What Happens After Death?

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Question Thirty-Four

What Happens After Death?

People have a variety of experiences right after death.  Quite a few separate in their etheric body and it is so much like the physical one they are oblivious to the fact they have passed over. These often learn they are dead when they catch a glimpse of their dead physical body.  This often comes as a shock to them.

The etheric body usually survives the physical death for a few days and then dissipates forcing the entity to move on to his spiritual home. But while it holds together he can hang around and even attend his own funeral if he desires.

The more a person’s consciousness is attached to this world the longer will his etheric body hold together causing him to hang around his associates.. The more spiritually inclined will separate from their etheric body quickly and not even attend their funeral.  This doesn’t stop them from tuning into it and being aware of what people are saying and thinking about him after his death.

After the energy of the etheric body dissipates, which can be immediately or a few days, the person then  enters that tunnel with a light at the end that we have all heard about.

This tunnel is actually the silver cord that connects a higher part of yourself to your body.  Then at death your consciousness follows this cord back to your source.  As you follow it, it seems as if you are traveling through a tunnel.

All the consciousness and intelligence which is you was not incarnated into your body in your life.  In life we are connected by a spiritual energy to a higher part of ourselves that resides in one of the planes of the spirit world.  The goal, at death is to reunite with this higher part of ourselves so we can function in the spirit world as a whole spiritual conscious being.

Unfortunately, most are not ready for that experience and have lessons to learn in connection with their past life on earth. Therefore, instead of a permanent merging with their higher self they will have a temporary one and this has been called the “life review.” During this merging they will be aware of several advanced beings guiding the process while they see their life from beginning to end.  As it passes like a holographic movie at great speed he will be aware of the effect of every action, thought and word that came from him. If he hurt people, even unknowingly, he will be aware of that. If he helped others or made them happy he will be aware of that.  After reviewing his life he will be aware of how successful his life was but most have a lot of disappointments over missed opportunities and harm that was caused.

After the review he goes to one of the many abodes that Jesus spoke of. Most people after death go to one of the places in the emotional/astral world.  These numerous dwelling places are created out of emotional/desire energy and since there is such a wide variety of desires in this world there is correspondingly a large number of worlds created from those desires.

For instance, if the person is devoutly religious he will go to a place where that religion dominates for it is created by the thoughts and desires of those who belonged to it while dwelling on earth. Here he will meet church leaders who will be in charge of the society there and he will be expected to abide by the church rules or be sent away to some dark place.

Here he will be able to see the results of his beliefs which he cherished on earth.  They will come to life for him and he’ll be able to witness how well they work in bringing happiness to him and others.

If he is a Christian his group will adore Jesus.  If he is a Buddhist they will honor Buddha and if he is a Muslim they will find their virgins if they think they are worthy and see Mohammed as the dominating entity.

The Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or other holy figure will rarely be the real one.  It will either be an actor playing the role or a creation of group thought.  All this is designed to teach us what the result would be in the afterlife if our beliefs were true.

Entities get stuck in these astral illusions until they begin to realize that something is amiss. It will be a little like the Twilight Zone episode where the guy thought he went to heaven because he was given everything he desired.  Then when he realized his desires were not making him happy he discovered he wasn’t in heaven after all, but hell.

Most people have a belief system which is full of illusions.  This not only includes religious people but other ideologies as well.  Those who place politics above religion will go to a place governed by the political system of their dreams. Unfortunately, for them, most will discover that their ideas do not work that well and the authoritarian system they are under will eventually make them miserable and they will desire to move on to something else.

An atheist will attempt to deny his after life conscious existence for some time, depending on how hardened his views are.  Sooner or later though he has to open up his consciousness to his new world.  He will be met by other atheists who are forced to acknowledge that there is some type of other dimension they are living in, but they still see it as a creation of natural evolution and neither do they acknowledge the existence of God.

Those few who love the truth and allow it to set them free are able to bypass the worlds of illusion and reunite with their higher selves. These are able to see things as they are and to visit most any abode, person or world they desire.


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