Are There Accidents or Is Everything Planned?

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Question Fifty-Six

Are There Accidents or Is Everything Planned?

You hear a lot of people say something like this, “There are no coincidences.  Everything is part of a plan, or God’s will.”

On the other side of the coin, non-believers will say, “Life is what you make it.  There is no Santa Claus God up there planning everything and dolling out good things to the righteous and bad to evil doers.”

As is often the case neither side has it correct.  There are a lot of things that are planned on higher levels, but not everything.


Two reasons.  First it is not necessary to plan everything and, secondly, because of free will it is impossible to do.  The only way everything that happens in life could be planned in detail is if there were no free will. And we do have free will. No one knows exactly the content of this chapter until it is written; not even me, and I am writing it.

As I said before, if you want to understand the mind of God look at our own minds and if we want to understand ourselves we should seek to understand God.


Because we are in the image of God.  If we want to know how much God plans ahead we need to look at what we do.

Let us say that I want to build a house. The first thing I do is create or find a plan.  In this case it would be a set of blueprints. With these and a drawing of the house in hand I can now visualize pretty well how the plan will unfold.

Next I hire a contractor and proceed with the building.  Just as we get started my wife decides some changes are in order.  Instead of two and a half baths she wants three and the master bedroom is too small.  She wants it bigger with more closet space.

We redraw the plans and proceed. A couple weeks into the project the contractor comes to us and tells us that the changes we made will cost more than expected.  We reluctantly agree and I reminded my wife that this extra cost was not part of the original plan.

As we move ahead with building the house a number of unplanned events occurred.

A construction worker fell and broke his leg.

The building inspector was picky and caused several delays.

A hailstorm occurred and damaged some of the building materials.

The price of building supplies went up.

A survey revealed our property line was incorrect and we had to move the location of the fence.

In spite of unplanned events we moved forward and finished the house.  “Just as we planned,” we said to ourselves, satisfied with the result.

Yes, the final product turned out as planned but in between the original plan and the finished house, many unplanned events occurred.

This is also the way it is with one’s life.  Before you ere born you saw reality with a much wider vision than you do now and planned out a number of things that was to happen in your life in order to achieve maximum benefit and progression.

After incarnating and proceeding with life it will seem that some events in your life and directions you take are a part of some plan that you are supposed to follow.  In many cases you will be right.  On the other hand, because of free will and bad decisions on your part the overall plan will suffer delays and setbacks. Many things happen that are just caused by a fairly random series of events, but if you follow your inner guidance you will wind up accomplishing your objective set before you were born.

Just like the guy who successfully builds his house despite setbacks, you can have a successful life even though many unplanned events occur that slow you down.

It is of extreme importance that we realize that we have free will and using that will we can overcome all obstacles and accomplish the plans that we set before birth as well as during this life.


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