1999-1-7 10:38:00

To believe only in the Brotherhood of Light and not the Dark Brothers is to believe you can clap with one hand.

Just as the appearance of Christ, Buddha, and other teachers is evidence of a Brotherhood of Light, so too is the appearance of Hitler, Stalin and Nero evidence of the Dark Ones.

Dark Brothers have definitely appeared in history and when they have died they did not go into extinction. They went unto their own place with their own kind and continue to work on the side of selfishness.

It is dangerous to think we can stay positive by avoiding discussions about negative energies and people. He who denies the existence of a truth because it sounds negative creates a vacuum that draws the Darkness unto him. Darkness is always dispelled by shining Light upon it. When we discuss the Dark Brothers in the light of day and shine the light of truth upon them, we destroy their power.

If one overcomes Maya that does not mean he ceases to enjoy good food, sex and rock and roll. But it does mean that he is the master of this energy and the energy is not the master of him.

If there was some purpose to abstain from sex for three years, fast for a week, or change diet then one who has overcome Maya could do this. If there is no reason to abstain then he would be privileged to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh as much as the next guy as long as the Principle of Harmlessness is followed.

A person may have basically overcome Maya in one life and then slip back into its trap in another. Cigarettes are an example of one of the most powerful forces of Maya. If you can quit smoking after having the habit for years the rest of maya should be downhill for you.

The solving of illusion holds the key to placing Maya and Glamour in their right place and not the other way around.

It is true that Hitler manipulated the forces of Maya and Glamour to further his purposes, but that does not mean he was deceived by them.

Hitler was a strict vegetarian, did not smoke, believed in sexual purity, solid family relationships. He was a master of Maya as well as mayhem.

It is true he had a great temper and strong Solar Plexus activity, but so too do the advanced Brothers of Light have powerful forces to deal with in all the Lower Centers. Thus this is not a sign that Hitler had glamours.

His followers had tremendous Glamour, and Hitler consciously manipulated Glamour among his people, but many of the glamours that effect the regular guy had little pull on him.

That leaves one deception left: Illusion.

What illusion cause Hitler to fight against the Jews? What illusion caused him to start the World War Two?