Why Do Some People Suffer Pain and Disease While Others Do Not?

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Question Fifty

Why Do Some People Suffer Pain and Disease While Others Do Not?

A partial answer is obvious. Some people take better care of themselves than others. If one person drinks and eats too much, takes drugs and abuses his body then, yes, he’s likely to have numerous physical problems.  If another guy eats a good diet exercises and lives a positive life then he is likely to have better health than the abuser.

What is a mystery to many is you’ll often see two or more people living in similar circumstances, taking similar care of their health, yet one will suffer with some dreadful disease while the other gets off scott free.  One may die early of ill health and the other live to old age.

Some just chalk it up to genes, but many from the same gene pool with similar habits experience a wide variety of health.  Others with supposedly bad genes take very good care of themselves and enjoy good health and a long life.

What is the reason for the great disparity here? To see the whole picture let us tabulate the things  we do in life that influence our health.

(1) Diet. This is a big one.  Millions have born witness that a change in their diet resulted in improved health and many studies have linked the chances of good health to diet.

(2) Exercise. Exercise is particularly good for the heart, but the whole body benefits.

(3) The Environment. Clean air, pure water and sunshine are indeed beneficial.

(4) Attitude. The mind definitely has an effect. Studies show that when given a sugar pill as a placebo that about 30% of the patients show an improvement.

Something I find amusing is that in tests of Rogaine for hair growth, 26% of those who were given the real thing experienced some new hair growth.  But get this. The other half of the control group who were given the pretend Rogaine also had positive results. 16% of them grew some new hair.

Imagine that! 16% of the population can grow new hair with the power of their mind alone.

So even after we examine all the accepted means to keep our health we find there is still a missing ingredient or two. We still find many people in similar circumstances with a variety of health experiences.

What is the X Factor here? Surely there is not an effect without a cause.

I’ll tell you the missing ingredient.  It is unorthodox and all will not accept it but I’ll give it out anyway with the hope that some will benefit.

As pointed out, the power of thought is very powerful and a true ancient teaching is that “energy follows thought.” The power of thought directing energy affects us in other ways than merely being positive or negative.  It is important that our thought be placed in the right direction.

And what determines the right direction? That was determined by you or for you before you were born.

In each life in which we are born there is assigned to us one important thing that we have to learn.  There are, of course, a number of lesser things to absorb, but there will be one major lesson we are supposed to master.  We sometimes learn that lesson in one life, but often we fail and have to come back in another life and continue to work on it until we get it right.

Examples of various lessons we all learn in one life or another are:

(1) To be a faithful spouse or partner

(2) To be a good parent

(3) Develop musical talent.

(4) Develop writing ability, acting, dancing or some other creative endeavor.

(5) Learn business principles or how to create abundance.

(6) Become a healer

(7) Become a teacher

The list could go on and on but this gives the general idea.

Just about all of us have a feeling that we have some purpose that we must find, and that there is something we must do or learn to fulfill it.  The question is, how do we find it? It is not that easy because that which we must learn is something that we haven’t mastered before and since we humans are a lazy lot, we tend to want to do what comes easy for us.  The new lesson to learn will not be easy for us but will be a difficult road.

Few of us find our lesson and master it right away, but will often run from it instead.  The interesting thing is that signposts of the great lesson that awaits us keeps confronting the pilgrim again and again.  When the person finally heads the right direction in learning he or she will feel not only a peace inside themselves, but a flow of energy.  This flow of positive energy is a great aid in the health of the body.

Unless part of the lesson has to do with disease itself the person who finds his path will generally have good health – that is if he takes reasonable care of his body.

On the other hand, if the person ignores his inner guidance and rejects the lesson he is supposed to learn his energy flow will be disrupted and the vital force of various parts of his body will be low causing all kinds of physical problems to set in.

Each of us, even atheists, have an inner voice that guides us and when we follow it, knowingly or unknowingly, then our vital energy and health will be in a high state.  If we resist that inner guidance then we will suffer blockages of energy and suffer disease and pain.  If the pilgrim continues to resist things will get so bad that he eventually will look to the skies and ask, “Why me!”

This is an important point for the seeker for it often marks the beginning of true reflection that changes his direction toward the needed lesson.

So basically the answer to the question of ill health and pain in our lives is this.  They are signs that are telling us we are headed in the wrong direction.  It doesn’t mean the person is a bad person.  People who suffer physically are often very nice people, but even he nicest of people make mistakes and take some wrong turns.

The suffering person may need to make a correction in diet, exercise, attitude, find his lesson, listen to inner direction etc.  It could be a number of things, and if one finds himself in pain and suffering through ill health then he should make a powerful endeavor do discover his wrong turns in life and correct them.

You will never find a happier person than one who has endured great pain and suffering but corrected the situation by finding the path that restored his health and vitality.

“The truth will make you free.”


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