What Will I Look Like When I Die?

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Chapter Forty

What Will I Look Like When I Die?

This may seem like an odd question, but it is one that many wonder about. The curious often ponder on whether or not they keep their present form, or will they look like they did in the prime of life or will they have any form at all? Maybe we’ll just be balls of energy.

Earlier we covered the fact that within us is a double of our physical body and that it extends a couple millimeters from the physical skin and can be easily seen by the human eye.  When it separates from the body at death it assumes the exact shape as the body you were in at the time of death. But this body disintegrates shortly after death leaving you in a more malleable astral body composed of emotional energy.

If you are a person of a low vibration you will assume the shape with which you are most familiar and stay with it.  Those of a higher spiritual vibration have much more ability to alter their shape as well as their surroundings. They will often choose to look like they did in their prime or their favorite time of life.  They can tweak their features and remove imperfections so they will look better than they did on earth but still recognizable.

In the higher realms form is not considered that important.  Occupants there can assume a form when convenient but they are not handicapped when merely existing as a field of life energy.  When they meet a friend they do not need form to recognize each other.  They recognize each other by their vibration, which creates a much greater “knowing” than when we recognize someone on the earth by their features.

To the spiritually minded time and distance is no barrier in the next world. If you want to visit an old friend you just think of him and you will sense his presence and thoughts.  If that is not enough, either you will instantly go to where he is or he will appear instantly by your side.

Now here’s the strange thing from our point of view.  If he is busy and you want to talk, this creates no barrier. He can create a second image of himself and endow it with a part of his consciousness and send it your way.  You can then communicate with this extension of his self with greater ease and effectiveness than we communicate on earth.

Concentrating on two things at a time is very difficult here in mortal life.  This is largely because of the way our physical brain is constructed.  But in the higher realms of the spirit world we can divide ourselves and do several things at one time.  A part of your consciousness can be visiting with a friend and another part attending a class and taking things in.

This would be a great ability for us guys to have in mortal life, especially when our wives take us shopping. We could leave 2% of our consciousness with our wives as they shop and ask for our opinions and then take 98% to the golf course, or whatever recreation we enjoy.

With this ability, no wonder they call it heaven.

Many wonder about babies and children.  What form will they take? They will only assume the form of a baby or child if there is some purpose to be achieved by the use of that form.  Otherwise, when they use a form they will assume the shape of what the child would look like as an adult, or assume the form used in the last life on earth as an adult.

Within our makeup is the memory of all of our past, including the forms of all the physical bodies we have had in past lives.  The spiritually advanced souls can assume any of them if desired, but most will go with the form of the body they just left behind.


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3 thoughts on “What Will I Look Like When I Die?

  1. So, in the afterlife, most people who have passed will choose to take the form the person they last were, instead of the appearance of someone they were in a past life. So my question is, say for example I pass on to the other side, and I take the form of the person i am in this life. What about all my past lives? won’t there be loves ones from past lives waiting there for me, expecting to see me in the form they knew?

  2. I just hate how MAN decides how people will look like when they die. No live figure will know what they’ll look like when they die regardless. They won’t even remember anything, IF they are resurrected. Just a dead man himself won’t remember anything. And don’t come at me saying “Well why did you come here then?” I don’t want that kind of stupid attention. I’m just reminding you how a PERSON can tell you how you’ll look when you die. YOU WON’T KNOW. Your death could be by a killer, of old age, of a sickness, simply while sleeping, etc.! If you agree with me, good. If you don’t, that’s completely fine. All I’m saying is that reading this article… in MY opinion, and anyone else who agrees, is pointless.

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