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The Rapture

Audience: So is it going to be like one is working in the field and one is taken like the rapture that the Christians believe in?

JJ: No they completely misinterpreted that scripture, it says one is working in the field and one is taken?

Audience: Yes

JJ: The word “taken” comes from the Greek (paralambanō) meaning “Accepted” so when two people come to Christ, one person will be ready to recognize him and accepted and the other person will not be ready to recognize Him. The scripture doesn’t mean that they will be lifted up into the sky or anything like that.

So the true meaning is that some people will be ready and accepted to be taught by Him and some people will not be ready. The same thing with the parable of the ten virgins. Do you remember how that works? In the parable of the ten virgins, five, of half of them, had their lamps full of oil and ready to go and meet the bridegroom. And speaking of Christ being married, this idea was written about in the book “The Da Vinci Code.”

The parable of the ten virgins refers to the ten brides that were going to be married to The Christ! (Laughter) So some people from the polygamist organizations think well, okay Jesus was a polygamist. (Laughter) So anyway, the parable of the ten virgins, five were ready and had their lamps trimmed. They had to be able to travel a distance and see where they were going with their lamps in order to meet the bridegroom. Five of them did not have enough oil so they asked the five with oil to share with them so that they could go and meet the bridegroom too. The five that were ready said, “If we share with you then none of us will have enough oil and not one of us will be able to meet Him. So we are going to keep our oil. Go to those that sell oil and buy from them for we are going out to meet Him.

Then the five unprepared virgins went to find people that would sell them the oil and by the time they found more oil the wedding was over, the bridegroom was gone and the five virgins were accepted.

What is the meaning of this parable? The meaning is this; The oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit, or Soul Contact, the ability to contact the Higher Energies within your self in order to meet The Christ and be prepared for His presence when He comes. A person must have the Holy Spirit (Soul Contact) within him, he must have that inner contact or else he will not be prepared to meet Him and he will not be aware as to how to get there and he will not be able to light the way to see the path in order to reach the bridegroom. Now it says, “Those who do not have oil went to those who sold.” Who are those who sold?

Audience: Teachers?

JJ: Yes, there are people that will tell you how to get spiritual if you give them lots of money (Laughter) or donate to their church and things like this. Then they will tell you how to get spiritual. Well, by the time they learn anything on how to prepare from these people, the bridegroom will be long gone.

What is also interesting about this parable is that they had to make a trip in order to get there; in other words The Christ just did not manifest in the heavens and wipe out all the bad people and here I am Lord, rapture me into heaven. No they had to make some type of journey. This also symbolizes not only the individual Christ, but also finding The Christ Consciousness as well. To find the Christ Consciousness we must have the oil in our lamps, we must have the burning flame of The Spirit and matter connecting together and producing the burning of the soul that lights our lamps so that we can see where we are going. And once we see where we are going then we journey to the Lodge of the Masters so to speak and then we can find the Second Coming within our hearts. Also, when the physical second coming happens we will be aware and be able to find it and see it.

There was Jesus and He was born to Mary and Joseph. We are told that the Spirit of the Most High overshadowed Mary and she conceived. She was conceived by the power of The Holy Ghost. How many believed this happened, that Joseph was the physical father of Jesus and he was overshadowed by The Holy Spirit? He was very close to God, when Mary was conceived he was overshadowed by the Spirit of God, this is why she was conceived by the power of The Holy Ghost because they had an at-one-ment, a point where they touched The Spirit at conception. Jesus was conceived through the Holy Ghost in this manner. Now He was not the only One conceived of The Holy Ghost. If two couples make love and conceivably doing it with purity of heart and intent and touch the spirit then that baby will be conceived of The Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus grew up, and He prepared Himself, I believe that He made a contact with The Christ at a very young age. The Aquarian Gospel reveals that He made a trip starting at a very young age to many of the different nations of the earth, He went to India, Persia, Greece, and then to Egypt. And this is why the Bible is so silent on Him because all of a sudden He just shows up. He just shows up in the Bible because that is what happened, He did just show up. He showed up after He went through a series of initiations in Egypt. During this period of time He was overshadowed by The Christ, He had a very close association with The Christ. He received a series of revelations, then He met His cousin John when he returned and began teaching.

He called John the greatest prophet that had ever lived and the reason why was because John prepared Disciples for Him to teach and turned them over to Christ. Never in the history of man had any great teacher prepared a group of disciples and turn them over to one who he thought was greater than himself. But before this happened, John was baptizing and he was wondering, when was the Messiah going to show up? Who is he going to be and how am I going to recognize Him? John was asking himself these questions because He had a revelation that he was to prepare the way for the Messiah and he was getting a little impatient so he asked and this question was recorded in the first chapter of John. He asked, how will I recognize Him?

And the answer he was given is recorded in the Bible, it says; “ He upon whom ye shall see the Spirit descend and remain, this is the Son of God.” John thought “well that is interesting” so I am baptizing these people and the spirit will descend and then leave and then there will be one which the Spirit will descend and remain. That is how I will recognize him. So, John kept on teaching and baptizing and the here comes his cousin Jesus and asks to be baptized. SO John thinks well he is a pretty good fellow so John he takes Him in the water and baptizes Him and when he baptizes Him he lifts Him out of the water, what does the Bible say? He saw what?

Audience: A dove

JJ: Right he saw the Spirit of God descend as a dove and what did it do? It says the Spirit of God descended upon Him as gentle as dove and what does it say next?

Audience: It went into Him and remained.

JJ: Yes the dove entered into Him and remained fulfilling the prophesy. Remember God told John in a revelation written right out of the Bible, He upon who ye shall see the Spirit descend and remain, this is the Son of God. So finally John witnessed the event. He saw the Spirit descend like a dove and went right into Jesus’ body and stayed there. John lifted Him out of the water and all of a sudden John knew for sure or he thought he knew for sure anyway that his cousin Jesus was the anointed one; it was He who was going to manifest the Messiah.

What was interesting about Jesus is that afterwards He went into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights and there He was tempted. Why did He go into the wilderness for 40 and 40 nights? He went into the wilderness because, first of all, having a god-like entity share your body was an amazing experience. He went and got baptized and then He felt the Spirit of God, The True Messiah come, enter into His body and stay there. And when He got up He felt a tremendous fire throughout His body. He felt a presence that He had never felt before.

He got up and did not know what to do so He decided that He must commune with this and find out what this is all about. Thus He went into the wilderness to be alone with Himself and the One who had entered into His body. He spent 40 days and 40 nights fasting and praying and trying to understand what He was supposed to do with this Great Presence. After 40 days and 40 nights, when He was very weak he was tempted with three great temptations.

The tempter came to Him and said “Well now you have the Great Presence with you and are going to be able to do miracles and you will have to go and present yourself as a great representative of The Messiah. How will you prove this to your brethren? Do you think that just because you tell them that the Messiah is in you that they will believe you? I have a way for you to prove who you are. Take these rocks and turn them bread and prove it to yourself first. Jesus refused and said; “We must live by every word that cometh out of the mouth of God and live not by bread alone.”

Audience: Why would this be a temptation?

JJ: Because that is a symbol of using the Spiritual Power for the self. He was 40 days without food and near starvation and there He looked at these rocks and “if the Messiah was in Me then I could turn these rocks into bread.”

Audience: But it seems very practical that if He is starving to turn the rocks into bread so that He may eat.

JJ: It does, but it is still for self. It does not matter if He is starving or not, To use His first miracle for self would have been contrary to the laws necessary for Him to be completely selfless. He had to be completely selfless if He was going to be the Messiah.

Audience: Also He was being asked to prove Himself.

JJ: Correct and that is another point, it was a way of proving Himself.

Audience: So it was a battle of Self Doubt?

JJ: That was part of it, yes, but He refused and then the second great temptation was to jump off a great tower in the midst of the city and just land on His feet and not be injured and this would prove to all that He was the Son of God. This temptation is the one that feeds the ego, and if He would have done this it would have shown doubt that He could manifest the Presence correctly without going out and proving it in such a way as this.

So He refused once again and at the third great temptation was the He was promised all the kingdoms of the world and again he refuses this. This was probably the greatest temptation because it seems like power is the easiest thing to use wisely but it is really the most difficult. How many times have you heard people say; “If I had a million dollars I would much to help people.” But then you look at these lottery winners and what they do? They squander their millions and usually within a year they are declaring bankruptcy. Almost all of them do this. They do not know how to handle power because it is the most difficult thing.

Look at almost every revolution and you will find they started out with good intention and then the power ended up being used to for the self and for the few. Look at Cuba, Castro and his cronies took over the government in the name of freedom and what did they do? As soon as they got power they were worse than what they over threw.

Communist China led by Mao, the Bolshevik revolution in Russia over threw the Czar Nicolas II. They thought they had gotten rid of the bad guys but the new leaders ruled with more brutal tyranny than ever before. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro and so on, people think that yes if I got power I would do something good for the world but the truth is they become even worse than those who came before them. Very few people can handle power.

Now Jesus, was told by the tempter; that He could have all this power that His heart could desire and just think of all the good He could do with all this power over the world, Yet again, Jesus refused. After 40 days and 40 nights He came back and chose the twelve Apostles from John and began to teach them. His first miracle was at a wedding in Cana where He turned water into wine. He did not do that for Himself, He did because His Mother asked Him. (Laughter) Every miracle He did you will noticed, was not for His self, but it was because somebody asked Him to do it. Very seldom did He volunteer to go and do this and never did He use this power for Self Interest even if He really wanted to do this.

Audience: Unless it was probably at some wedding! (Laughter)

JJ: You never know. It was not so much the wedding but the fact that Jesus’ Mother was in charge of the wedding, which would indicate that one of her children; was getting married. If Jesus was responsible for the wine, many people think that it was possible that He was one that was getting married. So you never know for sure at this point.

What you have in the first coming; you had Jesus the reincarnation of Joshua, preparing the way and then when He had prepared the way at His baptism another Entity entered. For a period of 3 and a half years you had two Entities in one body. Now Jesus started doing these miracles and people came to Him and said, “Wow, Jesus you are a really great man being able to do these things.”

Now, this is recorded over and over again right in the Bible that Jesus replied, “It is not me that is doing these things, it is My Father that dwells within me. He does the miracles and the works. I am even telling you the words that He has given me to teach for these words are not mine. The words are my Fathers words that He is giving me and He is the One. Without Him I am nothing; without Him I can do nothing, He is the One that is doing the miracles.”

Another time the Apostles got together said, “You keep talking about this Father, show us the Father.” And He says, “I have been here so long with you and you still do not understand what I am talking about when I talk about the Father. He who has seen me has seen The Father, The Father is in me.”

Then the Jews came to Him and said, “ Well you can’t be the Messiah because it says that there are supposed to be two witnesses to the Messiah. You are one witness, where is your other witness?” And Jesus replied, “There are two men here, I am one witness and The Father that is in me is the Second Witness.”

