Where Did God Come From?

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Question Three

Who created God, or Where did God come from?

Believe it or not the Bible tells us where God came from.  Here it is:

“God came from Teman.” Hab 3:3

Actually, I was kind of pulling your leg here for this does not tell us the origin of God but the writer was merely saying that the Presence of God was in Teman as it once was in Mount Sinai

It is interesting that this question is often asked by atheists to illustrate the futility of a belief in God, or a Creator. But then believers often forget to ask an important question in return.  Here is a possible dialog that could be used:

Believer: Where did the universe come from?

Atheist: It started with the Big Bang

Believer: And what originated the Big Bang?

Atheist: An infinitesimally small point that contained everything in the universe we call the Singularity.

Believer: And where did this singularity come from?

Atheist: We don’t know. We suppose it’s just always been there.

Believer: So why do you not have a problem with an eternal Singularity, but discount an eternal Intelligence?

Atheist: Scientific calculations tell us everything started with a Singularity.

Believer: And what made the Singularity explode into the Big Bang?  Could that be God, an intelligence with no beginning?

Atheist: I don’t think so.

Believer: Yet you believe in a Singularity that just exploded out of the blue for no reason into a universe that has intelligence (humans) in matter.  Is it logical that an infinitesimal point with no intelligence created matter that has intelligence within it?

Atheist: That’s where logic leads us.

Believer: So something that is not intelligent created intelligence in matter (humans). It seems a stretch here to call the believers in Higher Intelligence the ones who are not logical.

The bottom line here is that it is the greatest mystery of all that anything even exists, whether it be God, man or a single rock. It is just as difficult for an atheist scientist to explain why a rock exists as it is for a believer to explain why God exists.

So, does this mean we have no answer on the subject?

No.  There is always an answer and here it is:

All things created from form have a beginning and end whether it be a galaxy, a sun, a planet, the human body, a cell or an atom. Intelligence, which is the essence of God and man has no form but merely uses form. That which is formless does not exist in time and is therefore eternal with no beginning and end. Thus the formless intelligence of God has no beginning because it does not exist in time.

The entire universe is the physical body of God and it had a beginning and will have an end, but the Intelligence that created it is not subject to time and is eternal.

Understanding this is perhaps the greatest mystery of all, but it is an undeniable fact that creation and intelligence exists. The fact that anything exists is indeed mind-boggling to contemplate and has led mystics past to exclaim, “How great is the mystery of Godliness!”

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