Higher and Greater Lives


Higher and Greater Lives

An excerpt from The Molecular Relationship may need some clarification:

“To understand this relationship, the first principle that must be realized is that there is life and consciousness in all forms, whether they be atomic, molecular, human, planetary or solar. Relatively perfect relationship which we call the Molecular Relationship exists in all forms from the cellular level on down. Even though life pervades all forms above the cellular, such lives have not reached Molecular Relationship. The cells within the organic lives such as plants, animals and humans have such relationship, but the greater lives are yet striving to obtain it. The plants yield to animals and the animals yield to human as the final point of attainment for this system. Now humanity goes forward with bodies of mineral, plant and animal components to bring completion to the present Purpose of God.

It is thus our responsibility as a species to take relationship to its next great beginning.”

Some may have a problem with the statement: “ the greater lives are yet striving to obtain it.”

By greater lives I mean composite lives such as nations planets, suns galaxies and so on.

Relative to us humans there are greater lives who do practice it such as Christ and his Masters of wisdom, but they are in human form and are the beginning of its implementation among humans on this little planet.

Among us regular mortal humans who do the grunt work on this earth the relationship has never taken root. This is what I refer to as the next great beginning – that is to establish it among us as a permanent system. This will be a great evolutionary step for this planet. Nevertheless, it will not make us unique for this relationship does exist on other planets, but percentage wise they are very few in number. Overall humanity is young in the universe and we have a lot of Becoming ahead of us.


Moving Stars

A reader quotes me saying:

“Imagine having the power to move the star system of Alpha Centura into our> solar system creating a double star and much easier access to its planets so we can transform its primitive life into a garden of Eden.”

Then he adds: Seems to me, that if you did this, you would throw off the balance of our solar system. As quoted from my friend, “The added radiation from another star in our solar system would fry all life on our planet. “Breakfast, anyone?


I understand that it’s fairly well known and accepted in the scientific community, that changes in space can affect wind patterns on Earth, and cause various other weather patterns to occur. It’s even suggested that the Eclipse on August 11th of this month, helped to cause that moderately destructive tornado that materialized in the heart of Salt Lake City. Tornadoes aren’t supposed to occur in Utah.

I’m not sure we would want another star in our solar system. Beyond the added radiation, it could negatively affect the gravitation pull of our own sun, thus disrupting the normal orbit of our own planet, possibly causing us to hurl out in to space, or be torn apart completely. If none of that happened, then the extra daylight would heat up our planet exponentially (greenhouse effect) and melt the polar ice caps a little faster than I would feel comfortable, thus flooding most of our land.

When the time comes (in the far future) that we can move stars and if we decided to move Alpha Centauri here it would be probably placed a distance away, like beyond the orbit of Pluto. When you look up in the sky you would not see a bright sun, but a very bright star with the luminosity of the moon. Still this would make the system very accessible with future technology. Right now traveling at the speed of light it would take 4.3 years to get to Alpha Centura but with the new location would only take a couple days using future technology.

In this future we will have full control over the weather and effects of radiation and have near complete control over the effects that such a move would create.


Dark Brothers

“How can a person know if they are dealing with someone who is, consciously or unconsciously, affiliated with the dark brothers? I ask because of someone I know who seems to make it a point to keep me off balance. I’m beginning to think that if I never saw this person again, I’d not miss them for a minute (and this is someone with whom I have been good friends for the last nine years). I’m kinda lost here, because I wonder, am I supposed to look for the Christ within this person even if they are “one of them”? Any guidance would be appreciated.”

Behind every person, even a Dark Brother is a soul connected with God. The difference between a Dark Brother and everyone else is that communion with the soul has been completely severed by himself and cannot be reconnected in this system.

Only a small handful have retrogressed to this degree. Even the typical mass murderer has not completely severed the link.

But to see the Christ, or the soul, within a person does not involve seeing what is not. If the person is mean spirited or irritating you do not pretend that he is a nice guy. Instead, you put your attention on the true reality – that behind this person – no matter how apparently evil he is, is the Soul.