Jesus said this point blank, emphasizing that there were two witnesses, He and The Father within him. This is very fascinating. I first read about the overshadowing when I studied the works of Alice A. Bailey given through the Master Djwhal Khul (DK) and being raised as a standard Mormon the doctrine of overshadowing hit me as one of the hardest to accept. I thought, “Well this is a very strange doctrine and it goes contrary to anything I had ever read or heard before. I thought to myself that maybe this doctrine is hidden in the scriptures. Then I started looking in there and BAM, it was in there everywhere I looked. There was solid proof that Jesus was saying that there were two entities all along! When I read it point blank like that I found, Jesus saying this, “There are two witnesses, me and the One that is in me.” This was very clear and not hidden, I thought to myself, “Boy, how could I have messed this after reading the scriptures quite a number of times.” And each time I read the scriptures I did not see that. I never saw this.

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 17

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Reincarnation, Overshadowing and More

Now, the same thing happened with me with reincarnation, in the Mormon Church they teach that reincarnation is the doctrine of the devil and that all should stay away from teachings about it. But when I discovered for sure that there was reincarnation for sure I thought; “Well, maybe it is in the scriptures somewhere and if the scriptures are true then reincarnation is true. Then I found it on almost every page. When I did this I kept wondering how come I never saw this before? The answer lies in the principle that you find what you are looking for. If you are looking for something you find it, and if you are not looking for something, even though it is right in front of your eyes, you will not see it.

So reincarnation was found throughout the entire scriptures. I also found the overshadowing of Jesus was taught throughout the scriptures and I read them quite a number of times earlier and I could never see it because I was not looking for it. My mind was filtering it out, but as soon as I began opening up and was open to look for it, there it was!

And that, my friends, is amazing! Sometimes I would ask myself “What else is in there that I am not looking for, that I am not seeing? Maybe quite a few things.” What is in the writings of Alice A. Bailey that I am not looking for because I am not open to it?” “Except ye be as a little child, ye shall no wise enter the kingdom of heaven.” And as I said earlier that does not mean that you are just a non-thinking person. It means being an open person who is completely open to whatever is there.

That was the beauty of when I discovered solid proof for myself that there was reincarnation and then went through the scriptures and verified that there was reincarnation. I was completely open after that because I thought that nothing is as I had learned it. Now what I had to do was re-learn everything with a fresh set of eyes and when I did that I found that going through the scriptures, for instance, was an entirely different experience when you are reading as if you were a child and that anything could be true.

I learned completely different things then I had ever learned before. I try to keep that attitude with whatever I learn. One of my favorite quotes in my writings is; “That if a person who is open can learn more from the National Enquirer than he can learn from the Bible.” (Laughter) The person that is open can learn from almost any source because you never know what might stimulate you to greater knowledge and understanding.

There were two entities in the body of Jesus at the same time for the three and half years. Jesus, near the time that He was going to be crucified in the garden of Gethsemane came to His final test. The Christ that was in Him knew that the cost of the Jesus being crucified was a necessary experience, but Jesus wanted to establish the Kingdom of God.

Suppose that you were over shadowed by a Master with great power and you saw that with this power you could possibly convert a very large number of people, and teach them with the assistance of the Messiah, The Christ that was in you and create a virtual Kingdom of God on Earth. That is such a wonderful thing. Now Jesus was really looking forward to being able to do this but then He was told that He could not do that for it was not part of the Plan. “You must be crucified instead. There is a bigger plan at work here,” he was told.

Right after His last meeting with the disciples when Judas betrayed Him, the energy of the group was disrupted through Judas. So He took the three disciples with Him that could still handle the energy, so He thought, and went to the garden of Gethsemane; I have covered this part in greater detail before; as He was praying, what did He ask?

Audience: To be removed from this responsibility.

JJ: Correct and why did He ask this since He already accepted the plan?

Audience: He wanted to know if there was a possibility of this.


He asked for this to be removed because He never knew for sure that this was part of the plan. The only thing He knew for sure was that The Christ was within Him and He was aware of everything and Jesus was giving out His words. Those words indicated that The Christ within Him knew about the plan but Jesus kept thinking, well, there might be a way of escape, you know this power within Me, maybe I can influence Him to build the Kingdom here. We have done all these good works and we have a good foundation established. These apostles are all ready to go and we can build the Kingdom of God. But in the garden He was told that the Will of God is that we do something else. It says in the Book of Luke that He actually sweated blood because the intensity of the pain of the decision was so difficult.

What was worse than having to give up His life was to give up His dream. His dream was to build the Kingdom of God. Could you imagine having this dream so close to being fulfilled and then having it taken from you, no you can’t do it. Imagine Shelly that you could see how you could bring peace on earth, that you could get everybody to lay down their arms and then God comes to you and says, “No we cannot do this, it is not time. We must do something else.” You must go to Jerusalem and let these let the radicals cut off your head.

Now that would be very tough. It is bad enough to have your head cut off but it is even worse to be so close to think that you could bring peace on earth and goodwill to men and find out that no you cannot do this. So there Jesus was praying, “If it be possible remove this cup. Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.” And the answer came back, “The higher Will must be done. It is your free will and your body Jesus.” Even the Christ could not takeover His body and order Jesus to obey. Jesus was left to operate of His own free will. He acquiesced and said, it is done I will cooperate.

So He went to the cross and when they put Him on on it, do you remember something else of significance that he said that relates to two entities? He said “My Father, My Father, why have You forsaken me?” In other words the Christ left the body of Jesus somewhere around the time that He was to be crucified. It could have been a bit before or during and He had to endure this all alone. And He said, “My Father, My Father why have You forsaken me?  Have I failed? Is this the end?” Once again He had a tremendous test of faith again. And of course He was put in the tomb for three days, we all know the story of the resurrection that He was raised from the dead and appeared then eventually ascended. The One that was raised from the dead was Jesus; who had the privilege of being in the body that was raised up and it was not actually the Christ, The Christ went on to all kinds of other spiritual work.

There are all kinds of stories of what actually happened to Jesus, There are legends that He went to different places in the world after He was crucified. I am not going to discuss any of that but suffice it to say that Jesus and The Christ has been working among humanity for many years. DK tells us that Jesus became a Master in His own right and that Jesus was a Fifth degree initiate after this experience. The Messiah, who is The Christ, was Krishna in a past life and also the Great prophet Melchizedek who lived in the days of Abraham and it was written that He was a Prince of Peace and that He had no Father or Mother which is a very interesting statement. It is also told that He was greater than Abraham but it says very little about Melchizedek outside of the fact that He established peace on earth for a period of time.

The Christ; went on to other work. Both Jesus and The Christ had Their initiations, Jesus had what is called the Fourth and Fifth initiation, you must undergo the fifth initiation to become a Master. Now Christ was really called The Master of masters, The Teacher of teachers, because He was a teacher of masters, angels, and men. He advanced to the beginning of a Seventh initiation. With His experience with Jesus, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane,  underwent His sixth initiation, which is called the initiation of decision. It was an experience in the garden where Jesus underwent the crucifixion initiation; and the fact that He had to give up everything so dear to Him because in this initiation that Jesus underwent you have to give up everything that attaches you to the world. The last thing that attached Jesus to the world was something good, it was the desire to bring the Kingdom of God to the world, and he even had to let that go that.

Whereas the Christ that was in Him was undergoing another test of His own; He was facing what is called the dweller on the threshold for the whole planet. Now the dweller on the threshold for the individual is bad enough to deal with. It is all the negativity that you have had to deal with in all your past lives brought together in one experience where you face the dweller before you enter into the presence of God, or the Angel of Presence. The Christ encountered the dweller on the threshold for everyone on the planet. This is one of the reasons it said that He suffered for the sins of the world. He suffered for the sins of the world in the fact that He encountered all the sins of the world in one great powerful thought form.

Now each one of us had a dweller and the dweller is the negativity all of us accumulated from all of the sins of our past. All of our negative thoughts, our fears, our errors, and guilt rolled into one bundle and occupying a life form composed of very course matter. It is our personal devil. People think the devil has lots of angels. The devil that each of us has to deal with of our own making is called the dweller on the threshold. It is residual energy, of all the negative energy, we have ever encountered and the time will come when each of us will encounter our dweller. It comes just before a monumental revelation comes to us.

Paul encountered his dweller on the road to Damascus. He experienced a great light that was so bright that it blinded him. Joseph Smith encountered his dweller when he went into the forest and prayed, he was overcome by a great dark power that made him feel like he was going to be destroyed and he had to penetrate this power before he could see the Divine Presence. Jesus encountered His dweller in the wilderness where He had to overcome the temptations but the Christ encountered the great dweller of the whole planet and it is hard or us to comprehend the intensity of the dark energy that He had to penetrate, He penetrated that dark energy and He faced it and created a link from humanity to the Divine Kingdom of Shamballa. This link connected humanity with the Will of God in such a way that had never been connected before. That was one of the most important parts of His mission. And thus He passed the Sixth initiation and began the Seventh. The Seventh initiation is the highest that can be taken on this planet. The Seventh initiation was only half completed by the Christ. He has to complete the Seventh initiation by coming again and walking among us. How this will happen is not completely given.
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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 18

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Rejected by Friends and Family

Audience: I have always had the feeling that you can’t take the fifth, sixth and seventh initiations in a female body, what are your thoughts on this?

JJ: I think it could be done but it would be very difficult because to take some of the higher initiations it is easier to be in the sending mode. But, it still could be done. All even numbers represent female and odd numbers are male. The sixth initiation, which is a female number and the fourth initiation of the crucifixion could be done in a female body. The odd numbers in particular would be easier to do in a male body. The sixth initiation, which is the initiation of decision, could be made in either one and it would not really matter. The male numbers, odd numbers, would be easier in a male body and the female numbers, the even numbers, would be easier in a female body.

Wayne from the audience:

As far as I can tell the female body is much more heavenly than the male body! (Laughter)

JJ: (Laughter) Wayne, I agree with you 100%, especially when I look at you and then I look at Susan behind you I think you are 100% right!

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: Did you read in book four of The Immortal, Eternal Words, where the “Ancient of Days” was assumed to be male and then it turned out that He was a hermaphrodite, both male and female?

Audience: You were talking about Jesus and the three temptations He could not allow Himself to have the Christ be recognized through external authoritative actions. Very similar to your book Eternal Words where you describe, when you are telling the kid at Denny’s with the bow tie that the principles that will have to penetrate as opposed to being something authoritative. Which would make sense that people you take forward in the future when they look back they just see this flowering of Christ Consciousness and are not so much focused on the messenger which is less important and more focus was put on the Christ Consciousness.

JJ: It is interesting about Jesus is, wherever He went His reputation started getting stronger until He went home to his home congregation, then He opened a scripture about the prophesy of The Messiah. There was a tradition that you would go up to the front where the scriptures were and you could open a scripture and read it and give it your own interpretation. So Jesus opened a scripture that was related to the Messiah and it was talking about how the Messiah was going to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, heal those who could not walk and things like this, and He said, “This day in your ears, the scripture is fulfilled.” In other words He was telling them that the Messiah is here. Does anyone know what happened after that?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: The whole audience got out of their seats and rushed up to the front, grabbed Him and dragged Him right out of the synagogue and then what were they going to do with Him?

Audience: They were going to stone Him.

JJ: No, they were going throw Him over a cliff because they were so enraged that the son of a carpenter would say such a thing! So they get him to edge of the cliff just ready to throw Him off  and here is what the Bible says, “And He escaped out of their midst.” Hmmm,  now did He escape by divine power or was He strong enough to just wrestle His way free?

