Impression Explained

2005-10-24 06:36:00

Larry writes (quoting me):

"The Oneness Principle works through the science of impression, as taught by DK."

Where is that taught by DK?

Quite a number of places. He uses different language than I do and he does not use the term "Oneness Principle."

Here is one quote:

The New Group of World Servers (disciples) are impressed by the active intelligence of God; they translate this divine impression and step it down in two great stages, therefore, bringing it into concrete manifestation. (Telepathy Page 46)


I would think these are not the same. I get the "impression" that the "science of impression" involves one entity "impressing" something to another and the "Oneness Principle" would more involving "tuning in" to universal principles.

I never said they were the same. The Oneness Principle and the Science of Impression are two different things as a car and a wheel are two different things. The car includes the wheel, but is not a wheel. The Oneness Principle includes and uses the Science of Impression, but is not the Science of Impression.

You are right in saying that the Science of Impression is used when a master of this principle impresses information on the mind of another, but its use extends far beyond that.

On the receiving end, the Science of Impression, which includes the science of receiving impression, is used for many things. It can be used by any sensitive person to receive a glimpse into the emotion and thought of another.

It can be used by the disciple to pick up a thought sent to him by a master if he should be so fortunate to have any contact with one.

It is used to pick up thoughts and thoughtforms generated from the group or ashram of which he is a part (often unrealized).

It can be used to pick up messages from his own soul.

The disciple can use it to open the door of the soul and tune into the universal mind or the "active Intelligence of God" as DK calls it in my quote. He can then tune into the universal Internet of which I speak and all principles are available to be impressed upon him.

Before any of these things can happen the disciple must become sensitive to impression. A good starting point is to practice being sensitive to the needs, feelings and thoughts of each other.


Unfortunately you sometimes do not define your terms very well and the distinct impression is that you are "playing loose and fast" with your terms. :)

I think you'll find that I am willing to be as specific as any spiritual teacher you will find. In cases like this where it may seem I am playing loose I will be glad to be more specific when asked.

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