Zion, Part 9

This entry is part 49 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

One of the things it says about Zion in the scriptures is that there are no poor among them. Now you can have poor in a number of different ways. You can have the mentally poor, poor because they lack understanding, poor because they lack money – there are all kinds of poverty in all aspects of life but in Zion there will be no poor because there will be abundance not only of physical goods but of all goods things.

Now I do not have time to go into how a system in Zion will be set up so that there will be no poor but basically the only way a system can be created so that there will be no poor is if people are pure in heart. Poverty for a person who is willing to do his share and work hard is unacceptable.  The key to having no poor among us is to truly love our brother as ourselves. No matter what system is set up if the people governing things are overly selfish then there will always be poor among us. But if the people, the gathered lights, are pure in heart a system will be set up so that there will be no poor physically, there will be no poor spiritually, knowledge will be freely given and the ability to sustain ourselves will be available to all those who are willing to labor. Thus Zion will be possible and ensured when the people love their brother as themselves.

When you gather a group together and 80 or 90 percent of the people have the attitude that a thing should be then it will be. If you have 80 or 90 percent thinking a negative something should be, then that will be also.

It is interesting that after our Constitution was created many nations have copied it but what is fascinating is that many of the nations that copied it are run by an iron fisted dictator. This means that a piece of paper by itself is worthless. Some of the third world countries have a constitution as good as ours because they have copied it but they still have an iron fisted dictator that controls their every move in every aspect of their lives. This tells us that it does not matter what kind of piece of paper the system is written down on, if the consciousness is not there then it will not happen. This is why the people that are gathered to build Zion must be Zion material because even though we have the most beautiful things about Zion written down in the scripture or on a piece of paper or we have the greatest new constitution that one can come up with, it will mean nothing if the people do not have Zion in their hearts.

The average person must have the attitude of Zion, to love their brother as they love themselves and if they have that attitude and listen to the still small voice within and have the realization that the Kingdom of God is within then that gathered people could actually have a Zion society. There is a lot more I could say on Zion and I have written quite a bit more on it. I do not really have time to go into where we will gather but I will say this, that I do not believe that there will be a gathering in Jackson county in the near future, that time has passed. The prophecy was made and it did not happen, it was not practical so the Christ, the Masters and the powers that be have moved on. This is what is difficult for religions to understand and this is why many religions hold on to prophecies for thousands of years and they never come true because those who gave the predictions have moved on to new plans.

We were talking about perfection earlier and perfection is not an absolute thing. The Christ and the Ones who assist Him are a lot more advanced then we are but they are not perfect in the way that we think of perfection. They have their problems and failures just like we do and They work with us and sometimes they succeed and sometimes They fail.

The dark brotherhood does the same thing. They work and sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. The dark brotherhood worked through Hitler and thank God that they failed but if we had not done our part then Hitler could have succeeded. When you read the history of World War II it is amazing really how close it was. If Hitler had done just a couple small things differently he would have won that war and it is almost scary when you study it closely. Victory was made possible only because we awoke and did everything within our power to defeat him but this is not always the case. Sometimes the wrong people win the war and sometimes the wrong people make an advance and it is only when we awaken to the power of decision within us and make the right decision and then follow the decision through that we can be assured of the dominating good.

There is a principle which is called the “Principle of Dominating Good” and some people say that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and are equal, but they are not equal. Good Dominates. The reason good dominates is that there is intelligence in the universe and intelligence recognizes that which is good and follows that path over that which is not good. This is why good dominates because the “Principle of Intelligence” dominates the universe. “The Glory of God is intelligence” and because the Glory of God is intelligence, intelligence recognizes good.

The good always dominates in the long run but in the short run evil can dominate. But it is always a short period of time and then people wake up to their terrible situation and they eventually progress then good will dominate. So good eventually dominates and Zion will eventually be established. It will probably take about a thousand years for Zion to be established in fullness and hopefully to get Zion started will probably take about 20 years from now or a little bit more to have a good start among humanity. Before I leave the scene I want to see Zion get a foothold upon the world and if that can happen I will be a happy man. I appreciate your attention and you have been a really good audience I can feel a really good spirit among the group here with great vibrations. Are there any questions that anyone would like to ask before we close?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: She wants to know if I see more people of Zion type consciousness in the last 5 years.

I do not know if I see that so much of that as I see that people are slowly awakening. There have always been good people but people are awakening a bit more and we are seeing a dichotomy in this world. Look at our political system that we have. There is such tremendous division that people are almost hating each other politically and this is really sad that we can’t recognize that there are good people on both sides of the fence and synthesize things so that we do not wind up hating each other. The situation now is a lot like it was before the Civil War, which is interesting but I do think people are starting to wake up a little bit more over the past 5 years. It is not so much because the people are better but it is because there is an energy that is pouring into the human minds, a Spiritual Energy that is gradually increasing and as it increases people are waking up.

Audience: What are some of the characteristics you would expect to see in a group of people that would gather and create a Zion society?

JJ: What will happen when people gather together and create a Zion society? One of the main things that will occur is the creation of the molecular relationship, have you read my book on this yet?

Audience: Yes

JJ: So they will create a molecular relationship and the molecular relationship in a nutshell is the type of relationship that Jesus had created with his apostles. For instance, in order to create water you need two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Now hydrogen and oxygen are totally different than water but you put them together in a bonding situation and you create a totally new substance with totally new properties.

So Jesus took these scroungey fisherman, a tax collector and just regular common workers and put them together in a particular type of relationship with a specific number and all of a sudden they were no longer regular mortals. They then had properties that were different from the regular human being and the gathering of the pure in heart will make this possible.

When Jesus was talking about John the Baptist one time He called Him the greatest prophet that ever lived and when I was younger and first read that I thought this is weird, He did not seem as great as Moses and all He did was say, “Prepare for the Lord” and that seemed to be about all His message was and I wondered why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived. Then when I learned about the Molecular Relationship I saw why He was the greatest prophet, because he prepared 12, actually 24 people, 12 units of people, two people in each unit, He prepared them for a molecular order that Jesus had and John the Baptist turned them over to Jesus.

The Bible makes it sound like Jesus was just walking along one day and He says hey John, Peter and all you guys come and follow me. It did not quite work that way. John the Baptist had spent His life looking for these people and gathering them and preparing them so when Jesus came along they were all ready. Jesus called him the greatest prophet because He was able to gather together the 12 apostles, 12 people that were ready to be apostles of The Master. To find even twelve apostles was a great undertaking. Jesus called this the greatest work that any prophet had ever done in history.

Audience: Sterling talked about a group of 92.5% pure in heart and is this what we are talking about here?

The  apostles were far from perfect when you read about them and, for instance, they came to a city one time and they were rejected and one of the apostles came to Jesus and said “Master when they rejected Elijah he called down fire out of heaven and it consumed his enemies so lets call down fire out of heaven and wipe the city out because they rejected us.” Jesus shook his head and He said, “You know not what manner of spirit you are. The Son of Man came not to destroy but to save.” So they were really screwy on that item and they were really far from perfect.

What is interesting is that many of the religions teach that Christ is coming to burn everybody to a crisp! But what did Jesus say when the apostles brought this up? He said, “The Son of Man came not to destroy but to save.” Yet all the religions in the world are waiting for Him to come and destroy. They just cannot wait for Jesus to show up from the clouds of heaven. Imagine there is the good Mormon with his food supply or a good Christian or whatever mowing his lawn and “oh he is okay” but the neighbor next door has smoked a little tobacco or read a Playboy and zap, he and his family are burnt to a crisp!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: This is the vision that many people have, that Jesus Christ is coming not to save but to destroy. But when He comes, He is coming to save.” He is called the Savior is he not? So He is coming to save not to destroy. There will be destruction through our own frailties but it will not be because He is going to come and “ZAP” everybody. He is coming to save and before He can come the world has to be in a stable enough condition and the Middle East has to be stabilized enough so that He can be able to visit there and not be kidnapped and have his head cut off by a dull knife.

So the situation has to be somewhat stabilized here upon the earth before He can come because He is coming not to destroy but He is coming to walk among us as a regular human being to save. And there is a lot of misunderstanding about His coming just as there was last time. All the Jews were expecting Him to come in the clouds of heaven to ZAP the enemies and to set them up to build the Kingdom of God and set the Jews up as leaders over the world.

But how did He come? He came in a manger that legend says was in a cave. This is where the spirit of Christ is born, in the cave of the heart and that is why He was born in a cave because it symbolizes the cave of the heart where the Christ Energy is born in us and it eventually grows and flowers up until we become like He is. He is coming to save us in such a way that will stimulate us so that we can go to our own cave in our hearts and verify what He says. He is not expecting us to believe anything just because He says it but He is expecting us to believe it because we can go and touch the God within ourselves and verify that which he says. When we verify it we will feel the burning from the fire within. Just like some of you have felt here as I have said a couple things that were right. Thank you for your time.

Audience: Applause


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Zion, Part 8

This entry is part 48 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Whenever you go upon a higher path, the storms will come, and they will come at you hard and wear you down and people and things will come out of the woodwork and try to wear you down in many ways. A really good example of this is when I started pursuing my wife Artie. Everything came out of the woodwork to try and bring distance between us. Her daughter was very upset and she did not like me at all at first. Fortunately, now she likes me, thank God, but first she thought I was like a Jim Jones character that was going to take her and her Mom to some God forsaken place and have her drink Kool-Aid.