One way or another He was able to get free and escape them. His home folk were not very tolerant. Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor.” In other words a prophet, by the time he finishes his life has honor among certain types of people except among his family and friends. (Laughter)

It funny with my book, people read it a with great enthusiasm and they will say, “Boy I could not put it down, I read all night.” It’s much different with my friends and family I give the book to. I’ll ask them, “have you read the book?” They say no. I go to their homes to visit and look in their bookcases and I cannot find the book anywhere.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: I thought, I wonder what they did with the book? I wonder if they burned it or what.

It was funny when I was first thrown out of the Mormon Church for writing some things to try and enlighten the Mormons, I often asked friends I gave them to, “Did you read that treatise I wrote?” They would say “no” and I said, “What did you do with it?” They said, “I burned it!” They just did not throw it away they had to burn it!

Audience: Laughter

JJ: Because if they threw it away some innocent soul may get it out of the garbage and read it – no, they had to burn it! It’s funny how many people told me that they burned my writings! So it makes me wonder how many in my family have burned my book.

Audience: Laughter. I don’t think they burned it because they were afraid of someone else getting a hold of it, I think they burned it because that is how you get rid of evil!

JJ: Yes, that might be it too, who knows. There might be something to that Dee. The only family member I have that has really read it and was enthused was my sweet Mother. I have been trying to impress my Mom all my life by something I have done and she was always unimpressed. Finally after I wrote “The Immortal” I thought well, who knows maybe she will read it. Well, she did read it and she loved it and has been pestering me ever since for more but now her sight is not good enough to read. One of these days I will put the books on audio and she can listen to them.

Now she does not believe in them necessarily and she is still a standard Mormon but she really enjoyed “The Immortal.” This tickled me. I finally did something that she thought was really good. She thinks I am a good kid and everything and she always thought that. She was one of the few that when I did not tow the party line with the Mormon Church, she had the attitude that God judges us for what we are. She was not judgmental at all and I appreciated that very much.

The Christ (according to DK) has to come back as an individual, an entity to fulfill His own work to finish His last initiation on this planet, Earth. So He has to come back to complete the seventh initiation.

The first stage of the coming of Christ is the establishment of the Christ consciousness among humanity and that has been firmly established. The term Christ consciousness is fixed in the human consciousness. Most people, even the man on street, has a rough idea of what the Christ consciousness is. He realizes that it is some type of higher consciousness and that ordinary people can aspire to have this consciousness. The second step in the return is the linking of heaven and earth to the point that Christ and the Masters of wisdom that work with Him can link humanity to overshadowing principle.

There are two principles involved. One I call the overshadowing, and the other I call the Divine possession. Overshadowing is where the Master can use the disciples eyes and ears and tune into his consciousness, send him messages and give him guidance so that certain a particular mission can be accomplished. I believe Jesus had an overshadowing from the time He was young. Then there is the Divine possession, where the entity which, is Christ, actually came into the body of Jesus and we actually had two spirits in one body to accomplish this specific mission.

All these things are possible and what has happened before will happen again but, how He will fulfill His mission of the second coming, is a mystery and is not known to the disciples. No one knows for sure how this mission will be completed. One of the disadvantages if this information was given out would be that many people would be claiming that they were doing this.

I talked earlier about the mighty and strong. There are all kinds of mighty and strong claimants and there are all kinds of false messiah’s out there. One thing we know for sure is that the presence of the Master will be with us again. Exactly how that Presence will be with us is unknown. We do not know if it will be like it was last time or in a body of His own or some type of manifested body, reincarnated or whatever. All we know for sure is that His presence will be here.

As a matter of fact that is what the Apostle’s ask Him in Matthew 24: Give us signs of thy coming. The word “coming” comes from the Greek word (parousia) meaning presence. Give us the signs when your Presence will be among humanity again. What does this mean? It is subject to a number of different interpretations.

It is interesting that when Shirley saw the future, she said what I have often taught and that is the world, as a whole will not recognize for some time that the Master is even here. He will not come sand say, I am Jesus Christ, hear me type of thing. He will not come from the sky and destroy all the wicked with one breath. Like, one day two guys are out mowing the lawn, and the one is Christian and the other is not and the one that is not Christian get’s zapped by lightning and turns him into a crispy critter and the born againer gets lifted up into heaven or gets accepted or something like that.

It is not going to happen like that. People will be waiting a very long time for something like that to happen. What will happen is that the Christ will work among humanity in His own way and His own time. We will not be reading in the papers that Christ is in the Mormon Temple, the Jewish Temple, or the Vatican discussing matters with the Pope.

The signs of His coming might read like this in the paper: Church leaders condemn Billy Bob to hell because he is doing X, Y or Z! (Laughter)

When Christ does manifest again it will not be way people expect. As I said earlier there are only a handful of people that expected Him to come the way that He came. There is one story of woman that had it right and she had been waiting for the birth of the Messiah. She was not expecting Him to arrive in a cloud of glory like the other Jews. No she was expecting Him to be born as a babe and when she heard about the birth of Jesus she felt within her heart that this was the Messiah and she wanted to look upon His face before she died. So they brought her to the baby Jesus. All her life she had been waiting for the Messiah and when she looked upon Him, it was confirmed within her heart that this truly was the Messiah and a short time later she passed away. So, she had the wish of her heart fulfilled and she was the only the one in the Bible that had it right. The Jewish leaders were expecting Him just the way the Christian leaders are today, He comes in a blaze of glory and wipe out all the scum of the earth and the good guys mowing the lawns that are born again can continue mowing the lawns or be scooped up into heaven or something like this.

Audience: What about that scripture that says that Christ shall rise and they that dwell will be taken to Him in the sky?

JJ: You are quoting two different scriptures here. Paul says: “But we who are alive and remain will be taken up in the air.”

Audience: Right

JJ: Well there is a mistake right there that Paul made and that is he expected to live to see the second coming himself. He says: We (meaning me and you) who are alive or who remain until Christ comes again. If you read in the scriptures there are probably about a half a dozen scriptures that were they expected Him to come very soon and within their lifetimes. So they made a mistake right there and being taken has a lot of symbolic meanings. Up in the air is a symbol of ascending to a higher state of consciousness. When Christ comes again we will be taken because remember air is a symbol of the mind. So when Christ does come again we will be taken up to a higher state of mind, a higher state of consciousness and meet the Christ in that higher state of consciousness and we can do that right now.

We did it at the end of our last meeting when we were contemplating the principle of eternal words. We were taken up to a higher state of consciousness and we felt the higher presence together. This is the esoteric meaning of that scripture.
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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 19

This entry is part 4 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Why Jesus Should Show Up

Every scripture has about three different meanings. The ancient Jews called them  the body, soul and spirit of the scriptures. And some more devout Jews believe there are as many as  seven or more different interpretations of every scripture. Now I do not believe the righteous are going to be taken in the air but always keep in mind anything is possible. Let’s suppose that we had a nuclear war and it appeared to the powers that be that unless something was done, humanity would be eliminated. If this were the case we may have some supernatural event to save humanity so that we may repopulate the planet.

At the end of Malachi it says the hearts of the fathers must return to the children and the hearts of the children must return to the fathers or else the earth shall be smitten with a curse and it is speaking of the coming of the Messiah. The word “curse” comes from a Hebrew word (Cherem) that means. “total destruction.” So what does this mean? The hearts of the fathers must be returned to the children. This means our hearts must be turned to future generations and make this earth a safe place for the people to live. If we do not do our part in disarming the world so there are no weapons of mass destruction anywhere then the earth will be smitten with utter destruction because sooner or later if everyone has nuclear weapons it is only a matter of time before they use them.

The nations of the world have to lay down their arms and if they do not lay down their arms then we will reach a point where the words of Malachi will come to pass.

My family had a mini family reunion just the other day and Artie and I were the only ones that were not solid in the Mormon Church. My sister said, what do you want to accomplish anyway? And you know they realize I think very different than they do. What they want to accomplish is to be good members of the church.

I quoted Malachi. I said, after I am gone I want it to be said, that I did something to make the world a better and safer place. Then one of the other family members said, well, I just leave that in the hands of the Lord. (Laughter)

And I said, well you cannot just leave this in the hands of Lord because if we had left World War II in the hands of the Lord then Hitler would be our supreme leader right now. Jesus said that we are the hands of the Lord. If you meet someone that is hungry, starving, or wounded by the side of the road and if you just say a prayer for them do you honestly believe that would help them? He basically says, no you are the hands of the Lord. He says you have to help that person and when you help that person, God is helping them. They will give thanks to God that God has helped them but you as an instrument of God were the one who helped; you helped them – this, was your action that accomplished this. It was not because you prayed and God sent some angel to feed, mend or clothe this person. That is just not the way it works.

If we do not do something about all these weapons of mass destruction that are pointed at each other, it says that it is only a matter of time before Malachi’s destruction comes to pass. “Unless the hearts of the fathers are turned to the children and make the world a better place for the children the earth could be totally destroyed. The prime directive of the Powers That Be and the Hierarchy is a little bit like Star Trek, non interference is essential but if it came down to humanity being completely eliminated They may interfere.

It may be possible to do this without incurring any negative Karma. It just depends on how we are about to destroy ourselves. If the Powers that Be in our planetary system look down and say: Well, looks like they deserve to destroy themselves then there would nothing that could be done. If there were enough of us in the state of innocence then it would be within the perimeters of the Spiritual Hierarchy to take action and save humanity. I would give it about a, 75% chance that we move into the new age without a major nuclear war, the way Shirley sees it happening. Let us all hope that this happens and it will happen if each one of us does our part.

What we need to do is sense the responsibility. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Oh God” with John Denver. George Burns plays God. How many saw this movie? That movie depicted God probably more accurately than the religions out there. God appeared to a grocery clerk named Jerry Landers, who is played by John Denver. He says to God, well what are doing are you going to save the world now and eliminate hunger, poverty and war and all that stuff? And George Burns says, nothing, that is up to you.

John says, Up to us! What do you mean up to us? We can’t do anything; it is up to you! And God says, no, it is up to you. If you want to make the world a better place then you must do it yourselves.

Now John Denver was beside himself because he always thought it was up to God to do that and this was a big revelation that came to him – that it was our responsibility to do this. I thought that was a good part and also presented a great truth. I really liked how John Denver was exasperated and surprised by that answer from George Burns because that answer is in reality up to us.

If we look all through history there are periods where can see there was divine influence but nowhere did the hand of God come in and completely take over and do our work for us. God never does work for us that we can do for ourselves. There is only divine interference when we do everything that we can do. If we really need assistance and we have done everything that we could possibly do and sometimes more than what is possible, then that is the time when the miraculous can occur and there can be divine interference.

Outside of this we are expected to do all that we can do and generally there is not Divine interference because all we can do is usually enough to get the job done.

Getting back to World War II again, from about 1939 to about 1942 it looked as though we may not win the war. It looked like everything was against us, but we did everything that we could. We finally got stirred up; and decided to do everything in our power to defeat Nazism our selves. We did not sit around and pray for an angel to be sent from heaven, but using everything within our power we decide to do this. There may have been some divine interference along the way but as it came, we were doing everything that we could do.

