What Is God?

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Question One

Is There a God?



That was easy, but it gives out nothing new on the subject.  For the good stuff, let us go to the next question.

Question Two:

What is God?

There are a lot of different views on this subject and many of them are subjects of great ridicule from unbelievers. They will often poke fun by saying something like:

You believe in the great Santa Claus (or man) in the sky.

You believe in an angry old man on a throne who just barks out crazy commands as well as the talking snake in the Bible.

Your God must hate us since he lets us all suffer so much with wars, hurricanes and disease.

Actually, the critics would have some justification in their attacks if God were really a being as believed by most.  If He could just snap his fingers and make this world perfect, or speak the word and create world peace and end all suffering, then it does seem strange that He would allow so many innocent ones to suffer while others who are tyrants sleep peacefully at night in their luxurious mansions. It also seems strange that He would command Israel to kill the Canaanites, take their land and then punish gays, witches and rebel children with death.

Yet no matter how odd the actions of God are in the Bible or the sacred books of other religions, people still believe in a Higher Intelligence and see it as benevolent.

Perhaps if we just knew the mystery of this Being everything would just fall in place.

The resolution to this whole conundrum is found in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible which tells us:

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Gen 1:27

Humans are thus in the image of God, or projections, or more precisely reflections of Him. If we therefore want to understand God we must look at ourselves.  If we are reflections in the image of God then this tells us that God is a lot like us.

When we create a thing, whether it be a car, a television or a computer program it is not perfect at first but has many flaws.  But, over time our creations improve until they function almost flawlessly.

The same thing happens with God and his creations. The Universe started out as a disorganized mass and has now evolved into a creation of beauty as revealed by the Hubble Telescope. This earth started out as an inferno, far from perfect, but is now a beautiful planet. Humans have a history of being savages and killing their enemies for sport as many tribes did in Old Testament times, but are now learning to treat each other with respect, though they are still far from perfect.

Higher Intelligence, which we call God, has to work with humans through other humans. When one has a life-saving operation that saves his life, what does the patient say?  He usually says, “Thank God!” But the one who saved his life was a reflection of God, a being who is one of the hands of God on the earth.

God is intelligence in matter and His body is the universe.

“There’s no such thing as intelligence in matter,” says the skeptic.  Well, think again. I’m sure you consider yourself intelligent and you exist in a body composed in matter, do you not?

It is indeed an undeniable fact that intelligence does exist in matter and it is not that big of a leap to consider that larger bodies than humans also have intelligence dwelling in them.

But, contrary to popular belief about God, this Greater Intelligence is merely trying to bring his creations to perfection just as His reflections, or humans, are attempting to do with theirs. There are lots of problems to solve that manifest on the way.

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1 thought on “What Is God?

  1. God is more than intelligence in matter. There are many aspects of God and this is only one. Another defining aspect of God is .. God is the source .., of all things physical.

    There is the physical universe, but there is also the logical universe. In the physical universe, there is gold, in the logical universe there is the logical possibility of gold, which includes the logical possibilities of all that makes up gold including the protons, neutrons and electrons.

    In this logical universe, exists all of mathematics, all the logical possibilities of physical things. It is this logical universe which is responsible for all of physical existence. In a very real sense, this logical universe is God.

    You touched on this yourself when you wrote of the Beatles song, ‘Yesterday’. You said in so many words that because this song exists in the logical realm, it will manifest itself from time to time in the physical realm. Indeed things which don’t exist in the logical realm can’t exist in the physical realm.

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