Does God Know Everything?

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Question Six

Does God Know Everything?

If God is omnipresent and his life fills the entire universe that is a large part of the way to seeing God as all-knowing or omniscient. But it doesn’t quite get us there.

Remember that the key to understanding God is to understand ourselves. Since we are in his image we reflect his attributes.

Each of us dwells in a physical body and our life force is present in each part, extending to every cell therein. But are we omniscient concerning our body?  Are we aware of what each of the many trillions of cells are doing?

No. We are not?

Could we be?

We know for certain that if we focus our attention we can be much more aware of the various parts of our body than we are. Meditation techniques teach us how to be aware of our breath, our sensations and various parts of our bodies of which we are usually oblivious. If we are ill we can tune into our bodies and attain an awareness of what needs done to make it well. Some yogis maintain that there is an entire universe within our bodies and with correct training we can become aware of the cells and even atoms within it.

Is the One Life whose body is the universe aware of everything happening on the trillions of worlds within?

In this respect God is a lot like us. He has his goals and dreams and is moving his creations forward to an end that will eventually be satisfying.  He focuses on this and this focus moves trillions of lives, suns and galaxies forward toward his purpose. Just as we do our work without dwelling on individual cells, even so does God labor without dwelling on the tiny lives within the universe. He’s looking at a much bigger picture.

BUT… Within our body are smaller concentrations of intelligent life.  We have our various organs which function with a high degree of intelligence as well as the tiny cells which have a life of their own. The way your body works to keep it healthy is this: The whole consciousness, which is you, takes care of the big picture and sees to it the body as a whole gets what it needs.  Then the smaller lives take care of the lesser details and maintain a support system that is not perfect, but manages to keep the body functioning well most of the time.

Even so, God takes care of the big picture and his overall consciousness is focused on that, but within the body of his universe are many smaller lives including you and me who are linked to the life of God. As an extension of his consciousness we are individually aware of many things which God is not.  But another way of looking at it is this. We are an extension of the consciousness of God.  This means that if we are aware of something then God is aware of it.

If it becomes necessary the greater lives in the universe, including the one Great Life, which is God can focus and tune into any part of the body which is desired.

So… as humans our surface consciousness is only aware of a few things going on in our bodies, but the overall life has unlimited knowledge of what is happening down to the tiniest cell and extended intelligence seems to take care of everything so the body functions well.

Even so, while God is taking care of the big picture the smaller lives within his body are an accumulation of intelligence that makes the whole of the life of God pretty much all knowing. But each individual life within the body of God, including God himself, doesn’t pay much attention to the tiny details, but leaves them for the lesser lives to handle.

We’ll talk more about these lesser lives later on.

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1 thought on “Does God Know Everything?

  1. Hello JJ,

    You wrote:
    “Are we aware of what each of the many trillions of cells are doing?
    No. We are not?”

    I suppose you meant to write:
    “Are we aware of what each of the many trillions of cells are doing?
    No. We are not.”


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