That is the way it is in our lives. So many people get frustrated because life is hard and they get mad at God for not helping. This is because you have not done everything that you can do yet. We have to do everything that we can do. A lot of people expecting the Messiah to come back  think that He is going take over and make life wonderful for us. He is going to take the earth and snap His fingers and make it into a Garden of Eden and we will be able sit under the fruit trees and eat fruit and we will not have to work. Jesus is going to appear to us and love us and we will kiss His feet and play some harps and it is just going to be so wonderful! (Laughter)

Audience: (Wayne?) I was ready to sign up until you got the part where you have to kiss His feet! (Laughter)

JJ: What will He do when he comes; is He just going to come here and do everything for us?

Audience: (Suzy) I say no, He is not!

JJ: Why not?

Suzy: Because it is up to us!

JJ: Do you not deserve a reward?

Audience: Well yes, but,

JJ: James has to take care of that huh!

Audience: (Laughter)

JJ: Does anyone remember what it says about Jesus in connection with rewarding us?

Audience: It does not mean anything unless you have earned it.

JJ: That is a true principle but that is not what it says. There are prophecies about the return of Christ and the word “reward” is used in connection with it. Does anyone remember what it says about Christ rewarding us?

Audience: I remember the parable of the talent. And He comes back and says for the work that you have done you will get this reward, or something like that.

JJ: Yes, that is true. Okay here is what it says, it says, When he comes “his reward is with him.” What do you think that means? Susan Carter, you are a student of the scriptures what does that mean?

Susan: I would say the reward is in us as we accomplish things and that is our reward.

JJ: I find it fascinating that no one has ever contemplated that scripture before. It is another one of those scriptures that sometime they even quote in church but never explain. Well what the dickens does that mean? Okay, well his reward is with him. Is He going to come down and bring us a plate of food or what? How can His reward be with him? The reward that He brings in other words, what is it?

Audience: The Christ Consciousness, His Presence, Himself.

JJ: Yes, what else?

Audience: He showing faith that your faith that you have in Him was valid.

JJ: That could be part of it.

Audience: He said the kingdom of heaven is within.

JJ: That is part of it and is there more? Why do we want Him to come in the first place?

Audience: To establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, an outer confirmation?

JJ: Yes, everyone is overlooking the main reason. Okay James, if The Christ was here and you invited Him over for dinner, why would you want Him there?

Audience: To teach us!

Audience: Correct, and what is with him? His teaching’s are with Him and that is the reward for the righteous, He will come and He will teach them.

Audience: So, only the righteous will be taught because only the righteous will be able to recognize it?

JJ: Yes, for one thing, only the people that have soul contact will be able to recognize Christ and not only Him but, His teachings as being eternal words that touch the soul.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 20

This entry is part 5 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

His Reward is with Him

So His reward is with Him. His reward is the wisdom, and the Love and the knowledge that He is going to spread to humanity. He is not going to come down here and appear before the United Nations and say, “Okay, everybody is going to do what I say now and we are going to rid the world of these nuclear weapons and we are going to stop all the suicide bombers and make the Israel a little more pleasant. We are going to make the European Union a little more generous, the United States a little more sharing; we are going make everybody better. He is not going to do this.

The reward is His teachings. How many here would like to just sit at His feet and be taught? Can you imagine what that would be like? Suppose He just walked through this door and lets suppose that we did not know it was the Christ, and we just thought it was somebody on our list. He came in; sits down what would He do? One thing He would probably not say anything and just sit; and listen. He would be a considerate person and then maybe I would say what do you think about this? And He might say, “Well do you really want to know it might take me a few minutes?” We say, “Yes lets give a try.” So He comes up and speaks. Those who are sensitive to the soul would feel a burning in their hearts and those who are not sensitive would think, well he is an okay speaker and teacher. And some would say, I do not agree with that at all.

Audience: Like the last time He would fly in the face of many established churches and religions and such. Before His teachings were wonderful and kind and they have now created these places for this and I wonder if His new teachings would affect the populace in another way.

JJ: It is hard to say and hopefully the world is a little bit more prepared than last time. The last time that He came, He had John the Baptist prepare the way and part of my mission is to prepare a group to receive Him when He comes. There are not too many who are ready to receive so what one has to do is learn to recognize the vibration of the soul that produces the love energy that swells up in your heart to the extent that it is impossible to deny that energy is there. And it is amazing how difficult it is to find people like that.

So, you can appreciate why Jesus called John The Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived. I used to wonder about this a lot, I would think, what did John the Baptist do that was great? It has a couple versus that he preached about the messiah and then he got killed and that was it. Then when I began to teach myself, I began to see how difficult a job John the Baptist had, to even get a little group ready for the Messiah. He just got a small group ready for Him and then turned them over to Jesus. This is why He was the greatest prophet that ever lived because he overcame ego to the point that he did not need this for himself and he turned them over to his cousin, Jesus who had the divine possession.

Then Jesus took them higher and shortly after that John was put in prison and in prison he knew he was going to be sentenced to death sooner or later and he was getting kind of discouraged. He was a witness, he saw the spirit of God come down like a dove and enter into Jesus. But then when he was sitting in prison he began to doubt. He thought, wow, I dedicated my life to God and turned everything over to Jesus, but let’s suppose that He is not the real Messiah. I have done all this work for nothing and I am in prison for nothing. My work only means something if He is the real Messiah.

So he calls in some of His disciples that were visiting him and he says to them, go and ask Jesus if He is the one that was prophesied to come and return and tell me what He says. So the disciples went to Jesus and said, John has sent us with a message from prison and he wants us to ask you, are you are the true Messiah that was prophesied to come? And Jesus said, spend three days with me and then go and tell John what you saw. So they spent three days with Jesus, following Him around and watching Him.

Then they returned back to John and John asked, what did Jesus say when you asked Him that question? The disciples replied, He said to spend three days with Him and tell you what we saw, John asked, what did you see? They said, we saw many mighty miracles, the blind were able to see, the lame were able to walk, and those that were in prison were freed. And John says I can go at peace now because I know He is the true Messiah. So John was able to go to his death at peace knowing this, He had that second witness.

It is interesting that even though he had a very powerful first witness, he saw the spirit of God descend like a dove, he doubted after a period of time and this is like all of us. All of us have spiritual witnesses occur in our life and after a period of time passes we think. Did I really have that happen or was I imagining things? Sometimes we need a second reassurance just like John The Baptist, the greatest prophet that ever lived. John needed that second assurance that what he was doing really meant something in the eyes of God.

So when Christ comes His reward is with Him and  His rewards are His teachings, eternal words that will not pass away that He will teach to us. He will teach us the principles of reincarnation. This is one of the things that DK tells us He will teach. He will teach and restore many of the mysteries that have been lost. He will guide the world toward peace on earth and good will to all men, but this will be done through free will. Before this occurs we will have many anti-Christs come forward and present plans that will have to be implemented by force. Many People will try to establish what they think is God’s will by force.

Like these terrorists that cut off people’s heads and then and shout praise to Allah, and as they are cutting off the guy’s head they think they are bringing the kingdom of God in their own way which is amazing someone can think that way. Others do all kinds of things in the name of God that are terrible, but they think doing terrible things is okay if the end is good. But, if you try to create a good end by terror, the end will be terror rather than something good.

Now there is a time to go to war, like during World War II it was essential that we go to war and defeat Hitler, but that was because we had to and there is a time and place for all things. The man of peace will use the most peaceful way possible to accomplish his end and only use war as a last resort. Concerning Christ, the Book of Revelations says, “In righteousness does he judge and make war.” But he prefers to make war on the mental plane, to go as a divine soldier and conquer with the sword of knowledge rather than the physical sword.

When He comes He will not be known as Jesus or the Christ and it may be a couple hundred years before a significant number may say, Hey, maybe this was the Christ because He did A, B, C, and it has lead to X, Y, Z, and it is possible that people may be wondering who He is or was. Especially if He decides to live indefinitely in a physical body because by the time He is 200 years old people will be saying, Hey, what is up with this guy. It may be his plan to live a normal life; it may be His plan to live a thousand years. We are not given the details of His plan.

The difference between the past age and this is the difference between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age. The Piscean age is the most emotional sign in the zodiac. It is a water sign, it is a sign on the mutable cross; which is also related to the emotional nature and so it is a very emotional sign. The sign of Pisces has something else that is interesting about it in astrology, that is, it is the sign where we learn everything that does not work. When we learn what does not work we have to let it go. It is a sign of sacrifice; this is why the sacrifice on the cross is the message of Pisces because we have to learn to sacrifice before we let it go and during the past two thousand years we have had lots of demonstrations of what works and what does not work.

Now we have to sift through the rubble of the past two thousand years and find everything that did not work because everything that did not work in the Piscean age is a remnant of the 11 ages before it and all the remnants of all the past 12 ages are here before us in the past 2 thousand years and we have to let go of that which does not work. We have to salvage what is left and take that which does work and move it into the new age.

The new age is ruled by air, or the mind. It will be an age of reason, an age of thought, an age where the keynote word will be service instead of sacrifice. You serve and you get recompense or reward for your service rendered. In the Piscean age we sacrificed and there was no reward. (Laughter) We had to wait for some spiritual heaven before anybody received any reward. But it is going to be a little different in this age, in this age we serve and the reward is not only with Christ but the reward is with us because we will achieve abundance and the desires of our heart much more quickly in this age than any other age past.

There is another very interesting thing about the coming Aquarian Age which I believe is the center of focus. The time that we shifted from the Piscean age to the Aquarian age was the moment that the first atomic bomb went off and that is the sign of the coming of man that is prophesied in the Matthew 24. Even thought the Aquarian age has already started it takes about 200 years to fully enter into an age. It is fascinating that around 0 B.C. when Christ was supposed to have been born was about 200 years into the Piscean age. People think that the birth of Christ signaled the beginning of the Piscean age but it was already close to 200 years into the Piscean age. The ages last about 2200 years and I believe it is 2160 or something close to that. The astrological ages are not exactly 2000 years but they are somewhat over that.

Every group of the 12 signs of the zodiac that we pass through are; part of a greater sign. What is unique about the sign of Aquarius, the age that we are entering into, is that as we are entering into the new age of Aquarius this is part of a greater age, of Aquarius that spans about 25,000 years. So, we have an Aquarian age within a greater Aquarian age making it the strongest Aquarian cycle since the days of Atlantis. This makes the Aquarian age that we are entering into the most potent Aquarian age we have ever entered into. Because we are more advanced than the last time this happened which would have been about 300,000 years ago. So it has been about 300,000 years since we have had this unique astrological combination. This makes the Aquarian Age we are entering a very potent one indeed and gives us the possibility to revitalize the earth on the Aquarian principles which is the mind, service, organization, just law and order of ceremonial magic around the seventh ray as it is called, which is strong in the Aquarian age.

The seventh ray will be very powerful and there will be a lot of interesting ceremony. Unlike ceremony in the churches, it will be ceremonies that actually bring specific results. Because different types of ordinances and ceremonies, if done correctly, speak to the angelic lives in their language. When, they see it spoken in their; language they can respond and assist humanity. The Masons have a lot of ceremony in their organization that was passed down from a long time ago. Now, the Masons have had a bad name but every organization that begins as inspired organization goes through periods where there are conspiracy theories in it, bad people in it, where there are evil leaders take over and things like this whether they are the Masons or anyone else and they have some bad spots in their history and some good spots in their history.