Seeing the Christ in an undesirable person causes you to forgive him of all offenses, because you are seeing from soul to soul. This does not mean that on a personality level you have to pretend like he is a nice guy and be his friend. If you are a person with soul contact you should seek friends who also have such contact, but when those of low vibration cross your path recognize that the Christ is within them and is seeking to surface and let them go on their way with no negativity being sent or received by you.

You have probably never met a true Dark Brother, but you have come across many who are manipulated by them. As entities approach closer to the dark side you can recognize them through a “disturbance in the force” when you are around them. It will sometimes feel like they are taking your energy. You can neutralize this effect by taking your attention from them and placing it on the Christ within.

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Principle 71

This entry is part 68 of 98 in the series Principles

The Principle of Seeing the Christ Within

This is an important principle for, if applied, it could change the world and bring peace on earth, good will to men.

First of all, let us enunciate the principle:

Within the core of each human being dwells, (generally veiled by walls of illusion) the same consciousness that was accessed by Jesus. Each of us are in the same family and are extensions of the One God. Most of us have forgotten who we are. Those who remember see past the negativity of their brethren to the truth of the Christ within. Hence, they remove their own limitations and know the truth that makes them free.

As the regular guy looks out upon the sea of humanity he sees the good, the bad and the ugly. He doesn’t see the Christ within those he considers the bad, the malicious, or even just the irritating people because there just doesn’t seem to be any Christlike goodness within them.

The same goes for the ugly, or any that disgust or repulse him. He makes no effort to see the Christ within. He doesn’t even want to be around them.

Now he does manage to see a little of the goodness of Christ in those he considers to be the good and the beautiful, but as soon as a few flaws surface this good loved one can instantly turn into someone who requires extreme patience on his part.

The interesting thing is that this irritating person has always had flaws. What then was the different in the beginning when the good was seen and the end where it was not?

The only difference was his focus of attention. In the beginning he was focused on the good and in the end he was focused on the flaws. During both time periods he was dealing with the same person, but the results were far different.

The most profound example of this playing out is the falling in and out of love experience. The closest the average person comes to seeing the true Christ within is through falling in love.

Have you noticed that people can fall in love with the most flawed of characters and after falling in love see past all their flaws and only the good.

One of the most extreme examples was illustrated by the female followers of Charles Manson. They looked beyond the abuse they received and later the fact that he instigated cold blooded murder. Despite all that, they saw him as being benevolent, right up there with Jesus.

We’ve all heard of examples of those who have fallen in love with prisoners who were thieves, rapists and murders and wondered how this could have occurred.

Thus brings up two questions:

(1) How could this have occurred in a sane person?

The answer is that all people have an originating spark of life from God within them and this Christ within can be seen in anyone, even the least of the brethren and sisters. This dwells within all, from the worst criminal to the mist holy saint.

The reason a person falls in love is that he refuses to see the flaws in the other person and looks for the good and focuses on it. This not only explains why decent citizens can fall in love with terrible criminals, but also explains why many fall in love with someone with a clean record, but later hates their guts.

The truth is that we can fall in love with any person on the planet. All one has to do is look past the flaws and imperfections of the person considered.

(2) Wouldn’t it do more harm than good to be oblivious to real external flaws in another, especially dangerous ones?

The answer is that some see the Christ within others and dangerously do not see the flaws whereas more advanced souls can be aware of flaws, but still have the power to look past them to see the Christ within.

We need to apply then Lion Principle, covered earlier. Many who work with lions truly love them, such as Siegfried and Roy, but fully realize that in the right situation the lion could kill them. Even so, must be our approach with seeing the Christ in others. We should not be like the Manson followers and ignore the dangers, but, instead, be like the animal lover who is aware of he dangers, works around them, but still sees the good in the animal.

Falling in love is the closest average people get to the wonderful soul energy available when seeing the Christ within, but there is more, much more.

As great as falling in love feels it lacks the purity of the higher spiritual energies that can be discovered by finding the Christ within ourselves and others. Regular romantic love does bring forth the love of Christ within, but blends it with lower emotional energy which diminishes its purity and spiritual power.

