You Shall Fear

2000-7-27 17:58:00

Well, Judes, one thing you've accomplished here is to stimulate lots of activity. I haven't had time to read all the posts yet, but Phoebe's caught my eye.

"I can't imagine having a fear of God. It just doesn't fit in with my beliefs. It is one of the reasons that I left the church and its doctrines behind."

Fear is not always related to illusionary beliefs. Often this is true but such is not always the case.

The religious zealot does indeed fear God because of illusionary beliefs planted into him by various preachers and belief systems.

On the other hand, most new agers do NOT fear God for the same reason. They see nothing to fear because they have never encountered the Angel of the Presence or a Higher Life in First Ray energy. Many have the illusionary belief that all encounters with the God presence is very pleasant and only a deluded one would consider fear.

The typical New Ager is a little like Luke in Star Wars who thought he had everything down. The initiate is like Yoda who knows of the realities to come and tells him "you shall fear."

Many go through numerous lifetimes with this non-fear belief until they encounter the Dweller on the Threshold. This dweller is terrifying enough, yet to destroy this Dweller one must face the Angel of the Presence which is even more terrifying because this, once encountered, is of such power that it will feel like you could be destroyed body mind and spirit with a blink of an eye. Moses had to spend 40 years in contemplation of the presence before he mustered the courage to face it. When he finally did face it he was transfigured.

There are many life forms and beings working on the side of good, who are much higher in vibration than ourselves, of which the average seeker is totally unaware and unprepared to enter into the presence of such. This difference in vibration can require great courage to approach.

Your body for instance is 98.6 degrees but if it touches something 200 degrees discomfort would ensue.

Even so it is with us ordinary humans and the higher God lives. We must raise our vibration (temperature) in order to endure their presence or even the bravest of hearts will experience some fear.