Questions on the Universe

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Question Fifty-Eight

Questions on the Universe

 Is the Universe Infinite?

No.  There is no such thing as anything that is infinite.  The universe has a beginning and end in both time and space.  If we could travel far enough we could find the end to the universe and if we could see it we would discover that it contains a certain number of galaxies, stars and even atoms.  The number of these things is not infinite, but a certain number. Admittedly, it is a pretty huge number.


Are There Other Universes?

Yes. Our universe represents a mere particle in a universe of universes.  Its vastness is beyond normal human imagination to comprehend.  If we could travel to the edge of the universe we could not see surrounding universes because they are so far away that their physical light cannot reach us.


Is There an Infinite Number of Universes?

It would seem that way as creation to the human consciousness is endless, but there is a number to all things.  Only the mind of God knows the total number of particles.  If you could find the number of worlds necessary to give every variation possible and supply every possible experience to the evolving life then you could find the number.


Why Did God Create Such Vastness?

He wanted to experience every possibility and since the Universe is his body He is aware of all parts of His being. In order to experience all things He has to create an extremely vast universe of universes. One of our purposes as humans is to give the Life of God a unique experience that He has not had before.  This means that your life is meant to be unique.  There is not another quite like it anywhere in creation. If you want to please God then get off your behind and do something interesting.


Is There Life on Other Planets?

There is life in all things from the tiniest atom to the Earth, the Sun, the galaxies and the universe itself. Life in the mineral kingdom is far removed from human consciousness as it is asleep to the power to act, but it does respond to outside stimuli.  The life that inhabits a planet or star is on a different time reckoning than human and there are thousands of years or more between heartbeats.

Almost all planets have some type of life equivalent to plants or higher.  There is life in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn and life beneath the surface of barren planets such as Mars and Mercury.

Each planet has a double made of refined matter not visible to our current technology and these doubles are teaming with much more intelligent life than the dense physical ones.  Human type life is fairly rare on physical planets but much more abundant on the spiritual doubles.

The time is not too far distant now that we will decode intelligent signals from life on other planets.  This will have the immediate effect of expanding human consciousness as a whole. The other event which will stimulate human consciousness is the discovery by scientists of a means to communicate with the dead. Edison thought this may be possible and eventually he will be proven correct.


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