Solar Questions

Solar Questions

A reader wants clarification on what a previous solar system is.

This may have a correspondence, but a solar system is just a very small part of an island universe (a galaxy) or a universe of galaxies. A solar system is merely one sun with a system of planets. The previous incarnation of our sun and planets were a previous sun and planets vibrating to a different key and color frequencies.

When this ancient system finished its life the form returned to it’s quiescent state and billions of years later was reborn as our current little star system about three quarters of the way from the center of the Milky Way.

Question: Could you elaborate on this statement: “…we lived as composite units through the 21 minor centers that still exist within our bodies.

They still exist in all of us. Here is a tabulation given by DK

“The etheric body is a body composed entirely of lines of force and of points where these lines of force cross each other and thus form (in crossing) centres of energy. Where many such lines of force cross each other, you have a larger centre of energy, and where great streams of energy meet and cross, as they do in the head and up the spine, you have seven major centres. There are seven such, plus twenty-one lesser centres and forty-nine smaller centres known to the esotericists. However, we will confine ourselves at this time to the etheric body as a whole and to the seven major centres. It might be of interest to you, nevertheless, to be told where the twenty-one minor centres are to be found. They can be located at the following points:

“There are two of them in front of the ears close to where the jaw bones are connected.

There are two of them just above the two breasts.

“There is one where the breast bones meet, close to the thyroid gland. This, with the two breast centres, makes a triangle of force.

There are two, one each in the palms of the hands.

“There are two, one each in the soles of the feet.

“There are two, just behind the eyes.

“There are two also connected with the gonads.

“There is one close to the liver.

“There is one connected with the stomach; it is related, therefore, to the solar plexus, but is not identical with it.

“There are two connected with the spleen. These form one centre in reality, but such a centre is formed by the two being superimposed one on the other.

“There are two-one at the back of each knee.

There is one powerful centre which is closely connected with the vagus nerve. This is most potent and is regarded by some schools of occultism as a major centre; it is not in the spine, but is no great distance from the thymus gland.

“There is one which is close to the solar plexus, and relates it to the centre at the base of the spine, thus making a triangle of the sacral centre, the solar plexus, and the centre at the base of the spine.

“The two triangles referred to in this tabulation are of real importance. One is above and the other below the diaphragm.”

Esoteric Healing, Pages 72-73

Question: This is so interesting JJ… (the fact that the first solar system was Third Ray and this one Second Ray) so from this level with the manifestation of a new life form, will that be upon the foundation energy of the First Ray??

JJ: There will be some First Ray (the Ray of Power) manifest but all forms and life in this system have the purpose of manifesting Divine Love. In the near future we will see more First Ray demonstrated than ever before in recorded history, but all the First Ray influence we will perceive will be within the context of one of the seven sub rays of the major Second Ray of Love.

Question: So do the Solar angels thus create the next foundation energy system, say for the future the first ray, by incarnating here and creating from here that future system??

JJ: A common name for the Solar Angel is the Higher Self. Eventually your perfected self will fuse with your Higher Self and evolve through all the higher spheres together as this solar system dies. Then in ages and ages hence a new solar system will come into incarnation on the First Ray of Will-Power-Purpose. In that far future age your new and improved Higher Self will reflect again and nurture its new born baby – a new and improved version of you. In this system the Higher Self teaches and guides us through the knowledge and impulse of Love. But in that future system Love will be known and the connection with the Higher Self will be much more direct and we shall walk in that system as gods compared to this one. Power will become manifested beyond our imagination at this time. There are principles where power can be exercised that our imagination is not even capable of perceiving at present. We must perceive where and how power can be used before power can be desired or sought.

Question: So those that had not progressed and ended up here, would they be what is termed the ‘laggards’ that came here, not originally from here??

JJ: There have been teachings circulated that many of the problem people here are laggards from other solar systems. This is not exactly true. The real laggards are mostly from the previous incarnation of this system, not from other current solar systems.

Generally each solar system takes care of their own problem children with one major exception. There are cases where an initiate came very close to choosing the Dark Path and in taking a detour he developed some very heavy karma. His debt was so great that it was difficult for the entity to pay off what he owed in his system as it leans toward the ways of peace. In this case the reformed brother is in need of a more turbulent world where he will be able to perform the needed service.

Some of our greatest teachers and leaders on this planet are these entities who are now centered on the Spirit, but are obligated to give a great service before they can obtain liberation. They are not laggards, but advanced souls with a debt to pay.

Abraham Lincoln was one of these.

Question: So would it be true to say, that in this second group of initiates (from the previous solar system) are those that have already overcome death in some other system, and thus would be termed ‘masters’ by our expression here…

JJ: Not exactly. Those who are Masters here on this earth have become one with their higher Self and are linked Molecularly. What we know as a Master today did not even exist in that previous system. High initiates there mastered form whereas current Masters are also masters of love and wisdom.

Question: Are the Jews of today all reincarnated from the Jews of yesterday, all the way back to Moses, or even their previous planet?

JJ: Many of the Jews who seem stuck in the ways of the past belong to this group of laggards mentioned earlier and will often incarnate into the Jewish race.