But the essential ceremonies that the Masons have are part of one of the things that will be restored. But, what will happen is, similar types of ceremonies that have similar truths will be restored on a higher level with the Masons and other organizations. It will not be so much associated with one religion but will be with all the religions of the earth to bring people together.

We will see ceremonies develop in the new age; which will be very potent. We will go through these ceremonies and they will accomplish certain effects because they will speak to the various energy centers in our body and this will produce a different responses that people will be able to feel and sense. They will be able to produce different types of abilities and talents through some of the ceremonial magic that will be restored to the earth. Then after this restoration begins the veil between heaven and earth will so thin that many people will be able to communicate with the angelic kingdom and the devas again as they did in ancient times.

Audience: Wouldn’t that also change our relationship with nature?

JJ: Right, as a matter of fact there are many tiny lives associated with nature that we cannot even see. The veil will become thinner and we will become aware, say, even in your own garden with the little angelic lives that bounce around your plants and help to keep them healthier. People laugh at this type of thing but there are all kinds of little fairy type lives. There are many different types of tiny lives bouncing around in the ethers that we cannot see that we will eventually learn how to see and communicate with. There are also many little lives that also collect the prana from the sun and bring it to Humanity, the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom to revitalize us and by being able to commune more closely with nature our food will have much more prana in them. One of the reasons we are drawn to eat animals is that we do not get the sustenance we need from the vegetable kingdom because it is not vitalized enough.

The animal kingdom is much more concentrated in it’s protein and produces vitality that makes us feel like we have been fed. When the vegetable is animated more by the prana energy that comes between the interplay of the earth and the sun, this revitalization will make a vegetarian diet much more satisfying in the future age. Right now it is not very satisfying because it is so lacking in nutrients and vitality that we have to eat about ten salads to feel full. (Laughter) You eat and eat and eat and you never feel full on a vegetarian diet.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 21

This entry is part 6 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Audience: What is the time frame on this?

JJ: The time frame for fully entering the Aquarian age is about 200 years. We are going to be gradually shifting over and there is still a lot of strong Piscean energy left in the churches – all the churches, Christian, Muslim, even many of the Buddhist and Hindu are still strongly polarized in the Piscean energy. This energy has to be shifted over from the emotions to the plane of the mind and when you think of the mind you think, are we leaving out the heart. Actually the heart energies has 12 petals, six of the petals are related to wisdom which is very closely related to the mind and six of them are related to different types of love energy.

So the wisdom aspect of the heart is very closely linked to the mind and in the mind is a reflection of the heart chakra. In the top of the head you have an exact duplicate of the heart center, so you have a heart center in the head and you have a heart center in the heart. The reason for this is the pure love of Christ is very mental because it associated with a higher mind.

When people associate mind with something sterile they are thinking of the concrete lower mind. The higher mind is very closely attuned with the heart energies so much that you can’t use the higher mind without using the heart to a degree because they are very closely intertwined. One of the popular sayings among the new agers is, well we have to be mindless and let go of the mind. If you let go of the mind then you are experiencing what happens when you dream. You let go of the mind when you dream and nothing makes any sense in your dream because your mind is somewhere else. You and the vehicle that is your mind is somewhere else and all that is dreaming is your emotional nature, and the emotional nature without mind is nonsensical, but it gives you something to experience while you are dreaming anyway and it is better than nothing. (Laughter) When our mind comes back and merges with our emotional self we can try to make some sense of it again. Any questions?

Audience: You mentioned about the old woman that was waiting so long to see Jesus, It is a man that is mentioned I thought or maybe it was in another gospel.

JJ: Maybe it was an old man; I was thinking it was an old woman.

Audience: In one gospel it says that it was a man and in another is says it was a woman.

(Note: It was a prophetess named Anna Luke 2:36-38)

JJ: Over the next 200 years the plan is to establish relative peace on earth and before Christ can do His work there has to be an anchor of stability on this planet. He is not going to come when the Jews and Muslims are still hating each other and we at war with Iraq, He will come once an anchor of stability has been established and if we can establish a little bit of stability in Iraq where a teacher could go to the middle east and teach among the Christian and Muslims then that would be the ideal thing to do, Hopefully we could do this without someone trying to cut His head off! (Laughter)

It is important that societies over in the Middle East be established that are free because part of His plan will be to work in the Middle East and influence people for good there. As Shirley saw, sooner or later a beautiful temple will be built. That is the plan, the Jews will eventually have a Messiah of their own but it will not be the Christ but will be another Master who will come and work with them. The important thing to realize is that Christ is not alone. The Christ is the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. There are a number of Masters and the exact number is not given, but the head of the Masters of Wisdom is The Christ.

Jesus is one of them and Master DK is another, Master Koot Hoomi another. Quite a number of them that work with Him. They are all working diligently to bring peace on earth and good to all men. In the Mormon scriptures it gives a hint about the Masters, it says, “All are under the condemnation of sin except for Holy Men, that ye know not of.” For those of you that are familiar with the Mormon scriptures let me ask, who are the Holy Men that you know not of, that are not under any condemnation? The answer is those are the Masters.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet that work with the Christ and will come with him and will work with Him during the Aquarian age. Some of them will incarnate and others will simply manifest in some way and still others will work by overshadowing disciples and creating a link and work with them. We will reach the point as it was in ancient days where the gods walked openly among men. So it is in the approaching age, the gods will again walk among us. The truth is that only a handful of people will recognize who these gods are.

Audience: What would be most important for people like us who would like to assist in manifesting these kinds of things?

JJ: In my opinion, the most important thing that we can do right now is to promote the teachings that I have written on these types of subjects, to get them out there and discuss them with people. I believe it is possible that these books I have written can be as popular as the Da Vinci Code one day. I spoke with people who have read the Da Vinci Code and the Celestine Prophecy and most did not read them in one sitting. About half of the people that read my book are up half the night, miss work and cannot do anything but read it. Now this tells us that it has potential to be a very big seller.

Another thing is that when a bookstore owner reads a book they then begin to promote it and tell customers, “hey you have got to read this book.” If a bookstore owner has not read it then maybe it will sit there until some customer discovers it. We are not in any of the big bookstores yet and Barnes and Noble refused our book. They said because this book did not have writing on the back they couldn’t stock it. I did not realize I was supposed to put some type of writing on the back cover but, we published quite a few and we cannot just throw them away. So it is just little things like that we do not know about because we are publishing it ourselves. So in our new book we put some writing on the back. We do have a supplier that sells to Barnes and Noble and I have a plan to get in there. If a major publisher would pick it up and agree not to make alterations in it then we would have potential to really go some where with it.

I have had two people from Hollywood contact me about movie rights for the book and I told them that I have not sold the movie rights and I have not heard back from them. Things are in the mix out there and sooner or later things are going to happen, it just a matter of time.

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: We’ve sold close to 10,000 or so of the “Immortal” and not nearly as many of “The Lost Key of the Buddha,” a couple thousand maybe. The problem is the time distance between the first and the second that we lost a lot of the ones that read the first. Now we have a trinity of books and anyone who reads the first book will want all three now.

Audience: What about Amazon that is where I found “The Immortal” the first time.

JJ: Amazon still orders a few and most of our orders come from small new age bookstores that order through our distributers. We have two new age distributers that sell to new age bookstore and they are fairly small bookstores and we do not have any of the big bookstores yet.

Audience: I would like to see it not in the new age bookstores because I think that there is a stigma attached to them.

JJ: Yes, it does not hardly fit in anywhere, the Christian stores will not take it because it is too unorthodox, the new age people are suspicious of it because they think, well John the revelator that is the Bible and this too Christian for us. The Course in Miracles had that problem, no publisher would accept it because they said it sounds too Christian and the Christian people thought that it sounds too new age and it had the same problem that my book does until somebody finally fell in love with The Course in Miracles and financed the publishing and that is how that book finally got into marketplace. Then it started to take off after they published it.

It was quite a few years before this happened because no publisher would touch it and they finally just published it themselves. I did not even try to get this published by a publisher because I figured it would not even begin to get accepted so I just published it myself. Many years ago and I was told that one of the best agents was Scott Meredith, I sent him some of my stuff and he is a famous agent who is one of the few that will read the material from unknowns, but you have to pay him. I was 16 when I sent him some of my stuff and paid him to read it. He handles some people like Arthur C. Clarke and some other famous sci-fi writers. I can’t remember all the names though.

He wrote back and said, “you have a great imagination and I think you have a lot of potential but this story is not any good because you are not following the right principles of writing,” and then he explained to me how to do it. I sent him a couple of my writings when I was young and he really encouraged me but then I ran out of money to pay him to coach me. He came to mind after I wrote “The Immortal” so I checked in with him again found out the he had died, but his agency still remained. So we sent some money to examine The immortal and the person that read it had a name that sounded like she was from India and you would think that someone from India would appreciated the teachings in the Immortal but she said they would not accept it as a book to promote and the reason is that “you are mixing teachings with fiction and what you need to do is eliminate all the teaching and just write a book of pure story and if you do that then send it back to us.” (Laughter) I thought, well that destroys the whole purpose of the book! So when the book sells a million copies I am going to write them a letter and say that you are completely wrong on how to go about publishing a book.

Audience: What about sending letters to famous people?

JJ: Many people sent letters to Oprah and some sent her a copy.

Audience: David Akins said that this would be the book that would put you on the map. Yes, and also said that Joe’s Mom would be dead by Christmas and that was six months ago, so who knows.

JJ: David Akins is fairly sensitive so you never know and I need to send him a copy too. He is a new age teacher, physic and a little bit of everything. He read the first book and was enthused about it and he recommended it to a lot of people and I had a tremendous number of people in Boise that read the book because of this guy so I must send him a copy of the latest book. He was not impressed with “The Lost Key” for some reason, I do not know why but he was not very enthused about that book. It is funny that some people really liked “The Immortal” and then did not care for “The Lost Key” What did you think?

Audience: It seemed like such a new concept and such a wonderful story and then the second one did not seem to have that “Pow” that the first one had.

JJ: Part of the reason for this is that Buddhism is really boring and it takes a lot of concentration to try to put it in a way that was not boring. But if you ever read the Buddhist writings they are sterile and boring to read. So to try to make the Buddha interesting was very difficult and I think this was part of the problem.

Audience: As a Christian thinking about reincarnation and the Buddhist teachings was so taboo and strange to me, it was “The Immortal” that opened my heart to the fact that we were reincarnated. The Buddha though was like arrgg! Because as a Christian it is like what is this, it is just that weird eastern writings and do I really want anything to do with these teachings?

JJ: Few of the Christians would have read the Lost Key if the Immortal did not first prepare their minds. But the great part about the first book was that it was condensed in this free book here. It does not go into reincarnation or anything that is considered weird; there is nothing in it that really rubs the Christian the wrong way. In fact it is not until they get into book II that some really start to have a problem. I was pleasantly surprised though at how many people who were pretty standard Christian that read the books all the way through and had no complaints. I thought that when they got into reading about John the Beloved, talking about reincarnation that would turn many of them away but book I seemed to have prepared their minds enough that by the time they get to book II they were more open and this was a pleasant surprise for me that I did not get as much flack that I thought I would.

Audience: It was weird how it sometimes works, I was talking to some people at this large Methodists church in Texas and the topic of the Da Vinci Code came up and she was like the pastor in the church got everybody to read it and we all went to see it. And I was saying, what? And she said, oh yea, we do not really care if Jesus was married because that does not change anything.

