Was there a Big Bang?

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Question Fifty-Seven

Was there a Big Bang?

Until recent times most religious as well as non religious thinkers thought that we lived in a young universe and earth. Most believed that everything was no more than 6000-10,000 years old.

Then a few hundred years ago some serious scientific research began and intelligent thinkers created a lot of controversy when they started coming up with more ancient dates for the age of the earth.

A step forward was made in 1779 by the Comte du Buffon. By calculating how long the earth would have taken to cool he came up with an age of 75,000 years. This seemed so ancient as to be heresy, but little did he world know how far back more advanced dating would take us.

As dating advances were made the age of the earth was moved back to millions and finally billions of years. They think they now have a pretty accurate age of 4.54 billion years.

The age of the universe went through a similar evolution in dating. Many Bible readers thought that the stars were younger than the earth but scientific dating tells us otherwise, that the universe is much older. Two advances in dating helped scientists determine the age of the universe. The first was a study of the red shift of ancient galaxies. Since they have found galaxies almost 13 billion light years away this means that the universe has to be at least that old. What really helped to pinpoint the age of the universe though was the discovery by Edwin Hubble that the universe is expanding.

They have since calculated and recalculated the beginning point and figure the beginning of the universe happened about 13.8 billion years ago.

The strange thing about science on this issue is that the conclusion of the beginning of everything is just as magical and mystical as the Bible account.

The Bible presents the idea that in the beginning there was nothing and then God snapped his fingers and, like a Big Bang, the heavens and the earth appeared.

Now science says something eerily similar. They say that in the beginning, 13.8 billion years ago, the whole universe existed as a single point no larger than an atom and, for reasons unknown, exploded in a Big Bang into the universe we have today.

So, did everything begin with a Big Bang and what possible explanation is there?

The idea that the universe began with a big bang makes sense for several reasons.

(1) All life that we have studied begins with a big bang. From the time conception begins cell division almost explodes in quantity. Since the universe is seen as being alive with the Life of God then it would fit the Law of Correspondences that it would begin with some point, or originating cell, and multiply into a much larger body.

(2) Scientific studies seem to trace back the origins of the universe to a beginning point 13.8 billion years ago. There is no way to prove this except to say it is seen as the logical conclusion of the best scientific minds.

(3) All things that are observed in the world of form have a beginning and an end. A chair, a fish, a human, a planet all are a part of the world of form and had a beginning and will have an end. It thus makes sense that the largest living thing of all, the universe, had a beginning and will eventually have an end.

That formless part of us, which has intelligence, never had a beginning and will never end.


What Was the Force that Created the Big Bang?

This is perhaps the greatest mystery of the scientific world and none of them have any explanations that goes beyond fanciful unproven theory.

The real answer is simple, yet amazing. Here it is.

There is intelligence in matter. This is not theory but proven fact. If you want proof, look in the mirror. What do you see? You see a physical body made of matter and within this body is what?


That is, I assume you think you possess at least a degree of this attribute.

You, my friend, are living proof that intelligence does exist in matter.

Now, what science has not yet come to terms with is that there is intelligence inherit in all matter. Just like the life of a human being inhabits a physical body, even so, does the life of God dwell in every part of the universe itself giving it intelligence. Einstein saw that this was so and made many of his discoveries by asking himself what the intelligence of God would do in connection to the laws of the universe.

In the beginning there was indeed a point of concentrated intelligence containing all the knowledge gathered from a previous universe. Within this cellular point was a universe waiting to expand again, projected with intelligent purpose.

Just as the focus of the intelligence of God is presently on the human kingdom guiding it toward higher spiritual development even so, at that time, the Life of God was focused on this point of condensed matter, spirit and intelligence.

Science tells of all the marvelous things that happened during the first seconds of the Big Bang, but for the intelligence involved time was operating on a different level. What we would consider a second of time that occurred during the Big Bang really was as if more than a billion years passed to the operating intelligence. Thus, during the first seconds of the Big Bang billions of years of intelligent progress took place.

The fact that higher intelligence spent billions of years in conscious creation in the microcosm explains why such incredible balance was reached with the positive and negative energies that has mystified scientists who have studied the principles of creation.


What Existed before the Big Bang?

All things that are created have a beginning and an end. The universe itself had a beginning and it will have an end. On the other hand, there are things invisible that have no beginning and no end. Intelligence and creation are endless. Creation has always been and will always be. Before the Big Bang creative Intelligence was at rest in a state of great contemplation. Before that rest there existed another universe and one before that. There has been no beginning to the creative process.

There is no first cause for cause and effect never had a beginning and will never end. The Intelligence of God is manifest in the interplay of this endless cause and effect.


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