Is There A Heaven And Hell?

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Question Thirty-Six

Is There A Heaven And Hell?

Most of the world religions believe in some kind of heaven or hell. Christians and Muslims especially affirm such a belief.

On the other hand, there are a growing number of people who are spiritually inclined who reject this notion. Many say there could not be a hell because a loving God would not send his children there.  Others trust in accounts given by those who had near death experiences who have returned stating that there is no hell even for the likes of Hitler. They ignore other near deathers who testify that they actually went to hell and experienced it for a time before returning.

Almost all believers in an afterlife accept that there is some version of heaven after death, but a lot of them have difficulty in accepting hell.

Again, we ask – what is the truth of the matter here? Is there a hell or not?

The answer is yes.  There is definitely a hell and I’ll prove it to you.  Even atheists will have to admit I am right on this one.

We know there is a hell because we have seen it and experienced it.  And I’m not talking about an unlucky few, but all of us.  We have all been through hell at one time or another right here in this mortal life, some though much more than others.

Here are examples of hellish experiences of ordinary folk we all know.

(1) Death of a loved one.

(2) A lost love or divorce.

(3) Dealing with a sick, distraught or out of control child.

(4) An unhappy marriage

(5) A tremendous loss of some kind.

(6) Great physical pain and discomfort.

(7) Jail time.

(8) Failure to achieve a dream

All these things are common happenings that most of us experience to some degree, but then there are other unfortunate people who are in a more permanent hell. Take someone who was in a serious accident and becomes a paraplegic. Which one of us who are healthy and strong would not admit that they would be in hell if they traded places with such a person?

And how about the person who is diagnosed with a terminal illness?  Not only does he now have a short time to live but it will also be physically and emotionally painful to the end.  Is that not a hell that all of us wish we could avoid?

Then there is a hell experienced by many millions on this planet who have little or no freedom.  The inhabitants of North Korea area prime example. They have to pretend to adore their dear leader and follow all he says or they will suffer prison or death. Many of them live on starvation diets, even resorting to eating tree bark to survive. Which of us would not consider ourselves living in hell if we had to trade places with some of those unfortunate souls?

Okay, then.  We have established that there is a hell, right here on earth, and many are experiencing it right now in real time. If there is a hell right here on earth then what makes some think that the next world will be only pure bliss with no negative experiences.

Much of the hell we experience on earth is due to our own illusions, bad judgment and attitude.   Does it make sense that just before death a person would be miserable with the results of his actions and then the moment after death he is suddenly happy with himself? Simple logic tells us this is not likely. If we can make ourselves happy or miserable in one sphere of activity then surely we have the power to choose that same mindset. Merely leaving one room and going to another doesn’t do a lot to eliminate the problems that come with living and moving from this world to the next is a little like changing rooms.

So, is there a lake of fire in the next world were the wicked suffer for eternity?

There is everything good and bad in the next world that you can imagine because all there is, is created by the thought, feelings and imaginations of the inhabitants. But just as pain and suffering is temporary here, so its it temporary there.  The words “everlasting” and “eternal” in the New Testament come from the Greek AIŌNIOS, which means “related to an age.”  An age is not eternal but a period of time with a beginning and an end.  All punishments in the next world are self-inflicted and when we stop the thought process that makes us miserable the supposed punishment will come to an end.

All sincere souls eventually find the heavenly realms and enjoy a period of rest and happiness among the many mansions or dwelling places that Jesus mentioned.


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