Where Did I Come From?

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Question Fifty-Three

Where did I come from?

Regular Christian thought presents the idea that God created you sometime between conception and birth.  Before that time you did not exist.

This is completely untrue.

That which is the essential you was not created but has always existed as a part of the mind of God. When Jesus talked about Himself and His disciples being one with God He was merely admonishing them to become aware of a truth already in existence.  That is, each of us is a part of God just as each drop in the ocean is a part of the ocean.

When a drop of water taken from the ocean returns then it is as if that drop is the ocean itself for it merges with all other drops to form a creation much greater than itself.

Unlike a drop of water entering the ocean we do not lose our identity when we realize our oneness with God. Imagine entering the ocean as a drop and experiencing life as if you were the ocean, but then you can leave again as that same drop and explore worlds away from the ocean.

This gives us a glimpse of the reality that we came from.

To further understand take a look at the night sky. What do you see?  There are an unlimited number of stars occupying the ocean of space.

How many spaces are there?  Do we send rockets in to spaces or just space? Yes, it is just space, singular.  There is only one space, just as there is only one God. Space represents God because it is everywhere and contains all things.  The mind of God extends through all space including the creations within that space.

In the beginning of each universe there is only space which contains all the thoughts of God.  You were a point of intelligence within that mind and sought to know yourself and to be and to become. As you struggled to understand all the possibilities of form you grew in light until you appeared as a point of light, like a star emerging within divine space.

From that point, as the creation of the universe proceeded, you descended down through the worlds of form until, after eons of time, you arrived here on earth where you spend many lifetimes thinking you are separate from God.

Finally when oneness is fully realized and all your dreams apart from God are satisfied it is time to go home and rest until new and different worlds are created to explore.

You had no beginning and will not have an end.  There will always be new creations of God to explore, worlds without end.


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