However, many of the Jews from the time of Jesus have incarnated into the Mormon church and some of the Jewish leaders from that time are leaders in the Mormon church today. It is interesting that the Mormons even have their own dead sea, a symbol of their dead works.

Question: Are the lives which comprise the heart and the head (to use your examples) the same in each individual i.e. from the same animal ‘family’?

JJ: The animal lives generally make up the lower four centers and they will be different combinations for different entities.

Our differences are created by many differing causes – our past decisions, our bodies, and the ray and astrological influences. The subject is too vast to cover in detail here.

Lives within the centers are a combination of molecular order and fusion. We shall talk more about the principle of fusion at some future date.

Question: When we die and the etheric body dissipates, what happens to these lives? Do they just go back into some kind of storehouse to be used another time? And tell us more about the lives in the centers.

JJ: You answered your own question here. We leave them behind when entering the spirit world and assume a new but similar group of lives in a future incarnation. Sometimes we will take many of them with us to a future life but not necessarily all.

Your solar plexus center, for example is composed of ten petals which slowly unfold. These are ten lesser lives making a greater life. As each of these ten lives contact and merge with the higher self which is you they unfold like a flower reaching upwards. When all ten unfold then the greater life or molecule of ten become a greater life, but still a part of you. This has the effect of stimulating your consciousness and moving you into experiencing new feelings.

The higher centers are stimulated by your higher self and largely composed of lesser angel lives.

Feb 21, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Solar Angels & Vibration

This entry is part 38 of 73 in the series 2015

Oct 26, 2015

Solar Angels & Vibration

Dan quotes me from an audio:

The more concrete the form is . . . the more distant is spirit from the life in the form.


A rock is teeming with life inside it, but its very concretized. It is spirit slowed way down.

It is disturbed to the point that the little lives in it haven’t adjusted very well to spirit. Consequently, they’re dense.

And so the elements that produce dense matter that we can’t go through, are the densest of all. And they’re vibrating at the slowest.


In the transcribed bit above, you say [paraphrased/restated]: The little lives inside the rock vibrate slowly and are dense because they haven’t adjusted (very well) to Spirit (which has been disturbed).

1) So, that seems to indicate that those little lives are trying to and will eventually adjust to the higher vibrational rate of Spirit. What happens when they do?


They will then move into a higher state and advance into a higher state of matter such as the vegetable the animal human and deva until they move back into the vibration of the monad or pure spirit.

Tiny lives are always part of a greater life and the human monad represents trillions of tiny lives that have moved from a lower state in ages past.


2) What are, from where come, these “little lives”? Are they the Originating Points (Monads), of which some are Human?


They come from the same place we all come from – the One Great Life which is God. It’s essence is Divine space and the evolution of that life starts with innumerable points of life manifesting in that space, as symbolized by the stars of heaven. These points combine and create greater lives. A human monad represents the combination of trillions of these points.

The little lives are parts of a mineral monad seeking to move higher.


3) And speaking of that 🙂 If a human Monad is that which lies behind the power of decision, what are other, non-human, Monads?


All lives of which we are aware, are composed of smaller lives and they all make some type of decision according to their abilities, or respond to decision of higher lives. The smaller lives are merely smaller fragments of the whole than are human monads.


4) What/how “disturbs” Spirit?


Visualize pure spirit as being light and the material world as sound. This is an interesting correspondence since we are told creation of the material world was produced by the Word, or sound.

Both light and sound are composed of vibrations, yet the frequency of the two are universes apart. If we were to take light and make a hologram of you and set it beside you we could not weigh it or even touch it. Your hand would just pass through. The only evidence that it has some type of existence is that you can see it.

The holograph exists as wavelengths just as your physical body does. The difference is that the frequencies in your body are much more dense.

You could say that sound is like light except that sound is distorted or disturbed light which creates an entirely different type of substance than does pure light. Sound includes light, but light does not include sound, though it exists as potential.

JJ [2015 audio# 1]:

“The Solar Angels come from the Sun.”


1) Okay, so the SA evolved to perfection in a previous incarnation of this Universe. Why is it, how did it come to dwell, in OUR Sun? Is that where all Solar Angels dwell in this Universal incarnation?


The most advanced lives in a solar system dwell in its sun. Solar angels dwell there in vehicles of mental matter and are in direct contact with their monads. They dwell there in non physical matter because it is a suitable home to their vibration just as earth life is to ours.


2) And why isn’t it instead sleeping blissfully in relative perfection seeking to identify “upward” with the highest extant lifeform?


That time of sleep is yet far away, after this universe is perfected through a long series of incarnations.


3) In the Grand Tour, Joe visited the Sun and visited with some lives there, were those Solar Angels?


They were advanced lives, but not yet solar angels.


4) What IS the Sun?


Books are written on the sun. Any particular answer you had in mind?


Define “finer wavelengths”, do you mean shorter (trough to trough) or what?


Finer would be shorter as light has much shorter ones than sound as mentioned above.

Both sound and light have hidden wavelengths within them that create in other spheres.


This doesn’t seem like “stilling”, it seems you are describing increasing frequency (what most would call VIBRATION) until the waves become so compressed together that they superimpose and disappear into a . . . . . OH! I think I get it.

