generally speaking, the sharing of both cannot be much higher than the degree of soul contact experienced by the weaker partner. Thus, if Elizabeth is at a lower level of consciousness than David, David will have much incentive to lift her up for the benefit of both. Only by lifting her consciousness can David share in the higher energies with her.

After the bonding is consummated, David and Elizabeth share not only the energies of the heart and mind to a high degree, but also experience emotional and physical fulfillment that is felt by few. Highly evolved people seek not for fulfillment on spiritual levels only, but view all levels as one great chord where all the notes must vibrate to produce harmony. The physical and emotional notes must be played as well as the higher ones.

The physical and emotional worlds are as much of a creation of God as are the higher worlds, and when all creation is viewed as one, all things are spiritual. All energies are spiritual if they are directed toward the evolutionary path. To be evolutionary, the physical and emotional energies must adjust their vibration so they are in harmony with the heart and mind energies.

Highly evolved entities tune the chord of their energies from the highest to the lowest, and thus all the notes in the energy chord can vibrate harmoniously. If one tries to tune from the physical to the higher notes, the whole chord will sound off key and total fulfillment will be impossible.

All energies and creations vibrating in their pure state are good. It is only the inharmonious mixture or blending that produces poor sounding chords.

We have stated that the desire nature must be directed and subjected to the higher energies of the heart, mind, and soul before the individual can correctly use those energies and proceed to higher levels of consciousness. If he is controlled by his lower desires, he has put a limit on his progression on the Path.

There are two basic desires seeking for mastery over the consciousness. The first is the desire of the lower, or false self; when we speak of mastering desire, we speak of this. Second, there is the desire of the higher or true self. This is sometimes referred to as the Spirit or God Within.

As the entity evolves, he will find that these two desires are often in conflict. However, a person of low evolution will be almost entirely ruled by lower selfish desires. As he makes progress, the higher desires are felt and they seem to conflict with the lower. The person fears he will have to sacrifice the wants of the false self and thus is slow to hearken to the impulses of his higher desires. However, the magnetic pull of the higher self increases, and sooner or later the aspirant yields to spiritual desire which leads to union. When this happens, he finds that the lower desires are not extinguished, but are instead put under the direction of the higher energies and the fulfillment of all desire is enjoyed with a greater degree of exquisiteness.

The desires of the lower self include all desires for the separated self, where the person disregards the group good. Lower desires are usually based on the physical or emotional needs of one or two individuals and are often called personality needs. Higher desires do not concern personalities, but souls, and in this realm one soul is as important as another. Those who are governed by lower desire seek to do their own little wills. Those who are governed by higher desire seek to say with the Christ: "Father, ... not my will, but thine be done."[Luke 22:42]

When the lower desires govern decision-making, the Son of God that is within each of us is bound in chains and has no freedom of expression. When the higher desires govern decision-making, the Son of God is released from his prison and sits upon his throne to direct the lower self to greater expression and fulfillment. Thus, the whole self becomes free. This is one of the meanings of the injunction: "Whosoever shall seek to save his life (lower self) shall lose it (not find what he is seeking); and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it."[Luke 17:33] When we yield up (or lose) the lower self to the higher, we find the greatest expression of the whole.