She was so against her Mom’s relationship with me so she called up her grandmother and told her that her Mom was going with this guy who was a cult leader that was going to take her off to who knows where! Artie’s Mom bought a plane ticket and flew here the next day. Next her daughter called her Dad who was living in California and scared the daylights out of him putting creepy thoughts into his mind. Everybody that knew Artie descended on her and told her she was crazy and that this guy (Me) sounds like an absolute maniac and you can’t have anything to do with him!

Then Artie calls me up and she says, “I am getting a lot of flack over having a relationship with you and I think maybe we should just lay low for a while until the storms blow over.” Immediately I tuned into to my soul and my soul says, “if you wait then it will be a disaster and you must change her mind now or you will lose her.” I thought well, what can I say and so we started talking and as I was talking to her I felt the Spirit descend upon me and I knew that she felt it too and after a silence I said, “what do you feel right now?” She answered, “I feel really peaceful” and I said how did you feel when you were putting your attention on all that static out there? And she said, “I felt really disturbed.” Then I said do you want the peace or do you want the disturbance? She said, “I want the peace.” I said, “Then we need to continue the relationship. Are you willing to continue with me?” She said “yes.”

To Artie’s credit she is one of the few that did not turn back because of pressure. She continued steady in the light and did not pay attention to the outside static and we resumed the relationship and still continue it but without that confirmation from the soul, from the Spirit we may not be together today because she had so much outside static. Then after that, all the negative powers descended; her Mother arrived the next day and she was a very powerful woman and she thought Artie was absolutely crazy. Her ex-husband was going to file legal papers to try and save her daughter from a madman like me. This was the way it was portrayed, so it was interesting, she weathered all these storms.

Now I am good friends with her daughter, her ex-husband and all her family and friends like me now that they have gotten to know me. The impression that everybody received was totally wrong and it could have destroyed our relationship but what saved our relationship was tuning out all the outward static and tuning into the voice within. If we can do that it will always lead us to peace no matter what is going on out there. Artie had the peace inside of her even though everything outside her self seemed to be falling apart. The peace sustained her and she had enough oil in her lamp to sustain her through the turbulence and this is what each one of us needs to do to be pure in heart. We have to have enough oil in our lamps to sustain us so that we can listen to the inner voice even though the whole outside world seems to be collapsing and descending upon us. Even though there are storms and hurricanes and people shouting at us, people that are mad at us, people demanding our attention, we need to tune them all out and if one listens to that inner voice then he will have the peace that passes all understanding and that is priceless.

The next step is to gather the pure in heart and this is what must happen next in this age. There has to be a gathering on several levels in the pure in heart and it has already happened on higher levels. Beyond this earthly sphere there are several degrees in the spiritual worlds and in the spiritual worlds greater knowledge descends from the world of greater ideas down through what we call the worlds of form, the higher mental levels and the emotional levels and descends down to physical reality.

The gathering of the pure in heart has already taken place on higher levels and it is descending down to lower levels, down to the emotional and heart levels and now it is waiting to descend into physical reality. There is really no gathering of the pure in heart that has taken place to any degree on the physical earth. There’s been small degree like it says in the scriptures, “where there are two or three gathered in My Name there I am in the midst of them.”

The pure in heart generally are gathered together in groups of two or three, small groups of people getting together and having intimate discussions and feeling that soul connection. This group right here deserves a compliment for you have a  higher vibration than many groups that I have talked to. You are very open to the soul energy and the spiritual energy is flowing among you. You are very receptive and you are attempting to feel that inner fire and inner feeling. This is to your benefit and a sign that there are many others like you that want to feel that spiritual energy.

Getting overly emotional is not a sure sign one is feeling the Spirit. It does affect you emotionally but it produces that peace that surpasses understanding, that fire of the inner lamp, those intuitive flashes of knowledge that will come to the seeker and  many signs will follow those who are the true virgins who seek the feet of the Master. The time of the gathering is approaching and what we are following is a time of planting. Since the last attempt at building Zion failed it turned out to be a period of planting for many seeds were planted by the early Mormon and other leaders. The Spirit works where ever there is reception and not just through the Mormon Church or any other church, but in many different religions and many different organizations – where ever there is power of the people to receive and to be open. The seeds have been planted in the pure in heart.

There were many seeds planted by the early Mormons and many seeds planted by other religions and there are many seeds planted by people working outside of religions, people working in science, education, politics, all kinds of different areas and there are also many negative seeds. The true plants are growing up surrounded by many different weeds and the true plants have to be gathered up and brought together.

A successful example of what happens when the lights are brought together is the creation of the United States. What happened is the people with the greatest desire for freedom came to America along with some of the most reprobated characters with selfish reasons. So you had some of the best and the worst people come to this land and fortunately some of the best got together and created a government and an inspired constitution.

When they gathered together the government of King George was not good enough for them and so they created a constitution and a free government, which was a leap forward in social evolution because when the lights gathered together the old ways were not good enough anymore and they had to create new ways. When the pure in heart gather together again under different circumstances that which is old and governed things before will not be good enough and the lights will want to create a better way of doing things.

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Zion, Part 7

This entry is part 47 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Now Revelations 13 is all about the beast but then we switch to the next chapter, Revelations 14. This tells us about those who escaped the beast, the 144,000, a symbolic number but not the ultimate number. Everybody on earth can be part of that number if they want to for the number has different shades of meaning that we do not have time to go into right now. But let’s just establish that it is not a limiting number.

The 144,000 have the name of GOD in their forehead and what does that mean? If the name of GOD is in your forehead then where is God? Where is God for you then if His name is in your forehead?

God is within your forehead and within your heart. Those who recognize the name of God in them selves recognize that they are a part of God and that they are an extension of God. God created man in the beginning after His image. The words “in the image of” come from the Hebrew “B’Tselem,” which designates an exact duplication. So we are not just a part of God but an extension, a total duplicate of God. Everything that belongs to God is available to us in our forehead by looking within.

“The kingdom of God is within you.” When we look within and find that our name is really God’s name because we are an extension of God and made in the image of God – we are a reflection of God. In the beginning God created man by reflecting Himself. Have you ever looked in two mirrors where one is placed in front of you and one placed in back of you and what you see is an infinite reflection. You are like a reflection of God and there are all kinds of reflections of God walking about and each one of us has all the potential that is in God. The potential that is in God is within us. That is why earlier when we were talking about somebody starving over here and he is praying to God for somebody to help and if you stop and help him then he is going to thank God but who should he really be thanking? You as one of the reflections of God acted as one of the thoughts of God helping one of the other thoughts of God along the path. Now without one of us doing anything then the guy would not have got help and he would have starved to death.

When you help this starving guy, the guy he will be thanking God but it is really you who are helping through God that fed him and kept him alive so that he could move a little farther along the path. We have to establish this purity, the name of God is already in you and even if a person follows the beast 100% he still has the name of God in him, it is just that the outer name is the beast’s name, the inner name is the name of God and we must find God’s name within us.

When we do find God’s name within us then all the powers of the beast fades away and will have absolutely no power over that person from that moment on. The outward authorities can be many different things, prophet, priest, king, political leader, a book or even the Bible itself or even Jesus Himself if He were here could be a beast to us if we accepted Him in the wrong way.

A man came up to Jesus one time and said, “Good Master” tell me this thing, and Jesus said, do not call me good for there is only One that is good and that is God.” Now why did Jesus say this? Because He did not want that person to look upon His physical form as God, He wanted that man to reflect back upon the inner God within and this is why Jesus told him that there are none that is good but God. And where is God? God is within. Even if Jesus were right here in this spot we may not be able to find the good by looking upon him. After all, when He was crucified He only had 120 followers. Everybody else thought He was a rebel or reprobate or evil or the devil himself. They did not see the good there because the only way they could see the good in Him was to see the good in the God within themselves. When they see God in themselves then they will see the name of God is in your forehead and if you want that which is true then you look within for verification.

One principle I teach is that you look on the outward world for stimulation and what I am teaching you right now is stimulation but you look within to verify. Look without for stimulation and look within to verify what makes sense and what does not make sense. Look within to verify what is true and what is not true.

What I am conveying here is that it is not a waste of time trying to stimulate everybody. You throw out a lot ideas and principles but a listener will never know if they are true or not until he finds the name of God within his forehead and within his heart. We must verify from within and when you get that verification from within you can know for absolute surety that you are on the right track. You may not know for an absolute surety that you have the whole picture because we don’t get the whole picture at one time, we get a piece at a time. We know inwardly when we have the right piece and we are moving in the right direction and that is the most important thing to know.

We will not see the whole picture for a long time to come, but the important thing is to get that next piece of the puzzle and when you get that next piece of the puzzle it just feels truly right. How many times have you done something in your life that a lot of people thought was wrong for you but it just felt really right even though it may not have made a lot of sense? That was your piece to your puzzle and in hindsight you may not understand it completely but you found out something and it led you to your next step. Often times your next step may not be one that the world sees as a logical step. If it is verified from within, it is going to be right and it will get you somewhere and eventually it will take you to a greater light at the end of the tunnel.

We must take that next step but a lot of people in this world just don’t know where it is, whether it be in the church or out of the church. There are a tremendous number of people that just do not know what their next step is. They are just reaching for it then they fall back on some authority and that authority says, I know what you need to do and this is your next step. When they let somebody else dictate that next step then they have the mark of the beast on their right hand and in their forehead. We must free ourselves from that mark and go within and get the verification there.