They “disappear” (become subsumed) into a yet greater (for wont of a better word) wavelength and . . . so on and so forth.

If correct, then that would be the answer to my question above; what are finer wavelengths? – They would be that into which the “compressed”, lower-order (in terms of density) wavelengths become subsumed.

But man o man, increasing frequency in order to STILL seems almost . . . counter-commonsense/experience.


Contemplate a machine that produces a light show with synchronized sound and light which respond to the various notes.

If you turn off the sound the light still remains and still plays or responds to the musical notes. Then if you also turn off the lights you still have the sound, light and music existing subjectively in the machine.

Even so, in creation we have numerous spheres of creation composed of various frequencies of sound and light, which in numerous cycles is turned off, but even when off, they still exist subjectively in the mind of God and can be turned back on again.

The sacrifice of the solar angels brought the fourth kingdom in nature into being. The “returning nirvanis” (as they are called in esoteric literature), with deliberation and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms of life nearer to the goal. These were and are ourselves. The “Lords of Knowledge and Compassion and of ceaseless persevering Devotion” (who are ourselves) chose to die in order that lesser lives might live, and this sacrifice has made possible the evolution of the indwelling consciousness of Deity. This consciousness, having worked its way through the subhuman kingdoms in nature, needed the activity of the solar angels to make further progress possible. Herein lies

  1. Our service to God, through sacrifice and death;
  2. Our service to other souls, through deliberate self-sacrificing purpose;
  3. Our service to other forms of life in other kingdoms.

All this involves the death and sacrifice of a Son of God, a solar angel, for, from the angle of Deity, descent into matter, manifestation through form, the taking of a body, extension of consciousness through the process of incarnation, are all occultly considered to be death. But the angels “chose to die, and in dying, lived.” Through their sacrifice, matter is lifted up into Heaven.

Esoteric Psychology II Page 93

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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Gathering Audio 2015

This entry is part 14 of 30 in the series Audios

The following is audio of the gathering hosted by J J Dewey in June of 2015

Contacting Your Solar Angel

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 16 – Greg’s Vision

A New Key

I introduced a new key in this gathering and as luck would have it, there was a flaw in the recording equipment and most of the speech on introducing this was lost.

This key was a little different in that the basics of it has been taught before by others. The Sixth Key of Knowledge is The Law of Correspondences.

This is indeed a key of knowledge and an understanding of it leads to unlimited knowledge and understanding.

Even though the teaching on it has been out there for ages most teachers have made the mistake of seeing it as black and white in principle. They make the statement as above so below and below is as above and leave it at that.

This approach leaves a huge gap in finding the truth as that which is above is never exactly like the below. The insight in this key is that God is always doing new things and when a higher creation appears it has correspondences to lower or previous ones, but always with a twist and that twist has to be found through the use of the intuition.

To understand we can look at history. They say that history repeats itself when it fact it does not do so exactly. One cycle of history may correspond to a past one, but there will always be differences. To discover the coming differences requites intuitive contemplation.

With physical creation an atom corresponds to a solar system, but with a twist. There are a lot of similarities, but also there are differences and the differences on a higher level are a key to the manifestation of greater intelligence.

Anyway about an hour of the presentation was lost but some of the gaps are filled in a previous article here.


We did salvage the last half hour of the presentation which are recorded in parts 17 and 18 below:

Part 17

Part 18

Making A Difference by Curtis Harwell

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More on the New Key by JJ

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LINK for Sprouting Tray mentioned in the audio

Excepts from Healing Session

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 34

This entry is part 19 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Group Meditation

Starts out with the group singing: “I Am Becoming.”

JJ: Okay, let’s join up male, female as much as possible.

Audience: Aummmmmmm

JJ: Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna, to God and the lamb, forever and ever, and ever, amen, amen and amen, let’s do this in a normal voice first and then louder the second time and even louder the third and then a moment of silence, during the period of silence you contemplate receiving and sometimes you receive and sometimes you will just get fired up. Okay let’s do this.

Audience: Completes this task and after remains in silence while contemplating receiving.

JJ: Did anyone get any impressions that they would like to share?

Audience: I saw something before we started that was funny, I saw some kind of bike in the water that someone was pedaling, there was this big leaf and as the person was pedaling it was a motor or propeller. It was made of something really rustic and was like a paddle boat but more like a bike. Then there was like a cone in the middle and everyone was sending energy to the middle of the cone.

JJ: Maybe this is how we will navigate around the city.

End of session

Audience: Aum, for a couple of minutes.

JJ: Concentrate not only on seeing but also hearing beyond the normal range. Hearing the voice of the spirit spoken by the Master Himself. Here the voice spoken, which says, come up higher, hear this voice and concentrate in a moment of silence.

As this voice registers with you, you feel yourself being lifted up and coming up higher. And above you is a point of light and as you raise yourself up you enter into the point and go through the point. As you go through the point you enter into a great light and on the other side is the city of the New Jerusalem, shining with great light and all the colors of the rainbow represented and shining all around it. There are 12 doors, 12 entranceways guarded by angels and you are gravitating to one of the entranceways. You are standing before one of the doorways and there are two angels, one on each side, the angels feel your vibration and tell you pass through and they smile.

