2000-9-11 10:55:00

Great to have you posting again, Diane.

I'm going to send you some tapes by Richard Schulze who has cured about every disease under the sun. If you haven't studied him before they should give you hope.

You gave some interesting thoughts on gravity, Lars. This is a subject we could spend some time on, but will only cover briefly at this time.

Einstein said that gravity was produced by the bending of space, but I think you are right that it is related to electricity. Even though electricity is composed of negative electrons I see this energy itself as positive, or male, because it is action energy capable of initiating motion. Magnetism is the opposite polarity (female) that tends to still action and pull toward the center.

Electricity creates action from the center outwards and magnetism pulls from the periphery to the center causing concretization into form.

Now the ancient wisdom teaches of positive electricity that will be discovered indicating that it must be made of something other than negative electrons. Perhaps this is some type of flow of positrons, protons or even pure magnetic force. The teachings are not clear on this.

In connection with the Will of God, Benjamin says:

"It seems to me that it IS possible to accelerate the process of personal evolution so that one need not experience ALL possibilities in order to awaken to a greater reality."


Good point. Many make their assumption that because a situation exists as it is that this is the Will of God being manifest. In other words, if your neighbor shoots your dog, that it was the Will of God that the dog suffer and die at that moment in time.

This reminds me of the joke about the religious guy in the Wild West who believed that all was predestined according to the Will of God and there was nothing one could do to alter it. As he was leaving on his horse through Indian Territory a friend asked him:

"Why are you taking your gun with you? If everything happens according to the unalterable Will of God then the gun will not make any difference?"

The man answered:

"Maybe so, but I might just meet a couple Indians that God wants some holes shot into."

We cannot justify our harmful actions, our errors, and our laziness by merely throwing up our hands and saying: "I screwed up and drank some Drano. I guess this is part of the perfect Will of God."

The Will of God is a concept that is very misunderstood even by many of the teachers of the planet. The Will of God is a force that moves towards an objective within the Purpose of God. That which falls in line with this force and moves towards the objective is cooperating in manifesting Divine Will. That which does not fall in line with this force opposes the Will of God. Because good is dominating and the Will of God takes us toward the good, Divine Will always prevails in the end; nevertheless, many setbacks and detours occur before that end is reached.

To fall for the idea that everything that happens is part of the Divine Will is to fall for the illusionary mantra of the Dark Brother. It is designed to put the Lights to sleep so the good and the talented become lazy in their efforts to progress, and fail to do their part. This is a major problem with many disciples on the earth today who were expected to work for certain preparations that have been left undone. New workers will have to be found to compensate for this delay. Efforts that run contrary to the Will of God are of course expected and anticipated by the Brotherhood of Light, but just because we have free will to make careless decisions does not mean that all decisions are a part of the plan.

If it is your will to paint a beautiful landscape and you trip and damage the painting right in the middle of your work -- does that mean you willed the accident? No, of course it doesn't. It was not any part of your plan that such an accident would occur. Your plan (or your will) was that the painting be completed; you proceed in that direction by repairing the painting and finishing it. When the painting is done, your will is completed despite the accident which was contrary to your will.

Likewise, when the Will of God is accomplished, it is completed in spite of setbacks, not because the setbacks were a part of the plan.

The Question:

How could it be that he who stands at the midway point can be seen, not as a moderate, but an extremist by many?

A Hint:

The true extremists, probably over 99% of humanity, are those who have not found the middle way. Why is it correct to call the majority of the human race extremists? Why do these extremists label those who are not extreme as the extreme?