JJ: It is amazing that most religions don’t want to examine the possibilities of history. If He was married or not that is okay, no big deal, but the Catholic Church sure does not like the idea though. You guys have a really good energy about you and I appreciate your time and interest. I feel very little resistance in this group. Often times in a group I can sense resistance but I sense a high degree of openness in this group and that is why it has been a really good free flow of energy tonight and we have been able to touch the soul a couple times and this really a nice feeling. I would like to thank you for your presence, your openness and your willingness.

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 22

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Healing session

JJ: We will cover a few areas of healing here, some of which we have not covered in the past. This will give us a little variety. Every year we have a section on healing and then I give a dissertation on healing.

JJ: What does it mean to be healed?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: That is part of the healing process. What other thoughts on healing?

Audience: I think it means to be restored to the original form because when I reading about sounding the original sound it occurred to me that if one knew how to do this that you could heal all areas and restore the body to it’s original form.

JJ: Okay, restore to the original form, this is a good answer as well. The question is this, what doe sit mean to be healed?

Audience: To made whole again.

JJ: What are the levels of healing – is there something more than just physical healing? If someone has a broken wrist or has a disease, when and if they eventually get better are they now whole or could there be other things wrong with them?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: So we have mental illness as well, emotional illness, what is the difference between an emotional illness and a mental illness? Do they discuss that in psychology?

Audience: Perception

JJ: There is a definite difference but I do not recall orthodox scientists talking about that but there is a definite difference. I think the world as a whole just lumps mind and emotion together and the do not really understand the difference or how that the two are actually separate.

Audience: For the most part psychology will say that you do not have emotional issues they say you have thought process issues. It is said by those in that field that your thoughts cause your emotions so they do not work on emotional issues they always work on mental issues.

JJ: Okay. What is the difference between an emotional problem and a mental problem?

Audience: 1st member: I think emotional problems are caused by childhood.

2nd member: A mental problem can be a dysfunction of the brain.

3rd member: I believe one is physiological which has to do with some kind of illness where is the other is just dealing with your own feelings.

4th member: (Wayne) I know! I know! (Laughter) Okay you can divide the senses that we all have into somewhat distinct lines. We have sensual response like say you bump your elbow or something like that and there is whole range of senses that cover that. Then you have emotional responses where you feel a surge of energy like getting angry or being unhappy with someone so then it depresses. Then there is exaltation and stuff and then we break things up mentally where it is an analytical process. We have more control over mental and the others in a progressing or descending order are more of knee jerk reaction. We can learn to control our emotions as we should but we have emotions and the senses whether we control them or not.

JJ: Both the mind and the emotions play tricks on us. They cause us to have many things to deal with that give us numerous problems. As a matter of the fact, if our minds and emotions were healthy, we would very seldom have physical diseases unless you are breathing some type of toxic fumes or something like that. However, even people that are around chemicals but have a good attitude may not get sick. It just seems to get filtered through their system very well.

There are some people that smoke all there life like George Burns, who smoked cigars and drank all of his life. He lived to be a couple months over 100 years old, and he had a great attitude – very positive, always upbeat and he is a very interesting example. Your state of mind and your emotions has a lot to do with your health as well as how you deal with your emotions along with exercise and diet. If we are master of all these things then we are going to be pretty healthy overall. I know many people that are really into health foods and very fussy and careful on their diet and will not deviate from it at all and they are always having health problems. Have you ever known anyone like this?

DK explains why this is so, He states some people are putting too much attention on the body, and energy follows thought, so when one is focusing too much on your physical health it puts energy on your health in a negative way and sometimes it will make you sick. He states that we need to balance out the energy and put a certain amount of energy outside of ourselves and a certain amount inside ourselves as well to balance out the energies.

Some of my family members, like my Mom over here, 95 years old and still in relatively good health, except she is not as exuberant as she used to be. When we grew up we ate the worst foods. I grew up on potatoes, gravy, cinnamon toast, margarine with trans fats, the worst type of margarine, Karo syrup, lots of sugar and Mom was not into health foods at all. She smoked and drank most of her life with my Dad and she divorced him and then quit smoking and drinking that probably helped out her health a little bit. But in her younger years for about 20 to 30 years she lived that lifestyle. She just recently switched to whole wheat bread. She is as far away from being a health food person as possible yet she is 95 years old and had cancer a few years ago with chemotherapy and survived it along with everything else. How long has it been since you had the chemo?

Mom: About 10 years.

She survived that and the only thing that it affected was her short-term memory. Before the chemo her memory was in good shape and after the treatment she has a hard time remember short term. That is why I thought it was great that she could recite that poem because her memory is not at the optimum level anymore. I think her memory would still be up to par if she had not had to have the chemo, which she had twice, for her original cancer came back. Chemo probably takes about 10 years off your life so she would probably live to be 130 had she not had that treatment process.

The fact of health is a mystery and there are a number of things bringing it all together. So let us examine the emotional and the mental, the simple emotional reactions that really hurt an individual’s health. Number one is guilt if a person carries guilt it really takes a toll on them and devitalizes of their vital energy and will cause them to be self-destructive. This is one of the main benefits in “The Course in Miracles” and it is really a course in how to resolve guilt. How many read this book?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: It is a very interesting book and it claims to be given by Christ Himself. It is up to the person who reads and interprets it as to where it comes from. There are a couple things that I disagree with in the book but overall the principle of removing guilt is extremely important. What causes guilt?

Audience: Judgment of man.

JJ: The cause of guilt that we are going to present is not directly presented in the Course in Miracles, but this I find to be very effective.

Audience: Judgment of man outside of authority, if I am born without guilt than it has to be taught to you by someone.

JJ: Correct; guilt is not natural. As a little child you do not feel guilty about anything until someone teaches you to feel guilty. Lorraine says it is outside authority, what kind of authority?

Audience: (Lorraine) Unearned or unjust authority.

JJ: Yes, but what is different about this authority that produces guilt?

Audience: It is beastly.

JJ: And it is beastly why?

Audience: Because it is fear based.

JJ: And why is it fear based?

Audience: Critical

JJ: Yes it is critical. The authority it purports to come from where?

Audience: God

JJ: God, correct. In other words, the parent will say to the child, “God does not want you to do that.” Projecting to the child an outside God that has total authority to annihilate your body and soul and telling you that if you do this naughty thing that God and is going to be very displeased with you and He may punish you or whatever. You do not know what God is going to do and He has total authority and He is not a nice guy like me, he is a mean son of bitch!

Audience: (Laughter)

JJ: We say God is love but when we teach it, we teach that we have a really mean God, right. Is that not what people really project. God is love but he is going to wipe out these people and burn them to ashes because He loves them! Basically the message of many is this, God is really mean but He loves you.

JJ: We start with children when they are young and say, “God does not want you to do that.” A little kid will do things like steal a cookie out of the cookie jar or something like this and eats the cookie and then thinks, Oh, boy, God did not want me to do this. God can read my thoughts. God is watching me and He knows I am doing wrong and now I can’t even enjoy this cookie. What is he going to do? Oh my! Am I going to burn in hell!

And we start to implant guilt in children from the time they are young. Think back to a scripture where Jesus says, it is better to have a millstone hung around your neck and drown in the depths of the seas than to offend one of these little ones. Many of us offend these little ones not realizing what we are doing by planting these seeds of guilt in them. Now we can teach them right from wrong, but how should we teach them? Should we say, now this is wrong and God does not want you to do this. What should we say instead?

Audience: By setting and example.

JJ: Right by example, we can say that Mommy does not want you to do this. But, when we tell them that God does not them to do it then this plants the seeds of guilt. You do not know what God wants or does not want. Are you His spokesman? No, when we say God does not want you to do this then we are setting ourselves up as being in the place of God, sending a message from God to the child. This is the power of the beast in Revelations that is spoken everywhere. And it starts with Mom and Dad planting these seeds in the little children.

Audience: 1st member: (Annie) would you say that you have guilt because God is mad at you.

2nd member: I think you can have guilt from failed expectations and can do this to yourself or someone else.

JJ: Everybody in the universe has the God Within and if we are not going by a God Within then we are substituting it with a god without. Even if one is a hardened atheist he has  a God Within and part of his being recognizes this. Any atheist that is subject to guilt gives proof is proof that he gives allegiance to some type of god. Because offending the God without is what produces the guilt whether you are a believer or a non-believer. When the person looks inside no matter what their belief or non-belief he sees the same thing. A non-believer or a believer is going by a God Within or a god without.

If parent is a non-believer he will probably not say God does not want you to do this. He may use a different authority. In other words, Mommy and Daddy or the state become the outside god instead. The God in heaven is actually more potent to use for the young child because that god can seem to be everywhere, but the child of the atheist can think that mom and dad can’t see me and I can get away with this. The child that thinks “God can see me and I am stealing this cookie.” He then is bit more nervous.

Audience: (Wayne) Don’t most people atheist or not use a reward and punishment system for their children?

JJ: That has something to do with it, for the atheist there is there is going to be an outside authority and reward and punishment always enters in. How this is done is the key. For an atheist family they will substitute something for God in the child’s mind. If we raise our children right and let them exercise their free will as much as possible and do not bring in any outside authority in an overwhelming way then the child can grow up without this terrible guilt, and it will not matter whether his parents are atheist or believers.

But it does matter to both that if they have an outside god affecting the child’s mind. For an atheist the outside god could be the parent, an authority figure like a police officer or any state official or party leader does not want you to do this.

Many atheists are into philosophy and they may teach the kid that a philosopher really knows what is going on and build him up like a god. The state or the parents could be an outside god, even for the atheist’s child. His parents have taught him right from wrong and in a way it is important to teach that stealing is wrong but it needs the balance. If the child thinks that is the end of the world and they are going to be punished in a terrible way somehow for stealing a cookie then the kid will feel some guilt. I would imagine it is probably a little bit of a benefit for a child being raised in an atheist family in that the outside god thing does not come across as powerful. It is still there and there is either the god inside or outside, one or the other, and if the parents are not allowing the inside God to manifest then there is an outside god that is going to manifest guilt within the child.

Copyright 2006 By J J Dewey

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 23

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Audience: In raising my son I do not even want him to feel guilty because of what we feel or think so what I try to do with him is I will just suggest that he make his own decisions, this might be what I choose to do, and I just want to have him figure out himself. If he feels right about doing it and does not feel guilty then go ahead and do it even though I might, I want him to learn that.

JJ: Another interesting thing to do with kids is to just ask them, “what do you think? Do you think stealing this cookie is the right thing to do?” Let them judge for themselves, and they will say, “well I guess not.”

Then you say, “What do you think Mommy should do to you for stealing this cookie?” And they will often come up with a worse punishment than you will come up with such as, “I guess I deserve not to have cookies for a week.”

Audience: 1st member: Unless the child is not buying what they are doing is wrong in internally.

2nd member: When I was younger up until about the age of ten, God was never mentioned and my father was very strict. Until I was about ten, I heard nothing about God and no one talked or taught me anything about God. We had a Catholic back round and his sister came to visit and then she wanted us to take first communion so we began to go to church to prepare and take lessons. The nuns were teaching the basic principles there and the funny thing was that I knew the answers and I do not know where they came from because I had never been taught anything about God.