The city is composed of matter where thoughts materialize and de-materialize. When you first enter through it just seems to be filled with a cloud of light and whatever you think begins to form. First of all we all want to meet together and as we think this we see everybody in this room gathering together in a circle again.

We want to see the Master who called us here. He materializes in the center of the circle. And chairs appear before us and we all sit with the Master sitting in a chair in the middle. We have all gathered around Him. He looks at us one by one as if He is reading our minds, our souls and our thoughts. And He says to us, I am going to introduce you to your Solar Angel,  a higher reflection of yourself. It can guide you wherever you want to go and will answer any question that you feel is pertinent to ask.

He raises His right arm and as He raises it a number of angelic beings descend to all members of the group. You look at your Solar Angel and you see a unique entity that seems very familiar to you. When you look at your Solar Angel you feel tremendous love and you understand that your Solar Angel has passed through every possible thing that you are now passing through. He understands every problem that you have, every hope and every dream. He has been through these things and He has overcome. He knows that you can over come. He knows that you have your doubts, your difficulties but He knows that you will overcome because He has been there and He rose above all things, Now look at your Solar angel and ask Him what advice do you have for me? Are you going to be with me; are you going to help me? Are you going to be accessible? Contemplate the next minute or two communing and being one with your Solar Angel.

Now your Solar Angel looks at you and raises His hands up placing one hand on your head and one hand upon your heart center which is between your shoulder blades on your back and you feel a burning within your heart that is stimulating energy circulating within your head. He says to you, “I give unto you the blessings of the most high, the power to overcome is within you and will be with you always and I will be with you always. I am awakened and you are awakening, you are as my child and I am as your parent and I love you with a parent’s love and I will never be far from you. You are never far from any of these beings like myself – we are all connected – we all help and we all assist. When humanity does this same thing then the kingdom of God will be upon the earth as it is in heaven.”

JJ Repeat after me; “Let the will of God manifest on earth as it is in heaven.”

Audience: “Let the will of God manifest on earth as it is in heaven.”

JJ: “Let me ascend in consciousness even as is my solar angel.”

Audience:  “Let me ascend in consciousness even as is my solar angel.”

JJ: “I love my fellow human beings even as my solar angel loves me.”

Audience: “I love my fellow human beings even as my solar angel loves me.”

JJ and audience: Aum…..

JJ: The solar angel opens the door and you look out this door and you see planet earth, He says, behold the people are waiting for what you have to offer them. They are crying out for help and yet they know not what they want. You must discern what they want and need and give it to them. Humanity knows not how to elevate itself and it must learn through trial and error, but you see a little more than the average person out there and you can help. If every child that contacts his solar angel does his part then everyone will be assisted and everyone will ascend in consciousness. Heaven and earth will eventually be one.

JJ & Audience: Aum…

JJ: Concentrate on the union of heaven and earth that which is in heaven manifesting here on the earth in harmony as we sound the three great sounds of the Aum.

JJ & Audience: 1st sound beginning of ideas.

JJ: This symbolizes the beginning of the ideas of God. His original idea is that all creation will enjoy His presence and be as if heaven is everywhere.

JJ & Audience: 2nd sound the power to bring these ideas forth.

JJ & Audience: 3rd sound a consummating sound, finishing the sound of the word.

JJ & Audience: Final sound.

End of meditation

JJ: We will send the microphone around and listen to what you have to say about your experience.

Audience: Female member: I was saying everything you were saying and I saw the door and I was floating, the door was a triangular shape. When I went in there a bright mist and everyone appeared and the chairs were floating and they were half egg shape that we fit perfectly on. I saw my solar angel and of course it was the same one that talked to me and that was it.

Male member: I saw a lot of what you were explaining and at some point my physical body started to react to it, getting hot and sweaty and I had to sit down.

JJ: It probably stimulated your chakras.

Annie: It felt like I was on fire and I often do that, and I just kept standing. When we were holding hands I thought this is really safe and secure and a really good place to be, and it was.

Female member: The message I got was that I am still I am only with a higher consciousness. My solar angel was still – I was only with a higher consciousness and more experience.

Male member (Wayne): I get kept getting ahead of the story line and then you would say something that would make me repaint the thing and that happened a few times and then I followed the story line, I met the guards and one was a greeter and the other an usher and I was instructed to rebuild my body and then try it on like a suit of clothes. Then when the solar angel came, it was a test of the initiation because I looked more like the solar angel than I did in my old body. Then the solar angel was a long way from perfection and I was told that I still had work to do and that when I cleansed myself completely then I would be more representative of my solar angel. It was a pleasant experience.

Female member: When we approached the city the light felt very warm and comforting, peaceful. What struck me most when we went in through this gate was that the city was alive, breathing, pulsating, this so alive. My solar angel told me all the things that you were saying.

Female member: I had an impression when we were first meditating after we did the song that the coming destructive forces would affect the animals as well and there’s got to be a way to help them as well as ourselves. When I was approaching the city I felt two angels and I saw my aunt Helen peeking out from behind the door before coming in and she was very spiritual.

Female member: I had some bodily sensations and when we opened the door and looked at the planet I could see we are a cry baby planet and it is something that felt familiar and I have always been concerned about humanity.

