The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 3

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The point is if we do not see the Christ in people then we are going to see something else in them and before long we will see the devil in them. This can happen with the nicest of people. One thing about a group like this is that a lot of us do not know each other very well! A lot of you do not know Curtis very well and he looks like a really nice guy that that maybe you want to spend a month with! Actually if you want to party then Curtis is the fun guy to party with. I am just joking about Curtis! But even he has managed to infuriate his share of people.

I like this time of year though and this time of year gets a lot of criticism. Many say that it is too commercial that they are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas but Christ is never completely out of Christmas because you find that when you get together with people around Christmas there seems to be a little better spirit, brotherhood, a bit more cheer and a little bit more remembrance of who we are. So in this way whether you say happy holidays, happy Hanukah or Merry Christmas there is a sparkle in the air and more of a remembrance of what we are supposed to be.

We give each other gifts whether we want them or not and even when we get a gift that we will never use we still say thank you and we are pleasant towards each other. So during this time of year I often am touched in my inner soul because of different things that just happen whether it be the bell ringer at Albertsons or whether it be a party you go to or whether it be listening to Christmas carolers on TV or in person.

I remember I was at Albertsons grocers last Christmas and a bunch of Christmas carolers came in and just started singing. It was very beautiful and the music really touched me and thought Christmas is a really great time of year because here I was shopping and these people just came in and started singing and I thought that was pretty cool. They stimulated the Christ energy spirit within me just listening to them.

There are different theories as to how many lifetimes we go through. I believe we go through approximately 1000 lifetimes before we achieve liberation. Why do I think it is approximately 1000 lifetimes? Because the center at the top of the head has 1000 petals on it and the petals of all of our various centers unfold and each one of our centers has different amounts of petals on it. The center between the eyebrows has 96 and the heart center has 12 and so on. As each one of these petals unfolds it unfolds a new type of energy but the center at the top of the head is in vibration sync with the rest of your body so when something is affected in one of your centers it affects one or more of the petals on the top of your head. I believe that there are 1000 petals on top of the head signifying 1000 lifetimes.

Now it is not exactly 1000 lifetimes but in each life we unfold a new type of energy and consciousness that we never had before. When this happens one of the petals at the top of your head unfolds and you have some energy and substance added to your consciousness that you never had in all of your previous lifetimes. Now sometimes if your life is cut short or you really screw up you might not get that petal completely stimulated or if your are really moving along and making a lot progress you might unfold two of them so it is possible for somebody that is really aggressive in perusing his consciousness to go less than a thousand lifetimes and others like Curtis it may take 2000. He is on his 2001, right?

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I pick on my friends because they let me! Some people think we only have a dozen, but to give evidence there is a thousand lifetimes let me ask, how many people here have been married and divorced?

(To a lady in the audience): Now your husband that you were with, did he grow at all during the time you were with him, yes or no?

Audience: A little bit.

JJ: Okay he grew a little bit, now when you look at where he was when you married him and where he was when you divorced him did he seem to overcome anything or improve much?

Audience: There was definitely a phase.

JJ: Generally, when I ask this question the person says the spouse seemed to show little or any progression, even over decades. But over all if you have been married and divorced then you can look at that guy more objectively. If you are madly in love then you cannot look objectively at them. But if you have been in and out of a relationship or if you have been married to somebody for about thirty years you may think well he really has not moved that much. When I married him he watched football and drank beer and he still watches football and drinks beer and that is about all he does.

And this is the way it goes. When you look at yourself you cannot see yourself objectively but you can see the other guy fairly objectively and in a relationship the big complaint that people have about their partner is that the guy just does not seem to be moving and in this way we can see that real progress is really pretty slow. You actually learn about one major thing in each life and it appears that we learn more than one thing because we learn a lot of facts. We learn what the capitol of Minnesota is and who was president in 1812 or whatever but that does not mean you are making progress. That is just filling your computer mind with data. Progress is where you develop a greater skill that moves you ahead in your spiritual evolution.

Audience: In my experience with my husband it seemed that parts of him that were stuck were a catalyst for assisting me to move forward and it made me work hard to move forward and to develop and it was incredible.