JJ: Did you feel guilt much when you were a child?

Audience: I was really good so I did not. Laughter My brother got picked on a lot so I felt a little guilt there and neither one of us liked our father. But I do not associate with the word guilt. I do not even think of fear, I just think to do what is right or to obey.

JJ: Yes and we have a sense of right and wrong within us and when we violate that there is a natural guilt that comes because we do not really understand how to resolve it when we are young. We don’t understand that it is just a mistake and not a violation. If we see it as a violation it is different than seeing it as a mistake. The original word for sin in the bible comes from a Greek word meaning, “to miss the mark.” So when the ancients shot an arrow at a target and they missed they sinned according to the word.

When you shoot an arrow at a target and you miss you do not think that you are such a bad person and think that you are not going to shoot another arrow at another target until you feel better. No, you just shoot the arrow at the target right away and that is the way we are supposed to handle a sin or a mistake.

But what we do instead is we start to condemn ourselves and we see it as a violation. If you shoot an arrow at a target and miss you see it as an error, but if we view it as a violation we have a totally different view and we can suffer this guilt. So whether it is an atheist or believer child if they see that when they steal a cookie is a violation rather than an error then they will condemn themselves to a degree.

Audience: There are some things that I think guilt would be accurate for, I would think that betray a master, cheat on my husband –  that is an action that I am doing that should cause guilt, right?

JJ: No if you were violate a great light and you understood guilt and how to resolve error, what would happen is the light from your soul would be taken and you would feel quite depressed over this. You may not feel guilty but you would feel a tremendous loss which could be very painful. You do not feel guilt, you feel the pain of desertion.

So if you were under the tutelage of a Master and you committed this violation of His trust then He would withdraw His light and your soul would withdraw it’s light and you feel a tremendous amount of spiritual pain over this. You would either have to choose to go to the dark side or straighten yourself out. If you understood guilt and knew how to resolve it then you would not feel guilty over it. Now if you were to feel guilt on top of everything else then that would make it even worse.

Audience: (Wayne) The problem I have that others may share a little bit is that I can resolve and do quite often. For example I will take that extra piece of cake, and I feel genuine guilt and I am ashamed that I took the second piece or the larger piece but then can tune it out until I eat and then I see evidence later. I end up consuming the guilt.

JJ: Nothing is completely good or bad and even guilt serves it’s purpose. Many do not understand how to resolve guilt. Guilt at least will guide them basically the right direction but it is not very efficient. It is like going back to shooting the arrow at the target. If you only shot once a month and then went and cursed yourself once a month it would take a long time to become a good archer. Eventually you could do it, it would just take a long time and that is the way it is with us. If we are progressing because of the guilt it is very inefficient because it takes us a long time to move ahead.

When we make a mistake we curse ourselves and feel unworthy to try again for heaven knows how long, and some people it will take an entire lifetime to make any progress. They may have an accident, injure someone and feel guilty for the rest of their life and never accomplish anything because they do not feel worthy of enjoying their life because they hurt somebody else.

So, guilt is a primitive guide but it is a guide that moves the masses overall slowly along. This is one of the reasons that during our first seven or eight hundred lifetimes we make such slow progress. We progress very slowly until we reach near the end of the wheel so to speak. When we resolve guilt so we can get it out of the way. Then our learning is greatly accelerated. This is a major milestone in resolving guilt.

The Bible talks about being saved of your sins, what this means basically is being saved from guilt. Once we understand guilt and resolve it then we are delivered or saved from the lower nature and our learning and progression is greatly accelerated.

Audience: It sounds like another form of worry, an ineffective crippling type of impediment to slow us down.

JJ: All guilt produces worry but all worry does not produce guilt. It is a closely related emotion.

Audience: When I was young I lived with my grandparents and my grandmother was very religious and she used to stand us up in a line and explain to us that before long the Russians were going to be here and the first thing they were going to ask was, is your allegiance to Jesus Christ? She would make us answer, and I would be walking home from school looking for the Russians over my shoulder. Laughter

JJ: That would make you nervous. That was the way it was in the days of ancient Christianity. Once a year you had affirm allegiance to Caesar as god. If the regular Christian would do this than they would go ahead and let him go and he could attend his service and so on. They just had to affirm that Caesar was lord and of course the Christians could not do that so they were persecuted. All they had to do was that one thing. I imagine that ones that did affirm Caesar as lord had a tremendous amount of guilt over it.

Guilt is a major thing and for us growing up and becoming adults the main thing that causes guilt is what we have been taught because very few people understand that they are to be guided by their inner God – the God speaking to their heart within themselves. Then they have an outer god somewhere.

Even many new agers that I have met that claim to go by the inner God still have guilt and the reason is because they have not got rid of that outer god yet. Many of them will have the outer god as a guru and the guru may teach the inner God but if they violate what this guru says then their mind computes it as violating what God says. Because the guru has such power over their hearts and mind, they still have not let go of the outer god idea even though they all believe in the inner God.

A number of new agers I have talked to were raised in a religious setting and in talking to them you can tell they are still bothered by things. If you start talking about religion with them they will often bring up something and you can tell by their emotional reaction that they are still strongly affected by this and still have a little fear of going to that hell fire in the next world and they are trying to suppress it.

They put in the back of their mind and they have not resolved that belief and they will claim to have a more enlightened philosophy but when you talk to them you find out that damnation and hell still kind of bothers them and they have not got it completely resolved. You can usually see tell tale signs like when they talk about religion they feel angry. We need to resolve all the anger, the guilt, just let it all go. If the parents forced you to go to church and you did not like it then just let it go. Again we need to let it all go so that we can put all of our attention on the God Within.

The key in understanding this is that “Energy follows thought” and if your thought is totally between you and the God Within then you can resolve all the outer conflicts. If your thinking is controlled by an outer source then you are going to have some problem with guilt. Most of us are influenced by the outer god our entire lives. I would say over 95% of the population is controlled by the outer god to great degree. The only way to release our selves from that control is to realize that the law of God is written within our hearts.

The Bible talks about the age of peace to come and it says, God will write His law upon your hearts and this is where the law of God needs to be written. If the law of God is given outwardly or in the words of a book and if these words of the book are read to us, or this prophet speaks to us or outer authority, a preacher or priest, is speaking the words of god to you and you accept that as the word of God then he has power to make you feel guilty because you are accepting the outer god instead of the God Within. When we accept the outer god then we have power to feel guilt.

I remember the time when I released from guilt entirely, when this teaching really dawned on me. It was when I was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. When I was in the church I obeyed the rules of the church. Because I obeyed the rules of the church, even though I understood a lot of these principles, I could still feel guilt. Then when they excommunicated me I had no outward authority anymore so I had to look totally within and one thing that dawned on me was I did not feel guilt anymore, I thought this is great! This is the best thing they could have done for me was to throw me out! (Laughter)

And since that time I have not felt guilt over anything. I have made mistakes but when I make mistakes and I realize it is wrong to make a mistake I have that attitude that shooting an arrow to a target and if I miss the target then I am going to do better next time. And so my progression has been greatly accelerated since they threw me out as I have no outward authority telling me what to do so I have had to rely on inner authority. If you have not been excommunicated from your outward authorities then excommunicate yourself. Release the outer authority and say, “you have no power to make me feel guilty. I am not subject to you.” What was interesting was even though I thought of myself as enlightened while I was still in the church I did not realize until I was thrown out that the church still had residual power over me even though I realized these things.

Additional Note: Excommunication by itself is not enough to release a –person from guilt. If I had still held the view that the word of the Mormon authorities was closer to God than the inner voice then I would have still been plagued by guilt. Because I let go of the outer voice and gave heed to the inner my guilt was no more.
Copyright 2006 by J J Dewey

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 24

This entry is part 9 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Note: I just discovered that the recording equipment was unplugged and we missed about a half hour or so of the discussion.

JJ: At every gathering there is some fluky thing that happens. One gathering (at Nauvoo) I forgot to bring the power cord for this little gizmo and we missed a good recording of about half of the gathering. Rick and Keith went over to Radio Shack but they did not have the right cord because it needed a special cord. Fortunately Rick is very adept with electronics and he improvised with some stuff from radio shack and we got it working so we got the last half of the Nauvoo gathering recorded. Caroline brought a video camera and recorded the first part but it was not good enough quality to put on MP3’s but it was good enough that we got the words recorded and Mindy to her credit got it all typed out.

To re-cap what we said, we have got the part recorded on guilt and what was not recorded was suppression. Suppression of emotion is one of the main causes of illness. Suppression, guilt, anger, negative feelings, these are things that affect us physically and emotionally. But then let us move on to the mental, what is there mentally that causes us to be ill?

Audience: I talked to the light keepers like Sharon and they said that schizophrenia or mental illness is when you let an entity or dark force take your mind over.

JJ: Yes that is possible, what happens there is when a person leaves some type of door open and that door can be open through fear or guilt. If you overcome fear and guilt then some entity will not be able to enter. Weakness and if a person drinks too much alcohol it can make him susceptible to certain types of entities that are attracted to people who drink too much or use drugs too. Too much of anything, excess can open the wrong doors for the wrong type of influences to enter in and manipulate an individual.

Audience: 1st member: On the issue of schizophrenia they are looking at the possibility of it being a sleep disorder. That when a person with this disorder wakes up the brain is not completely awake and seems to be lingering in the dream state and you know how our dreams can be.

2nd member: (Wayne) The mental illness we all know can be a direct result of physical injury and another open field of it is taking the course of just putting your ducks in a row and be able to associate in a rational and predictable manner. So we two types of mental illness, one that is more emotional and one that is more physical.

JJ: What they call mental illness is usually related to something emotional. What physiologist’s do is lump the mental, emotional and every that is wrong and just call it mental. Also there are injuries that happen that are not associated with true mind or emotion and it is just screwing up your circuitry and you are influenced in a strange way. If you realize what is going on as this happens then you will have a lot more control over it.

True problems with the mind happen because of illusion; your mind is responsible for how you are programmed. If you program yourself wrong like I think I have myself programmed wrong in certain ways and that is why I forgot to plug my computer in. So we have these programs that run within us and we have to find what the programs are.

The scientologists have a method where these use these E-meters and take people back in the past. But they do not really always find the illusions; they find the emotional hurt again and again which is not a bad idea because they have this method where they can resolve the hurt. They can also uncover some little programs that are running within you. One of the things they teach is that you have your regular conscious mind and your reactive mind. The reactive mind is a very simple part of ourselves that just records everything that is entered and the recorded thing is more strongly entered during a period of pain. This is why like  Tom Cruise (when his wife was giving birth) wanted total silence because when you are under going any stress or pain whatever you record is like a powerful hypnotic suggestion.

It is funny with me, I never really lost many things until I had the accident with my hand and after the accident I started to loose things like crazy. I started loosing pens and such and it still drives me crazy that I loose pens. So I wondered that while I was under anesthetic and on the operating table what someone said, that that poor kid is going to lose part of his hand and that word “lose” must have entered into my head as hypnotic suggestion, because after my accident I started loosing all kinds of things.