This is exemplified in the parable of the ten virgins. Five are wise and five are foolish. The wise virgins had oil in their lamps and trimmed and were all ready to go and the five foolish virgins just had a little bit of oil in their lamps and they did not have enough to travel along the dark path to meet the bridegroom.

Then the bell rang and the bridegroom came at an unexpected hour and the five that were foolish said to the five that were wise, share with us your oil so that we can have enough to meet the bridegroom. The five wise virgins said if they share their oil then none of them will make it because they will not have enough oil for all. The wise virgins realized they were better off to take their oil and meet the bridegroom and said to the foolish, “Now go to those that sell and buy some more oil.” Who are those that sell?

Those that sell are the beastly authorities that sell you the supposed words of God and for your money they will tell you what to do. Those who are wise have the oil within. It even says this in the Doctrine & Covenants, explaining that parable, that the oil is the Spirit of God within. The oil is the Spirit of the lamp that burns within – within the heart and within the mind. The wise virgins are those that have enough oil in their inner lamps so they do not borrow light but are able shed light along the path until they arrive at the feet of their Lord and that is the important thing. These are the pure in heart, the ones that have enough oil to sustain themselves.


Remember what I said at the beginning, that the beast wears out the Saints of God. How many people here have felt worn out at one time or another? Even in your regular job trying to make a living, often times you feel almost worn out just trying to pay the bills and if you keep plugging away sooner or later you arrive on top of things but it may not seem that way for a while.

On your spiritual path it is the same thing. All that outside static wears us out. Even if you try to do a simple thing like quit smoking, all of a sudden everybody comes out of the woodwork offering you free cigarettes trying to get you to smoke again because if you quit smoking then that makes them look bad. All your friends try to get you back in the habit again so they don’t feel like they have to quit. What ever you try to do that is good is followed by forces that come and try to wear you down and wear you out. This is why you need the oil of the Spirit within you. If you have a sufficient supply and you give up that supply and relinquish it then you will not have enough to travel through the darkness – you cannot give up that supply within you. You must put attention and focus on the spirit within you to make sure you have enough oil and inner fire so you can weather all the storms that come.

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Zion, Part 6

This entry is part 46 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Part 6

JJ: The pure in heart are basically those hearts who are uncorrupted by outside influences; in other words, “except ye become as a little child than ye shall not enter into the kingdom of God.” And why is that? Because the child has an uncorrupted heart and a child’s heart is not corrupted by anything until somebody arrives and becomes his outside god. So what we have to do is become like a child to that extent.

People take this the wrong way and think that we should be kind of uneducated and ignorant that we should become a child in that way. There is nothing wrong with becoming educated and learning. To be like a child in the right way is to have that attitude that all things are possible and that everything that you are saying may or may not be true, to be receptive to whatever is taught.

If I were to give this same lecture in the local church the reception would be entirely different and many people would get up and walk away when I was ten minutes into a presentation like this because their heart is not receptive to all possibilities. They are only receptive to what has been established by an outward authority. They are not looking toward the inner authority for the outward authority is so difficult to master. It must be overcome to build Zion because we cannot gather the pure in heart unless there are pure in heart available.

You can become pure in heart by overcoming the mark of the beast and what is the mark of the beast? The mark of the beast is not what you have been told in all the religious literature. The mark of the beast is not an actual physical mark that is put on your right hand. Did you know that Hitler put a mark on the left hand of all the Jews? Why do you suppose he did that? Because a lot of people thought that he was the beast and so he said, “Well I will fool them and put a mark on the left hand.”

So he put a mark on all the Jews’ left hand and he put a Nazi Swastika on the left arm of his followers so the Nazi sign would not be on the right hand or arm and no one would associate him with using the mark of the beast. I found this to be quite interesting because he was the epitome of the beast and history illustrates that he tried to get out of being the beast by creating an illusion. But the funny thing is he was escaping something that was not really the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is not a little mark on your right hand or your forehead. In Revelation chapter 14 it talks about people who escape the mark of the beast which are the 144,000 that follow the Christ wherever He goeth and these people had a mark in their forehead that was different from the mark of the beast in the forehead. Does anyone remember what that mark in the forehead of those who followed the Christ?

The name of GOD in their forehead was the mark of those who escaped the mark of the beast. What does that mean? Why would the name of GOD in your forehead allow you to escape the mark of the beast?

When you understand what the mark of the beast is the scriptures make perfect sense. I have written a treatise on this and you can look it up online. I will just cover the basics here and you can read more online. The right hand symbolizes labor and the forehead symbolizes thought. Now part of the reason he is called the beast is because those who follow him are herded like animals. An animal does not reason and it is herded and it has to go where directed and it has no choice in the matter. It just accepts the master, the Sheppard the herder or who ever it is that is controlling and he has to go where he is told and produce what he is told to produce and has no choice in the matter.

Those who have the mark of the beast on the right hand, which symbolizes labor, are those who work for some authority because they are told to do it. They do not think about disobeying and they work because they are told. Now this happens in religion, government, politics, medicine, and Unions. This blind following appears in organizations all over the world. In other words if somebody tells you that you must do a certain type of labor, you do the labor right or wrong.

This is what the beastly follower must do to be approved by God, by the government, to be approved by the American Medical Association, to be approved by legal organizations, this is what you must do for your labor and the authority that tells them to do it is what I call an unproven, unearned authority, an unjust authority.

There are two types of authorities. To illustrate, let’s pick an authority teaching Spanish. When an authority speaks Spanish or a teacher is going to teach Spanish, they say I am an authority and I am going to teach you Spanish. Now the wise student will test the teacher and listen to him speak some Spanish to prove that he is good at it. So the teacher brings a Spanish book and speaks in Spanish to the student who realizes he can speak Spanish really good, no accent or anything.

Okay so the teacher has proven that he can do it. Now another Spanish teacher cannot really speak it very good and the student says prove to me you can speak Spanish and the teacher says how dare you challenge me, I have credentials and I can speak Spanish as well as anyone and I do not need to prove it. You just sit there and obey and I will teach the class.

This is an unearned authority, he has not proven he can speak Spanish and he has not proven he can teach it. The first is a just authority and the second is an unjust authority. One is an earned authority and the other is an unearned authority. In the system of the beast one does not have to earn his authority, he is just granted it. He is granted it and because he is in a system where the authority is recognized and we are supposed to obey without question. How many times has just a regular member of the church, for instance, studied the scriptures and he thinks, I wonder what the prophet thinks of this?

Or he wonders if the bishop realizes this or what the stake president thinks. Maybe a student reads something in a school textbook and wants the physics teacher to approve the theory of relativity? It is quite possible that they do not understand it as well as you do and that you are a better authority than they are.

If a leaders are unearned authorities and you feel an obligation to follow them then you have the mark of the beast on the right hand. So what is the mark of the beast on the forehead? The forehead symbolizes thinking.

This reminds me of a friend of mine. Curtis and I were talking to him some years ago and we asked him what he thought about a certain thing out of the scriptures and he says I do not know what I think and I will go and talk to my bishop and find out what I think. We thought this funny, but the sad thing about this is that it is true and many people will say I do not know what I think and I will talk to the authorities and find out what I am supposed to think about that. Now if you have this attitude then you have the mark of the beast in the forehead. If you are a member of the Democrat or Republican Party and you say well I will just go ahead with this because my party believes it. If you are not really thinking it out for yourself but just going ahead because your party believes it or because somebody else tells you or go along with it because everybody else is going along with it then you have the mark of the beast in the forehead.

If you come across some herbs or something that may help somebody with their health issues and some association or the American Medical Association or what ever association they belong to whether it be your doctor, local hospital, or some group tells you, no you cannot use these then the person has the mark of the beast in his forehead and right hand. He cannot think about following the highest be knows because he is told that he cannot maintain his status if he recommends these oddball healing methods. An unjust authority controls him and he has the mark of the beast in the forehead and the right hand.

In order to become pure in heart, one must escape the mark of the beast. His only infallible authority is his soul and it is found in the doorway to the heart and also connected to the mind. As the revelation says in the Doctrine & Covenants, “Behold I will reveal to you in your heart and in your mind.” The heart is the doorway to the soul that must be opened leading to the higher mind to all to all kinds of revelations that you can receive without the static from the beast that is out there.


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Zion, Part 5

This entry is part 45 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

JJ: What is Zion?

Audience: Isn’t it a state of being pure of heart?

JJ: Right the scripture states that Zion is the pure in heart. Where are the pure in heart? The pure in heart are everywhere – they are scattered all over the world. Does that mean that Zion is here now?

Sterling: A couple of weeks ago in a class I was attending at Susan’s home the topic of our discussion was “ What is Zion?” For a couple hours we talked about basically the pure in heart but to me the thing that stuck out was that it is not based on a religious precept or particular denominational upbringing. We felt that the pure in heart had to do with doing the best with what you know, living true to what you have and that is what makes a pure in heart and that is what makes a Zion society. It does not matter that everyone believes the same way or that everyone has been brought up a certain way and is living all the commandments. It is that they are living true to the highest that they know and that does not exclude anyone because anyone can and should live true to what they have. You can take any society or culture and cross section of society and they can live true to that and this is what we came up with.

JJ: That was good and you just about answered my next question, which is, what is Zion? So if Zion is the pure in heart and the pure in heart are scattered throughout the whole world then what does it mean to build Zion? Isn’t Zion already built? The pure in heart have not been translated yet and they are still here.