The goal should be to remove all veils of lower emotion, bias and preconceived notions to allow a full vision of the Christ within all our brothers and sisters.

When the seeker can see the undistorted Christ within the most disturbing of his associates he will then have a fuller soul experience with his or her true love as well as his own soul.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

Mother Teresa

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Christmas Message 2011

This entry is part 16 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

One of the more interesting insights of my soon to be published book, The Unveiling is the interpretation of the two witnesses. Here is one of the core scriptures about them:

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth. Rev 11:7-9

The two witnesses that follow the life of the true disciple are his words and works. In the case of Jesus we see a man who spoke great and eternal words and did marvelous works. These two witnesses caused the world to recognize him as a Son of God and great teacher of truth.

Unfortunately as soon as the world began to pay attention to the words and works of Jesus, the beast, who demands a worship of the outer god, corrupted the words and works of Jesus and caused the people to see them through distorted vision. Instead of seeing the kingdom of God as within and believing that seekers could speak great words and do great things as did Jesus the people were convinced that they should listen to an outward authority who would guide their words and works.

Thus were the two witnesses killed. And as they lay dead in the streets of spiritual Sodom and Egypt what do the people do in place of incorporating the words and works of the Master? The scripture rings so clear and true:

“And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another.” Rev 11:10

And what do we do at Christmas?

As a substitute for contemplating eternal words and doing great works we “make merry and send gifts one to another.”

It is difficult to find a scripture that has a more literal fulfillment than this one has.

Don’t get me wrong. Making merry and sending gifts in itself is not a bad thing. The problem is that this is the highlight of Christmas which in turn is seen by the Christian world as the highlight of Christianity and honoring Christ. We have substituted the thrill allowing living words and works to manifest through us to be replaced by celebrating and giving gifts.

As the world celebrates Christmas in an attempt to honor Christ we have allowed his words and works lie dead and untouched in the streets.

But this shall not always be the case. The scripture continues:

“And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.” Rev 11:11

The time is at hand when living eternal words will rise again and great works will again manifest. They shall shake the people up like a great earthquake and many will fear the change they represent. On the other hand, the pure in heart will find peace that passes all understanding for great joy awaits them.

May we all experience a gift which surpasses the greatest that money can buy which is the gift of the coming of Christ through you and me – inspiring us to forge ahead and do great things in service of our fellow men and women.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 5

This entry is part 32 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?

Audience: You will love that person no matter what their actions or reactions were.

JJ: It goes a little beyond that. What was the keynote of Christ when He was here and how did He manifest the love different than other people? He identified how His love was different. He did with a ceremony when He washed the apostles feet. He started to wash the apostles feet and He came to Peter and Peter said no you are not going to wash the apostles feet I will wash your feet instead and I am to be your servant and Jesus said if I can’t wash your feet than you will have nothing to do with me. And Peter said well wash my arms, chest, face, wash my whole body then.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Peter did not want to let go of his Master. The answer is service. In other words, the higher love seeks to serve others and the lower love seeks to serve self. When the person centered in lower love says I love you he is really saying I want you in my life because I think you can do stuff for me and you can be useful to me. You can be my trophy wife or whatever and I can show you off and everyone will think I am very successful.

The higher love says I want to serve and that is the interesting difference and that is what Jesus tried to teach the apostles. When he sought to wash their feet, Peter did not understand. He thought that Jesus was higher than him so he should be serving Him. but Jesus said no, not in the kingdom of my Father. He who is greatest is he who is the greatest servant. Jesus said in this world he who is greatest is like Caesar who gets the most people to serve him but that it is not like it is in the kingdom of heaven. In the kingdom of heaven the one who is greatest is the one with the greatest power to serve and what did He do all day long in the gospels? He was healing people all day long and always serving without asking for anything in return.

Curtis said he had a little story for us that he wanted to share before we move on here.

Curtis: How many are feeling a little bit of your heart petal opening listening to JJ’s words?

Audience: Most of them answered yes.

