The Gathering Of Lights, Chapter 40

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Chapter Forty -- What Is Zion?

It is time now that we discuss Zion in clear unscriptural language and paint a word picture clearly enough so the reader can visualize this concept which will soon manifest. The best one sentence definition is:

"Zion is the pure in heart in a gathered condition."

Some may ask, "who are the pure in heart?"


The pure in heart are those who honestly search the Spirit speaking within their own heart and follow that inner voice with the highest purity of which they are capable.

The pure in heart are those with pure motive with no guile. They may make mistakes, but they are honest in communication, harmless in action and examples of love in their lives.

In other words the pure in heart follow the highest they know to the best of their ability.

Zion is a higher group consciousness created by a gathering of those who show such pure intent.

Zion has existed on the mental plane now for some time, for in the past hundred years disciples have gathered their mental energies in the subtle planes which has been a leaven for the Kingdom of God.

Those who are the true intuitives of the world will never feel alone and isolated because mentally they are already gathered, or synthesized. When they work with purpose they will never have the feeling of working alone and will sense the presence of a group mind of which they are a part. Such a participant will know he is synthesized with something greater than himself. When this point of contact is reached the entity finds himself in "heaven", whether he is in the world, or out of the world, bond or free, and looks upon personality reactions, rejection, fortunate and unfortunate circumstances from the viewpoint of an observer, a third party. They have little power to effect him. He takes the viewpoint of the Christ:  "For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother." (Matthew 12:50)

Those who are gathered in the mental plane are composed of those in incarnation, and also many who are not with us in the physical body. This gathering and the effects thereof had to precede a physical externalization.

In recent years we have witnessed the wonderful benevolent effects of the mental gathering. The effect has been a chain reaction, or an atomic explosion of knowledge, the likes of which were never envisioned by the greatest mind a thousand years ago -- just as those who lived in the old west setting off their tiny sticks of dynamite could not conceive of an atomic bomb. The critical mass was achieved in the mental gathering and now we see the unbelievable results in transportation, energy, space flight, communications, computers, lasers, and miniaturization. Every field has been touched by this first great chain reaction due to the gathering principle.

Mankind is experiencing the blessings of the mental Zion which is now with us, and thus is the mental New Jerusalem in construction, and in the mental level the Christ has his throne prepared to a sufficient degree that he can visit and teach at will among these great souls who are gathered there.

The next stage of descent toward the physical manifestation of the Kingdom of God is the gathering of Israel, or the creation of Zion in astral matter, or in the emotional plane on the earth.

Those who are gathered in the higher astral realm are filled with a deep and abiding love for all mankind and often sense waves of love directed at them from no visible source. Their feelings are often not their own, but reflections from the invisible group with whom they are associated. Those to whom they have a close association will send out an emotional wavelength peculiar to themselves and the gathered ones will be able to tune into it

The gathering of the critical mass for the chain reaction on the emotional plane had a later beginning than the mental. The critical mass began to be reached in the mid sixties. The Zion effects that were noticed on the physical plane were imperfect reflections, yet their consummated impact will be great.

Some of these effects with reflected flaws were the flower children, or the hippie movements, various communes, so-called free love, encounter groups, peace movements, the rise of environmentalists, the stress on kindness to animals, personality improvement, self improvement and success related books and programs, anti nukes, anti Vietnam movements, demand for honesty in government, women's rights, worker's rights, dramatic increase in social spending, welfare, subsidized housing, back to nature movements, natural foods, concern for starving peoples, and many others. If one contemplates he can add greatly to the list.

We can see here that the chain reaction in the emotional levels has definitely begun however imperfect it is. Relatively speaking, the critical mass is of recent origin and none of the effects are a perfect reflection of Zion, which is gaining a foothold in the astral realm, or spirit world, as it is called by some. Often one effect will be at variance with another, but when the reaction is completed within about a hundred year time span, we should have the final consummating effect of right human relations.

Much work is still to be done by enlightened people all over the world to complete the astral chain reaction which is now at the point that the mental reaction was around the turn of the century. Unselfish desire and spiritual love is the catalyst that will insure a successful completion of astral Zion on the earth.

The third and most crucial externalization is physical Zion. This is by far the most difficult reaction to commence, and its appearance is the great test of the true reality of all that has went on before, and is evidence that humanity has finally come of age.

On an individual level there are many spiritually minded people who visualize, affirm, think positively, study, meditate, pray, have faith, write, dream, and contemplate but are never able to manifest their thoughts. Often the thoughtform is created on mental or astral levels, but the purpose and attention to manifest is lacking. When the physical is not externalized then the usefulness of the mental and emotional effort becomes null and may become a stumbling block.

The true Israelite must create and manifest in all three worlds of human endeavor if he is to be part of the great group harbinger for the reappearance of the Christ in the flesh so He can walk among us once again.

The day of words and thoughts and dreams are passed for the Israelite and the hour of work is at hand. Many hours and days and years of mental, emotional, and physical output are required to build the glorious throne of God with beauty enough to attract the gaze of the Master of Masters, the Holy One of Israel, the Christ -- our friend and brother.