Now Sterling was talking about what it means to be pure in heart. What does it mean to build Zion then, if the pure in heart are already here? I am sure there are some who are pure in heart right here. Okay it says Zion is the pure in heart but there is one more important ingredient to building Zion and it is in all the scriptures and it is talked more about in the Bible than any other subject but nobody ever teaches about it in church. What is the important ingredient needed to building Zion?

Zion is the pure in heart in a gathered condition as it is taught in the scriptures. The scriptures speak of the woman who is the true Church of Zion and flees into the wilderness several times. This is the situation of Zion or the Church of God right now; it has fled into the wilderness. The pure in heart are scattered into the wilderness of this world – they are scattered here and there and just about everywhere, and so the church of Zion exists but it is in the wilderness. But the time has come to bring Zion out of the wilderness and when it is out of the wilderness then we have Zion in the gathered condition. When they are in the gathered condition then magical things begin to happen and you will have the creation of a physical entity; which one could call Zion.

Now the question is how do we identify the pure in heart? Sterling answered my question in advance to some degree. He said it is people living by the highest they know and there is much to be said for that. But first of all let’s talk about the word pure. What does it mean if something is pure? If you have pure gold then what do you have? You have no impurities with it, right. If you have a person that is pure in heart then how would you correspond that to gold because often times in the scriptures the pure in heart, the saints of God are compared to gold. It says “I will refine my saints with refiners fire as gold is refined in the furnace” so to speak.

Sterling from the audience: I think the concept of perfection in the LDS background to achieve perfection is really unachievable because you have to keep all the commandments all the time and just one thought that is inappropriate disqualifies you so we get to this point of perfection in the Mormon culture is absolutely making no mistakes what so ever. For me personally, I love doing word puzzles and such, now my name is Sterling and Sterling in the British culture is a silver. It stands for their money which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper and in a academic culture 92.5% is just squeaking into A. Anything below that is an A minus which is still pretty good. Actually, the numbers for Messiah in Hebrew comes to 925 so there is a correlation there that there is a principle of Messiah and 92.5. The British Sterling idea is you do not have to be 100% to be pure. I like that because that is a lot more achievable and I was a straight A student in high school and I know how hard it is. And sometimes you grease the wheels of a teacher and sometimes you get the A but to get 100% is not achievable and so it is really not practical.

JJ: There is relative perfection which is possible and absolute perfection can never be achieved. Let’s talk about the ramifications of the pure of heart. If you have pure water what do you have in it? Do you have salt in it? Do you have dirt in it? Do you have minerals in it? No.  You only have pure water?

So what does it mean to be pure in heart and why the heart? The reason for the heart in finding the inhabitants of Zion is that the heart is a doorway to the soul. The heart is that energy between spirit and matter and it is the doorway that opens up to the higher worlds of spirit so that we can contact higher beings such as the angelic world, the world of the Masters, the Christ and above. It is all connected to opening the doorway to the soul and the door of the soul is found in the heart.

Now in order to have a pure heart there has to be nothing in the way of the door of the soul and the heart in your consciousness. Anything in the way produces impurity in the heart. What produces impurity in the heart? The biggest thing that produces impurity in the heart are those who take the place of God who speaks to the heart. Those who speak to the heart and say listen to me I have the commandments of God and listen to what I say. We listen  and give credibility to what they say above what we hear from the door of the heart.

When we listen to what is outside our heart and it interferes when listening to the doorway of the soul then we have the impurities of the heart. So the pure in heart are those whose consciousness find the kingdom of God within and they open the doorway to God which is in the deepest recesses in your heart. You open that door and then you can communicate with the spirit of God directly without any prophet, priest, king or anyone claiming a position of authority.

When anyone out there whether it be a prophet or Jesus himself; whether it be an angel or a being in light that says he is god, no matter who it is – if somebody out there is interfering with your communication within and tells you something different you are in danger of corruption. It is as Paul says – he says whether it be himself or an angel from heaven, if it teaches any other gospel than that which he taught, do not believe it. In other words any other gospel than that which is not verified through the heart should not be accepted it unless it vibrates with the heart energy. If it interferes with that heart energy and you pay attention to that interference and let that interference circulate then your heart will not be pure.

To make your heart pure you have to disregard all the static that is out there because there is a lot of static out there. Where does the static come from? It comes from religious authorities to a great degree in all religions. It comes from a lot of the ads on television, it comes from all the things that try to lower our mind from the world of spirit to the lower world of carnal thought, all the things that distract us from the spiritual world, from the kingdom of God within. These distractions produce static and if we pay attention to that outside static then we cannot tune in to the purity of the heart.

We must tune out all the static as if a radio receiver is in your heart and you turn down all the outside voices, turn them down lower and lower until they no longer exist and then you go to that doorway in the heart and it opens up to the world of spirit. When it opens up to the world of spirit you will have contact with what we call the Oneness Principle. The oneness principle is a spiritual Internet  that can be approached through the doorway of the heart through the soul by what we call soul contact.

Soul contact allows you to contact all the higher worlds. There are many different levels and if there is one thing the Mormon Church has taught that is correct is that there is more than one higher kingdom. On the other hand, there are many more than the three of which they teach.

There are many different variations of energy and contact that is available out there but they are only available if we tune down the static. So imagine you have a radio receiver in your heart. Now imagine you have a radio station tuned into your heart and you have it turned on and you are listening to this station that is giving you all kinds of spiritual uplifting messages. But now you have some static, A guy over here is making a bunch of noise and somebody over there is making even more noise and you have a guy over here trying to tell you what to do and you have someone over here trying to tell you what to do and if you listen to them all then you are not going to hear your radio station which is a still small voice. It is easy to drown out because it is still and it is small and sometimes you have a hard time believing it is there. Have you ever been working away and you hear a radio three rooms away turned down real low and you wonder is that radio playing or am I imagining it? After a while you go to that room and you see that it was on and just turned down real low and you thought you were imagining it but now you see that you were not imagining it and you really were hearing something. Even so it is with the still small voice.

In your heart is that still small voice and it is easy to drown out because you have all these outward voices telling you what to do and what to believe. These noises will overwhelm it and bring with it impurity in the heart circulation. The ones who are pure in heart are those who are able to tune out all those outward voices, even if it be mine and even if it be my wife’s which is really hard to tune out sometimes (chuckling) even if it be your spouse, even if it be your most beloved teacher. You have to tune everything out in order to hear the still small voice within.

I may say some really good stuff and I may say the same thing that your still small voice within is saying but you will not know it until you tune everything out along with me and listen for yourself. When you listen for yourself and you hear the same thing that I am saying then you can say, he is right but I know he is right not because he says it, but because I hear it vibrating within myself. Or you could say that I am wrong because of the voice, but this is how you will know that anyone is correct. If two people speaking and communicating and both of them listening to the voice at the same time and tuning out everything else they will have a very powerful spiritual experience together.

Like it says, “where there are two or more gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them” and He is in the midst of them because they are hearing the same thing at the same time and tuned into the same station to the same upper worlds of contact. There is a spiritual Internet out there. Now on the Internet you can find just about anything these days which is great if you want to know about some type of flower or unusual fact, All you have to do is type in the name on Google and it gives you about 110,000 pages of information on it which is amazing. Well the spiritual Internet is a bit like that. You can find anything you want to know.

The language of the Holy Spirit is the language of principles and it does not deal with data. When you can understand the principle then you can understand the data behind that principle. The Holy Spirit is the language of principles and when you understand a principle then you understand the whole concept about something. This is why the higher lives can communicate in a minute what may take us years because they communicate with the language of principles so they can understand so much more than we can so much more quickly because their communication level is on such a higher level.

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Zion, Part 4

This entry is part 44 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Now let’s look at the Mormon doctrines of today. They think they have a lot of knowledge that goes way beyond every other religion. And they do have a little bit but what is that little bit? Number one they believe we have a pre-mortal existence. Okay it does not take long to preach that idea. They also believe that instead of just a heaven and hell that there are several kingdoms of glory. But basically they still believe in a heaven and  hell. The hell consists of the sons of perdition and the spirits in prison and then you have the three heavens so it still a basic duality thing but you have several places to go. But as far as what we are going to do in the next world, it is still not much clearer than in a Baptist church or any place else. They say we are going to have our families around us and we will be happy. They do not know what all it is going to be involved but it is going to be great.

The Baptists say pretty much the same thing. We are going to be in heaven but they are not sure what we are going to be doing there, maybe play a few harps and sing praises but it is going to be fun whatever it is. There will be bliss for all eternity. As far as what is going to transpire in this eternal life the Mormons do not have much more knowledge than anybody else. The Mormons do have a little  more common sense than the average believer though. For instance, they accept the fact that the Bible had errors in translations and errors probably crept in the text. The born again people figure that it is perfect just the way it is so the Mormons are just a little ahead there. You can take the half a dozen extra truths the Mormons have and one can you can teach them in about 15 minutes. So, one can say the Mormons have about 15 minutes worth of knowledge the other religions do not have.

Audience: They have the teaching of the saving ordinances.