Male member: Somewhere in the meditation the fear that I had felt left me.

Male member: I just keep getting caught between here and there, I am not asleep I am in between. I am aware but that is all.

Female member: When we first started doing the meditations I noticed a lot of pain in my upper hips. It was as though somebody showed me how stand without pain finally. They positioned me correctly and this energy was pulsing, this energy was showing me how to move in my body. The next time we were doing the meditation I heard very clearly that I came in as a woman to learn to receive. And you are the queen and you will learn to receive. It has always been much more natural for me to send even though I am a female and I am here to learn to receive.

Male member: I got the impression to go forth and serve and be humble and there will be no limit to your joy and peace.

Male member Assaf: The main that experience I had was the fire in my chakra. Many years now I have had these problems with what feels like heartburn and burping and things of this nature, their work done on this when we were in the city, like a fire walking on it. That was my experience.

Male member: This was the first time I was really able to experience this and I feel most comfortable with this group than I ever have before with any other group.
Everything worked out right, mostly just a great feeling of peace and joy.

Female member: I did not feel connected at first until I was in the city and the room sitting in the chairs that were form fitting and floating. My solar angel was a new experience and he was a very pleasant fellow. He had a wonderful message of my own thinking, I am not a very emotional person and I felt a spark in my heart chakra and now I know it is there.

Female member: When we came up to the city I saw an old city and it was just so bright and seemed to be almost translucent. Then we came through the doors and I knew that Christ would meet me there and I felt a lot of fear, I wanted to pull away and leave and not stand before Christ, I saw my solar angel and she was before me and said fear not for this is the work that you are supposed to be working on right now in this moment. Do not be afraid of Christ, you are perfect and who you are supposed to be, stand and receive this blessing. When she touched me, I still wanted to run and did not want to look into Christ’s face and feel any judgment from Him. So when she touched me (Deep emotion in her voice) I felt all that go away and only love was left and I knew it was coming from The Christ and this changed me.

You talked yesterday about we need to go through our foundation belief system, see where we went off course and lay a new foundation, become as a child again and begin anew. I was raised in a Pentecostal church and all that goes with this, the old foundation beliefs of the religious mantra. She, my solar angel did not tell me with words but when she touched me she relayed to me that I have to let all of that go, those beliefs are not Christ’s. This was a healing for me and I really, really want to go back there.


Female member: We were all floating over the ocean and the city was up ahead on an island, it was beautiful, translucent with every color of the rainbow, we popped into the courtyard of this building and it was a rectangle building. When you said go through the door I started at door one and the group was already in there, the guards crossed their spears and I could not enter into door one so I went on to the next door, same thing happened, so kept going and I finally got in at door twelve. Everyone was already beginning. I ran to the chair, sat down and there was a fire pit in the middle of our group, Annie was across from me dressed in a long blue dress on with a headband, almost looked as though it was Native American but it was not – more of the Minoan artwork. Annie walked up and had this liquid and threw it on the fire and the fire went up really big and bright lights began to form, then I felt this bright light come down and permeate me and this was happening to all of us and then we floated up like a cross up into the this bright ball of energy. My body began to leave me and as it did lights began to sparkle as it faded away and fell to the ground and that was it.


Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Vibrational Energies

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From

The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  We thank the One Great Life for reflecting Itself and creating motion, or vibration, causing the Music of the Spheres, and All There Is, to become manifest so the various parts of God can know themselves and each other.

2  Highly evolved entities tune the chord of their energies from the highest to the lowest, and thus all the notes in the energy chord can vibrate harmoniously.

3  The vibration of a person’s Spirit is much higher than his personality, and it is logical that the higher would be more reliable than the lower.

4  If a Master connects with you in the Spirit, you will note a high vibration that needs a period of adjustment.

5  There are many life forms and beings working on the side of good, who are much higher in vibration than ourselves, of which the average seeker is totally unaware and unprepared to enter into the presence of such. This difference in vibration can require great courage to approach.

6  If a Master decides to admit you into his ashram, you will first be sent a flow of energy of higher vibration to give you time to adjust. This adjustment can be disturbing at first – a little like getting into a hot bath. It’s discomforting at first but after you adjust it is okay. Then, after you make adjustments in vibration, you are admitted to the group. If the ashram were to let you in without the adjustment, you would either suffer death or go insane.

7  Even though the vibration of higher lives is very intense, the person receiving them will inherently know that they are on the side of good because the vibration will be recognized by the inner most part of themselves as desirable to attain.

8  There is a difference between soul energy and the Solar Angel.

9  If all energies were to become perfectly balanced, then we would have perfect circles formed around a point which would then be reduced to a point of nothingness.

10  Even though electricity is composed of negative electrons I see this energy itself as positive, or male, because it is action energy capable of initiating motion. Magnetism is the opposite polarity (female) that tends to still action and pull toward the center.

11  When we think of protective energy, it is natural to think only of ourselves, but in projecting our thoughts to the whole, where each of us draws from the pool of accumulated energy, the individual will benefit as well as the group.

