What Is the Purpose of Life?

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Question Fifty-Two

What Is the Purpose of Life?

This is a question that has mystified humanity since the beginning of time, but perhaps this is a subject that we are guilty of over thinking. Perhaps the answer is not so complicated after all.

An interesting clue is given in the first chapter of Genesis where we are told that we are created in the image of God. Now, if we are truly in the image of God then our purpose would also be the same as God’s.  Of course, the scope of our purpose may not be comparable, but we both love to create things.

Let us take a look at this world God created. The first thing that draws our attention is that life on this world is very difficult, not only for humans, but the animal and plant kingdoms are in a fierce struggle for survival.

Let us focus on humans.  We are kind of like chess pieces in the game of life.  There’s the white pieces, who are the good guys playing against the black pieces who are the bad guys, or the dark forces that seem to always surface to thwart our moves. One moment we joyously think we are on the verge of subduing all opposition and then the next an unexpected loss surfaces threatening a possible checkmate.

Life does seem to be a lot like chess.  There are many types of humans high and low.  There are kings and queens, rooks and pawns, and one thing they all have in common is that none of them are safe from the dark pieces that can threaten us at any moment no matter who we are or what our station in life may be.

So, why in the world does God allow life to be so dangerous, full of risk with possible pain and loss? To a lot of people it makes no sense… but, when you consider that we are made in the image of God  it makes a lot of sense.

As I said, life that God has created is a lot like a game of chess.  And what is perhaps the greatest most enduring game created by humanity?

And why have we created and participate in high risk games and activities such as chess, monopoly, football, hockey, auto racing, boxing and others?

Why don’t we create nice safe games where there is no risk and everyone wins?

The answer is quite simple. Such a game would be very boring. The fact is this.  If we create an interesting game that has reasonable risk, but can be won through concentrated effect and achievement, then there is a tremendous prize to be won.

And what is that?

A thrill of joyful accomplishment that cannot be acquired by any other process.

So God created this great game board, called the universe, which is full of risky ingredients such as light and dark, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, loss and gain.  Then he jumps in the universe as a player and, just as you are present in your whole body from head to toe, He is present throughout the whole universe.

BUT… He came to be more than present but to be a player and to win. To help Him win He created us in His image with the expectation that we will assist in winning the game of life, not only for ourselves, but for the One Great Life, which is God.

Let me put it this way.  Suppose you were God and all alone living in the great void with nothing to do.  What is your greatest problem?

And what is the cure?

Create a universe that will have all the ingredients of a great game.  It will be a difficult game, but one you can win if you apply yourself with all the effect you can muster.

When this thought entered God’s head what happened?

A joyous thrill went through the mind of God – a thrill that created a powerful joyous vibration at the prospect of winning.

Today we call this the original Big Bang – which was an explosion of joyous anticipation and planning.

The purpose of each of us is to find our next move in the game of life and then make it and not let a little risk frighten us into indecision.


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