JJ: Okay, they have the teaching of the saving ordinances, but lets look at a teaching of Joseph Smith on these powers. Joseph Smith said “If there is a beginning then there will be an end” The only way there can be no end is if there is no beginning. He says if there is a beginning “as God lives” there will be an end. Now people in the church believe that there is a beginning to getting their priesthood but a priesthood is supposed to have no end. Now Joseph Smith said if there is a beginning then there is an end, so something is wrong here. So what is the true mystery behind it? The true mystery is actually given in the scriptures. They say that the priesthood is the “key to the knowledge of God.” That is what the priesthood is. It does not say the priesthood is given to you and there is a beginning to it. The truth is that you have always had the priesthood but there is a beginning to your ordination. Your ordination is merely to stimulate your recognition of authority that you already have and have always had from eternity because you have always been a god and will always be a god because you are one with God. If there is a beginning to your being a god that means there is going to be an end to your being a god and if there is no end to you being a son of God that means you have always been a son of God and you always will be a son of God.

Using Joseph Smith’s logic (and he was so sure of this that he said it was a true “as God lives”) if there is a beginning there will be an end. The ordinances are symbols – they are symbols to stimulate recognition within us of things that are true. He says that we can only be saved by these ordinances, which means until we recognize the truth behind them, we cannot be saved but the physical ordinances in them selves have no power. He even says in the Doctrine and Covenants, I believe it is section 22; it says though a man be baptized a hundred times it means nothing.

He says we are not saved by dead works and he calls baptism  a dead work. It is the meaning behind the baptism that moves us forward in our progression not the baptism itself, because we can be baptized a hundred times and it will mean nothing. He calls it a dead work but these dead works are given to us, it says because that is our mentality and it is a little bit like when Moses came down with the higher commandments and the Israelites were not ready so he gives them the lower commandments which were the dead works but the dead works prepares us to recognize what is within.

The scriptures tell us again and again that, that which is within is what is important. “The kingdom of God is within you.” The church is a little bit like a kindergarten to prepare us for real learning and it is also a little like the situation with the carnal commandments in the days of Moses. This was a kindergarten to prepare them for the true message of Christ, and we still are not ready for the true message of Christ so the D&C tells us that we must be given dead works to move us forward and to motivate us until we come to the true living works. The true living works requires no outward ordinances at all.

When Jesus was in Palestine He had no outward ordinances given to Him at all, He went through no temple ordinances. His whole work was all within Him and He was like us. The scriptures says the we are to be one with Christ just like Christ is one with His God. The reason He had power is because He was one with His Father. If we follow the footsteps of Christ all the physical ordinances can be bypassed unless we want to accept them to fulfill righteousness as he did with baptism.

But the physical ordinances are important to us for one purpose as we journey on our path. The outward ordinances speak to the inner soul in a language that our inner self understands that our outer self does not understand. The angel world understands symbols a lot better than us and they communicate by the use of symbols and this is why the prophets have often instituted symbols. The invisible lives see those symbols and they understand their meaning and it draws their help and influences them.

Getting back to the prophecy… We have to face the fact the prophecy of building the temple did not come true but that does not mean that it was not inspired because many things have been inspired that have not come true. Many of the greatest lives, the masters, the prophets if we could have all their words we would find out that even the greatest prophets have said a lot of things that did not come true. I would say about 60% of Joseph Smith’s prophecies have come true. A lot of them did not and you don’t find the failed ones in  the church books. If you look at all the things he said probably about 60% of what he predicted came true and about 40% did not. But that is a lot better than most of predictors.

I would guess Edgar Casey is the other way around, 30-40% of his came true but most of them did not. According to Casey Atlantis was supposed to rise up in 1972 and we have not seen it yet. Joseph Smith was one of the most accurate prophets in our history and the fact the he was close to about 60% accuracy is very good because if anybody gets over 50% than they are usually getting their information from some higher source.

If we have the mindset that a prophet is going to be 100% accurate then we are going to be let down every single time.Followers make up lots of excuses like they do now in the churches. But if we understand that unless it something is tightly under the control of the one who is making the prophecy then future events are malleable because of free will. Free will throws a wrench in the equation so that we cannot predict things 100%.

It is expected by the masters that we can enter into a new age and have 1000 years where there is peace and prosperity but it may not happen and it is not 100% sure. We could have a religious war rise up; we could have all kinds of things happen with terrorism or have a nuclear bomb exploded in New York or Washington DC. There are lots of unpredictable things, so we have to be on guard to make sure that we can sail smoothly into this new age of peace. One of the biggest dangers that we have is that the religious folk think it is all up to God. Well if you see a guy starving on the side of the road and you said, well it is up to God as to whether you get fed or not and you move on and the guy starves to death then is it God’s fault or is it your fault?

It is up to us and this reminds me of the movie “Oh God.” George Burns, as God, appears to John Denver and John says, “Well God when are you are going to make things right?” And God (George Burns) says  “That is your responsibility.” And Denver says, “Our responsibility, I thought it was your responsibility.” This was like a great awakening for John Denver. I thought, that is a great truth to be taught in this movie – that it is our responsibility to make sure  we are ushered into an age of peace and we do what is necessary to make good things happen.

If you just think it is in God’s hands then what we are doing is releasing ourselves from power and who assumes the power? People like the terrorists, people with bad intentions will assume the power because when we relinquish the power of decision then we are not giving it to God, we are just giving it to a lower level person than ourselves. People with fewer good intentions than ourselves then take the reigns with a decision that we gave up. We must be vigilante just like they say, “Freedom is not free,” freedom must be won by eternal vigilance. We can’t just sit back and say freedom is our right and God is going to give it to us forever. It must be won with eternal vigilance and eternal vigilance must also ensure a principle which is called the dominating good. Good must always dominate but good only dominates because intelligent people of good will come forward and throw their energy behind that which is constructive. The average person has more good in them than bad. The average person wants good things to happen and if the average person comes forward and does his part then the world will make uniform progress toward peace on earth and good will toward men.


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Zion, Part 3

This entry is part 43 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

As we continue the discussion of Zion I am going to read you one interesting scripture, D&C 84 verses 4 thru 5,

“Verily this is the word of the Lord, that the city New Jerusalem shall be built by the gathering of the saints, beginning at this place, even the place of the temple, which temple shall be reared in this generation. For verily this generation shall not all pass away until an house shall be built unto the Lord, and a cloud shall rest upon it, which cloud shall be even the glory of the Lord, which shall fill the house.”

If I remember right this was given in early 1832 and a generation is usually about 40 years or so. It has been quite a long time since then and there has been no temple built. Why is that? Now this was supposed to be the beginning of the creation of Zion, the building of the temple and it was supposed to have been built within a generation, an ironclad prophecy written there. First of all, did the prophecy come true or did it not come true? How does the Mormon Church explain this? The church explains it saying that a generation can be like a generation of the church or an era of time, which could last thousands of years.

The church used to have a different interpretation. The early apostle, Orson Pratt, interpreted it as a regular generation and expected many in his day to live to see the temple built. It was not built and everybody that heard this prophecy is now dead. To say a generation is like a generation of the church or a dispensation is really stretching it. We have to face the facts that this prophecy was expected to come true but it did not come true. Does this mean that this prophecy did or did not come from a higher power? You would think that if it failed then it did not come from a higher power but let me tell you something about prophecy. The future is never written in stone.

Now we go back to the days of the Bible and we can read those scriptures and of course the scribes that wrote the Bible only recorded the prophecies that came true. We do not hear about the ones that did not come true because they did not even record them. Now lets look at our modern day times. We have all types of people making prophecies, religious, spiritual, psychic people like Edgar Casey, Nostradamus, and so on. Has anyone in recorded history made predictions that have been 100% accurate? The answer is no, Did Jesus?

Let me tell you a prophecy that Jesus made that did not come true. Do you remember that Jesus was talking about the temple and He said that there would not be one stone left upon another in the temple. Did that come true? Have you ever heard of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? That is a piece of the temple where there is still one stone upon another. There are seven layers above ground and 17 below ground that been intact since the days of Jesus. So even that prophecy spoken by the Master Himself did not come 100% true. Interesting, is it not?

So this is the secret about prophecy that there is no person on the earth and not even God, no life form anywhere can predict everything that is going to happen. Now all the believers will say that is wrong, If I snap my fingers then they are saying that God knew a million years ago that I was going to do this at this time. Well the big question I have is why in the world would God even want to know that? Why would He want fill His universal mind with such clutter and trivial detail? Who would want to fill their mind with such clutter?

I used to think that if I could memorize the whole encyclopedia that I would really be smart but when I learned what true intelligence was I found out that was not true at all. A person with true intelligence does not fill his mind with a bunch of clutter. Why do you think we forget? We forget things to void our mind of clutter because if we didn’t forget things we would have so much data in our mind that we would not be able to think creatively.

You have heard about the absent minded professor – the great thinkers are absent minded and because they are kind of absent in their mind they can get rid of all the clutter and then they can really think creatively. When Einstein went for walks he would sometimes have his mind so blank that he would show up somewhere and he would say where am I? He did not know where he was and did not how to find his way home because he was so into what he was thinking that the world out there did not even exist and so he would wind up somewhere and not know where he was.

Many of the great thinkers in history have been this way and they have often been criticized for being absent minded. I am absent minded myself and I did a paper on it in college to try and figure out the cure for it and after doing lots of research and writing this paper the best advise I could find was from a guy that did research on it. He said the best thing that you can do is just get a good secretary. I thought you know that is probably right, that would relieve me of this absent-mindedness that I have and I concluded that the guy was on the right track.