Curtis: You know like Joe was saying you go along in a flat line in your life and then some crisis will take you in an unexpected moment and turn your life upside down inside out and move you in a direction that you never even thought you would go and I would like to share with you an opening of my heart center that happened several years ago because of Mr. Joe Dewey.

I was very happy in the Mormon Church but I felt like I was banging my head against this glass ceiling not knowing where to go and not knowing where find an opening so that I could reach higher. We have all been there, where is the next step and what is going to bring me happiness and joy. I remember after a long period of preparing me for this new revelation Joe would come over and teach out of the scriptures and something about what he was saying and the way he was saying it just lit me on fire and I thought wow, where are you getting this information?

One day he came over and he said there is something that you need to know. Really, I said. I thought I knew it all. He says you think that there is just one chance at this and then you go into the next world and you are in some kingdom of glory because the Mormons do not believe in reincarnation, and Joe says no I want to teach you about the principle of reincarnation and this shocked me! The fact that he would even believe it and that he would try to indoctrinate me to this idea that we could have more than one lifetime because to believe in reincarnation means that you go against the Mormon theology and you risk eternal damnation and your soul is going to burn in hell. If you move outside of these lines or if you crack this glass ceiling that I had been banging my head against you go against council.

So at this particular moment in my life I had to know, was reincarnation a true principle of God? I knew that if it was that it would be the catalyst to catapult me in a direction that I could not turn back from because once these petals start to open you do not want to close them you just want to open the next one and the next one and the next one. I remember all the opposition that was in my life at that time and I had many friends in the Church and one of them said, “Curtis if you listen to that Joe Dewey one more time you are going straight to hell.” JJ’s wife would come over and bang on the door and say you had better not listen to him or you are going to go straight to hell and burn for all eternity. Man I was going to go straight to hell no matter what I did! Chuckling!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: So at that moment I decided that I had to have peace, some inner peace so I went into my room and knelt down and prayed and for the first time in a long time I really prayed to know the truth about the “R” word, reincarnation. There I was right in the middle of this prayer and this energy filled me with such power and force man I tell you I was born again.

Audience: Chuckling!

Curtis: In that moment I had a spiritual witness that began to enter my body and not from the lower chakra either, it came right into my heart and mind and told me without a shadow of a doubt that yes there is reincarnation. I said okay this could be an illusion here or just me. And the Presence said no I will stay with you for a couple of days and when I am through with you then you will know for sure that there is such a thing as reincarnation and multiple lifetimes.

Later I found out that many early members of the Mormon Church believed in reincarnation and they called it eternal lives and multiple probations. What is a multiple probation if it is not more than one lifetime? So I got a witness that lasted for three days it sent me on a path from whence I could not return. So if you have a question and you are just bouncing against a glass ceiling then you go ahead and take it further and further as far as you can go. Now armed with that knowledge I began to teach to my twelve year old students in Sunday school class and I told them well go home and tell your Mom and Dad about that idea!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: And they did and I was called in and I said to those authorities, you know you what; you cannot hurt me because I know the truth. I lost my marriage, my job because I sold real estate for a Mormon broker, all my friends in the Mormon Church wrote me letters and said that they could not associate with me anymore because I was an apostate. You know what? It did not matter; what mattered was that this center had opened and I was at a place of inner peace and I could not be disturbed by anyone or anything outside of that center again. Thank you Joe!

JJ: Thank you Curtis! Now I am the only friend he has!

Audience: Laughing! And his sister!

JJ: So you are moving along and then you have a crisis in one particular lifetime and you have a vibration that you have never felt before – what I call a touch of the soul,. You have probably even went through being an atheist or born again or lots of different things and finally you reach a point where nothing seemed to work and you feel as though you have reached a dead end and then finally something opens up to you and the energy flows into you. It may have been this life or it may have been a past life or may be your next life but sooner later it happens to everybody and this is called “The Birth Of The Christ Within the Heart.” It is our first step to becoming like the Master who walked in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

He had to have that first step many lifetimes ago for himself the same step that we now have to take. Any other being no matter advanced sets a goal that we can emulate. As any other being that is behind us is something we have been and that is the beauty of it. The most important thing is that we are in motion. It is not so important where are and this is the big illusion that hampers many people along the path. Many people touch the spiritual energy and think, I wonder how advanced I am and I am probably on my last life for I am a lot smarter than those guys I see around so I am up pretty close to being like Jesus.

