Will Science Create Life?

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Question Fifty-Five

Will Science Create Life?

If you ask most religious people if humans will ever create life they will immediately answer to the negative.  “Only God can create life,” they say.

If you ask the same question to a non-believer you will get a variety of answers.  Some will say, “Yes, it is just a matter of time,” while others are just not sure.  Most will think it is a possibility.

So, what is the truth here? Is it possible for scientists to create life or not?

Before we can answer this satisfactory we have to define what life is.  Many think that the body is the whole of the life we have and it is not. If science could create a body just like yours it would not be creating life, but a vehicle through which life could express itself.

The life, which is you, lived before the existence of your physical body and it shall live after it disintegrates. Your body is not your life but a vehicle used by the life which is you, just as your car is a vehicle you use that gives you extra power to go places.

The life, which is you, is a part of the life of God and has always existed and will always continue. The various types of lives are interested in exploring this grand universe and in obtaining the best possible vehicle that their consciousness can handle.  For some that may be the body of a plant, others an animal and still others a human. In addition to this there are life forms under the earth and on other planets alien to us, but interesting for other lives to explore.

So, what would happen if science created some sophisticated artificial life form like Data on Star Trek?  Would it be alive and have a soul?

Unlike Data, who was not viewed as a living creature, such a sophisticated body could draw an intelligent life into it. If a scientifically engineered body was so advanced that it could do things even a human could not do then many lives who live in the spirit world would be interested in using it.  If an entity hopped into it then the android would be as alive as you or me.

If you do not think an intelligent spirit could inhabit a machine think again.  There are all kinds of stories of dead relatives and friends communicating through phones, computers and signaling through lights.

After all, the human body is merely a very advanced machine.  The real miracle is the life which uses it.

So what would happen if we cloned a human?  Would it have a soul?

Yes, just as much as you or I have one.

“And if they cloned me would the clone have a personality just like me?”

It would look a lot like you, but it wouldn’t be you.  The body would be inhabited by a separate entity from yourself. Because it is not really you, it would look less and less like you as it aged for our appearance is influenced by our consciousness.

In a nutshell the answer to the question is this. Science will eventually create vehicles, or bodies, which life will inhabit, but they will not create life itself. When this occurs, however, they will claim to have created life.


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1 thought on “Will Science Create Life?

  1. As long as that separate entity or consciousness/soul was higher than the dark brothers who could enter these vehicles and then take over humanity because of the sheer strength of the vehicles which Science could build.

    I believe that Hitler, the Antichrist wanted to build vehicles for other entities to inhabit so he could take over the World because these bodies would have had giant bodies and would have been able to crush a normal sized human.


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