JJ: That is one of the best parts about being in a relationship. You can be in a relationship with a person that is stuck and you can think, I don’t want to be this way and this is teaching me what not to do or it may produce growth in you in trying to help the other person even though he is beyond help but it may still help you.

So in each life you are given one thing to learn. The Buddhists teach this idea also. They say before a teacher can go out and teach Buddhism he has to get that one thing out of the way. He has to go out and learn that one thing and then he can go out and be a teacher. That is one of the philosophies of that they go by that I believe to be true, that in each life there is basically one basic thing that is new that you have to learn. Now in our lives we actually relearn a lot of the old things and we get back to our basic intelligence by the time we are 21.

At this age we arrive at the basic intelligence of where we left off in our past life. All the accumulated wisdom and intelligence manifests in the average person when he is about the age of 21. Now you go back and look at how you seem to evolve between when you first got consciousness and the age of 21. It seemed like every year you are almost a re-born person – you are moving ahead and you develop new skills, abilities and new sensations. Then from the age 21 you have one lesson you have to learn. It is important that you learn what that lesson is.

I was really dense about my lesson. It was very difficult for me and it is difficult for everybody because that new lesson is something that you are not good at. Let’s say you really good at music and you can play it very easily and it just comes naturally to you and you say I am going to be a musician but that is probably is not what you are supposed to learn because it is really easy for you. When you enter into new territory is very difficult and very hard and you do not want to do it so when you look at your life look at where your life has lead you again and again where you did not want to go then that usually leads you to what you are supposed to learn. Now if you don’t learn that one thing then you will have to come back and learn it all over again until you master it.

Believe me it is difficult for us to accept. It may be in the field of relationships, it may be some type of job skill, it may be some type of common sense that you are supposed to develop in a certain area but whatever it is you don’t want to do and why? Because you are not good at it. You are not good at anything that you do not know. Now there are a lot of things we know internally and these are things we enjoy doing. The new skill that you are supposed to learn in this lifetime is something difficult for you to master. This new skill is supposed to dawn on you at the end of your first Saturn cycle, around the age of 28 or 29.

So look back to around the age of 28-29 see if there was there some turning point in your life where you learned a major lesson. One of the things that can help you is to look at your rising sign in your astrology chart. How many know their rising sign?

Audience: Mine is Libra.

JJ: That shows that the lesson that you are going to learn will be around balance and Libra is a mental sign and air sign so it will be around something to develop in your mental development. Dealing with mind is sometimes difficult for people in the new age philosophy because a lot of them stay away from mind or see it as negative. It is important that you get grounded in common sense and balancing off things weighing one thing against another and learning good judgment. Have you found that when you look back on when you were 28 that this was something that was forced upon you?

Audience: I think so.

JJ: When you look back about what is in your rising sign you will find that there is a lesson there that you probably learned around the age of 28 or 29. Curtis your rising sign is Leo and he is the purest Leo you will ever meet. So his mission is to find out what makes him happy and fulfilled. He tries to spread fun around wherever he goes.

We have a Scorpio rising sign here, what you have to learn is acceptance of things you have no control over. Now if you look back to around the age of 28 it begins to dawn on you. Problems reach a point at this age for Scorpio rising that you think, “this is not working – what is the matter?” Or you look up at the heavens and ask. “why God?” Throughout your life have you had a lot of things that you produced the feeling that everything was out of control because of things you could not handle?

Audience: Yes

JJ: So what you have to do is learn to accept that which is outside of your control because we do not have control over everything. Scorpio is often associated with death because when someone dies you have no control over that and you are going have strong feelings when someone close to you dies. You are going to have feelings whether you like it or not. The lesson of Scorpio is learned when these feelings arrive you just accept them – that such feelings are a part of life. If you try to deny them and say, “I am above these feelings because I am enlightened,” then the lesson may not be learned. One may say, “My mother died and she is just off in a better place and I am okay with it.” Well, no, you may not feel good about it – you may feel terrible but you have to accept the way that you feel and deal with it. Scorpio rising must learn to accept the things that he can’t control, it is just part of life and then move forward.


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