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You laugh but I have met people like this! Their focus is on where they are rather than where they are going. If the seeker thinks he is further along than he really is that means he is going to go through the woods on a dead end trail instead of being where he really is and missing the real path that will lead through the woods. So if you think you are farther ahead or farther behind than you are and if you do not have reasonable idea of who you are and move accordingly than you will be wasting a lot of time and irritating everybody around you because they will think, boy that guy or gal thinks they are so smart and they think they are so righteous or so advanced and beyond the rest of us. I am the one that is advanced and maybe a Master.

Audience: Laughing!


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 4

This entry is part 31 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

In the duration of the thousand lives we go through all the signs a number of times and you may have completed one lesson in Scorpio but there will be other lessons in Scorpio that you will have to learn maybe 12 lifetimes later. In each one of the signs are quite a few lessons to learn but then we begin to unfold all of 1000 energy centers in the top of the head. One by one in each lifetime we begin to unfold a new energy and within that lifetime our various other centers will also unfold and sometimes a major center will begin to unfold, for instance in the heart, which is very closely connected to the Christ energy. When one of those petals in the heart unfolds it produces an inflow of energy into us that we do not know how to handle because we have never felt this before. Has anyone ever felt that before, you are just going along living life like normal and then you feel a new energy circulating around you or within you?

Audience: When I was first getting into some of the Reki I started felling like I was just falling in love with everybody I was around and I did not understand what was happening. I would hug people and have this kind of a different experience and it was like I was not even in my body anymore during the hug and people didn’t know how to take it. It was very profound experience.

JJ: You have twelve petals around your heart center and a more advanced person may have say nine, ten and eleven already unfolded and then another unfolds and you get this rush of love energy so wherever you were at you probably had one of the heart petals unfold. You have six of them connected with the pure love energy and six of them connected with higher reason and wisdom. That is why the heart center petals are called the love wisdom center. Part of the petals are connected with wisdom and part of them are connected with the love energy itself. It sounds like you had one of the love energy petals unfold.

Now your throat center is your creative center and if all of a sudden you have the sense to write or create something it is probably because one of your throat petals in the creative center began to unfold and it is sending additional energy into you and you, all of a sudden, feel, I have to do something creative like write, paint, create music or whatever. Now when the petals begin to unfold, new energies are released and they are difficult to deal with at first because a person may feel that something is wrong with them for they have not felt this before.

If he accepts the energy and goes with it he will grow and his health and vitality will be good but if he rejects the energy then this produces ill health and this is one of the greatest causes of ill health. There is always a new energy unfolding in us and it is foreign to us so the natural inclination is to reject it and if it is a major energy it may take us three or four lifetimes to adapt to it and if it is a minor energy it will much easier to assimilate. But if it is a major one then it may take several lifetimes to adapt to and it may lead us along paths we do not want to go and may lead us to develop skills that we do not think we are good at.

They say the most terrifying thing to do is what I am doing right now, public speaking. I remember the first time I ever had to give a speech and it was the most terrifying thing I had ever experienced at that time in my life but now it is pretty easy. But the first time I did it I was just terrified beyond belief. They say if a person has never given a speech before that it is the most terrifying thing that you can do. Lets say your soul is leading you in that direction to give public speeches and you think, I am not good at it, I am boring, I don’t have a clue as to what to say, but all of a sudden your soul is pushing you that direction.

If you resist then your soul will not let up on you and will continue to push you in that direction and will make your life very discomforting until you go along with it. If you go with it then you will experience tremendous growth and it will be wonderful growing period. And this is the way it works – it squeezes you tighter and tighter until you say uncle! Okay I will do it.