It is impossible to predict the future beyond a certain point. What is predictable is if a highly intelligent being makes a firm decision and then decides to bring that decision to pass. If we have one of the gods or one of the masters making a decision and he wants to bring the decision to pass then he can make an accurate prophecy about that. If I say I am going to walk over and give Artie a kiss then I can predict that because it is under my power and I have committed myself to do it. I can predict it and can fulfill it, and now I am a true prophet. This is how the great lives that have worked through the prophets have made their prophecies come to pass because they have made decisions and they have told the prophets what there decisions are and then they have made their decisions come to pass.

But as far as events occurring in the normal stream of things because human free will is involved it is impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. So the fact that it was predicted that a temple would be built in this generation does not mean that it was not inspired, what it means is that it was supposed to be but it did not happen. The Master that was working with Joseph Smith anticipated this to happen but it did not happen.

Just before Joseph was killed he had a warrant out for his arrest and he was pacing the floor wondering what to do because he was telling the people, “if I am arrested one more time I will be killed or else I am not a true prophet.” He had a very strong feeling about this. He had a warrant out for his arrest and even though he had been arrested many times he had a strong feeling that if he was arrested one more time that he would be killed so he was pacing the floor trying to think of a solution.

As he was pacing the floor his scribe made note that all of a sudden he stopped and his face lit up and he said, “I know what to do – I have just received a revelation from God.” He said, “I will take a small group and go west to Oregon territory and there we will build the kingdom again.” We all know the story that he started to do that and then he received a letter from his wife saying that everyone was calling him a coward that he was the Sheppard that has left his flock to the wolves. Come back, they pleaded. He said to his brother if I come back then we will be killed. His brother said, “We have faced this many times and we have some out of it and we will come out of it again.” And Joseph said, “No, we will not this time, we will be slaughtered if we go back.” This was his biggest test in his life. For most of us our biggest test is around facing death but Joseph’s big test was the opposite: facing life. In other words, his big test was whether or not to live not whether or not to die. He was more afraid of being called a coward than he was of death and as a matter of fact he was almost looking forward to it because he was so tired of the trials he faced.

So rather than face being called a coward he would return and what really put the pressure on him was that his brother told him if you do not go back and face arrest then he would go back alone. Imagine his brother going back facing death making Joseph look like a coward. So rather than being called a coward he went back but in going back he disobeyed the revelation because the revelation told him to go to Oregon.

In going back he failed an initiation which in esoteric writings is called the fourth initiation which is the same initiation that Abraham took and Jesus took in the garden of Gethsemane where He had to sacrifice everything. The greatest possible sacrifice in Joseph’s mind was to be labeled a coward by his people. We have to realize he was acknowledged as great hero throughout his entire life and to be seen as a great coward was something that he just could not handle. So rather than obey the revelation he went back to die to avoid being called a coward.

If he would have lived then the temple would have been built but there was no way for the Powers-That-Be could have predicted what his decision would be at that point. He had certain keys to building Zion that Brigham Young did not have. He had certain visions that the other brethren did not have; he had the knowledge and will that could have established Zion. So the temple was not built in that generation because the prophet that was supposed to build it was killed. He was killed because he disobeyed the revelation from God to go out west and begin the kingdom anew. If he would have went out west he would have created a kingdom that would have been quite a bit different than what Brigham Young created and then he would have went back with power and acquired the lands taken from them and built the temple within a generation.

Audience: What historical book can this be found in?

JJ: The revelation to go west was one of the biographies of him and I think it was the one by Donna Hill, “Joseph Smith, the first Mormon.”

Audience: It was also in Michael Quinn’s book, “Origins of Power.”

JJ: Esoteric writings call our great teachers white magicians and they are in danger of being drowned by the waters. The waters are emotion and this causes problems many times. When Joseph said that his life is worth nothing to him if it is worth nothing to his friends, the waters of emotion drowned him. When the great test comes to the disciple, the test which is sometimes called the test of Abraham, or the test of the crucifixion, he has to be ready to sacrifice everything that he holds dear and let everything go. This is beyond a seeker’s comprehension what this will be. But in order to create a great work that will remain a person has to pass this test and Joseph Smith did not quite pass it. Because he did not pass it the temple was never built and the church was not put on the secure foundation that it needed to be and it turned out to be a regular church today and is not much different than other Christian churches of today if you take out several of the doctrines.


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Zion, Part 2

This entry is part 42 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The desire for self-preservation is one thing that a lot of disciples don’t understand in others and this is the thing that frustrated the building of Zion in the early Mormon Church for they were a threat to the system. We have all heard the stories about the early Mormons and how they bragged to their neighbors that they were going to take over the world someday – that Zion was going to be built and there would be no room for outsiders. That was a big threat and it really alarmed non-Mormons. One thing the disciples of this age have to learn is to not present themselves as a threat to the system or a threat to anybody.

There is a principle which is called; “the principle of harmlessness” and this must be learned by the disciples of this age because the disciples of this time are different than any other age. This is the age where we finally reach a point where we have the intelligence and the spiritual evolution to cause the true creation of Zion. One of the reasons it will be created is because the laborers will understand the principles of creation. They will understand the principle of harmlessness and not present themselves as a threat to the people. That has always been the problem in the past.

Look at Jesus and the apostles back in His day. When the early Christian Church started they killed all the apostles then they found the Christians and threw them to the lions and did everything they could to destroy the entire Christian Church. Why? Because, Rome saw the Christians as a threat to their system, and other religions saw them as a threat as well. In order to create anything in this world you have to not be overly threatening to the powers that be. Now many people are very threatening. For example, let’s say a guy does not agree with the tax system the way it is. Suppose he’s going to create an anti-tax program and gather tax protesters. What happens? Automatically the government comes after him and tries to destroy him.

That is not the way to create change. Which is more powerful; a handful of tax protesters or the government? What is more powerful – a small movement or a big movement? Every time throughout our history the powers that be have always destroyed the saints, as it says in the scriptures, the antichrist “made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; until the Ancient of Days comes.” (Daniel 7:21-22) It is interesting that the saints will be overcome again and again and again. Other scriptures says they will be worn down. (Dan 7:25) If you ever tried to build up any work of light or anything that improves society, even if you are working for a government office and say you want to improve something in that office, you will be worn down with opposition.

If you are working for a big company and you want to improve it you will often be worn down and this is what the scripture says – that the powers that be will wear out the saints of God and this is what has happened time and time again. The last attempt to build Zion was in the days of Joseph Smith, and this wearing down happened all over again. They attempted to build Zion and the saints were worn out and everything changed and was altered so now nothing is as the way it was.

Most LDS do not realize this because they do not know their own history. People that are raised in the church today think that the way things are in the Church today is the way it was back in the 1840’s and it is not. It is totally different. For instance, in Boise a few years ago there was a group called the Godmakers and they introduced a film. It was a strong anti-Mormon film trying to illustrate how absurd it is that Joseph Smith said  that men can become as God. This Godmakers film centered on this idea, and they were advertising all over the place in the papers and in the media. So I called my nephew.

We did quite a few things together at that time and I told him the scriptures and the Doctrine and Covenants says that if anyone challenges us like this that we should confound our enemies and challenge them to meet us in public and private and if we are in the right it says the spirit of God will be with you to the confounding of your enemies. (D&C 71:7) I said the church is actually breaking this commandment. It says in the D&C to confound their enemies and what were they doing with their enemies? They were ignoring them. I said since the church was not obeying this commandment then we ought to obey it. I said lets run an ad in the paper and we will challenge these Godmakers to a debate.

Curtis thought that sounded like a good idea so we spent a good deal of money to put together a nice little ad and we ran it in the major paper in Boise. We challenged anyone who believed in the film The Godmakers to a debate on the principles that Joseph Smith taught about man becoming god and we would discuss it from the Biblical scriptures.

After we ran the ad we waited and we did not get one single call from any born again Christian that read this paper but we did get some calls – and you know who called us? The LDS church authorities. They were the only ones who called and do you think they wanted to give us a pat on the back for defending Joseph Smith? No, as a matter of fact they probably thought we were wayward members of the church that did not understand the church’s approach. The brethren from the church just wanted us to just lay low and let this thing pass. We told them that we were not members of the church and we are not under their authority and we were going ahead with this no matter what they said so they could just forget about instructing us what to do. Of course, he did not like that answer.

So anyway I told Curtis this was amazing that we did not receive one call from the anti Mormons who must be a bunch of cowards. I said lets run another ad twice as big. We worded it something like this, “Two weeks ago we ran an ad challenging the people who made the film The Godmakers or anyone that believes in the film to a debate on the principles that Joseph Smith taught about man becoming god and there has not been one person, not one member of any Christian congregation willing to defend his faith or his God. We virtually called them a bunch of cowards.


Well this time the phone did not remain silent. This time it rang constantly and everybody wanted to debate us. We got calls from 12 year old kids wanting to debate us, from old men, from housewives, from ministers…  We received responses from almost every state in the United States. We just ran the ad in Boise, so how did this happen? Because people clipped out that ad and they sent it to people they knew outside of Boise. We even got calls from famous authors wanting to debate us.

We thought boy this is pretty good and we had a good time answering all those phone calls. So I said to Curtis lets pick the two best ones to debate us. So we picked the two best responses. This was about 20 years ago that we did this. Anyway one was from a guy named Dick Hunt, and at the time he had sold millions of books so he was a well-established Christian author and at the time I think he had the number one selling Christian book in the country. He wrote us back and said he had “gotten several letters saying that you wanted to debate me about Joseph Smith out of the Bible. Is this is a Joke?” He did not think it was possible to defend Joseph Smith out of the Bible.