12  The higher vibration is always more difficult to comprehend and master.

13  Once a person becomes aware of the various energies unfolding he will have no doubt that there are major energy centers at play in the body. When I first felt them I knew nothing about the centers and it did not occur to me what was happening, but then when I later learned about the chakras it all began to make sense to me.

14  Energy follows thought which is held by focused attention.

15  At the point of definite reversal with no energy directed toward the path of evolution then there is no attention on the soul or spirit. To understand this we must realize that energy does follow thought and if there is no energy on the higher then all energy follows the line of least resistance toward the lower.

16  Just as atomic energy is much more potent than gas and oil, so will the building energies of Zion and the Molecular Relationship be more powerful than anything before witnessed.

17  In our solar system at this point in time and space Love does seem to be the foundation energy, but the truth is that this energy is one of seven projections from a higher Ray which is the Father Ray – Ray One.

18  When a seeker, through the principle of identification, senses the vibrating energies emanating from such an initiate he then assumes the vibration of the 144,000 and feels the music of the spheres within.

19  Unquestioned or unproven authority is always a destroying energy.

20  If one overcomes Maya that does not mean he ceases to enjoy good food, sex and rock and roll. But it does mean that he is the master of this energy and the energy is not the master of him.

21  Think of all the energy that you expend and you will see that somehow, someway, all of it is directed to fulfill some conscious goal somewhere.

22  The best we can do with energy set in motion (effect), is to direct it wisely.

23  Without contact with the higher energies of the heart and mind going with the flow, or the line of least resistance, always seems to be the most desirable.

24  If you go to the higher lives and see or experience them as they are, the vibration difference will be alarming for the first several encounters.

25  The higher the life in evolution the higher the vibration and the greater the adjustment necessary to endure the presence.

26  In making the transition to a new venture of fulfillment another problem can surface. As you move ahead new energies are released from your centers and with these new energies must come new ways of doing things. You just cannot fall back on what was comfortable in the past, but one must move forward with a sense of higher purpose and attunement with the soul.

27  The lower cannot control itself or the higher, but the higher can control the lower. The lower never has desire to cooperate with the higher and enters onto the higher vibration kicking and screaming with resistance.

28  Where the energies are not balanced each individual will feel there is something that is lacking, but will not be sure what it is.

29  When the Molecular Relationship is properly set up the opportunity to balance energy will be more abundant. The couple will always have a teacher and, or sender available from which to receive and there will always be students and, or receivers for whom to give.

30  When a critical mass of radioactive humans (Israelites) are gathered then we can have a controlled chain reaction, a controlled release of energy to sustain peace on earth goodwill toward men.

31  Light is a form of radiation – wavelengths increasing. Love is an aspect of magnetism – wavelengths merging, having interplay or coming together.

32  If we send Light and Love to anyone on the dark path or of a low vibration or someone who will use power contrary to the good of the whole then the Light and Love we send will be transmuted to the lower centers and all we will do is energize the lower desires of these people.

33  It is true that the positive energy dominates in our physical world, the negative dominates in the etheric and astral. Then the positive dominates in the mental and so on up to the monad.

34  Just as light has a higher vibration than sound, and yellow is higher than red, even so is the astral vibration higher than physical and the matter of mind is higher than astral-emotion.

35  To be evolutionary, the physical and emotional energies must adjust their vibration so they are in harmony with the heart and mind energies.

36  Purpose is that which causes vibration so that within that vibration lies all energy, form, plans and goals.

37  In the beginning the essence of God which is PURPOSE (which gives power to make DECISION) reflected Itself to unlimited numbers and these reflections vibrated generated Love. Love gathered them together and then vibrated again. This process was repeated many times until the thought in the Purpose of God of human intelligence began to vibrate.

38  If you could achieve a balance of the two energies [male and female] and “be still and know God,”  then your body would disappear until you let the energies slip out of balance again. This is one of the reasons that the Masters can transport their bodies instantly. They do not increase their vibration as many teach. Instead they still their vibration through the balancing of energies and can move through a door or wall as easily as an imaginary point of thought.

39  An energy which is directed to restrict life and imprison it, or take away its freedom of expression in any way becomes evil, but an energy which is directed to free life and give greater room for expression and expansion and joy is good.

40  The eternal part of us has no vibration.

41  A “force” has to exist at the mercy of some type of vibration and all vibration is eventually stilled. Therefore “forces” are not eternal.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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What We Are

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  You are not your body, you are not your feelings and you are not your mind or thoughts. What are you?  You are that power within that can make a decision from which purpose and potential power reside and from which all things spring.

2  We decide because of what we are and we BECOME because of what we are.

3  I use my uniqueness to see for Him which is myself.

4  Whatever we create is a creation for which God is responsible for man and God are one. We are His hands.

5  How can being one with God be anything else than being God?

6  How can one believe in the omnipresence of God and not believe that God is within us? What do such people think – that God is everywhere but in us?

7  Just as the eternal part of you is the idea of you in the mind of God, even so the eternal part of light and love are the idea of them within God.

8  The whole physical body consists of the dense physical that all of us see, plus the normally invisible etheric. The etheric is composed of millions of lines of force joining and merging to give the dense physical a coherent form.