Audience: (Wayne) Joe has always been kind of a creative guy coming up with ideas that I would not have even considered. He got interested in rockets ordered out of magazines, little bottle rockets and such. He ordered a bunch of these things and called me over one time to have a look at them and he was in the living room with them sorted out like he was the general with this kind of rocket and this kind of rocket here.

JJ: They was like the rockets in the movie “October Sky” if anyone saw that movie. Now before my accident I made a lot more dangerous home made rockets and after that I bought the model ones which were not as dangerous. The church authorities had come to visit me in the hospital and they said, “Well I bet this taught you not make rockets, huh kid?” And I said no, I would not be making any until I get out of the hospital. I am not going to stop making more; I am just going to be more careful! I did so enjoy watching their reaction while I was telling them this!

Audience: (Wayne) Anyway Joe was in his living room with all these things separated into their own individual piles and the thing that amused me is that he was counting them and that was okay the first time because he had 12 of these and five of these and four of these and stuff you know and so I asked him, are you sure you had twelve of those and in the meantime I had taken one of them. (Laughter) And I said that I was not sure you counted right and of course he went over there and there was only eleven and he said, “I can’t believe it!” And while we were doing this I would take another off of another pile. (Laughter) And put the one back to twelve again. It took him about three times and he was going, “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! (LAUGHTER!!!) I COUNTED THOSE THREE TIMES AND I KNOW THERE ARE THIS MANY! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

JJ: I should have known better than to call on Wayne.

Wayne: Anyway talking about loosing things I got probably the strongest reaction from Joe that I have ever seen from anyone about loosing things when he was a kid.

JJ: The reason that it was so believable was because I lost so many things and it was like a plague that followed me around! Laughter!

We also have certain beliefs and to overcome illusion one of the last things we have to do before a person achieves true enlightenment is to find out how we have programmed ourselves wrong. There are these little programs that enter in through pain which are called engrams and there is not much we can do about them except go through a regression where we go back and examine them, figure out what they are and then release ourselves from them.

There another type of programming which is our belief system. With our belief system we may be completely logical in every way possible but if the foundation of our belief system is based on some error than it does not matter how logical or reasonable you are. An original error will multiply itself and then you have all kinds of error. I have talked to religious people that are very intelligent, reasonable and logical, but they rely on some original error they have. Many of these errors can also cause illness.  For instance, either you believe that mankind is basically good or evil. Each of us needs to go back to our foundation beliefs and they are very hard to find because you can be completely logical and reasonable but if you have a wrong foundation belief it is going to create all kinds of problems.

Other instances of a foundation belief are that we have foundation beliefs about God, family, relationships and what we are supposed to achieve from relationships. We have foundation beliefs on health. One foundation belief that in my opinion almost everyone is wrong on is that there is really no cause for disease and another one is, life is not fair. When I was a kid everybody said life was fair and then somebody at one time spouted out, you know life is not fair.

This registered with everyone because they looked around saw that people are rich, some poor, some healthy, some not healthy, some with abundance and those without abundance, so life does not seem fair. When you take into account that there is reincarnation and every thing is balanced of in the end for all then you find that life truly is fair.

I found it interesting though that when I was young everyone thought God was fair and now everyone thinks God is not fair. They do not really say God is not fair but they say life is not fair. This started about 10 or 20 years ago and I do not remember when I first heard this “life is not fair” statement, but from the time I first heard it the circulation really began to spread with this statement, now you hear a lot. On many TV shows you hear people saying that “life is not fair and you just have to accept it. If we think that life is not fair then if a person gets a disease they think well, life is not fair so I guess I am getting my share of unfairness.

But if you also believe life is not fair then you also have to believe that God is not fair. If God is not fair then that means we can be struck down at any moment and there is nothing we can do about it. There is always something you can do about anything and if you think life is not fair then you will not assume your power and your power is that there is always something you can do about anything.

If life is not fair then that means that there are certain things that you just cannot do anything about as far as your happiness, health, vitality and things like this. Now there are a handful of things that we cannot do anything about. Take gravity for instance, it is just something we have to accept. But as far as affecting our health, vitality, our moods and happiness, we are the ones in charge. It is not because life is unfair produced by an unfair God making everything unfair and we only have one life and we just have to handle it that some of us have a good life and some of us have a bad life and nobody knows why so and so got cancer or heart disease or died suddenly.

There is a reason for everything but if we discount this and just say, well, the guy had this problem and life is unfair and that is the only reason it happened then we are deceived. No, it happened for a reason, everything that happens is caused by something. For every action there is reaction, for every cause there is an effect. If a person has low vitality, disease, marital problems, relationship problems, whatever problem the person has there is a reason for it.

It is amazing that is politically incorrect if someone gets a disease to say, “There is a cause for this.” People get upset if you say that because they do not want to blame the person. They say well, this person is a good person and there is no reason for them to get this cancer; it just happened. It did not just happen, everything happens because there is a cause.

Cancer, for instance, is often caused by suppression of emotion. Heart disease is caused by an unfolding of the heart energies and the person is not able to handle the energies and he does not recognize them. For instance, he may have an unfolding of heart energy that is telling him it is time to learn how to handle a higher form of love than he is used to. He has been expressing a selfish love and now it is time to learn a bit of a higher energy of love. The person rejects this and when they reject it then this causes a blockage in the flow of energy and causes heart problems.

Often times it takes two or three lives to handle a new energy like that. He may have heart problems for two lives and then he gets so tired of it that he finally pays attention to it and learns his lesson and gets a break where he has health for a while and then his soul says it is time for a new energy, and a new energy unfolds, maybe something in his third eye, the he has sinus problems like Lorraine over there! (Laughter)

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 25

This entry is part 10 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

We are always having a new energy unfolding and if you have a life where you have good health and vitality it normally means that you are having a rest between the major unfolding of energies. Your soul will realize when you need a rest. After the rest you will go through an unfolding of energy where you will have a hard time adapting and you will have some disease because you are resisting and then you will finally accept and handle the energy and afterwards you are given another period of rest where you have a great health for a while. Then a new energy starts to unfold and you find a new problem somewhere else because you are resisting again.

We have all been through many lifetimes and it is human nature that when something new comes into our life we resist. We resist because we want to just get to a certain stage and then relax in our comfort zone and we do not wish to leave that state. It is like when you go through college, you work real hard and when you are done you just want to get a job and settle into things and relax and not learn so much.

Many people after college never learn anything usable the rest of their lives because they just get lazy and relax. After a time in that state their soul is not going to let them relax, the soul says, you are not done yet and you are going to learn some more and if you are not willing to learn than I am going to put the squeeze to you. So the soul puts a squeeze to you and you still resist and then the soul puts a tighter squeeze and then you get more and more pain and more and more disease and more and more discomfort until you look up and say, “Why God?”

Have you ever said that? People will often look up into the skies and say, “Why God, what have done I wrong and why is all this coming into my life?” Then when they ask that question, they begin the journey of finding the answer. When they find the answer they will adapt and move on to the next cycle.

Audience: Sometimes I ponder that question, I was thinking about those hot flashes that women get and I ask why and what is the cause of that and I got the answer, and it was, it is because you are getting a new and higher frequency. Higher frequency produces heat so you feel your body burning and what is going on is that you are getting a higher frequency because you are that age that you are mature enough to accept certain things and you are running around like when you were young and acting all crazy.

JJ: We have energies unfolding all the time and we have to adapt to them. If we accept and adapt to them then we will maintain our health. The difference between a Master and one of us is that whatever energy unfolds they do not resist but adapt. They are always able to maintain their health and vitality where as us mere mortals, when we have a new energy unfold we think, what is this? The energy pushes us a certain direction.

Maybe you have some energy in throat center unfold and it is time to play a musical instrument. Well, you do not want to play a musical instrument, you want to be a carpenter, or go fishing or something else. Well, your soul is saying that it is time for you to be creative in a musical way. All of us go through a period where it is time to be musically creative and now it is time for you and you are resisting saying, I am not good at that and could never learn to play the piano. When you resist because of new energy coming from your throat center then you tend to get illness that affect your throat center, colds, sinus infections, throat infections, and so on.

The soul sends you general reminders that the center is getting clogged up and you need to unclog them because it is sending these energies to you and you are congesting the energies but you need to go with the energies. And the pain and discomfort will get worse and worse until finally the person leans to follow his creative impulse. Now he will be receiving these messages through the soul in subtle ways and will have a sense that he is supposed to be doing this. The sense will turn into a desire but what often frustrates us is pure laziness.

All of us have certain goals that we have within us that we feel we should be doing, and what stops us is pure ordinary everyday laziness. So we are sluggish as we go along and our soul puts stronger and stronger pressure and puts us through more pain until finally the pain becomes so great that it has to be resolved one way or another and we wind up yielding to it.

Now, for me in this life my soul wanted me to learn common sense business principles and I resisted this until I married my wife and I finally decided to do these things. I wanted to be creative, learn all kinds of metaphysical things. I like to spend more time studying, teaching, writing, and in my life every time I have switched over to doing these things instead of learning common sense business I have really suffered. Finally, I made a commitment to get our business going so I could at least pay the bills and not have to worry all the time. I finally succumbed to my soul.

When I made a definite decision to do this then I was able to achieve success to the point where my soul was happy not that I would be rich or anything, but that I would not just be a wild dreamer throughout my entire life. The problem with many people who are visionary is they are so bad with business and every day living that they never have any power to take care of their life and become dreamers for their entire lives.

My soul told me, “you do not want to be a dreamer throughout your life with no power. You need to learn some common sense things so that you can attain the power that you need. I really resisted for this was not the path that I wanted but when I finally accepted I felt a tremendous relief and an enormous amount of energy pushing me in that direction. When I yielded I wondered why this did not dawn on me earlier. I had all kinds of signs and clues that I did not follow and I would have been so much farther ahead if I had yielded to this when I was 20 rather than resisting and waiting until I was about 40 to yield to it.

Audience: Did you have negative physical effects from not yielding?

JJ: Not too many physical effects but a very strong spiritual energy that I felt, I would often feel that I am going the wrong direction and I think that if I had not corrected myself when I did then the soul would have put heavier pressure on me causing physical effects.

Audience: So what does the sinus related to?

JJ: Sinus is connected with ideas.

Audience: You said that when there are a lot of sinus problems that this is connected to the third eye?

JJ: Yes, if you have a problem with your sinus’s then it means this is problem with your ideas because ideas come from the third eye. So what that means is your unfolding energies that help with ideas are awakening and you are not going along with them. Your ideas are not manifesting the way they are supposed to and you have to figure out how to take the correct energy and manifest your ideas. I know Lorraine has lots of ideas, she is always coming to me with many ideas and a lot of them have not manifested yet, right Lorraine. She has sinus problems so she has to figure out how manifest her ideas and when she does that her sinus gets a lot better.

Audience: Another is thing is that I have noticed in me that when you are getting some new knowledge like this that you begin to feel sleepy. Do you know what causes this; is it a resistance of your programs?

JJ: It is funny, the book of Mormon does that to people. Have you ever noticed that when you start to read it that you begin to fall asleep and feel very sleepy. It is a funny book. Some think because it is boring and some think that there is something about the energy in it. But this is true if you are connecting up to an unusual frequency; it can make you sleepy because it is a little bit draining since your body has to adjust to that frequency. So if we are putting out a frequency here that is different than you are used to, either higher or lower, especially higher it can make you a little sleeper than normal.

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