We may thus conclude that Zion is the gathering of the pure in heart on three levels: mental, astral, and physical.

This is basically the whole definition of Zion. We do not define Zion in religious concepts for Zion is not a religion. The inhabitants are not required to observe any set form of worship, or even worship at all. They may believe how, where, and what they choose. They will be encouraged to practice harmlessness, brotherly love and honor the principle of freedom.

The physical Zion is not a political organization. Inhabitants can subscribe to whatever political thought they choose so long as they do not try to forcefully take freedom and equal rights away from their fellow men. Zion may or may not have a government of its own, but whatever government is over Zion must be one that allows the basic liberties as expressed in the United States Constitution. Without the basic freedoms Zion cannot stand or reach its critical mass. Freedom will be a concept espoused by all who seek the cause of Zion. If the light of freedom is threatened anywhere in the world, Zion will seek to lift the weight of bondage with all power at her disposal. The key note to be repeated more than any other is, "Peace on earth goodwill toward men."

Nevertheless, because Zion is "different" it will arouse fear and suspicions in many and undoubtedly many birth pangs will be experienced. Zion can expect a certain amount of tribulation through the effort of lifting up the ensign to the nations. The fierceness of the attacks Zion may receive is largely dependent on the wisdom of the inhabitants as a whole.

The key is to remember that Israelites are working with the brilliant Fire of God that can penetrate all things, and they must become skilled in its use. If a fire that is normally warm and good is sent out like a destructive flame thrower bent on destroying all in its path, then even a normally gentle man will leap back and counter attack with a death stroke as soon as possible. On the other hand, if the flame is used with gentleness and no sudden moves or quick darting attacking motions; if the light is adjusted so as to not hurt the eyes of the bystanders, then fear will not be generated and no desire to attack will be roused.

The misuse of the inner flame is the cause of much persecution suffered by all holy men and groups in all the ages passed. They were set on fire with a vision and blazed it before the faces of their fellow men. Those who could not stand the heat fought back as if they were attacking the devil himself. In certain dark ages there could be no progression without blazing forward, but today humanity is mature enough to gradually accept greater fire without greeting it with persecution. Those having the flame must proceed gradually and with great wisdom. They must be "as wise as serpents and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16)  This is the reason Isaiah told us that Zion would not be established in haste and all things would be prepared beforehand.

To use the inner flame correctly one must be careful about presenting higher knowledge to those unprepared. Many scientific discoveries for instance have sunk into oblivion or were suppressed by frenzied emotional people because of ill timing and over eagerness of presentation. If as much thought was given to the manner of exposure of the idea or discovery as to the creative endeavor itself then success would be much more probable.

If one wants to make popular a carburetor that gets 200 miles per gallon he does not present all of his marketing information to a large oil company. They would fear such a discovery and try to destroy it even though the individuals who make up the company would actually benefit in the long run.

Even so, those who believe in the gathering should not spend much effort exciting the born again Christian folk as they will only look upon us as the devil's angels that must be stopped.

The manner of the presentation is as important as selectivity in exposing the idea. A man of wisdom could test the reaction of an oil company official toward the new carburetor without making it seem a threat to his livelihood. If the test proves negative then he would take his idea directly to the people.

From Zion comes the good, the beautiful and the true and these aspects can be toned down and adapted so they will not frighten ordinary people.

It is up to the inhabitants of Zion as to whether they will have severe persecution or not. If they are wise, disturbance can be minimal.

One action that is definitely to be avoided is for individuals to boastfully and with pride flaunt the purpose of Zion before their fellowmen. This will bring persecution as sure as a burning house will draw water. Humility, patience, and love are essential for the gathering people.

When the critical mass is finally achieved what results do we expect? What will be the manner of the chain reaction?

The end result will be a controlled chain reaction which will produce a synthesis of all the beneficial effects of the previous two reactions. The explosions of knowledge, love and self discovery will unite with the Zion reaction to cause this trinity of energies to be as one, a symbol of the One God that worketh in and through all things.

Knowledge will then be blended with love and near perfect orders and organizations that work with a harmony never before witnessed will materialize. The obstructive power of bureaucracies will disappear, but helpful organization will increase.

A critical area that will be affected is the economy. Zion will demonstrate a free-flowing economy never before witnessed and other peoples will adopt many parts of it.

The most important principles Zion will cause to spread across the world are peace, love, and goodwill. After this will come great building energies never before witnessed.

Just as atomic energy is much more potent than gas and oil, so will the building energies of Zion and the Molecular Relationship be more powerful than anything before witnessed.

It is impossible to give a full description of the events that will follow the critical mass but the benefits will proceed like a geometric progression and it would be nearly impossible to describe it in a manner that can be appreciated at the moment. At present the reaction can only be contemplated intuitively for it will be the most powerful of them all, as it is the consummation of the two previous ones.

Zion will have the greatest freedom of thought of any people on the earth. No one will ever fear to express an opinion or idea. Nevertheless, there will be laws to protect the people from harm just as are present in all communities, but justice will be much more scientific.


-- End Of Chapter 40 --


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