Do Animals Survive Death?

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Chapter Thirty-Nine

Do Animals Survive Death?

The short answer to this question is yes.  What is important to understand, however, is the why. Why do animals survive death?

Here’s the principle behind survival whether it be a human, animal, plant or atom.  All things that exist are eternal.  Their essence never had a beginning or an end.  Only form and consciousness change.

Take yourself, for example. Throughout your life your form has significantly changed.  You were once a baby and now are an adult and will one day be old and gray. Your consciousness has also changed.  Once you were childlike and now you think like an adult.

Someday you will die and your body will decay but you will live on. You have had many different forms in past lives and will have many more in the future, but that which is essentially you lives on.  Form changes but the essence behind the form continues.

This principle also applies to animals.

“So, do animals have souls?” is a common question.

Animals do have souls as the term is commonly understood but it is a different type than humans just as their consciousness is different than ours.

A human sees himself as a separate and individual entity and hence is self aware and self-conscious. An animal is connected with a group soul and is not self-aware.  Hence it has no desire to cloth itself or have sex behind closed doors.  All that he does is open for all to view.

Even though your pet may not be self-aware it is still a unique entity and will continue its existence.

Of the many mansions in the spirit world there are some designed for the fulfillment of animal consciousness of varying degrees. Then we have animals which are pets which are loved and adored by many.  These are in a different category for their consciousness is of a higher order than the wild animals.  Many of these will dwell with their human friends in the human mansions between lives.

And yes, animals reincarnate just as humans do.

It is a fallacy to think that humans reincarnate as animals.  Once a person becomes self-aware he does not lose this quality and become an animal or plant but is born again and again as a human until all his needed lessons are mastered.

If we are particularly attached to certain pets we will meet them again in the spirit world as well as in future lives.


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