When you think back on your life of the greatest lessons you learned where at first you resisted and resisted and things got worse and worse and then finally you gave in and learned the lesson. Now you are good at and now you love the thing that you are doing. Can you identify with that statement?

Now if you have not learned your lesson you will probably have to come back in the next life and pretty much live this life all over again but with different circumstances. That is one of the biggest complaints about reincarnation that I get from a lot of the Christians I talk to. They say, I don’t want to live this life over again, this has a been a tough life and I just want to go and live with Jesus now.

Actually if we learn our lesson then we don’t have to live this life over again, we move on and live a better and more interesting life than we have now but if we don’t learn our lesson we have to come back and not live the exact life over again but a similar more difficult one. It is going to be harder the next time because the soul that governs you will say well he did not learn it with the situation I put him last time so I have to put him in a tougher situation this time so he’ll get the message.

As we began our progression we went through trial and error and this is a very slow process until we reach the point of what this class is about tonight, the birth of the Christ within. When that begins then it is kind of like the end of a parabolic curve. In the beginning we can hardly see any progression at all and then we reach a point where it goes up very dramatically. A large percentage of our lifetimes are spent in trial and error and progression is very slow.

Some people seem to just progress very slowly but then, on the other hand, someone may be looking at you and think you are not progressing so well either. We progress along through trial and error and as we move ahead we finally reach a point where we think that there has to be a better way to do this. You feel very tired and you don’t know why you feel this tiredness because you are not aware that you have traveled through hundreds of lifetimes and this tiredness is just there within you and you sensed that there has to be something better than this. When this occurs then at this moment a new energy begins to stir within you if your soul sees that you are ready then your heart center will begin to open up and one of the love petals of the heart center will begin to unfold and this is the sign of the birth of the Christ within.

Now there is a false birth and this happens in the solar plexus center governing lower emotions. When people talk about heart energies a lot of them are really identifying with the solar plexus, which is the lower emotional self. There is a big difference between the lower emotional energies and the higher heart energies. The lower emotional energy is possessive and if a person is centered in the lower emotional and he says I love you what he really means is I want to possess you, own you, manage you and I want you to make me happy. That is what he means when he says I love you from the solar plexus. What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 2

This entry is part 29 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

It is interesting how Jesus healed people and how the churches of today try to heal people. As we said Curtis and I grew up in the Mormon Church. We laid our hands on people’s heads, gave them healing blessings and went through a ceremony to bless them in the name of Jesus Christ. We went through these different motions and asked God to heal them and so on. Then you have healers like Oral Roberts who says in a loud voice, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to be healed.

They shout it out really loud and it startles the audience and makes them think that something should be happening.

Audience: (Laughing) Scares the devil right out of them!

JJ: The way Jesus healed is quite a bit different than healing in the churches today by the fact that He had the healing within Him. He had the complete spiritual contact within Him and because of this He could look at the same thing within everybody else because the Christ that was within Him is also within us. What did He say after He healed somebody? Did He ever say God has healed you? No, did He say I have healed you? No, he said in a nutshell, “well congratulations your faith has made you whole.”

He did not say the name of Christ made you whole, or God made you whole or I made you whole He said your faith has made you whole. What was it that stimulated that faith? For some reason that faith did not come along until Jesus arrived on the scene so what did He do that stimulated that faith? When He looked at that other person He saw within them the same thing that was within Him. In other words, the manifestation of the Christ was more than just one man.

There was a great man that lived in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and he purely put forth what the Christ was supposed to be, but the Bible states that He was the first of many brethren. The first of many it says and we are supposed to be like Him and what He did was kind of advanced people along and made them like Him by looking at them and seeing Himself projected in them. He looked at them and He saw the Christ within them and then He spoke to Christ His brother and He said be healed.

In a way it was their faith that healed them because they had the Christ manifesting within them and had a belief and they accepted that manifestation and by this power they were healed. Now this type of healing can appear on many different levels – it can appear in relationships. Many relationships are sick and they are not getting along well and they can only see the worst in each other. This is also kind of a cause of physical disease and one of the things that makes us sick is when we start seeing less than the Christ and less than perfection in ourselves and then see less than perfection in ourselves so we don’t see the Christ anymore.

