Is Abortion Murder?

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Question Forty-Four

Is Abortion Murder?

In Genesis it is written:

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7

Pro choice supporters take this to support the idea that life begins at birth when the baby takes its first breath. Before that first breath they see little if anything wrong with destroying the fetus.

On the other hand, most pro lifers see the baby in the womb as a living entity. Many believe it qualifies as a human life from the point of conception. Others think it surely qualifies shortly after conception, for after a few weeks it develops a heartbeat and human features – and definitely moves around as a living being.

It is difficult to prove which side the Bible supports, for there is little in there to prove it one way or another. Those who are pro life mainly use pictures and videos of the fetus to make their case that the fetus is alive, rather than arguing from the Bible.

Now the Bible is clear on one thing. It says, “Thou shalt not kill.” The laws of all nations on earth agree with this and make it illegal for an individual to kill another human after he draws his first breath.

But the big question is this. Is it murder to destroy a fetus?

To determine the seriousness of abortion it is necessary to know when human life begins. Does it begin at the first breath, or the first movement, the first heartbeat or what? Obviously some type of life animates the fetus, but is this just an extension of the mother’s life or an entirely separate and distinct life?

Unfortunately the scriptures do not provide an answer on this and neither does current science. To find it we must look beyond the normal avenues to the “raincloud of knowable things.” Here is an answer that you can run by your own soul and judge for yourself.

The first thing that needs to be understood to accurately survey the situation is that reincarnation is a fact and we live many lives. In between lives we live in what is commonly called the spirit world. When the time comes for an entity to be born again he will often choose his parents some time before conception will occur. He or she may establish a spiritual link with the mother before conception, at conception or some time after conception. After the link is established he begins to pour part of his life essence into the fetus.

The fetus is animated by three sources. First, as an extension of the life of the mother; secondly, it draws from the universal life of God. Finally, it draws from the connecting life link of the entity who will soon occupy the body.

As the fetus develops the designated entity places more of its consciousness into it. Then at birth when the first breath is taken the consciousness becomes anchored in the body.

But, that is not the whole story. Even after birth the entity is not fully conscious in the body. A part of his consciousness is in the body and another part is still in the world of spirits. Let’s face it, it is pretty boring to be a baby and it would be uncomfortable for a fully conscious person to have to live through the first few years being so helpless and dependent on others. The entity is connected to the baby by a life thread and controls it from a distance. For 6 to 8 years he pours his consciousness into the body until be becomes self-aware. Usually around seven years of age, when he sees himself as a distinct human being and is fully aware of his actions his consciousness allocated to the new life becomes fully encased in the body until death occurs.

That said, let us get back to the main question. Is abortion murder?

Answer: Abortion of a fetus is not as serious of a moral crime as the murder of a breathing human being, but the act is usually the wrong thing to do and has negative consequences. Often the abortion frustrates the plan of the entity linked to the body. Sometimes the birth situation was exactly what he needed to right some wrongs from a previous life and he is very upset at the abortion. Then there are other times that the entity isn’t that upset and is happy to go back to the spirit world to wait for another turn at life.

And this piece of knowledge is key. That is, we have more than one shot at life. An abortion does not frustrate the plan of God and prevent a person from mortal life for all eternity. Instead, abortion merely delays the entity’s plans.

So, as usual, the answer is between the two extremes. Abortion is not in the same league as cold-blooded murder on one hand, and neither is it without consequences on the other.


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