So he said if it is not a joke he would debate us so we contacted him and informed him it was not a joke and we were willing to debate him. The other guy was Wally Tope. He was a famous anti-Mormon guy and he was totally against the church and whenever a temple opened he would visit the area and pass out anti-Mormon literature. He traveled from temple to temple and he was perhaps the most famous and notorious anti-Mormon guy and was totally focused.

So we picked these two guys and the local Christians were very enthused about this because they thought we were going to be totally humiliated. The Christian community picked up the ball and they did all the advertising and rented a big ballroom at Boise State University and arranged for us to be on the radio. They encouraged their congregations to see this debate. You would think the Mormons would have been interested in this but the Mormon authorities from Salt Lake City issued a command to the local people and it circulated all throughout the local regions that no Mormon was supposed to attend this debate. They were just supposed to ignore us hoping we will go away.

So when the big day came we went into the big auditorium and the only Mormons that were there were Curtis’ Mom and Dad who reluctantly came to support their son. I think there were about 1300 people there and the place was full and there were only two Mormons in the whole audience to see a defense of Joseph Smith. This is kind of sad really.

What was funny about this event though was whenever Wally Tope and Dick Hunt got up and shouted that Jesus is Lord and God, Hallelujah – the audience would rise up and repeat this and scream with approval.  Then we would take our turn speaking and they would boo us. It was like Daniel in the lion’s den. I never felt so much negativity in my life. We were lucky to get out of there alive. Chuckling. My friend Wayne came and another friend of mine came that was not a Mormon. I think we had about six people supporting us, and the rest of the 1300 people thought we had been belched right out of hell.

So it was a pretty interesting debate but we held our own. I made the mistake of over preparing. I don’t usually prepare when I make a speech but I prepared for that one because I thought it was important. The first segment of the debate I felt like I was not impacting anyone and then the second segment I threw away my notes and just talked off the cuff and this worked out a lot better. But what was interesting was that we were the ones who used the scriptures and they hardly used any scriptures. They just rambled on about Jesus being lord and the audience cheered them along. They did not really have any good points in the debate but because they kept touching on what the audience believed in they had the audience on their side. If you listened to the audience you would really think that they won the debate and they were convinced they won because a good portion of their debate consisted of them shouting Christian catch phrases and the 1300 standard Christians in the audience cheering completely overwhelming our six supporters. The cacophony made it sound like they were winning but if you listened to the words then we won the debate of reason. It was an interesting experience.


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Zion, Part 1

This entry is part 41 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures


JJ Seminar West Jordan, Utah, 2006

Susan asked me to speak on manifesting Zion and since we are in strong Mormon territory this is probably an interesting subject here. As you know I have written on many things not related to Mormon Doctrine even though I do have a Mormon background myself. I was not really raised in a church and my parents were pretty much alcoholics. When I was young I used to have to take my little sister and go downtown and drag my parents out of the bars and try to get them to come home. They would often want us to stay so we would stay and I would drink beer with everybody else when I was a little kid – so I was not raised in a religious background.

My Mom thought she was marrying a religious guy because my grandmother was ultra, ultra religious and she was just so sweet that you could not say no to her and that is why my Dad went to church when he was young. So anyway, my Mom thought she was marrying a good member of the LDS church and then when they got settled into the marriage she said well Ted lets go to church and he replied, “I am never going to darken the door of the church with my presence again, I have been forced to go to church all my life and now I am done with it and that is it.”

This was a rude awakening for my Mom. My Dad had always drank a little on the side but started drinking more and my Mom felt like she would have to drink and party with him or else stay at home so she decided that she was going to go out with him. My Dad was a notorious drinker for most of his life. He used to do a lot of prospecting and mine consultation and he would take me on trips where he would look at mines and give advice. When I went on a trip with him when I was a kid he would go in some bar in a far away place and he would walk into that bar even in the middle of day and someone would say, “Oh Ted where have you been?” Everywhere he went people knew him and he was quite a character. He knew a boat-load of jokes and he would tell stories and everybody would gravitate towards him. He loved to buy drinks and whenever he got ahead financially he would throw parties and would spend all his money.

So this was the background I came from – so I didn’t grow up in a typical Mormon family by any means. My Dad took off to Nicaragua for a year or so leaving my mom, me and my sister to fend for ourselves with no support or communication from him. He went there to mine for gold and built a huge machine to dredge river bottoms for gold. He and my uncle got some investors to invest a large amount of cash to do this and they went broke. After this they got some more rich guys behind them and invested in the first bus line in Central America that went from one end to the other on a schedule. They had machine guns on the bus to keep people under control.

So he was down there having these adventures and he went broke and he came back home and showed up like nothing had happened. We had not seen him for over a year and we got word one time that he was dead and then we found out he was not dead. Later he shows up one day and I asked him what was the story about him being dead? He said, “Well I was down in Nicaragua and I came out of this bar and I was hit over the head and I woke up with nothing but my shorts on and they even stole my false teeth. I could handle everything being stolen but losing my false teeth was really a handicapped for me until I got back to America.”

So anyway he showed up like there was nothing wrong at our door and my Mom begrudgingly let him stay and he was making him some eggs and he was grumbling about something and my Mom told him,  “You know those are my eggs you are eating there.”  Now this really set him off and he took one of the eggs out of the carton and he threw it at her and that was the last straw and she threw him out.

When I was thirteen, after the divorce, we bought this little house in the big city of Letha, Idaho between Emmett and New Plymouth. I talk about Letha a lot because I made up about 2% of the population. The dad of my best friend, Wayne,  owned half the town and he was a poor man so that tells you a little bit about Letha. There was a church in the town that drew members from the surrounding area and we bought the house only about a block away from it.  I was under pressure from members to go to church and then one  Easter  I had felt guilty about not going so I thought I better attend since it was a special day.

On my way there I was thinking that I had to make a decision about this church thing. Now if I was a good guy and I do what I was supposed to do and go to church then I was to be rewarded with heavenly bliss for all eternity. I thought that is not really a bad deal because this life here on earth is like the snap of the finger and eternity is forever. So I reasoned to myself that I would have a great reward for eternity which may be worth enduring the boredom of the church.

I asked myself if I could handle the boredom because I found the church really, really boring but, on the other hand, if it was true than it would be worth be being bored to get that eternity of happiness. I will not tell the whole story because I told it at the last gathering but to make a long story short I determined that it would be worth it if I could handle the boredom and I decided that I would commit to going for six weeks and if I could handle the boredom for the six weeks then I would go for the rest of my life. If I could not handle it then I would just be like my Dad and party and have fun.

So I went for six weeks and I learned to handle the boredom and then I took it seriously and started reading the scriptures. When I read the scriptures it was really an awakening because I previously figured if the church people were boring then the scriptures were probably even more boring. But when I read the scriptures I found them quite fascinating and then when I read the history of the church I found that even more interesting and I thought wow these people here have some really good history and everybody was just preaching just the standard watered-down stuff.

So I was amazed at what the people in church seemed to be missing. Then after I started taking the church seriously everybody said that I needed to really study the scriptures and start taking them seriously and I said well then that is what I will do, I will read them and study them. When I did this I found all kinds of unusual things in the scriptures that were not taught in the church. But after I took the scriptures seriously I got thrown out for studying and believing them. I got in trouble because I read the scriptures and found things in there that was not taught in the church. I did not get thrown out of the church for plural marriage by the way. Almost everybody who got thrown out of the church in that day was for plural marriage or some transgression. What got me in trouble was I discovered that there is progression from one kingdom to another in the next world.

I wrote a little treatise on this and gave it to my nephew and I told him not to show this anybody or it would get him in trouble and he thought that was kind of silly. He said why would this get me in trouble? So he attends his local church and he shows it to everybody. Then the Bishop calls him and says we are removing you from of all your jobs and we are having a trial for you before the High Council in 3 days.

Well I went to his trial and defended him and that led to me getting investigated and thrown out. So basically what led to me getting thrown out of the church was writing a little seven page treatise showing that there was progression from one kingdom to another. It was really a minor thing to get thrown out for but it led them to questioning me and when they questioned me they found out I believed in all kinds of strange things. They felt that they could not handle having a guy with strange beliefs in the system. So this led to me getting thrown out of the church. What was interesting about getting excommunicated was that Curtis and I did not break any single rule. At that time I was paying my tithes and living the Word of Wisdom and doing everything I was supposed to do and not breaking one single rule and I still lost my membership. I got thrown out because of what I thought.

I did nothing wrong and obeyed all the rules and I had eight jobs in the church at the time of my trial. I did all that I was supposed to do but when they found out what I was thinking I got thrown out because I was not thinking correctly according to them. Now, was that right or wrong?

A lot of people would think such an action is hard to believe because the church is reluctant to excommunicate members for regular sin. You’d just about have to rape a bishop’s wife to get thrown out but if you think incorrectly,  you become dangerous. You become dangerous if you are thinking things that make sense that other people may believe.