When Jesus looked at someone and saw the Christ within him or her he projected that image to their minds. They saw what He was seeing in them and they were healed. This can happen time and time again. We can project the image of Christ to the other person. If we have someone in our life that is really irritating us we can project the image of the Christ to him or her and they will be affected unless they are like completely on the dark path. We do not meet very many people that are completely on the dark path for such a person has severed himself or herself from the Christ consciousness. Fortunately, there are only a handful of these people. Those that many assume are on the dark path are usually just mislead. The real dark ones are very slick, often are thought to be benefactors and many of them are in positions of power. The normal guy in your life, like the neighbor that you cannot stand, still has the Christ in him somewhere.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: The guy at that borrowed your lawnmower and did not return it or the guy that is always flirting with your wife or your girlfriend – he still has the Christ within him and can yet be stimulated. Everybody can still be stimulated toward the good except for this handful that we call the dark brothers or the dark brother’s acolytes that are here upon the earth. It is best to consider everybody you meet having the Christ within because the true dark brotherhood are very small in number. Their influence is great but the actually number that are manipulating things is very small.

These people are completely severed from the Christ consciousness. They do the severing themselves. They rejected it so much that are completely numb to it and so they are incapable of responding to love, light and truth. Usually they are not who you think they are, and like I say the people that you meet in your life that are the most irritating probably still have the light of the Christ consciousness within them. Almost everybody you meet will be irritating if you get close enough to them.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: Even my friend Curtis over here is capable of irritating me once a year. But you pick the most pleasant person that you can imagine – or a celebrity that you think is a nice person like Tom Cruise. He just seems like such a nice guy and if you were to spend a month in a relationship with Tom Cruise in close quarters you would probably think he was the worst character that you ever met in your life and probably would not be able stand him after a while.

That is one thing I learned from going on a mission for the Mormon Church. Curtis went on a mission and can you believe Wayne was once a missionary? When we were young we all went on these missions and on a mission you are in close quarters with a companion 24/7 for two years. You got a new companion about every two months and when this happened you were so happy because the old companion was like the devil incarnate after spending about two months with him 24/7. You get a new guy and you think well this is a really nice guy and then after about a week you think well he is a nice guy except for this one thing. Two weeks later you think he is still pretty nice but now he has these three things that irritate you and then after about a month you think, man I can’t wait to get rid of this guy! What made me think he was such a nice guy, he is worse than the last guy. After two months you are so glad to get rid of the guy.

I was on my mission in 1964-1966 and was a big Beatles fan. Shortly after I was assigned to my second companion I discovered that they were playing a concert 10 miles away. I nicely asked the guy if we could go and see them. I told him I would do anything! He was my senior companion, which meant that he was the boss of the relationship and he says, “Beatles! Why they are straight from hell and they just belch forth music right from the devil himself!

Audience: Roaring with Laughter!

JJ: I said please just for me I really want to go and this is my only chance to see them. He says, “No, we can’t go to see the devil’s servants!”

I had about six companions on my mission and the nicest guy I met on my mission only had one fault and that was that he sang all day. This seemed okay at first but after a couple weeks it about drove me crazy.

He sang these old Rogers and Hammerstein songs, (JJ singing) “some enchanted evening when you meet your true love.” He would sing these songs all day long and after two weeks it started to drive me crazy. It took me that long to build up the gumption to say something, so I said to him, you are a great singer and you have a terrific voice but your singing is driving me crazy. Could you please stop? You know what he said? He said, this is just me; sorry. Then he kept singing, “some enchanted evening when you meet your true love,”

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So we would be walking door-to-door preaching our message and in between all the doors I had to listen to this guy sing, “some enchanted evening” and the rest of Rogers & Hammerstein songs. He also really loved the sound of music songs. I was so happy to get rid of him and he was the nicest guy I had for a companion but he had one main fault – his incessant singing.


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