Health and Correspondence

2000-3-29 00:00:00

I have enjoyed reading your posts today. It appears that the quality and depth of the list is increasing steadily here and I praise all of you for your words.

I must praise John W for his masterful thoughts. I do not know of anyone who has retrieved ancient memories better than he.

I am also finding Chris's writing more interesting all the time. He should consider putting his research into a book.

I'm happy to see that some good things are happening for our friend Rick. I would still recommend that you have a regular doctor take a look at your ears. It is always important to get a good diagnosis. A good diagnosis is important even when applying spiritual healing.

Whenever I have a physical problem the first thing I do is go on a fast. In my adult life fasting has cured what's ailed me every time except twice. The two times fasting did not cure me completely, I took an antibiotic and it wiped out the problem in a couple days.

The question: "What are the attributes of the throat center and what about this center could be misused or frustrated to cause a problem with the hearing?"

As we explore this subject of health we will see that we have not really left the subject of the Law of Correspondences for this law will be used again and again in discovering the causes of various maladies.

I do not have time to comment on all your writings, but I would suggest that Rick read them over and note the ones that strike a chord with him and experiment. Meanwhile, I'll add a few additional thoughts.

Now in giving out the possible causes of disease let not any so afflicted feel that they are being judged, for there are many exceptions to the rule in the cause and cure of illness. Instead let those who may benefit read the words and judge for themselves in association with their own souls as to whether the correspondence applies to them.

Zina makes a good guess: "It may be that Rick feels HE is not being heard... no one can hear him, in what he is presently going through, that whatever expression he puts forward it seems useless. Happily the list has shown otherwise..."

Something like this is always a possibility. Fortunately the group is showing Rick that he is heard. Nevertheless, this feeling of not being heard is a common problem, for the desire to be heard and appreciated is strong indeed. I know that I do not have time to do justice in commenting on many of your posts and I am always thankful when someone else steps forward and answers someone's question. Sometimes members answer questions just as I would and other times some give a different viewpoint. On the other hand, that different viewpoint may be just what someone needs to hear.

The throat center is governed by the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. This center governs the development of the correct use of mind, creativity, and inspiration as it relates to creativity.

Notice that Rick is switching his time from working on the archives, which is a fairly mechanical (but necessary) work, to a comic book which is creative. It's quite possible that a subtle message came to him from his soul that the petals of his throat center were being suppressed. Perhaps this is a crucial time for him to resurrect a creative talent that has lain dormant too long.

Now in making the transition to a new venture of fulfillment another problem can surface. As you move ahead new energies are released from your centers and with these new energies must come new ways of doing things. You just cannot fall back on what was comfortable in the past, but one must move forward with a sense of higher purpose and attunement with the soul.

A problem with the ears could signify that the person is not listening carefully enough to the new creative directions that are coming from the soul through the throat center.

DK adds this thought: "Self-pity, so prevalent a trouble, leads to acute indigestion, to intestinal trouble, to catarrh and head colds in the average person, whilst in the more advanced man it leads to chronic bronchial difficulties, gastric ulcers and unhealthy conditions connected with the teeth and the ears."

Judes asks: "JJ...also curious for Diane's sake and healing...what are the 'eyes' connected to or associated with...and for me...the lungs or bronchi?"

The lungs are also connected with the throat center. What do the lungs do? They breathe in air and then send it out into the world. Air corresponds to mind. Problems in connection with the lungs and breath often relate to a deficiency in learning (breathing in) or a reluctance to share that which has been learned (breathing out).

The eyes, and the ears to a degree, are controlled by the Anja Center between the eyebrows (7th Ray), but also strongly affected by the solar plexus and problems related to the stomach. Treat the stomach and aid digestion, and often problems in the higher parts of the body will be alleviated also.

Even though much energy comes into play in the cause of illness, they all fall within two categories.

Category One: Diseases of congestion

Category Two: Diseases of inflammation.

Are Diane and Rick's problems caused by congestion or inflammation? What do you suppose would be the difference in approach necessary in treating these two categories?

By the way, my mom had surgery today and seems to be doing fine.