Why Are Near Death Experiences So Different?

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Question Thirty-Five

Why Are Near Death Experiences So Different?

Many believers are somewhat perplexed at the variety of near death experiences, some seemingly contradicting others. On the other hand, this just feeds the doubts of the skeptics who believe they are caused by the mind pulling tricks on us.

Yes, there are a wide variety of accounts given, but there are also a lot of similarities.  Here are a few.

(1) Many report leaving their body and looking back and seeing their lifeless body in the hospital room. Quite a few give evidence that they were not imagining things by correctly recalling conversations of hospital staff and actions that they made.

(2) There are consistent reports of encountering relatives, friends or assistants right after leaving the body. I read one account where the guy met a relative who died just before his near death experience, but was unaware of this. When he was brought back to life and told others who he had seen, he was then told for the first time that this person was dead and that must have been the reason he was able to see him while out of the body.

(3) Those who are out of the body for a while usually encounter a tunnel with a light at the end.

(4) Those who go through the tunnel usually have some otherworldly experience. Most seem to encounter some heavenly realm and unite with friends and family. Others encounter Jesus, God or some  angelic beings. Still others experience a hellish place that causes them to change their lives on recovery.

(5) They all report the experience was vivid and was sure it was not just imagined up by their physical brain.

(6) Many have greater spiritual sensitivity when revived as well as a miraculous recovery. They have lost their fear of death and seek to make a positive difference with the rest of their lives.

(7) Many report a life review.  They tell us that within a few seconds they were able to see all aspects of their life and how they affected others and made them feel.

These similarities give evidence that these people had some real experience.  On the other hand, numerous near death experiences seem to contradict each other.  Here are some examples.

(1) Some people’ meet Jesus, some God, some other religious figures.  Others meet no religious figures but sense a godlike presence.

(2) People often have an experience in harmony with their religion. These experiences seem to contract each other as their religions do. There are a number of cases where they have an experience that run contrary to their belief systems. This especially happens to atheists, but sometimes to believers also.

(3) Some get the impression that one life is all there is and others are taught that we are reborn on earth many times.

(4) Some come away from the experience thinking there is no hell and others say they visited an actual hell and encountered demons.

So what is the truth to the matter?  Here it is in a nutshell.

In this physical reality if we want to build something, like a house, we have to make an intense effort at gathering the materials and putting them together.

In the higher worlds available after death this is not the case.  There, our personal reality is created out of a refined matter manipulated by our thoughts and feelings.  All of our thoughts and feelings while in the body contribute to what we will experience when we are out of the body.  If you have directed a lot of thought, emotion, or even fear toward a religious figure you are likely to meet a representation of that being. Normally, this will not be the actual historical personage, but a representation created for you by a higher part of yourself working with your own thoughts and feelings.

Those who have illusions before death will continue to live in illusion after death.  This is why it is so important to find the truth and not be afraid to ponder on the truth of things that do not make sense.


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  1. So because i live with depression and anxiety and cant help but look at things in a negative way that means im going to spend eternity in hell.

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