9  We could define instinct as reliable computer programs that have been placed by the Creator into our vehicles [bodies] for the purpose of insuring our survival. These little programs are always correct in their original context and worked well for primitive humanity, but in more complex situations they are often misleading.

10  The fact is that when one is given a job, and the job is accepted, it becomes a matter of pride to do a good job, even if the job turns out to be disgusting.

11  When a normal human being sees and understands what is right, he will normally follow it.

12  The equality of the human race, as far has having basic needs met and equal opportunity offered, is planted in all human souls and is an ideal that will someday be manifest.

13  All of us are deluded to some degree in one area or another.

14  Do not overlook your own uniqueness and that your slant on things is often more interesting than you think.

15  We are all composite beings made of many lesser lives and to maintain the cohesive force to keep the lower lives together to maintain the higher, attention must be focused on the higher energies of soul. Without this attention and the drawing forth of spiritual power then the forces holding the lesser lives becomes diminished until, eventually, the lesser lives come apart and return to their native element. This produces a death or disintegration of the person as they are.

16  Unfortunately it is rare to find even one person who is this open minded as an adult. Most who do see themselves as open will shut down as soon as some truth crosses their path that does not align with their mindset.

17  The very fact that we are here in a place of risk illustrates that deep within the souls of us all is a greater desire to be free and to explore and to BECOME than to just be still, stagnate and safe.

18  If God and man are one, then man is God and God is man. We only seem to be two because we have been deceived into thinking it.

19  Five entities in the Bible have called men Gods. They are the serpent in the garden, the God of the Old Testament, Moses, David, and Jesus.

20  The eternal part of ourselves, or divine intelligence, has no cause but is cause and has no beginning or end.

21  Whether the self is complete [or not] we have to define what complete is. Some selves are complete idiots.

22  We are ideas in the mind of God.

23  The monad is our originating point in this universe and beyond this point is the mystery of our timeless past.

24  That which makes you a human unit existed for eternity in the mind of God as a human intelligence. You were not an idea for an atom, a plant, or an animal, but the song which is you is a human song.

25  As humans we are not the highest but neither are we the lowest.

26  We are a part of the body of the Source; as such we are the source of ourselves.

27  We are unborn eternal individual units each with our own differing purposes.

28  The real you is not three parts but one part using numerous vehicles. When we are done with the vehicles we do not fuse them together but discard them, taking only with us the intelligence they provided.

29  You are a reflection of your Solar Angel and are nourished by it.

30  If we are in tune with the Spirit of God we can tune into the smaller lives within our body and catch a glimpse of smaller units of consciousness than we ever dreamed possible.

31  The possibilities of mankind will be revealed in outer form through technology as a forerunner to the full revelation of the inner powers.

32  The five lower chakras and hundreds of other smaller energy points are actually little lives that were once animals and other little lives eons ago.

33  People today are attracted to the safety of the status quo and strong personalities more than ideas.

34  Another interesting person of more recent historical note who got himself in trouble and eventually killed for teaching the Godhood of man was the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith.

35  God creates through His imagination just as we create through ours. Just as our imagination is unlimited so is His, but neither are infinite. There is always an end to what any being imagines, but no limit.

36  When condemnation subsides, the son of man becomes the Son of God and the Father recognizes another beloved Son who has found himself.

37  Cause is initiated and directed by intelligence and purpose through the power of Decision, which is the core of what we are.

38  We exist or live to have experience.

39  You as an individual are going through an experience unique to yourself, slightly different from any other life in the Universe.

40  Human beings are the soul of the universe.

41  Just as you have soul within your physical body that creates and gives you form, even so man is the soul energy within the great body of the universe and has a destiny to create the great body of God on a universal scale.

42  There is a higher part of ourselves that is like Christ and has the Christ consciousness.

43  Our bodies are not who we are. Instead they are vehicles that we use. A person giving his body to another for a higher use can be a great act of free will.

44  You as an individual entity consists of a musical chord of four notes at any given point in time and space. Your physical body vibrates on a certain note as well as does your emotions and your mind. Then your soul vibrates on a fourth note. You also play your notes in a certain key. The four notes are predicated on the worlds of form. Three correspond to the physical, astral and mental. The fourth is a synthesis of the three corresponding to the whole personality.

45  The first great purpose of man is to discover and use the intelligence behind the great forms that have already been completed in the microcosm and apply that knowledge to the macrocosm.

46  All the lives that make up our bodies have a great amount of knowledge, but it is “below the threshold of consciousness.”

47  Your whole body is a hierarchy of atoms and molecules with the permanent atom at its head recreating the great power of organization necessary to create your physical structure. This feat is greater than we can imagine.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Your Solar Angel

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  A common name for the Solar Angel is the Higher Self. Eventually your perfected self will fuse with your Higher Self and evolve through all the higher spheres together as this solar system dies. In that far future age your new and improved Higher Self will reflect again and nurture its new born baby – a new and improved version of you.

2  Each one of us has a higher self sometimes called the Solar Angel.

3  When your Solar Angel becomes aware that you are offering others assistance on the Path through service, it will seek to open the door to Spirit for you so your power to serve can be enhanced.

4  Your monad is a seed that has become you. The Solar Angel is like the Farmer that nourishes the seed. Without the Solar Angel you may not have sprouted up in this system of things.