If you rape the bishop’s wife then everybody realizes that it is wrong and they try and get you to repent but if you think something out of the mainstream that makes sense which may sway other people and may catch on, then they feel it is like a disease and they have to get rid of you because you could pollute the whole system. The Mormon Church is not the only one with this problem. Every system on the earth has this problem – every religion, every government, every organization, every position of power tries to protect itself from change, from things that will threaten and one can understand this to a degree. If you have a family and someone threatens your family then you will do everything you can to protect them, so when you look at it logically we cannot blame the church or the government or whoever they may be that is trying to protect themselves from change because  the first instinct as an individual or group is to protect ourselves.

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What is Love? Part 5

This entry is part 40 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

A number of the miracles that happened back then were pretty fantastic. For instance shortly after Pentecost the Jews were upset with Peter and so they captured him and had the Romans put him in prison and they must have figured he was a pretty slippery character because they chained his arms and feet in irons and put him behind bars and on top of all this they placed 16 guards to watch him day and night. The guards fell asleep and Peter gets up and the chains fall off of him and he then walks through the wall and finds a place nearby and preaches to them.

Audience: With all this power ushered in why would there be arguments and disagreements and chaos between the twelve apostles?

JJ: For one thing these twelve were trained, Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived and I used to wonder why Jesus called him this because we hardly hear anything about John the Baptist – there are only a couple small versus about him. But when you understand the John the Baptist was the one that prepared the disciples and when Jesus showed up he turned them over to him. So John spent a lifetime preparing these twelve disciples to work with Jesus. The common thinking is Jesus was just strolling one day and he says hey come and follow me and they followed him. Why did they follow Jesus so easily? Because John prepared them, he taught them that the Messiah was going to come and when they were called they were to respond.

This is why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet that ever lived because he actually prepared people to unite their soul energy. It just did not happen easily and even with all that preparation they still had some difficult times and they had arguments and they had a hard time believing what Jesus was teaching them but they also performed amazing miracles. There is also the story where Phillip was teaching a eunuch and then the eunuch turns and Phillip disappears and then he learns that Phillip was in a nearby city 50 or so miles away and he was beside himself how Phillip was able to get there so quickly. So this shows that when these people were united by the soul and connected with a Master, such as the Christ, that they became something more than human.

Audience: Does it work the opposite way too; do the dark brothers work with twelve as well?

JJ: What they do is work with the personality energy and groups – like if you are in a business and there is like 12 people in it then it is not going to produce the spiritual molecule because it does not use pure soul energy and it is not linked to a Master. But if you get a group of people together it does produce an energy where you have a sharing but it does not call down a higher life form. This is what the dark brothers work with quite a bit – they work in group formation but it is only to benefit the guy at the top the guy at the top is only willing to bless everybody below him if it benefits hiself.

They have mastered how to siphon energy out of people. The story of the vampires really applies to the dark brothers because the dark brotherhood understands vampirism – that they can take life energy from other sources. This is why they like to work with fresh blood so to speak because they get fresh people in and siphon off their life force and that is how they work. The brothers of light work by creating new life and the dark brothers work by destroying life and by destroying life they take the energy to them selves.

Audience: Speaking in tongues is being revived and Pentecostal being the one at the Ezekiel conference and they are saying that evidence of the spirit as you are describing here is the existence of prayer language and so you are saying that it is coupled together with an act.

JJ: supernatural manifestations by themselves are not evidence of a molecular relationship of a higher life form.

Audience: Or even spirituality?

JJ: You can get in touch with parts of your self that can speak in tongues and maybe an astral entity can occupy your body and speak in tongues but that is totally different than the molecular relationship.

Audience: People can also fake this.

JJ: Wayne faked it one time and I don’t know if he can do it again.

Wayne begins to speak in tongues in a very funny way.

JJ & Audience: Laughing!

JJ: That sounds good Wayne and hey maybe we can make some money off of this!

Audience: If Jesus had twelve disciples would that not be thirteen in the group?

JJ: Yes.

Audience: So then our molecules would have 12 plus a Master.

JJ: Yes and no.

Audience: Did Jesus have a female?

JJ: What produced the strong authority of the Piscean age was the physical presence of Jesus being the thirteenth and now that we have grown as a human race we need to go beyond the physical authority and find the inner authority so the thirteenth is the invisible Christ, rather than the visible Christ and instead of having the Pope being in the place of the son of Christ, we have no one in the place of the Son of God and we have no physical person in the middle of the circle. In the middle of the circle is the invisible Christ. In this way the true Christ is found within. In that day they needed a physical authority and now we have reached a point where authority has to be outgrown. So in this day the thirteenth will be a Master but it will be the invisible Christ.

We diverted away from love a little but love is really kind of a boring subject in a lot of ways.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I know our friend Bryan has had a little problem and we would like to have a little healing period for him and for any others that have need. We want to keep our people in good as shape as possible so we will finish off with one of the greatest services by sharing spiritual energy with our friends that we love, respect and want the best for.

Audience: Before you change the subject though you said that were three aspects of love and so far you have said love is an attractive force.

JJ: We were talking about friendship respect and trust, which are kind of sub-aspects. The true major divisions of love are love wisdom and understanding. These are the three main branches of the love aspect of God.

Audience: How do we create a molecule?

JJ: Well that is the main purpose of everything I have ever taught and that is to draw people together and eventually find twelve male female units that are capable of soul contact between each other and totally able to overlook the flaws in the other individual and that is the hard part. Almost everybody has difficulty in overlooking the flaws and almost everybody reaches a point where he says, “Well yes but what about Jim over there. He has something wrong with him so how can we create a molecule with a lazy person like that in the group?”

Overlooking flaws is one of the last things that the disciple has to learn and also one of the most crucial. You can see that even Jesus had a problem with it, James and John, two of the lead disciples were arguing over who was going to be found at the right hand of God and Jesus said to them that it is not his place to decide who is going to be at the right hand of God but just be happy where they were.

Another time they were with Jesus and they were rejected at Jerusalem. They said well, you know Jesus you are a greater prophet than Elijah and he made fire come down and destroy his enemies so lets make fire come down and consume this city. And Jesus said, “Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are. The son of man came not to destroy but to save.”

I thought to myself that is a beautiful statement. Yet what does everybody expect at the last day? They think that the non-Christian is going to be out mowing his lawn and the Christian is doing the same next door and the non-Christian is going to be zapped and burned up right there with his lawnmower in hand and the Christian is going to be next door saying boy I am sure glad I am not going to get zapped like that. And all the wicked are going to burned to a crisp because Jesus said this. Yet Jesus said, when he was with his apostles who wanted to burn a city because they were rejected, he replied, you know not what manner of spirit you are. I did not come to destroy but to save. In other words, these people that think that when Jesus comes that He is just going zap everybody and burn them to a crisp it is they who do not know what manner of spirit they are according to the Master’s own words.

Audience: So is it that I do not become a god but I become one with God?

JJ: Yes and depends on how you define God. If you define God as a super human then you become a god and if you define God as the one life that permeates all things then you become one with that in your consciousness.

Audience: Why did Jesus weep when Lazarus died?

JJ: Because he was his friend.

Audience: So was He really sad then?

JJ: Probably.

Audience: Okay the problem I have with that then is that I was reading this book and it said that if Jesus knew He could restore life. You wouldn’t think he would cry then.

JJ: Well maybe He doubted Himself a little.

Audience: So maybe He did not know He had these abilities.

JJ: No He knew that He had it and here is my belief on that, When He came to Lazarus He didn’t know for sure that He was going to raise him from the dead. He waited three days and some would say well He waited three days so He could really perform a great miracle but maybe He waited three days because He was seeking permission from God for the power to do this. He stands there before Lazarus’s tomb and do you know what He did?

Audience: He asked for Mary’s permission.

JJ: He turned to Martha and said “Believest thou that I can do this?” and she said I know lord that if you command him to be raised then God will give you the power to do it. And then He says Lazarus come forth. In other words, it was a combination of male and female energy and He needed that female energy to be able to raise Lazarus from the dead. He may not have known for sure that there was somebody with the faith of Martha to tap in to and He needed more than just His male energy or faith. He needed to tap in to the female faith of somebody in the group and He picked the person that He thought had the most faith, “Believest thou that I can do this?” And Martha answered, I believe that you have power over life and death and I believe you can do this. He did not wait because maybe the belief would have faded a bit, but He said immediately afterwards, “Lazarus come forth!” And he came out of the grave all wrapped up and looked like a mummy coming out of there.

I do think He cried because He was sad and at that time and maybe He did not know for sure that He could tap in to somebody’s faith but at the right moment Martha showed the faith that could be tapped into to raise Lazarus from the dead.

Audience: For God there is no order of difficulty for miracles but for human beings I believe that there are. The greater the fear is that is attached to something than the greater the difficulty for it to be healed. For instance 40 years ago cancer was a death sentence and now people believe that it is not necessarily a death sentence and that belief alone makes a huge difference in the healing process.

JJ: Yes and I have always wondered about that statement from Course in Miracles because certainly it would take a bit more energy to part the Red Sea than healing a wart or something like that or to raise Lazarus who was dead for more than three days.

Audience: Well Jesus must not have known for sure that He could raise Lazarus because he cried.

JJ: The trouble with people is that they think that Jesus knew everything that was going to happen like me snapping my fingers right now and that He knew I was going to do this at this moment right here, right now 2000 years ago. Nobody knows all the details of the future, not even the highest life.

Audience: We all have free will right, and what if Jesus did not know if Lazarus wanted to come back.

JJ: Yes that is possible too though he most likely tuned into to Lazarus before he raised him up and received his permission to bring him back.
End of class


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