5  Monads do not have consciousness as we do but they do have a consciousness. It is sometimes referred to as a higher consciousness–higher than the Solar Angels because the monad is closer to the Source.

6  Without the help of our Solar Angels we would still be at a very primitive level of consciousness.

7  Your Solar Angel who works through your soul and higher entities up to the Masters will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

8  Our Solar Angel which communes with us through the soul has lived on other planets so far in the distant past that its native solar system no longer is in existence in physical form.

9  We see the reflection of our Solar Angel before we meet the Solar Angel itself because the average person isn’t ready to meet his true Solar Angel.

10  The Solar Angel reflects Itself down into the astral world but the reflection of the Solar Angel will often teach some things that are upside down but they’ll be things that are encouraging to the person to live a good life so they can eventually face their illusions.

11  The Solar Angel represents the Christ Consciousness.

12  The Solar Angel, often called our Higher Self is an actual entity which is a master on its own plane.

13  Your Solar Angel was once a standard human being such as yourself, but that was a long time ago in a star system far away, billions of years in the past. He/She achieved relative perfection and through the Molecular Relationship achieved a oneness of life with all other perfected souls within their planetary and solar groups.

14  The Solar Angels are “exalted beings” who seek an eternal increase through reflecting, or multiplying themselves, just as the One God did in the beginning (or beginning/end as it could be called).

15  Whereas earthly parents often have unrealistic expectations that the child will be just like them, the Solar Angel does realize that through a series of hundreds of lifetimes the reflection will attain all the attributes of the reflector, yet keep its individual will and purpose.

16  The Solar Angel has developed a high degree of consciousness and is able to use the potentialities of God much more than an unrealized monad.

17  There was a time when there were no Solar Angels, but there was never a time when there were no monads.

18  The first Solar Angels developed through trial and error in an earlier era of this developing universe somewhere around 60 trillion years ago. Without the help of assisting Solar Angels the unfoldment of a monad takes much longer.

19  The Solar Angel, your higher self, is distinct and separate from you, yet it is you.

20  The Solar Angel continues to enjoy life in its own plane while also enjoying the life and experience, which is you. He has thus increased his capacity for joy.

21  Not all planets have Solar Angels assisting and this is one of the reasons we have not picked up intelligent radio signals from any neighboring star system yet.

22  Because of positive karma we have the good fortune to have the assistance of Solar Angels in this solar system.

23  Our Solar Angels are linked to higher angels that have risen to an even higher state of being and these are linked to higher still until you get to the originating Solar Angels in this creation.

24  Our Solar Logos was once a Solar Angel.

25  There are many Solar Angels in this Solar System, but the ones for this earth, in connection with human life, are from one basic family and share a oneness of life.

26  The Christ and the Logos have merged with their Solar Angels ages ago and are one with their own monads.

27  The job of soul energies and the Solar Angel is to work with the lower man until the monad and the lower reflection is linked and directed toward oneness.

28  Your experiences are on a different order and flavor than your Solar Angel experienced as a human. Were it not so, there would be no impetus for us or God to extend ourselves.

29  Since animals do not have Solar Angels this could explain why the earth is more accepting of their waste.

30  The Solar Angel is the soul. It’s a name for the soul. He’s called the Solar Angel because He works with solar energy from the Solar Logos.

31  The Solar Angels which commune with us when soul contact is achieved are indeed emanations from the Solar Logos.

32  If we can attain a true realization that we are truly a reflection of the Solar Angel, and one life with it, then we can become as Christ and have power over physical reality and even death.

33  Your Solar Angel is a Lord of Compassion and sacrificed itself through compassion so you could be born as an entity.

34  Your Solar Angel is more like your Divine Mother who has nourished you from an embryo, or your monad.

35  As reflections we are one with our Solar Angels in the higher spheres, but in this one we are the same Song, but played in a different key. Eventually the two keys must come together and play as one.

36  It is not the job of the Masters to work with average humanity. This is the work of the Solar Angel and its reflections in the astral world.

37  Our Solar Angels operate on several planes to communicate with human entities according to the highest they [humans] can perceive.

38  The Solar Angel doesn’t have a physical body.

39  This planet is different because we’ve had assistance. The Sons of Mind were sent to us to assist us in our evolution. These are basically our Solar Angels. We have Solar Angels assisting us in our evolution. Not all planets have this as the case. Because of this we’re one of the more progressed planets.

40  When people receive instruction from their Solar Angel, people think they’re getting a revelation from God.

41  When we develop soul contact we open the door to contacting our Solar Angels as well as the Masters and Christ and up and beyond; the doors open to all these communications.

42  DK [Djwahl Khul] says the Solar Angel casts a shadow and this shadow becomes our lower nature which the beginning human identifies with and falsely believes himself to be. Instead he is the monadic life which is occupying the shadow of the Solar Angel.

43  Before this earth scheme and this solar system there was a previous solar system where we (or our Solar Angels) passed through 49 other globes. This was our first estate.

44  The Solar Angels are in a Molecular Order of their own. Even though they are many they operate with such unity, and as one life, that the masters often just call them “the soul.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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